Marcus Camby to decide between Rockets, Bulls, and Heat

According to Chris Tomasson, Marcus Camby is set to make his free agency decision Wednesday and has reportedly narrowed down his decision to the Rockets, Bulls, and Heat. He wants to play for a contender as his career winds to a close.

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Sources said Camby, who cleared waivers Sunday after having his contract bought out last week by Toronto, has narrowed his choices as a free agent to the Heat, Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls. He will decide on a team in the next few days.

Of the three teams the obvious choice seems to be the Heat. Anyone who wants to win a ring would have better odds with Miami than anyone else since Miami will again be the favorite to end the 2013/14 season hoisting a trophy. Of course Miami has limited rotation minutes available to offer players that go there.

That said, Miami would seem to have a role for Camby on the squad. They frequently play small with LeBron playing PF, and even when they play "big", they typically feature two PFs at the big man positions. On top of that, none of their big men are really shot blockers, so Camby brings a unique skillset that they can use in whatever minutes he's still able to offer.

Houston would make the least sense on the surface. It's hard to imagine Camby fitting in next to Howard or Asik at the same time. The center minutes are simply jammed in Houston and both of their guys are tremendous help defenders and rim protectors. There are no minutes or role available in Houston.

The Bulls are somewhat the mixed bag. Camby could earn rotation minutes above Nazr Mohammed potentially. He certainly brings more shot blocking and help defense than Nazr does if less physical toughness, and the Bulls only have three legit big men ahead of him in the rotation (Boozer, Taj, and Noah) whom are all injury prone.

If he goes to Chicago and can still play, then his number is likely to be called fairly regularly.

All in all, I'd say it's a long shot for Camby to end up with Chicago over Miami where he'll have a better shot to win and a more unique skillset to bring to the table. The only question is whether he sees himself having a role on the Miami Heat big enough to accommodate whatever playing time he wants to have at this point in his career.

If the Bulls were to land Camby it would mean Malcolm Thomas likely loses any opportunity to make the roster this season.

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  • Camby would be a nice addition to the Bulls roster but again he's another vet with no ring on his resume. The Heat basically have no true center on their roster and...I just don't and can't see him in a bulls uniform and bulls management showing him that they really want him to join the team like they did with Dunleavy. So in my opinion it will be a long shot for the Bulls to sign him and i would say it will all depend on if Miami signs Greg Oden.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I agree that Camby seems like a long shot to come here if he's choosing between here and MIami.

  • I can see camby signing with bulls because the playing time would be available for him. He would have more of a role with the bulls. Also he is familiar with thibs playing with him so that's in bulls favor.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Seems to me he'd have a bigger role at Miami than here potentially.

  • this guy looks like he's pretty much done anyway and I don't see him choosing the Bulls. I like to see the Bulls take a chance on a younger center from the summerleague. It's too damn bad that Malcolm Thomas is short, if he was a few inches taller, he would be very Noah like but at 6'8.5", he's too small. The Bulls could also hold out and wait for a few more roster cuts that happen in preseason and see if a center or tall powerforward gets waived. I rather they just sign Goudelock instead of some washed up vet min center who probably won't play ahead of Nazr anyway.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Who's Goudelock going to play ahead of? You probably need a center in case of injury more than Goudelock. That said, I still kind of agree with you. You sort of feel like with Goudelock you might need that junk offense guy even with everyone else healthy. It's just hard to see where he gets his minutes.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    The Hinrich signing looks worse and worse and the season hasn't even started yet. This looks like one of those cases of the FO falling in love with a player and not looking at things objectively. I get annoyed by the cries of cheapness around here because the whining detracts from the real problem which isn't how much the Bulls spend, but how they spend it.

    The idea was that Kirck could fill in as PG during Rose's absence, then play SG upon Rose's return. As far as being a starting PG, I think he delivered exactly what the Bulls thought they were getting for $4MM per year, and I have no problem with it. But he's no starting SG, not even a backup SG. Now he's strictly a backup PG for $4MM per year, in the way of better scorers (Nate, Goudelock) and a poor allocation of salary.

    Furthermore, the guy has almost nothing left in the tank. Big miss on Captain Klank.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Both the Hinrich and Hamilton contracts were misses with these players in great decline and injured often. They should stick to the draft and low salaried free agents and I think they got a good one in Dunleavy who plays well against the Heat and is a great shooter, passer and he will fit into the thibodeau offense like a glove.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Nate's still not signed. Hey, just sayin...

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Goudelock would get is minutes in the 35+ games when Hinrich or Rose (or both) are out with injury. And Goudelock gets his minutes in games when nothing else is working. Where did JLIII get minutes? And who predicted Nate would score 16 per for a Thibbs team? Sometimes you need a spark. Goudelock may be an erratic player that finds it tough to get a consistent role, but he looks like someone you can ride to a come from behind win or two when he gets hot.

  • You know the saying: when you have two old, washed up centers, you have none.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Well, you have two old, washed up centers expected to combine for maybe 12 minutes a night is really not much of an outage.

  • Camby would be a nice add but yeah if he wants a ring Houston and Chicago can't really compete with Miami as far as odds to win it all go.

    He would likely get 15-20 mins a night for the Bulls assuming everyone stays healthy. I would dump Nazr before Malcom Thomas. Only thing Nazr brings is a mid range jump shot at this point and even that isn't anything special.

  • Doug, due to the luxury tax, was there anything preventing the Bulls from putting in a waiver claim on Bernard James? (e.g. he made more than the slots they had available)

    He strikes me as the type that would fit in rather well with the Bulls, and could benefit greatly from Thibodeau's system.

    If the salaries are equal, I am not sure why Camby would pick the Bulls over the Heat asides from potential minutes:

    Better shot at title
    Better weather (huge difference on joints with a lot of miles on them)
    Better tax rate (every penny counts)

    I like the energy Malcolm Thomas brings, but as mentioned above, he's too short to make an impact at the 5 spot.

  • Nate Rob gets 2 yr. 4 mil. deal with Denver, good for Nate and good luck to him. He will definitely be missed in a Bulls uniform. It's definitely a different generation of Bulls fans today cause a player like Nate would've been appreciated by all Bulls fans during the 90's while these so called bulls fans today want to keep players like Hinrich and Teague over Nate.... SAD...

  • In reply to Reese1:


  • I'm going to get hammered for this but I don't want any of these guys. You're looking for an emergency 5 at the end of the bench, right? A 17 year vet doesn't fit the bill because you have to be sure the guy's not going to wind up in the hospital right next to the guy he replaced. Thomas doesn't fit the bill since he's a PF. Murphy doesn't look NBA ready at all. He could literally foul out in 2 minutes a game. If there was ever a time for the Bulls to justify being cheap and not signing anybody there this looks like it. They're either do that or sign the best player available at any position and hope to make a quality mid-season deal.

  • The Bulls just released Malcolm Thomas. Does this mean Camby is coming to Chicago?

  • fb_avatar

    The writer misses out on one important fact. I read where Camby either lives in Houston or his kids live in Houston so you would think that Houston would have a leg up on Miami or Chicago, but who knows with athletes.

  • I've liked the Dunleavy signing, but I wanted Nate back infinitely more. He ended up signing within the Bulls price range, for less than Dunleavy. Damn it. I don't care about all this Thibs didn't like him crap. Nate got minutes when he played well. He should have stayed a Bull. I know there are going to be games next season and into the playoffs where I can say we needed Nate.

  • After Camby, the choices for those who'll go for the vet. minimum are slim.

    Bernard James, Hasheem Thabeet, Cole Aldrich, summer league shotblocker Jackie Carmichael, Jason Collins, Chris Wilcox, maybe the undersized DeJuan Blair

    I doubt if Mozgov or Brandan Wright would agree to a minimum salary.


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