The somewhat odd signing of Mike Dunleavy

So the Chicago Bulls used their MMLE this year, and I'll be thankful that I didn't go Charles Robinson and say I'd eat my laptop if they did. The use of the MMLE shows that Reinsdorf really is committing financial resources to improve the team as the Bulls were already in the tax before using it.

The oddity surrounding this is that it was used on Mike Dunleavy. Now Dunleavy's a very good shooter, and the Bulls clearly need shooting. On the surface, that doesn't seem too strange. However, there are a few odd things about this signing:

First, they likely could have pulled in Kyle Korver for the same price. Both players are shooting wings that aren't going to give you a whole lot outside of shooting. I'd suggest Korver's much better at running off screens and passing than Dunleavy while Dunleavy probably has a bit more dribble game than Korver.

However, both Korver's clearly the better pure shooter, and I don't think Dunleavy's a good enough ball handler to suggest that he fills the need of putting another ball handler on the court, nor is he a big defensive upgrade. Korver just seems like the more desirable player of the two to me, but I will agree it's fairly close.

Next, the Bulls used the MMLE for two seasons, meaning they've added three million to next year's cap. They were previously able to get about 14 million under the cap and now it will only be 11. I never thought they'd make a realistic play on a big name FA next year anyway, but it will be even more difficult now.

Also, if you're going to go into the tax and kind of blow up your 2014 cap room, why do it for yet another shooter? I suppose it shows that the Bulls really aren't putting any faith in Snell/Murphy which is probably a wise decision given that they're rookies, and Murphy is pretty far down in the draft so may not stick anyway.

That said, you had a pretty deep guard/wing rotation as it was with Rose, Hinrich, Butler, Deng, Snell, and Teague. You've now spent your money on a 7th perimeter player when getting a veteran minimum shooter seems possible. This certainly shows a lack of confidence in Teague/Snell to fill meaningful roles which might be the wise path I suppose.

Finally, if you're going to add a 7th perimeter player, why not bring back Nate Robinson? Robinson offers more shot creation than Dunleavy, and the Bulls might need that more than shooting. My guess is that the Bulls brass isn't all that comfortable with Robinson repeating the best season of his career, and well, I can hardly blame them there.

That said, the Bulls now have seven perimeter players, and they have exactly one whom I feel comfortable with creating his own shot. Doesn't that strike anyone as a problem?

Chicago will likely round out the big man rotation by adding Nazr Mohammed and one more player with the vet minimum. I'd say the Bulls roster has largely taken shape already, and it will be interesting to see what the rotation looks like.

The Bulls will have Rose, Hinrich, Teague as PGs with Hinrich playing a bit as a wing too. On the wing they'll have Butler, Deng, Dunleavy, and Snell. The big man rotation will look like Noah, Boozer, Gibson, Murphy, and Nazr with the last body likely being a minimum salaried big man or someone who can create junk offense off the dribble.

My guess is they go with a sixth big, but if they find the right creator then I could see them adding an eighth perimeter guy and utilizing more small ball shooting lineups rather than going big.

So getting past all of the above, Mike Dunleavy's a pretty good player. As his career has progressed, he's developed into a more consistent three point shooter. He's averaged around 41% from beyond the arc over the past three seasons while averaging around four attempts per game over that stretch.

Unlike a player like Korver, he gives you some dribble game and shot creation, as he gets more than half his shots inside the arc still which provides a bit more volume scoring. As a player and as a fit on next to Rose, I think Dunleavy's a very solid option.

I also love the fact that Reinsdorf gave Forman/Paxson the rope to use the MMLE and go even deeper into the tax this season. It shows that they're willing to throw some real money down to be competitive, and Bulls fans should be happy to see that, I know I am.

Also, when looking at the roster above, it looks like the Bulls have a pretty deep team all of a sudden doesn't it? If they could finish this off-season off by landing ZaZa or Blatche [edit, Blatche resigned with the Nets], I'd feel pretty amped about the amount of depth this team would have. They certainly have it on the perimeter now.

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  • You keep saying that the Bulls have seven perimeter players, and while that is indeed true, I find it to be pretty misleading. Snell and Teague shouldn't even count, really. For a team going into a season with Championship aspirations, it would be foolish to count on anything from those two players other than emergency minutes in an injury situation.

    So given that, we're talking about basically 4 solid perimeter guys: Rose, Hinrich, Butler, Deng (as I sidenote, I think one of the reasons they opted for Dunleavy over Nate is because Nate would play the role that they envisioned for Hinrich. A backup point that can also play some 2 with Derrick. Say what you will about Hinrich actually filling the role at a high level, but I'd imagine the front office didn't think the most efficient way to use their resources was to have two players that serve the same purpose.).

    Out of those 4 players, we don't really have a strong backup at the 2 or 3. If they decided that Hinrich could back up at the 2, then you have a less than ideal situation where all your starters are playing musical chairs with Jimmy playing some 3 (And that's also assuming that Hinrich could do a decent job backing up at the two, which I don't think is the case, and wisely, I don't think management did either.). And we'd likely run into the same problem with Jimmy or Lu playing far too many minutes.

    In an NBA that is moving more and more to a perimeter game, I thin it was really important that they added another wing. And not just any wing, a wing that could shoot the three well (a big problem last year). I think your question about whether Korver was a better fit is a good one, but we have yet to see how Korver's situation will play out. There are reports that he'll play in Jersey for the mmle, but it's not a sure thing yet.

    This could've just been a case where they had a short list of guys they really wanted, got to talking to Dunleavy's people, and realized there was an opportunity to be had that they didn't want to pass up (several writers are reporting that Dunleavy passed up more money to play here). If that's the case, you could hardly blame them for being pro-active and ensuring that they got a guy they wanted instead of waiting it out.

    Anyways, bottom line, I think this was a really good move all things considered.

  • Too late on Blatche, he went back to the Nets on the smallest contract he can get since he's mostly being paid out of the Wizards' pocket and he hates them for amnestying him.

    I'll echo the miscounting on the wings. There are 3 PGs. Hinrich has always sucked offensively off the ball, and missed 1/4 of the season last year with random injuries. Teague is a garbage third string guy right now and should only play in blowouts and when Hinrich is hurt. So I don't think you can count on much 2 PG stuff.

    So you have Deng, Butler, Dunleavy and Snell fighting for 96 minutes. Deng plays a lot, but he's spent ~7 minutes a game on average at PF last year, so that's 32 minutes at SF for him. Even if Butler plays Deng-like minutes at SG, and mops up 39 of them, there's still 25 minutes to fill - that's how many Dunleavy played last year. Snell may not be ready for anything but garbage time minutes yet. I really don't see the minutes crunch.

    Yes having a shot creator would be great, but lets face it unless they're elite they hurt you as much as they help you. And there's no elite shot creator that the Bulls can get. Having to respect three point shooters does more to create high percentage looks than the types of "shot creators" that are available for the MMLE.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Another shot creator for the MMLE?

    *cough Nate Robinson cough*

    If he gets a deal more than $3mil, fine. But I'm in the contingent that doesn't think he will and we'll hear he signs for $3mil or less.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Nate Robinson is the sort of guy who I'm thinking of when I say MMLE shot creators aren't that good. Nate, as much as I loved him when he was helping, is one of the guys who I put into the hurts you as much as he helps you category. He's also always going to be a defensive liability just because of his height.

    That said, I'd love him in the "break glass in case of emergency" role where you don't give a crap if he hurts you because you're losing the game anyway and 1 night out of 5 he'll shoot you to a comeback victory. I just don't think that's the best use of the MMLE.

    Also I think he may well end up taking the MMLE or less, but it's clear he's going to go out and try to get more. Dunleavy allegedly turned down a full MLE offer elsewhere, if the Bulls didn't pull the trigger right away then they miss out. I don't think the Bulls could afford to let other options get snapped up waiting for Nate to see if he's worth more than the MMLE.

  • I guess to rephrase it this way, I agree we needed to add another perimeter player, however, I think the wing you could get at the league minimum is better than the big man you can get at the league minimum, and even if you discount Snell/Teague, a team needs five solid perimeter players and four solid big man IMO.

    This Bulls team is at four perimeter players and three big men. So you need another quality play at each position, I would have hoped to use the extra money to get the big man.

    Saw the Blatche news after I wrote the article, I'll have to go edit it.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    That's an interesting point. Although I'm not really sure what to make of the big man market. Seems a player like Zaza might be able to be had for the vet min. Not really sure there is a big out there worthy of the mmle.

    Wonder why we haven't heard about the Bulls interested in Oden. Not that I have faith in him becoming useful, but if he'd come at a good price, seems like a good fit.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I agree, I would have gone for the big first. Having the MMLE gives you more options there, it's enough money that you might be able to entice a foreign lump over like Mozgov a few years back. Not that he's great, but he's at least a live body unlike the re-animated corpse of Nazr.

    That said, of all the wings you could possibly get, I think Dunleavy is about as good as you'll do for the MMLE, so I'm not that annoyed over the move.

  • Well we can count out Blatche to come to the Bulls this coming season:

  • I'll take Dunleavy over Korver all day long. We already saw how invaluable Bellini proved to be because he could dribble the damn ball ... and let's face it, once the playoffs arrive and serious perimeter D also surfaces, Korver disappears. Dunleavy is also very long, and could become a solid defender in Thibs scheme. So I like the pickup.

    Of course, I wonder if there's any chance that Bellini takes less money and resigns. I'd rather have him back than Nate the Great. That'd give us a solid perimeter of 5: Rose, Hinrich, Butler, Dunleavy and Bellini. And frankly, in his 2nd year, we must see more from Teague ... he should be well ahead of Snell.

    Last but not least, what about Robin Lopez as backup? The Pelicans want to jettison him. Otherwise, yes, Zaza would fit well.

  • Like others here, I would of preferred that deal go to Nate Robinson but Dunleavy is pretty good. It shows that Thibodeau even though he's often just labeled a "defensive coach", really believes in 3 pt shooting, spacing and ball movement. Dunleavy is good coming off screens and a good passer as well. Thibodeau complained about lack of shooting at the end of the season and the Bulls responded. I would like them to dump Hinrich and bring in Randy Foye to replace him in the "combo guard" role but they love him too much and there's nothing we can do about it. If they can now land a decent backup big for Noah like Elton Brand, this is going to be a pretty solid offseason.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Why do you think Thibs had any way into this signing? With the apparent rift going on, I wouldn't put it past GarPax to make this move without consulting Thibs.

    I we could get Foye for the vet-min, sign me up. But like Nate; Foye has never 'cashed-out' and would be looking for the highest bidder.

  • Whoever we get at the backup center position better be pretty good defensively. If Noah goes down again for a time(and he always does)whoever that guy is has got to play some significant minutes. Nazr is NOT the Guy at his age to play consecutive games in long stretches. We don't necessarily need someone better..,just someone younger who plays good 'D' and can play long minutes for consecutive days. Always remember if the center on the floor is INNEFECTIVE Defensively, Boozer cant be on the floor and that HURTS the team and Thibs lineup.

  • In reply to rakmessiah:

    We're not getting anyone good for the vet min at C.

  • In reply to rakmessiah:

    The best we could hope for with the vet-min (which I would gladly take)...Jermaine O'Neal, Elton Brand, Zaza.

    Brand is a natural PF; but he's old and slow now. just like old thick guys do as they get older (I.e. Kurt Thomas, Boris Diaw), they transition to Center, just as Brand started to do with DAL last year.

    With several suitors for Zaza (who I think would promise more playing time), he'll probably sign somewhere else.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    there is no way that Zaza only gets the vet minimum. Every team is looking for extra bigs. Also, while I am shocked that the Bulls gave Dunleavy the second year, there is no way that they give the 4rth big more than one year which will also limit our options.

  • Good to see the Bulls commit to spend when few thought they would. Heard that the Pelicans might waive Robin Lopez if he isn't traded by 7/5. Could fit in the Korver exception. And we know the Bulls like big guys with crazy hair

  • In reply to nafsllub:

    If he's waived, we couldn't get him. We'd have to 'trade' for him.

    And we can't trade for him into the exception because he makes several thousand dollars more than the max amount we're allowed to trade for (max = $500k+$100k).

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    According to trade machine, he makes under 5m

  • In reply to nafsllub:

    Lopez would be an interesting pickup, I certainly like his size. Using the Korver trade exception or Hamiltons contract is the only way that the Bulls can do better than the minimum.

    But can we really expect the bulls to spend additional tax money twice in one offseason, I don't see that happening.

  • I'm a little curious why you would suggest Korver is better at running of screens and passing than Dunleavy. Neither one is true from what I have observed over the years. Dunleavy may not be the same quality shooter as Korver, but because Dunleavy is actually a threat to put the ball on the floor once he catches he causes more problems for the defense off of screens. And Dunleavy has always been regarded as a high quality passer to the point he has had the point forward label put on him in the past.

    For Miami Korver may be a better value than Dunleavy, but I think it is has been evident that come playoff time the Bulls cannot afford a player as one dimensional as Korver. I prefer Dunleavy's broader range of skills and higher overall talent level.

  • In reply to scotter:

    I agree about Korver's limitations. He was terrible shooting off of screens, doesn't anyone remember? Thibs ran those Ray Allen/multi-screen plays for him and Korver always missed.

    Korver's a spot up shooter - catch and shoot, that's all. And easily neutralized with pressure defense as in playoff situations.

  • In reply to Edward:

    It's not the shooting so much as his lack of ability to use the screens to get open in the first place that killed it. He's just not a good enough athlete. It left CJ Watson having to pound the ball waiting for Korver to finally get open enough to pass to after running around about 15 screens.

  • Love the analysis in the comments on Teague, because as we all know, 20 year-olds rarely improve their game...

    In fact, I'll predict that by the end of the year, all of the haters are whining about why Hinrich is still getting minutes over Teague.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    If that happened, it wouldn't be because Teague is any good, it would just mean Hinrich would suck, which is a very possible.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    all Teague has to do is break down the defense off the dribble and kick out to the shooters. He can't finish over bigs at the rim so he better start perfecting his floaters if he wants any staying power in the league or develop some kind of reliable jumper.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    I expected Teague to be awful last season, but I saw what I needed to see out of Teague last season to at least be hopeful. We just have to wait and see whether he fixes his broke jump shot. That's the gamble the Bulls took. Otherwise all the other foundational abilities are there for him to be a good counterpunch to Rose as a pass first defensive point guard that has enough size to play with Rose in small backcourts at times. A little surprising how quickly a talent like Teague is being written off.

  • In reply to scotter:

    It's especially surprising to see Teague get written off considering the play of Jimmy Butler this last year. Now, don't get me wrong--Marquis isn't Jimmy. And Marquis wasn't as good his rookie year as Jimmy was.

    But Jimmy wasn't particularly good his rookie year either. Solid, and with room to grow, yes. But did he look like he was a starting caliber player? Not to my eyes. The leap he took from year 1 to year 2 was amazing. I don't know if Marquis has Jimmy's work ethic, determination, or skill. But it certainly seems possible he could make a similar jump. And if Marquis made that kind of improvement--or heck, even 75% of that improvement--he would probably be a useful backup, right?

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Well he proved to be just as awful last year as his college career would predict, I think the safe bet is he's still going to stink. I'm sure he'll improve but it'd be stupid to rely on it being enough for him to become a NBA quality player given how far away from that he currently is.

  • I know it feels odd Doug, but if you look at it more in a mischievous/conspiracy theorist way, it's actually much more simple than you think.

    1) Bulls have no intention of using the MMLE, at all, on any player

    2) that's why you never heard about them going after Korver. And throw away the debate about Korver or Dunleavy, he just made sense for us and we didn't even bother with him

    3) then a NATIONAL report comes out about how there's a rift between GarPax and Thibs and I believe Woj lbeled it as the 'worst coach-GM relationship in the league'

    4) so what do the Bulls do best when bad news/reports come out or are leaked? They release a report of their own of something POSITIVE they're doing so they could hijack the headlines.

    See in the last when it was them trying to trade Deng or Boozer, they would simply leak a rumor about working on an extension (Deng's agent busted that lie) and hey we're trying to trade for Redick (they weren't adding $6-7mil more last season).

    But I guess the Bulls felt this rift was so serious, they had to spend the MMLE just to own the headlines and push the negative report out. They couldn't have waited for negotiations with Korver or Nate, they NEEDED to take over the headlines, and guess what...they succeeded.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    That is the feeling I got from this signing out of left field. No one hates bad/negative pub more than the Bulls front office. They will do anything to avoid their dainty little egos getting questioned.

    They just 100% proved us right that they never had a 2014 plan or any other plan for the future. Sure its nice to see that Jerry will spend but on the other hand with Dumb and Dumber calling the shots doesn't get us any closer to be real threats...

    Same playoff defense will stop this Bulls team as the past several years. Stop D Rose you stop the Bulls. That is what happens when you only have one shot creator on your entire roster. Yet another flawed roster brought to you by GarPax.


    Nazr and Bulls have agreed to another 1-year vet minimum contract.

    Why is everyone so in love with Kyle Korver? He has severe limitations. He was terrible shooting off of screens, doesn't anyone remember? Thibs ran those Ray Allen/multi-screen plays for him and Korver always missed.

    Korver's a spot up shooter - catch and shoot, that's all. And easily neutralized with pressure defense as in playoff situations.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Nazr is terrible. Signing him twice just plain ineptitude.

  • In 2010 the Bulls opted for shooting over shot creation in FA, the result, lost to Miami 4-1 in the East Finals.

    In 2012 the Bulls opted for shot creation over shooting in FA, the result, lost to Miami 4-1 in East Semifinals.

    In 2013 the Bulls are opting for shooting over shot creation in FA, the result, ?.

  • In reply to nolebron:

    What are you talking about? They add one shot creator on a non guarunteed vet min deal and they are some how emphasizing shot creation in 2012??? Flawed logic.

  • In reply to Chad:

    I would consider Beli as a shot creator as well and Nate wasn't brought here for his defense, or his shooting. Also, where in my post does it say they emphasized shot creation? The overall point I was making is that there is no balance, we need shooters and shot creators to beat the Heat. People just wanna hate...

  • Doug's first instinct: such a stockpiling of SF's by the Bulls is a bit.. curious? I don't think you can dismiss this notion out of hand. He is only mirroring what other NBA analysts have noted.

    Granted my vein of interest(or expertise, ha, ha!) revolves around draft prospects. Leave it to league C.B.A. wonks to elucidate on the maneuverings of franchises i.e trades and FA acquisitions. My only concern is enjoying and evaluating talent as in players.

    Still, certain NBA analysts suggested on the drafting of Snell that it created an insurance policy in the event the Bulls did not resign Deng. OK, maybe a stretch, but now the surprise MMLEing of primarily a SF in Mike Dunleavy..? Yes the Bulls need shooters, but that's still quite a commitment of resources at one position. Could these moves perhaps be a prelude to a trade involving Luol Deng?

    Many Bulls insiders thought Gar/Pax would likely go for a big with the 20th pick for a back up to the oft injured Joakim as the highly rated Gorgui Dieng was available(though some claimed injury concerns). Instead, they drafted yet another SF in Tony Snell. Sure the Bulls need shooters, but Dunleavy AND Snell? I think the eggs all in one basket take certainly has raised some antenna in NBA circles..

    Many, including most Bulls fans, view Deng as untradeable due to his expiring contract which is in essence the worst of both worlds in adding a high salary wrapped up in one player and no guarantee you retain that asset at season's end. Also, around the NBA a boatload of franchises have cleared the decks as in slashed their payrolls not re-singing veteran players in the pursuit of flexibility necessitated by the constrictive Mega Tax. So expirings just don't hold the value they once did.

    It may be simply that the Bulls are loading up on their biggest long term glaring need which has been the lack of shooters. Even Murphy with the second round pick is primarily a one trick pony as in a shooter. Though he has displayed some burgeoning post moves as again I for one like the pick if has the ability to guard in the post as a PF.

    How many seasons has a Deng trade been speculated, and how many years have the conservative Bulls stood pat with an oft injured(including in the playoffs) core? Maybe Deng is untradeable. However, in the wake of this concerted effort to add SF's in a league where heightened concentration of assets is not something you see often without pending restructuring as in a trade, I think it's worth keeping an eye on. I'd say the odds that Deng will be moved at some point this off-season have certainly shot up.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Why are you assuming the Bulls view Snell only as, or even primarily as a SF?

    I'm pretty sure they view Snell as a shooting guard primarily, or at least that he will be defending SG's. I believe they saw a guy with his size and length, and the lateral quickness to stay with SG's. And if he does that it greatly minimizes his glaring weaknesses in terms of rebounding and strength. If he can stick with SG's then they do have a potentially special defender.

    If all they saw Snell as was primarily a SF then taken him at #20 is a stretch. Given the way Forman has talked about their belief in Snell's ballhandling abilities it suggests to me that they believe they primarily drafted a SG. And that's really the only thing that makes sense given where they drafted him.

    With the Dunleavy signing the Bulls obtained the most talented backup wing the Bulls have had at least under Thibs. They are protected now if there is a legitimate trade offer for Deng, but more importantly they obtained the bare minimum of depth required at that position. Snell doesn't deserve playing time out of the box. He should have to fight his way on the court. That's where he shows whether he has the necessary competitiveness and drive to stick. He'll get his chance sometime over the next two years to prove himself when there is an injury or in the unlikely event that Deng is traded just like Jimmy Butler did. It is up to Snell to take advantage when that time comes..

  • In reply to scotter:

    Thibs doesn't play rookies, typically. Butler only started getting decent playing time last season when Deng was out with injury. No reason to think it will be much different for Snell.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Yea, I see Snell following the Butler career path more than the Taj path, started as a rookie.

    Long term, I see the Bulls looking to replace Deng with Butler Snell, if he pans out replaces Butler at 2 guard. If Snell turns out to be as good as Bulter but a better shooter I am damn happy with those 2 guys as our starting wings and Mirotic replacing the BozoHole. Not saying that Snell will, but I think the Bulls felt that they were swinging for the fences with his upside.

    Haven't seen any discusion here on Snell over Reggie Bullock who went a few picks later and appears to be Snells twin from a major program. Chad Ford panned the Bulls pick of Snell and raved about the Bulluck pick for the Clips(I think).

    No doubt that signing Dunleavy for 2 seasons and drafting Snell is a big signal that the Bulls don't expect to bring Deng back on a new contract. Whether they trade him or just let him walk appears to be the only question.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I don't think it's Thibs - coaches with 60 win teams typically don't play rookies. Not least because most of the rookies they get are late draft picks who aren't always very good and need to prove themselves first.

  • In reply to scotter:

    Why do I view Snell primarily as a SF? Because he doesn't create his own shot much and does not produce much scoring. Period. You want to call him a SG go ahead it's semantics as he doesn't score or do much else at New Mexico. SF is how many labeled him including DraftExpress for example.

    Snell IMO was a reach and a poor choice. His production at New Mexico was terrible in terms of rebounds, steals, prolific scoring etc. In essence all the markers you look for of a successful NBA wing as in scorer. Not there. If you think Snell will be a "scoring" guard it will be in name only.

    I don't really care what you call him. The point is he is regarded more as a three and when you use your first round pick and an MMLE out of knowhere on SF's, it's saying something and makes NBA people much more likely to think the Bulls have plans to move Deng. Whether they can pull that off is another story.draft pick

  • Side note: Somebody shot down the notion that Teague competes for let alone eclipses Klank's minutes. Putting aside Hinrich's plethora of injuries, shooting wise that notion seems accurate. Teagues numbers in field goal accuracy and free throw percentage were awful. It's a little inconvenient playing in the NBA when you can't shoot.

    On the other hand when you have not exceptional which is good NBA speed and athleticism but outstanding NBA speed and at minimum exceptional athleticism then you have to give that some consideration. I for one liked Teague's attitude and confidence at times, and glimpses of his ability as a driver in transition and the his ability to instinctively deliver the ball in pick and roll situations. He may ride pine as in not get much burn, but I'd certainly say his stock has risen as in he has at least a chance of emerging as a viable rotation PG this coming season.

  • I never saw Murphy play in college, but at 6'0" and almost 250 lbs., is there any chance he could play center? Just asking.

    Also, with all the Howard talks going on, I've heard he was asking Houston if they could sign someone else. Don't know if I would want this to happen, but to go along with what someone else said about the Bulls loading up at Deng's position, could the Bulls trade Deng to Houston for Asik and maybe draft picks(I don't really know what else they have that Chicago would want)? I know Deng isn't a max player but he is still really good and would be a great fit as a third option on a championship team. Maybe it wouldn't work at all, but I think it could be an option.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    I meant 6'10", obviously.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Yea, I'd be all for that if Houston manages to land Dwight, which is what I am rooting for. My sense is that they might be bombarded with better offers for Asik if they sign Dwight.

    Bringing in Asik for Deng would wipe out any and all of our remaining cap space for 2014.

    As Doug said, we had maybe $14 million before we signed Dunleavy, now we have about $11million, Asik gets $15 in 2014, maybe that ends up being too poison of a pill for us and most teams. It would however open up trading Noah for Alridge, if one were so inclined.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Houston has chandler parson. Cheap and better shooter. Howard was masking for another star. Which could be his friend josh smith.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Actually trading for Asik is a lot more realistic and attainable than Aldridge. i would give up Taj to get him back, but then that would mean for the Bulls to admit they made a mistake which is unlikely.

  • Just curious, who you got

    Dunleavy or Delfino, probably available for less than the MMLE. Delfino is probably more of a Nate like scorer, but also more of a wild card

    Dunleavy or Chase Budinger, heard he might get more than the MMLE. Budinger is certainly the better long term player, but we likely can't afford him

    Dunleavy or Korver, as much as ended up liking Korver when he was here, he didn't seem like a difference maker in games against good defenses.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Delfino if he came for the vets min and left the MMLE for someone else. If they both want the MMLE Dunleavy is the better player.

    Budinger got a 4 year offer, so doubt he'd choose the bulls for 2.

    Dunleavy vs Korver is a bit of a wash. I think both of them are primarily about getting you through the regular season and into the ECF. Neither can guard LeBron or Wade at all, so they'd both only be semi-useful against Miami (unless you go small, which is just playing to Miami's strengths). But what wing could we sign that would be useful against Miami? A defensive specialist just lets them double Rose. Any matchup against Miami was always going to be lots of Deng + Butler with only spot minutes from the other wings while LeBron or Wade rest.

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