Heat even end Bulls Summer League championship dreams

Apparently the Miami Heat own the Chicago Bulls, even in Summer League. The second seeded Bulls fell to the Miami Heat as Erik Murphy didn't do much shooting, Andrew Goudelock showed why he's not in the NBA, and Tony Snell couldn't find the basket.

The one bright spot for Chicago? Marquis Teague had another brilliant game attacking the rim, getting to the free throw line and hitting near half his shots again. Teague's been outstanding all Summer League long.

Despite the rather fake drama above about losing to Miami, there's plenty to be happy with about the Bulls performance overall. The Bulls heavily played the only five guys with a shot to make the roster (Snell/Teague are locks, Murphy is a near lock, and Goudelock/Thomas at least have a shot), so Bulls fans got to take a peak at what the end of the bench might look like.

There's typically nothing too serious to take away from Summer League, but it's hard not to be impressed with how improved Marquis Teague looked across all the games. He was aggressive getting into the lane completed no look passes all week and looked like a very high ceiling player. The competition may be lower, but Teague looks like he's made legitimate improvements to his game.

Will they follow into the regular season? Who knows. However, Teague has the speed and ball handling of a starting PG, probably better than many starting PGs. He's starting to show improved finishing and passing as well. Teague played only a year in college and was young for his class as well, so while many Bulls fans weren't too excited about his potential, Teague still has plenty of time to prove himself.

I feel a lot more confident that he'll do just that.

Malcolm Thomas shows consistent effort, and the Bulls could probably do worse than keeping him around as the emergency 6th big. There are rumors that Chicago is chasing Marcus Camby, and if they can grab Camby then so long Malcolm Thomas, but Thomas has shown enough in his multiple looks with the Bulls over several camps, Summer Leagues, and limited game action that he's viable if the Bulls can't find anyone else.

After two games, Bulls fans were begging to bring Andrew Goudelock into camp, and well, they still might be. However, if they're still begging for it, then it's after seeing bad Goudelock for two games as well. Goudelock lit up the scoreboard twice, but he also was completely miserable twice as well.

That's not necessarily a problem. John Lucas or Nate Robinson would both have similar up and down performances, but frequently the whole Bulls team is miserable on offense so having one of those guys come in and fail isn't always much worse than what they'd be doing anyway. However, when they come in and succeed it completely changes the nature of the game.

I don't know whether Goudelock will have a shot, but I hope he chooses the Bulls camp and the Bulls consider him.

Snell and Murphy are a bit harder to judge. Unlike the rest of the guys mentioned above, we've not seen them do much of anything before. Snell impressed more with what were his reported weaknesses than his strengths. He didn't shoot all that well, but he rebounded the ball very well, made good decisions by and large, and looked like he had a role player mindset.

It will be interesting to see how he fits in with the real Bulls, but he definitely has potential to fill the Bruce Bowen niche that so many teams, Bulls included, want to fill.

Murphy was about what you'd expect so far. He had a couple good shooting games and a couple not so good ones. He didn't show much of anything else. The one thing I'd note about Murphy is that he hesitated to take open threes at times and also had a moderately long release. He kind of reminds me of Andres Nocioni as a three point shooter in that he'll need a little bit more room to get his shot up than another guy might.

When he gets up with the real club, he'll have to prove that his NBA three point range is legit as well as prove that he's not scared to take the shot and immediately fire on his open threes. A guy like Murphy who isn't giving you much outside of shooting can't hesitate to shoot IMO. I'm not surprised, but a bit disappointed that he didn't show much of anything else.

He's got legit size/bulk, so I was hoping that he'd be a bit better on defense/rebounding than his college stats showed, but he wasn't. I think he makes the roster as a stretch four, and he'll get end of game opportunities when the Bulls go offense/defense and need more shooting on the floor. That said, he's definitely a niche player and looks awfully far away from the skillset needed to play even role player minutes.

The Bulls still have one Summer League game left, the consolation game after losing to Miami, so we'll get to see who can finish out things strong in that one. However, through four games, I generally like what I've seen from Chicago. It's worth noting the Bulls are coming to Summer League with what should be one of the weaker rosters yet have still performed admirably.


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  • Based on what Murphy's shown, he doesn't even look like he deserves a roster spot. Basically, he can shoot a little bit, and he's terrible at everything else.

  • Yes, Murphy should not make the team based on what I've seen. Does NOTHING else but hit shots and if he's not hitting shots he's doing nothing but fouling and not rebounding and not playing much D.

    Teague looks solid, but not going to get my hopes up based on summer league. I'll give him a lot of credit for taking that next step that was needed. We'll see if he can battle it out in camp and even get some more time on the floor this year backing up Rose and Hinrich and perhaps even a guy like Goudelock, who has an outside shot. I think Teague playing well lessens the need for Goudelock, but I still like him over Teague because he tends to fill the JL3/Nate Rob role and can play 1 and 2. Goudelock's game is more mature and confident.

    Snell - he's been ok. No reason to be excited or disappointed, that's for sure. I am optimistic about his future given his skill set:: shooting and size/length and overall game look attractive and he could be a nice 2-way player. He will be back leading the summer league team next year and hopefully he can take the next step like Teague and Butler have done recently, and Gibson before them.

    The possible addition of Camby is intriguing if he can be healthy. However, is he that much better than Malcomb Thomas? I don't know... he does have a couple inches on Thomas and could probably guard centers better than Thomas. But, that's about where it ends. Both are good rebounders. Camby is terrible on offense and cannot shoot FTs and cannot finish at the rim. Could Thomas play into a role where he can be a nice reserve for the next few years and? Maybe.

  • even in summerleague, the never ending story of the Bulls struggle with athletic teams and high turnovers continue. I had a feeling this was going to happen and it didn't help that our 3pt shooters got cold feet and couldn't connect. I did like that Marquis Teague was aggressive as a scorer and he has a much improved 3pt shot but I thought he was out of control many times and did not do a great job of running the team and setting up others for open looks. He still has a long way to go but did show he's made improvements. Murphy has a nice shot but he does hesitate too much and he gets totally abused on defense like a certain Mr. Boozer does. In fact the Miami Heat kept going at him and they put a larger defender on Goudelock making him come back to reality of being a fringe NBA player. Snell continues to struggle with his jumper and he tends to disappear in the second half. He needs to become more aggressive, more assertive instead of just floating around out there but he does have great potential. We just have to wait and see if Thibodeau can bring the beast out of him. I was surprised by his very good rebounding and his smart team orientated playing style. He has excellent basketball IQ.

  • OK, it's painfully apparent Erik Murphy is athletically and defensively limited to a point that possibly nullifies his usefulness as a good three point shooter on an NBA roster..? Goudelock showed why he's struggled to stick on a roster with rushed shots, a poor feel for the game in general, and terrible shooting inconsistency. That said, he's still shown enough for somebody to take a chance om him with a minimum slot. As for Marquis Teague well..

    Troll: Websters defines Troll as "one who purposely responds as a naysayer to whatever positive notion another communicator is expressing at any given time. A contrarion. In essence, an asshole." OK, maybe that wasn't the official definition, but you get the idea.

    Sadly, I'm feeling like said troll lately with all my disagreements with Doug as if almost just for the sake of disagreeing(or so it seems). Yesterday I trumpeted Marquis Teague's potential emergence as a legitimate talent for the Chicago Bulls. Then today Doug pretty much "lauds"(as K.C. Johnson would say) Teague's improved play and starting caliber upside. You'd think I'd appreciate the seconding or affirmation of my very same views expressed on this blog yesterday. You'd think.

    Well, here I go again.

    I don't know how much of last night's game Doug actually watched, but Marquis Teague for myself(and the court side NBA commentators) looked out of control all night long with poor decision making. He did what many guys do in summer league and why most of these guys are not league worthy talents. He rushed and forced things.Often, as he's shown in the past he doesn't know when to pause and realize open opportunities. He doesn't utilize spacing. Mostly he simply makes some nice passes on the break, and occasionally off of breakdowns on penetration.

    Remembering, Marquis Teague is a POINT GUARD. What is Teague's number one job? Setting up teammates. Period. That's what a PG does. Yet what was his assist to turnover in last night's game? Not three to one or two to one, but he had over twice as many turnovers as assists. Two assists in 30 minutes? In summer league?

    I've gone back and forth on Teague and while I think he's undoubtedly a very competitive, quality character guy, he also still quite often looks incapable of understanding the NBA floor game offensively. Too often he has not displayed the instincts and comprehension of the nuances of when to pull up and find shots and let opportunities develop for maneuvering teammates. Last year his A/TO ratio was barely over 1:1 which is awful. Granted he's a 19 year old rookie in a 8 mpg a limited sample, but still.

    Look, I'm not going to sit here and completely trash the guy after one game. It's very, very important that his shooting seems to be markedly improving. With his outstanding speed and athleticism guys having to come out and guard him makes him lethal as a slasher both scoring wise and obviously assisting teammates.

    If Marquis' shooting continues to improve where he can shoot 35% from three and 43-44% mid range and out to say 18-20 feet that's huge. However, IMO he only becomes truly a significant part of a winning team if he gets better at his main role which is not a scorer, but setting up teammates for good scoring opportunities.

    Certainly, he's looked good being low turnover in the summer league. Yes, he has, But then he has night's like the Miami debacle in a very winnable game. It's awful performances like last night's that make you wonder if he's going to get there.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Never been a fan of Teague. He looks very awkward a lot of the times on the floor, he has a very hard time finishing once he gets to the rim which he is good at doing, and his shot to me is complete garbage. I really don't see what some of these bulls fans see in teague but i would take Nate Rob or even Goudelock on my team every time over Teague,... OH YEAH I FORGOT, WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE BULLS AND NOT WANTING TO SPEND MONEY FOR THE BEST PLAYERS, so Teague fits the Bulls Perfectly.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Roadwarrior you're not by yourself in your judgement of Teague. As of now imo he's just not that good of a player, not saying he cant or won't improve but for the Bulls whose trying to compete with Miami " during the playoffs"... Teague is not the answer. Having Teague on the Bulls roster is a financial decision, not a basketball decision. Right now Nate and Goudelock are the more talented players over Teague, if I'm trying to beat Miami those two players in that order are the players i would have on my teams.

  • The heat still beat the Bulls in the summer league? Ugh.

    I hope this isn't a bad omen for next season.

  • To make it clear, I like Marquis Teague. IF his shooting improves he will be a nice player to have. I'm just saying his consistency as in executing half court offenses for the Bulls needs to improve markedly if he's going to be a really good rotation player on a contending caliber ball club(not saying the Bulls are - yet). Turnovers and or inefficient scoring are death.

    I think the coaches need to decide if he's potentially an important piece as in this season, and if so spend more time with him as the PG practicing half court offense. His potential is so high due to his rare speed and athleticism along with a winning pedigree that I think they owe it to themselves to give him serious attention in pre-season camp and early in the season. Then if he doesn't start taking the next step(turnovers, inefficient scoring) you make it clear your moving on as in resources committed and PT(playing time). I'd hope he could be a better option then Kirk if his shooting is noticeably improved and consistent.

  • In the past the Bulls have had young players who went to other teams and then developed very nicely -- J R Smith, Shannon Brown, even Tyson Chandler and maybe Asik. They have let too much young talent get away cheap. Not again please.

    So, the Bulls should work with this kid and see what he can be! They drafted the potential, now train it! Ditto with Snell. Taj and Butler turned out well, and we have not seen the ceiling for Butler yet.

  • Finally, some of you see what I've seen with Teague. I think that he does have potential, but he does not run a set offense well at all. He over-dribbles, can't shoot and just seems unsure of himself. It's like he wants to go full speed, but he knows he can get out of control and he just plays way too slow... And does nothing. Goudelock is always attacking, but usually in control.

    Teague has shown enough for some GM to want him. I think that he could be moved for a 1st for sure, whether it's in 2014, 2015 or 2016 remains to be seen. Maybe the bulls can trade him for some big that can play when Noah gets hurt. Anything. Then, sign Goudelock for a similar 2 or 3 year deal with a bulls option in year 3. Basically, Min salary or a hair above. I'm sure Goudelock would jump at the security and he would be a great #4 guard and maybe #3 if he gets better and hinrich goes after next year.

  • Trading Teague to a team expected to be not so good could result in another Charlotte-type draft pick... Could be a nice lottery pick.

  • Why is everyone so eager to trade Teague? Rose has played what like 40 games the past two seasons I say we need a solid backup pg and Teague is coming along nicely. Also he is cheap and just starting his second season and there is no need to flip him for a future pick now. Besides You will want as many bullets as you can get for the next draft which is looking really strong anyway. Charlotte could easily land just outside the top ten which would give us two picks and some young assets with upside to try and move into the top 3.

  • Looks like Goldilocks, Snell and Murphy all acquitted themselves well in the consolation game. Looks as though we have five potential contributors (including Teague and Thomas). You know as much grief as the FO gets from this site, it is not a bad haul considering where the Bulls have been drafting the past few years.

    Understand Thomas and Goldilocks are FAs but Teague and Snell are athletic and have legit upside. Also understand that Boozer was overpaid but apart from Bosh (pussy), Stoudemare (next), Lee (my choice) and Jefferson (better in the post, worse defender), what power forward options were out there? I think, all things considered the FO has been solid if not spectacular. My projection is that when the dust has settled and one of those redrafts is done by EPSN, Butler, Teague, and Snell will be placed an average of 10 places higher.

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