Expect Bulls FA news to trickle in

While it's not official, the Bulls are likely to stick to veteran minimum contracts this off-season and forgo the use of the MMLE due their position deep in the luxury tax already. Perhaps a bit frustrating when you see a team like Brooklyn going all in, but there was a long time we felt the Bulls wouldn't go into the tax at all, so hard to complain too much.

As I like to point out, the Oklahoma City Thunder traded away James Harden to avoid tax payments, when Chicago gives up a legit all-star, second scorer to avoid the tax, then we can really start the bitching.

That said, it's a stark contrast to the Brooklyn Nets who's willingness to pay the tax is so extreme that even I flinch. If the tax settles in at the reported June rate of just under 72 million, and the Nets agree to terms with Kyle Korver at the MMLE as expected and fill out their roster with two minimum salaried players they're looking at nearly 70 million dollars in luxury tax and a total payroll cost of 170 million.

I thought no one could break Isiah Thomas's record for total roster payout, but the Nets are doing their best to try. It will be interesting to see how long their owner is willing to pay these bills.

The Bulls on the other hand have dipped their toe in the tax and will likely have, by a good margin, the largest salary payout in the history of the franchise this season. I expect them to go cheap the rest of the way and pick up whomever the best players the vet minimum can buy.

The following names have been connected to the Bulls that I've seen:
Mo Williams, Will Bynum (Shams Charina, Realgm),
Andray Blatche [foo], Zaza Pachulia (David Schuster, the score (from thread on realgm))
John Lucas III (Mark Stein)
Monta Ellis (Ken Berger)
O.J. Mayo (Sam Amick)

So not to pour cold water on anyone's dreams, but the only one of these guys I think the Bulls have a shot at is John Lucas III (God help us). Maybe the Bulls will have a shot at Andray Blatche given the Nets won't be able to offer more than the minimum to him, and he might prefer to play for us for the minimum where playing time seems more abundant given the fragility of our front court.

ZaZa seems like he'd get more than the minimum to me which means more than we'd offer.

The rest of the guys outside of JL3 just seem like they'll be priced out of what we can do, in particular Mayo and Ellis whom don't even seem remotely in our fiscal ballparck. I'm not sure what the market on Mo Williams or Will Bynum will be, but neither guy really seems to fit what we need either, but I'd happily take either for quality of player even if the fit isn't perfect.

Another candidate I'll throw out there for Chicago is Ronnie Brewer. The Bulls obviously like Brewer as a locker room guy, they know what he can do defensively, and even if Jimmy Butler now gives you Ronnie Brewer + 5 in terms of talent, Brewer would give you another defensive option and help hedge against a Deng injury.

Brewer bounced around the league last season at the minimum and might be looking at another minimum deal this season. Would he come back to Chicago where he clearly liked playing or seek a team with a larger role on a less desirable team/location? Probably the first, as he'll want to prove himself worth more than the minimum which will be difficult here.

His signing might also stunt Tony Snell which could be a negative depending on how high management is on Snell.

The interesting thing about FA so far is that all the news centers around guards while the Bulls really should be desperate to add one more big man. Rose, Hinrich, Butler, Deng, Teague, and Snell make up six guards as it is. Maybe the Bulls are really down on Teague and don't want to trust Snell at all, but there sure aren't many minutes left in that perimeter rotation.

Meanwhile, the Bulls have three big men + Erik Murphy [we'll count Murphy after he makes the team which has to be viewed as a question mark right now] and all of them have had recurrent injury problems [though Booz has more or less been healthy since the wrist incident that started off his tenure]. Chicago will likely resign Nazr Mohammed, but Nazr offered very little positive last season outside of shoving LeBron James in the playoffs and shouldn't be looked at as a guy who can be a true rotation player.

All in all, free agency has started with a whimper for Chicago and will likely go out like that too, but if the Bulls can simply land one decent big man on a quality deal then they'll still be looking pretty good for next season.

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  • I have always thought that Zaza was a good backup to have, but the name that really interests me is Blatche. A guy that over the years I've wanted nothing to do with because he was the model bone head really surprised me with what he did last year for the Nets. I always knew the guy could score, but his defense was way better than anything I've ever seen from him. I'm not saying it would be a great fit, but it would be the most interesting.

    Is Malcom Thomas under contract or not?

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Thomas is signed to a non-guaranteed contract.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    If the Bulls keep him, he'll only be making $900k. You would that's cheap enough to keep around right?

    Well, they just drafted Murphy who will make closer to $700k, so we could have see the last of Malcolm.

  • Doug,

    I won't pester you about this after this message, but the Bulls Tweets page is still blank whether I load it from my phone or from my laptop regardless of whether I use Chrome, Firefox, or IE. It's a great feature and I really miss it. Anything you or your IT guys can do to fix it would be appreciated.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    My bad, this is a page that I import from one of my other websites, I thought it was the side twitter widget you were talking about before.

    Twitter probably just changed their connectivity again, and I probably need to go update my app on my bullspodcasters website. I'll see if I can take a look.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Fixed now.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Saw it. Thanks!

  • The Bulls wait and see approach to start free agency is absolutely sickening and Rose and his camp should be furious that 2 guys that are very capable of scoring 20 plus points a game are being let go for guys like Hinrich and possibly JL3...PLEASE, SICKENING! Hinrich definitely needs to go, I don't care what he brings to the Bulls, the guy need to be gone cause he can't stay healthy. I would welcome Brewer back because of his defense and his possibility of being Butler's backup if Deng can be be traded which should really try to be done by the Bulls.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Rose can't be too furious he need to recruit and he refuse to do so.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    ^ I agree completely.

  • In reply to nolebron:

    So let me get this straight, you complain about Rose not recruiting, and when he does (Kirk, Joe Johnson) you complain about that...make up your minds.

    So now it's up to Rose to do GarPax's job too? Even if Rose wanted to recruit the 'stars' it would eventually come down to GarPax convincing those guys they will do everything to try and win a title and not just pocket the money while they're making profits hand over fist.

    It's not that we don't get stars because of Rose not recruiting (that's a weak excuse made by weak people who try to blame others for the Front Office's faults they don't want to admit to). Not getting stars comes from the reputation our team has of trying to cut back on salary and not reinvesting it back into the payroll to try and win.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    When basketball decisions are not being made and financial decisions are, the Bulls will never be a true contender to win a title. Seeing how the cap is now a small market team best friend, big market teams like the Bulls will eventually have to pay the tax or be very smart when it comes to drafting players and signing FA's. And now the story come out about asst. coach Ron Adams being dismissed by Gar Forman because Adams didn't like the Bulls personnel moves, meaning probably the Bulls roster. If that's not enough to convince some of you Bulls fans whats going on in the Bulls FO then I don't know what will. The Bulls FO is nothing but lies and smoke screens and i hate to say that i hate someone but they're getting beyond that for me.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Couldn't agree with you more. It's not Derrick's job to go around the league and kiss butt and convince players to come to Chicago. Like the whole issue with Dwight Howard. It blows my mind that some fans still are asking the Bulls to do everything they can to get this guy. Dwight made it abundantly clear from day 1 that he had no interest in playing in Chicago, (which is great btw). As a player you either want to play in Chicago or you don't and at the end of the day you make the best decision for you and your family. I like Derrick's approach of letting grown men make their own decision.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Rose doesn't seem to share your assessment of Hinrich.

    I agree that JL3 is an atrocity. That said, let's wait to see what happens with the rest of the roster before getting to upset.

    Everyone went spastic about losing Brewer/Korver/Watson last year, and we got Nate/Marco who filled in just fine.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I don't think anyone knows how Rose really feels about anything now with most of the chicago fan base turning on him cause he did what was best for him.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I do have to disagree, I think "most of the Chicago fan base turning on him", may be a bit of an exaggeration. We all were disappointed, but as you stated, he did what was best for him and by the time he's introduced as starting point guard for the 1st time at the UC, trust me, all will be forgiven.

  • The bulls should keep eye on D12 to the rockets . they're shopping Omer Asik and if Howard lands in Houston maybe bulls could swing three team trade to get lamarcus Aldridge. With Asik going to blazers plus bulls picks.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    You're going to have to be a little more specific.

    HOU Isn't looking to just dump Asik for nothing so what assets are we going to give the...which would give us less of to give to POR?

    And then this doesn't even consider the additonal millions the Bulls will hypothetically be adding onto their payroll.

    HOU has a real GM, he'll probably trade Lin+Asik for a S&T Josh Smith.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    They would be looking to move Asik and Lin to clear cap space to sign Howard. So they do have to "dump" their contracts, the only thing that they might take back are future draft picks.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Actually, what I've heard, (and I could be wrong), is that Houston already had a ton of cap space and with recent trade of Thomas Robinson, I think, they could offer Howard a max of $88 mil, which is the most they could offer him anyway. So they would probably have to move Asik and another player to make another move like a Josh Smith.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    When I saw that the rockets were shopping Asik and Lin, that was my first thought. We could trade for Asik using the trade exception we have from the Korver deal, and/or swing a 3 team trade with Portland.

    This would require parting ways with Noah, which I am in no way happy to do, but Asik and Aldridge is probably a better combo than just Noah(dragging around the BozoHole)

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I was thinking more on the lines of Omer going to blazers with boozer along with picks. That's if blazers would be interested in Omer. He is younger and less money than Noah.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Nice thought, but I imagine that the Blazers think that Asik is not worth giving up Aldridge, and there is really no way that they take the BozoHole back, even though they would need a starting power forward.

  • I don't necessarily want Blatche, but he did say last year that he'd only sign for the minimum. He's ticked off about being amnestied by the Wiz and if he signs for more money, it just reduces the amount that the Wiz have to pay. If that still holds true, he's likely to sign someplace where he can play, contribute and compete. I wouldn't be surprised to see him go to Indy, the Heat, Clips or the Rockets.

  • In reply to nafsllub:

    Unless BKN jus doesn't want him any ore (for the vet-min), why wouldn't he go back there? With KG mostly being limited in minutes, Blatche would get actual playing there with his only other competitors being Evans and Plumlee.

  • In reply to nafsllub:

    Probably the Heat, because it seems as though every league veteran is taking a pay cut to go play in Miami to play for a championship...plus the fact that there are no state taxes in Florida and we're not even going to mention the beautiful women in Miami. I am a Bulls fan, but I can't say that I blame him.

    Blatche played well against us in the playoffs and wouldn't mind seeing him a Bulls uniform. I'm confident in the veterans that we have, along with coach Thibs that we wouldn't have to worry about any issues. I don't see him going to the Pacers though, especially if they keep David West. Indiana, unfortunately, is stocked with big men biding for playing time.

  • Blatche intrigues me as well, he was abusing our bigs in limited minutes this past postseason. I would love to have him here, so long as he is as mature and motivated as he was last season.

  • In reply to nolebron:

    Sorry, not limited, he averaged 20MPG. He had an offensive rating of 116 a defensive rating of 105 for the series against us. His regular season numbers werent that prolific but his ratings (107/101) werent bad either. His WS were a 4.9, compared to Booz who was a 5.7 and Blatche is a fraction of the cost. As far as traditional numbers go he averaged 10.3/5.1/1.0 P/R/A in 19MPG. He would definitely be welcome here.

  • The Bulls usually go with 13 on the roster, that leaves 2 spots to be filled if murphy makes the team. They don't need another pg/small guard. They have to get a backup center and another shooting wing (dorell wright, carlos delfino,randy foye,etc) NOT JOHN LUCAS, he can shoot the 3 but we need a backup 2/3 and 5.

    The sad part is the Bulls probably need this vet min signing to be a major scorer for us like nate robinson was last year so they have to strike gold like they did last year. I would be ok with Brewer because he's a solid player even though I still think they need shooting.

  • Masai Ujiri has been on the job for less than a month...he somehow dumps Bargnani's cont

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    ...'dumps Bargnani's contract' gets back a cheaper replacement in Novak, a veteran backup Big who will help them in their playoff chase AND he has an expiring contract. So now only do they save about $3-4mil, but THEY get the draft picks.

    I'm beginning to think the reason why Boozer hasn't been traded isn't because he's untradeable (last year JJ, this year Wallace and Bargnani) but because GarPax don't know who to do their job.

    Also, Korver is taking the MMLE to play in BKN. If only WE had one of those MMLEs.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    It all goes back to the owner, he's pulling the puppet strings of the yes men Gar/Pax. This FO is getting exposed by other teams GM's and some bulls fans can't see it.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I kind of see your point, but what are you going to do? Stop being a Bulls fan? Maybe some people will. I've always been a Bulls fan, not necessarily a fan of Reinsdorf or Gar/Pax...even though I think they've done a 'solid' job in keeping us competitive, just not enough to win titles. I'm not all that confident in Brooklyn. Outside of the starting line-up, they have no bench now, with maybe only Kyle Korver and a few minimum players. KG and Pierce aren't playing 48 minutes a game all season and I'm not that confident in 1st year coach in J. Kidd and Deron Williams is Deron Williams.

    But I do have this gut feeling, that we're paying all these league minimum salaries for the past couple of seasons and next year Deng's contract expires, we could amnesty Boozer to free up cap space for 2014 free agency and yet again, all the big free agents will choose a different destination....AGAIN. I hope this doesn't happen, but, I got a bad feeling. *sigh*...yes, it hurts to be a Chicago sports fan sometimes, but I am what I am. *Go Bulls!?

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Your right, as I said on draft day, every pick is available to be traded for, every contract can be tarded, any player can be moved

    Except of course for Luol Deng and Carlos the bamboozler.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Agree, I was amazed at what Toronto got back for Bargnani! That is an excellent trade for Toronto.

    I am not impressed by Bulls paying a bit of luxury tax because its not due to adding some great talent via a trade, its because they overpay their players and then refuse to make trades that will improve the team.

    For example, last season if Bulls had paid more to trade Deng for the Maloof's No 5 pick (by taking back more bad salary than Deng's), THEN I would be impressed. Because that would have been a basketball decision, not a financial decision. Keeping Deng last season was purely a financial decision.

  • Rose is your Nate replacement.

    Snell is your Rip Hamilton replacement.

    Murphy is the Bad Vlad Replacement.

    That leaves replacing Nazr and Belinelli as the Bulls' to-do lists for the summer.

    Rose is a definite upgrade over Nate. Assuming Snell and Murphy simply stay healthy and put forth effort, they'd represent upgrades over Hamilton and Bad Vlad, too.

    Blatche would represent an upgrade over Nazr, so that would be a positive move. That would leave finding a way to replace Belinelli (minute shuffling with Butler & Hinrich + additional signing).

    So, conceivably, the Bulls could come out overall better than they were a year ago.

    It seems to me like a team that will be 2nd in the division and either a 3rd or 4th seed overall in the conference with a likely 2nd round bounce. Not great, but about as good as we're going to get with GarPax.

  • JL3 is our big FA acquisition?!?!?! This is what Chicago Basketball has come to? Say it aint so Doug!

    How about Gar Foremen firing Ron Adams because he reportedly questioned personnel moves (per ESPN)? Looks like Both Gar and Pax have more in common than I had thought... Neither’s egos can handle any criticism. Case in point the "Rose" email just months ago jeeze what is next with these pussies... Can't have made Thibs happy shit canning his top assistant a job that almost always is the Head Coaches. Way to handle your star coach. Move totally fits the GarPax MO though.

  • Yes, I want to have a separate article about the Ron Adams firing!

  • In reply to Edward:


  • In reply to Edward:

    Bulls FO being exposed once again!!! When will the B.S. end with these incompetent fools. I guess Ron Adams now putting it out there about the Bulls basketball decisions as being just plain cheap and dumb. Everyone who isnt a complete homer Bulls fan knew Asik should've been resigned by the Bulls or at least been a restricted free agent and used as an asset to bring another player or other assets back in any trade. Anyone making any excuses for the Bulls FO blunders are in complete denile.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    gar and pax need to get off the napoleon complex and need to stick up for a good coach and demand ownership spend money on the right situations. It's obvious that Ron Adams took the bullet for Thibodeau when he complained about the loss of Asik and Korver and he got fired for it. There's reports coming out that thibodeau and gar can't stand each other, well bulls fans start preparing for vinny del negro II because its looking like a scott skiles like scenario once again.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I think all fans in the know would side with Thibodeau on this one. But the issues are totally different from the Skiles situation. Thibs is loved by his players. Bulls front office is among the most petty in all of sports. This is just the cherry on top.

    The FO is a one trick pony (Drafting late) not like they are above critisicm... Besides how much of the success of the late draft picks is great coaching? Which is probably why they are so damn sensitive to critics. Well guess what it won't go away this year with JL3 being your big get and letting playoff hero Nate Rob walk so you can keep your pathetic and overpaid Klank.

  • In reply to Chad:

    they're definitely klanking away derrick's prime years but always winning the financial championship year in and year out. LA wants the Bulls, what the hell are they waiting for, show derrick they want to surround him with talent. Carlos Boozer and Ben Wallace, the two great signings of garpax ball of mediocrity. they draft well late and hit on some vet min contracts, congrats.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I have to disagree with you on the everyone count. I know that I was among the minority of fans who never wanted to trade Asik for some midget shooting guard as was being proposed for most of his 2 years with the team.

    I also felt like the lone ranger saying that we should match the Asik contract and worry about the 3rd year in 3 years. Most everyone else wasn't for matching as they were for trading him just not to lose him for nothing.

    I'm definitely in the JVG camp on the Asik situation, and now that Asset has come back to bite us in not being able to make a move on Aldridge which could have been entertained this summer, at the next trade deadline or even next summer, before Asik's $15 million poison pill kicks in

    Just plain assinine move by the Bulls totally dictated by money and nothing else.

  • You are almost certainly right that the Bulls won't use the MMLE, true cost $8-9 million for one year.

    Off the top of my head, Dalembert would be my first choice for a backup big. But, he is probably a guy who can get more than the minimum. Elton Brand might be someone who would come to the Bulls for the minimum. Would you rather have Brand or Blatche, solid citizen vs knucklehead.

    Unless the Bulls actually use the MMLE, I would not expect any action until much later in the FA process, basically when everybody with cap space has already made their moves. Then the Bulls and every other team in the tax will pick over the remaining scraps, with Miami getting(being) first choice.

  • I'm really beginning to hate the direction the NBA is going in. It just feels like every player is expandable to the team and every team is expandable to the player. It's become so much of a business how can they possibly call themselves a team anymore. Chemistry is built by familiarity of the players, but when every year you have players coming and going no matter how well they perform at what point do you still have chemistry? There used to be a time when players mattered to the team and the team mattered to players. Now it's all just one big game of craps.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    very true.

  • Sadly I agree, if the Bulls are only going to spend the minimum I can't see them getting anyone other than JL3 from that list. Even Mo Williams, who would seem to be coming to the ring chasing part of his career, says he wants playing time, so you'll not get him to come sit on the bench for less.

    And hey, JL3 would be a nice signing if it was for the 15th roster spot. But right now the Bulls have 8 players on the roster before signing the rookies, and one of them in Teague really should be in the D league not on an NBA roster. So to have JL3 headlining the signings is going to be rough.

    Ronnie Brewer would be great to have back at the minimum if he can get healthy, he wasn't last year and really struggled. Then again that's probably why you'll get him at the minimum. I see him complimenting Snell more than stunting him, Snell isn't likely to be ready for big minutes straight away and it helps to have someone like Brewer you can bring in for the tougher defensive assignments and let Snell ease his way in on that end and concentrate on playing the shooter role.

    If the Bulls are going to be cheap (and that's not really much of an if) then they need to pull a Nate Robinson style reclamation project on a center, find someone who is considered garbage but in the right role can prove to be a contributor. Noah will be broken by the playoffs again without a proper backup, and no healthy Noah means no shot next year.

  • Say it isn't so...they wasted their money on MIKE DUNLEAVY?! 2 years/$6 million

  • In reply to Motoman:

    That was a desperation cover their ass signing with the negative press those jackasses Gar and Pax were getting about the Ron Adams release. 2 yrs. 6 mil. REALLY!...for Dunleavy another Duke POS player. They could've brought Nate back for that much...DUMB JACKASSES, JUST TWO STUPID JACKASSES GAR/PAX!!!

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And everyone notice how quickly the B.S. verbal signing went down after the Ron Adams firing. It absolutely amazes me that this FO is so full of shit.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Dunleavy Jr is a better fit on the team with Rose back than Nate is.

  • In reply to Motoman:

    Well considering they weren't expected to even use the MMLE it's a positive sign they have.

    Even with the MMLE you weren't ever going to get anyone amazing. Dunleavy Jr is a solid 3 and D kind of guy who isn't a bad fit for the team. I don't mind the signing.

    It's really down to what they can get for the min at center now, if someone decent goes for the MMLE and the Bulls are left with Nazr then this deal looks a lot worse.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    The problem is we do not need another 3, not even a back up. Between Butler, Deng, and Snell, there is no minutes left for Dunleavy. There were other players out there that would have made more sense. Bellineli, Robinson, Korver, Morrow, maybe even an OJ Mayo or Kevin Martin if they got creative enough. Heck Chase Budinger is a younger more athletic version of Dunleavy that they could have had at a similar pricetag.

  • In reply to Motoman:

    Snell might not be an NBA quality player, so I'm not assuming he's part of the rotation right now.

    I think it's pretty clear that Thibs is happy to play Butler at the 2 full time. I don't personally agree with it, but with that in mind there are some minutes at the 3 to be had, particularly since Deng will spend some time at the 4 in small ball lineups and he's not the most durable guy to start with.

    I don't really see any of your alternatives as viable. IMO Dunleavy is a better shooter and better defender than Belinelli. OJ Mayo and Kevin Martin will go for more than the MMLE. Korver has already agreed with the Nets. Nate isn't a guy who pairs that well with Rose, and will at least be holding out to see if he can get more than the MMLE - if the Bulls could sign him today for the MMLE then it might work, but risking losing out on other options while they wait for Nate to explore his options isn't a good idea. Morrow couldn't even find playing time on two teams worse than the Bulls last year - he's a guy who shouldn't get more than the vet min.

    Budinger is another guy I'd consider but he's really not any better than Dunleavy. I don't think age means a great deal - the Bulls have shown they consider the rest of the cast around the core players a revolving door of cheap contracts, so if you're only planning to hang onto a guy for a year or two it's not really that important how many more years they have in them. I expect the Bulls will mostly sign older players since you can get them cheaper precisely because there's no teams looking to sign them on the basis of potential.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Very valid points shakes! Im not necessarily disappointed with the signing, I just feel they could have done better than Dunleavy. The one point of yours I do disagree with is that Nate doesnt pair well with Rose. I think in reality its the complete opposite. Although severally undersized, a Nate and Rose backcourt at times would provide the Bulls with two go to scorers that arent afraid to drive and absorb some contact. And Nate proved last year he doesnt always have to have the ball in his hands and was a very effective spot up shooter too.

  • The ploy by the FO to leak that they aren't going to use the MMLE (a completely unacceptable move for one of the most profitable teams in the NBA) and then getting all the praise when they do use it worked perfectly. This organization has this kind of scheme down to a science. Can't say I hate the signing, though. But if the second year isn't at team option, does that mean the 2014 scheme is completely dead?

  • In reply to Hunter:

    I doubt many will be praising them outright, I think people will be holding back their vitriol slightly now that the owner can wear the "meets bare minimums standards acceptable for an NBA owner" with pride.

    We wont know if he has a team option until the full details leak once the signing is official. In any case I think it's appropriate to kill the 2014 plan - LeBron winning the title this year really means that the already long shot at him got too long, it's Miami or Cleveland only. Nobody else is a free agent in 2014 that's worth saving max space for.

  • Why not just bring back Marco belinelli???

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Because Dunleavy is a better player?

  • In reply to Shakes:

    If he were such a good player he wouldn't bounce around the league the last few year. I agree with bullzfan, Marco or Nate could've been back for that much. Dunleavy can't get to the basket like Marco or Nate so you're wrong about Dunleavy being the better player.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Because Marco and Nate have never bounced around the league? Give me a break. I know ranting and raving about everything the Bulls do being the worst move ever is kind of your shtick, but at least be internally consistent.

    We're not talking superstars here, we're talking guys you can get with 3 million a year. Of course they have flaws in their game. Dunleavy isn't such a good player, but on the contract he's been given it's a solid signing.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Like I said, he can't create his own shot to go along with making 3's while Nate and Marco can so again...he's not the best fit for the Bulls. He' has been signed to make threes kind of like Korver was and he was let go. You and the Bulls FO will find this out the hard way. Dunleavy will fit with the Bulls but he's not the best fit.

  • I wonder what Doug will have to say about Dunleavy. The fact is they need shooters and he shot 43% on 4 three point attempts a game. Overall .442, .460, and .470(in double figures) from the field the last three seasons.

    Going on 32 he's in obvious decline, but he played in 75 games last year, and call him lousy defensively, but at least he's rated as a smart weak side rotating defender and reads drivers well. Of course with very sub par athleticism for a wing that means he still gets burned a lot.

    In Thib's system though maybe he pulls a Korver, and becomes somewhat viable. If only he were a couple of years younger. He always looked like a competitor to me who cared about winning. I dunno, I just wish they could have signed another scoring wing/guard with Kirk's $4 Mil and dumped Sir Klank-A-Lot of the Unsound(health) Table. Gar/Pax you inglorious, self-righteous bastards. Ron Adams, "Gar Forman is for me toooo Poooopp Onnn!" As Thibs concurs.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I feel like Dunleavy is just a larger version of Hinrich but with less defensive tenacity. A slow, unathletic player that relies purely on three point shooting to score any points. That $7 million between Hinrich and Dunleavy next year certainly could have been used on something better than those two.

  • hopefully the 2nd year is unguaranteed, not an option, makes him easier to trade if need be. Bulls could still bring back Marco using the Non-Bird if he'll play for that pittance. This move pretty much solidifies Jimmy starting at the 2, because Deng and Dunleavy are holding down the 3. I don't think Dun gets exposed as much as Korver did when he was here. He might work against the heat tho because in their small ball lineup, Battier is the 4 and we could deploy a counter lineup of Rose, Butler, Deng, Dun, Noah. Just spitballing because I am trying to avoid thinking about Noah's impending death from having to play 44 minutes a game because we blew our MMLE on Mike Dunleavy Jr.

  • Blatche is staying in Brooklyn.

  • Is the Dunleavy thing confirmed?

    I guess that I am surprised that they went ahead and used the MMLE, and did so so fast. Shocked that they put out money into 2014, hopefully, it will turn out to be a team option.

    Hard to believe that Dunleavy is 32 already.
    Also, I heard that Korver was going to get the MMLE from NJ, why wouldn't the bulls have gone back to Korver, he keeps saying how much he loved being with this team.

    Never-the-less, Dunleavy is not a bad pick-up at all, if he can stay healthy, of course his inability to do so makes him the perfect Bull, unavailable come playoff time.

    Not saying that Dunleavy was the highest and best use of the MMLE, but he is a quality player, who hasn't really ever played for a quality team and a great coach. Who knows he could have a career type year under Thibs tutelage.

    Clearly, the bulls realized that they needed 3 point shooters to spread the floor, thus Snell and Dunleavy. Can they give us as much or more than Nate and Belli, maybe, maybe not, but Rose is really replacing all of their minutes/production, with Hinrich and Butler taking over their spots in the rotation.

    I guess this means that Dalembert is out, hopefully, we can get a big who can contribute more than Muhamed did, Can Elton Brand give us 12-15 good minutes a game backing up Noah. in this small ball era, I don't see why not.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Dunleavy has agreed verbally. The Korver to the Nets thing I read isn't as done of a deal as previously thought. He may want more than the MMLE. Hard to call Dunleavy anything but a good signing. And he's actually the same age as Korver. This team definitely needed an elite three-point shooter. Someone teams had to fear leaving. Dunleavy played that role for the Bucks. I'm excited for the things Dunleavy will bring to the team that we didn't have last season. Very high basketball IQ player.

  • Ooops! Tough when facts get in the way. It was just announced that the Bulls reached an agreement with Mike Dunleavy , on the FIRST day of free agency, for the FULL taxpayers MLE. Dunleavy isn't exactly LeBron or Wade, but he is an upgrade over Marco and better than any of the Heat bench. Give Gar/Pax credit - and the benefit of the doubt on their draft picks. One other fact - Hinrich is already under contract and Nate and Marco aren't, and he was signed before either of them last year.There is a report that the latter were offered contracts, it is just assumed that other will offer more than the Bulls are allowed to. And that has nothing to do with keeping Kirk. Anyway, I can't wait for November!

  • Is this what the rotation looks like?


    Not entirely sure this is a good thing. I am just afraid that they will try to start Hinrich at the 2 instead of Butler, which would suck. Would have been nice to do a S&T for Reddick but if they end up doing it with the Clippers, they will be getting a lot more than we could have offered. Plus, I am not even sure that we have the assets to give up in a S&T for someone like that (can't give up Mirotic or Bobcats Pick).

  • Phil Jackson is a guest on Jay Leno tonight - Monday July 1.

  • I Like Marco as a player, he's competitive, has a good handle for a SG, can get to the basket. But his outside shooting wasn't good enough last season - 35% on 3s and 39% overall. That's not good enough.

    We need 3pt shooters in the 40's% range and Dunleavey is that. Just wish he was a few years younger....

  • In reply to Edward:

    We know Bulls FO will never disclose anything in advance, not even allowing rumors to leak in most cases. By adding Snell, Murphy, Dunleavy, are Bulls preparing for a future without Luol Deng??? Sooner or Later???

  • In reply to Edward:

    Hope so, Deng needs to be traded.

  • 2009 the complaint was why Taj Gibson when DeJuan Blair was available.

    2010 bumper free agent crop and Bulls got only Boozer, Korver, Brewer and Watson. OK, Bogans, too.

    2011 Why pass over MarShon Brooks, trade a Euro who won't come over and waste a first round pick for Jimmy Butler

    2012 The complaint was Bulls tanking it by signing Belinelli and journeyman Nate Robinson

    2013 I guess it's time to hold out judgment until the season is over for Mike Dunleavy and other subsequent signings/moves

  • http://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/228550/Mohammed-Agrees-To-One-Year-Deal-With-Bulls

    Nazr and Bulls have agreed to another 1-year vet minimum contract.

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