Derrick should tell his brother to put a sock in it

Reggie Rose has always been viewed as the guy who helped steer Derrick in the right direction, but over the course of his Derrick's injury, Reggie has done Derrick no favors in the PR department.

It started last season when Reggie noted the Bulls roster wasn't upgraded and complained about the Bulls not putting enough pieces around Derrick. I don't think the Bulls have the best roster in the league, I too want them to have better pieces around Derrick, but he given that he won't recruit he's not exactly helping his cause.

The Bulls still managed to build a team good enough to be a fringe title contender in most eras around a player who's a fringe top five guy in most eras which overall is a fairly good job. Not good enough for the championship or bust crowd, but Rose isn't exactly wasting away half his career missing the playoffs like many other stars have endured.

He noted that Rose shouldn't bother coming back this season because the cast wasn't good enough to win which should have enraged any fan of the team. Note, there are probably 250+ players in the league every season with no legitimate chance to win, and they still play the games.

As the summer progressed, he said the backlash against Rose was expected, but seemed to misidentify the source, saying that true Bulls fans had Rose's back while the contingent of fans who were primarily Rose fans were upset Derrick was gone.

While there are no clear lines between a Rose fan and a Bulls fan (I'd assume most of us are both), logic certainly indicates the more you follow the team because of Rose's individual greatness the more likely you are to side with the player rather than someone who's going to root for the jersey no matter what.

He continued on yesterday with a fairly innocent quote that Derrick will miss Ron Adams now that he's gone, confirming that Adams and Rose spent a lot of time together. Given his past words, it hints at a greater separation between Rose and management again. Perhaps this is completely as intended and exactly what Derrick wants out there.

If these are all Derrick's opinions then that's fine as they're totally reasonable. However, if they are, then Derrick should drop the buffer between himself and his opinions and deliver the message directly. It feels like Reggie's presence is to allow Derricks thoughts out while still allowing Derrick plausible deniability to anything he doesn't like the reaction to.

We assume that Reggie speaks for camp Rose until something plays badly in the press, then Derrick will come out and say Reggie's his own man and of course he doesn't think that. Perhaps that's true, but if Reggie is really besmirching your name then tell him "no more media interviews, you aren't my media manager".

If Reggie is simply speaking the truth, then Derrick should be speaking it directly instead. Maybe it's time for camp Rose to simply be Derrick Rose. For Derrick's thoughts to come from Derrick himself. Let's remove the middle man and take ownership. If he thinks the roster isn't good enough then he can tell us. If he thinks the Bulls shouldn't have fired Ron Adams then he can say so.

I think most people will side with Derrick with such opinions, but whether they do or don't, if they're his then they should come from him, not his brother. If they aren't, then his brother sure as hell isn't helping him any.


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  • I don't think I have ever witnessed a true NBA fan to their respective team turn on their teams star player the way a lot of Bulls fans turned on Rose because he didn't come back from a potentially career ending knee injury during a season where the team wasn't going to be that good. And I'm sure Reggie Rose wouldn't spout off at the mouth on anything about his brother without running it past him first. The Bulls as an organization has dropped the ball constantly on the Rose situation but everyone wants to blame Rose. All that can be said will be interesting to see what happens when Rose and Thibs contracts with the Bulls come to an end.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    You can thank Reggie for that. Everything was fine until Reggie opened his mouth and put the idea out there that Derrick might be a healthy scratch- something that is generally unprecedented, especially when said player is on a playoff team. To suggest that Derrick may not come back to play only because the team around him was not good enough is an absurd suggestion, especially when that team is paying you $16m to practice.

    I'm ready to move on during this upcoming season, but the way the whole return was handled was a mess. Reggie is really doing Derrick no favors when he speaks to the press.

  • In reply to jumpmanjay:

    Agreed. I had noted when Reggie made his comments about Derrick not playing due to the roster that it would put tremendous pressure on Rose to play, or he would face enormous backlash and people would doubt him all summer.

    I thought Rose would then play for sure to prove his brother wrong. He didn't. Now he's hit with enormous backlash because his brother validated the idea Rose sat out as a statement with his health as an excuse.

    That's a Vince Carter level of despicableness, and I don't really believe it, but it's lingering there, and you can't blame anyone who does.

  • In reply to jumpmanjay:

    I can only hope this leads to a Lebron-like Decision backlash and we win back to back titles! Haha yeah for real though Reggie or whoever botched it and shouldn't of either ranted about team makeup or told the press his brother was sitting out the season. If Derrick wants him to be his true voice than so be it

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Chicago doesn't like getting bigtimed. And when Rose let his people put out the message that he/they didn't think the bulls were worth the risk of trying to gut it out, he was bigtiming us. Nobody would have thought less of Derrick if he had come back, played poorly and lost in 5 to the Nets. But he was obviously afraid of the taint of that kind of defeat. To me it showed a lack of character, but maybe that is just me. And until somebody comes out and says that he had a setback in his rehab, I don't think his career was ever in jeopardy. And he is still going to get paid $95 million over the five years of his deal, whether he plays another game or not. Some of us don't have a choice and have to lay it on the line every day, he had a choice and chose not to.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    If Chicago doesn't like getting bigtimed, a lot of attention should go squarely towards Bulls management. They're the reasonwhy today that lead assistant coach Ron Adams is no longer with the Bulls and was immediately hired by the Celtics. Adams had the balls to call out the FO of the Bulls on their roster moves cause anyone with any common sense knows the Bulls moves are strictly financial and not basketball winning moves.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Sorry Reese, but basketball is a business and the moves they made had to be made. You can't pay Asik $15 mil the year after next to play 10-15 minutes a night. There is just no way. And they replaced or upgraded at every other backup position last year other than center. Hinrich, Belinelli, Butler and Robinson were all better than Watson, Korver, JLIII and Brewer. It's not close.

    I question letting Adams go as well, but it remains to be seen how it impacts the team. It's not he's the only good assistant coach in the league. If they replace him adequately, then how was it a bad move? A little bit of change can be a good thing.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Why are you trying to argue with someone who continually complains about an imaginary cadre of Bulls fans who disagree with him? Your attempt to be logical just feeds his imagination that there's group of blind homer fans enabling the FO.

    Just laugh at him the way everyone else does and talk basketball with the rest of us at the adult table.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    A wise man once said, "You should never try to teach a pig to sing, it waste's your time and annoys the pig." I can never seem to remember that when I should.

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    In reply to Reese1:

    That is because Rose needs lessons in manhood from Noah and Heinrich. The best thing the Bulls can do is trade his butt right out of town as we will never accept him back now. He cannot be counted upon to be "mentally" ready to play no matter how many millions he makes. The Bulls are at fault for Rose's lack of character, Rose is...

  • I don't know....if this is the only way to get Rose news, I'll take it.

    I don't know why the Bulls can't put up some of the good, fluffy news on Couldn't they interview their trainer that worked with Rose in Europe?

    I guess it's allready been coverered but are the Bulls organization the most ego-centric in sports. I still can't get over the Adams fiasco.

    "[Derrick] used to put up a lot of shots with (assistant) Coach (Ron) Adams. Unfortunately, Coach Adams isn't here anymore. That was kind of like his shooting buddy. And Coach Adams did a great job all last year and basically since he was in Chicago before the Bulls let him go."

  • In reply to JayJohnstone:

    The Bulls organization has some egos and dysfunction for sure, but you'd find the same in most professional organizations, sports or otherwise. The world champion Chicago Blackhawks have their fair share of egos and internal power struggles as well.

  • In reply to JayJohnstone:

    I'm not sure that firing an assistant who was openly questioning management decisions that are not part of his role with the team is really all that ego-centric.

    This isn't exactly the 90s Bulls with Krause, Jackson, and Jordan fighting it out ego wise.

  • Intereresting Adams / Gar article here from Paul Shirley


  • In reply to JayJohnstone:

    Interesting read. A bit light on details but it's easy for me to believe that Gar is a sniveling backstabber and that Adams is a good man. Adams' firing clearly wasn't a basketball decision. I will say that if I were to call out my VP for being bad at his job, which I think he is, I would probably be shown the door. You don't make your boss look bad in any job but just the same, this stinks.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Agreed. Roman F, you hit the nail on the head.

  • In reply to JayJohnstone:

    Thanks that was a good read!

    Gar does strike me as that type of person.

  • In reply to JayJohnstone:

    Thanks for the link, I thought it was an interesting read. It doesn't really move me much on the situation. I mean Shirley is open to his take, and I might even agree with him to an extent, but I don't think Forman has risen to his job because he sucks, nor do I think he's done a bad job while holding it.

    Adams was reportedly insubordinate, but we don't really know to what extent. I don't know this situation really necessarily reflects on Shirley's post at all. It doesn't seem like Adams was an angel in this situation, but that the Bulls should have kept him because of his talent and relationships with Thibs/Rose.

  • coach Adams called out the management and by extension ownership for being cheap and not retaining Asik and Korver last summer. He did the same things that we fans were complaining about but to the puppet tim floyd era leftover Forman, that was a big no no to his puffed up pride filled ego. I guess Forman has a job for life and is not held accountable by ownership. Why piss off Rose and Thibodeau by firing Adams when he was muched respected and loved by players and fellow coaches alike. They keep this stupidity going and they will eventually see both Rose and Thibodeau in purple and gold in a few years time.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Do we know that Adams called out management for Asik and Korver or is that purely speculation?

    If Adams really did call them out for letting Korver go, it would have been perfectly fair for the FO to call out the coaching staff for never properly utilizing Korver when they did have him. There's a reason he had a better year with the Hawks than the 2 he had with the Bulls.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    It was reported by beat reporters as part of the reason, whether it is or not is really speculation.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Forman likely had little choice on either move due to finances. Quite simply you don't call out your owner/superiors and expect it to go well for you though.

    Why piss off Rose/Thibs? Because the guy was being blatantly insubordinate perhaps? Granted, we don't know how bad it was or if it really was at all, but if it was, then you can understand why it happened, and I don't really blame Gar much. If you've got someone being blatantly insubordinate then you don't put up with it IMO, not unless it's someone seriously impacting wins, and I question how much head coaches impact wins in the NBA, assistants? Not much.

  • As for the Rose comments if they are Derricks feelings and he wants them out there then he should just man up and say them. Don't see a reason for Reggie to be the buffer. That said nothing Reggie has said about Bulls was bad and was really just stating the obvious albeit at an odd time.

  • 1) OK, Adams was partly right, but fighting with your boss in public is not a job longevity strategy, and everyone knows that. Apparently he wanted to get canned to work somewhere else.
    2) Belli and Nate were both better than Korver, so what was Adams squawking about there?
    3) Asik was a tough call, because it was going to be either him or Taj, not both. Asik looked a lot better in Houston than he ever did in Chicago, but who saw that coming? Here he had little offense and he could not hit FTs, which cost the Bulls some games.
    If Taj were lighting it up, there would be fewer complaints about Asik's departure. The bigger mistake there was not signing Asik for 3 or 4 years, or at least getting a 3rd yr option.
    4) Did you see the proposed trade of Boozer and Hinrich to Golden State for David Lee? Lee had 56 (!) double-doubles last year. He can rebound and score. The Bulls would have to throw in some picks and prospects to make that one happen, maybe Teague and the Charlotte pick.
    Would you rather see Lee than Love on the Bulls? I would! That ought to make the Rose camp happy.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    There you(everybody on this site) go again, why not throw in Butler and Mirotic while your at it, then we will have David Lee an no other future assets.

    Lee over Love, that pretty much explains everything.

    Why would the Bulls have to throw in a huge sweetener like the Charlotte pick, when Lee has the longer contract and would not be an amnesty candidate.

    While he is arguably an upgrade over the BozoHole(this side of Amare Stoudemire or Joe Johnson, who wouldn't be) not sure that he moves the needle enough, if at all, to give up all our cap space flexibility for not only 2014, but 2015 also.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I bet Thibs would not have Lee sitting on the bench in the 4th qtr.

    The better question is, how much of an upgrade would Lee be? Or Love, for that matter? If he is a large upgrade, then the Bulls contend. They still would have Rose, Noah, Butler, Deng, Taj, Dunlevy, etc. They would still have the rookies. They keep their 2014 picks. They still have Mirotic.

    If you do not feel this trade allows them to contend with Miami, then you might not do it, but I think it's a major upgrade.

    Deng still comes off the books at year's end. Taj could be traded. This would not completely blow up 2014. Who might the Bulls get better than Lee in 2014? Carmelo?

  • In reply to rustyw:

    The things that I like about Love (that sounds silly...sorry) are that he seems to at least give an honest effort on the court (which you can't always say about Boozer) and that he and Rose obviously have a rapport.

    Playing with friends worked wonders for LeBron and Wade (Bosh, on the other hand...not so much asides from the rings). After the last 6-8 months, Derrick may need some love (sorry, again) from the front office!

  • In reply to rustyw:

    It isn't that I don't like Lee better than the BozoHole, that is pretty much a given as I indicated. There is just no way that I or any sane NBA talent evaluator is giving up the Charlotte pick just to swap Bozo for Lee.

    Since Lee has an extra year on his contract, that makes up for any added value that Lee has over the BozoHole as a player.

    and I don't think that there is any doubt that any and all NBA talent evaluators would rather have Love or Aldridge over Lee. Trading for Lee takes you out of contention of Love or Aldridge.

    Plus, Lee is coming of another injury, I have no idea how healthy he is.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Flexibility for what/who? I would do it just to get the overpaid Hinrich and Boozer out of here.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Uh, both those guys are gone next summer, while Lee has 2 more guaranteed(not amnesty eligible) years left on his deal wiping out any potential cap space in 2014 and 2015.

    Is Lee better than what we can do with our cap space next summer. Who knows, but isn't he injured again.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Lee makes less than Boozer, so Hinrich + Boozer for Lee seems awfully unlikely unless someone else is coming back to the Bulls.

    I would consider moving Boozer for Lee if I could even though Lee has the extra year on his deal and you can't amnesty him. I don't see the Bulls getting much out of amnestying Boozer in terms of cap room, they can't get far enough under nor is there a realistic good target.

  • San Antonio signs SG Marco Belinelli, then withdraws qualifying offer to SG Gary Neal (essentially pointing Gary Neal to the exit).
    Interesting choice....

  • As much as I agree that Derrick should be his own man and we should hear things straight from his mouth, he and his people are playing it straight from the playbook. It's all about being a "brand" and nothing should ever directly taint that brand's image. So anything negative is going to come secondhand from a brother or an agent or somebody who isn't Derrick. The only thing you are ever going to hear from Derrick is how much he loves playing and how much he loves his teammates.

  • i'm just not a fan of Reggie. I get that he's Derrick's brother and Derrick feels he can trust him, but Reggie's in way over his head when it comes to talking to the media. There's an arrogance about him that rubs everyone the wrong way, and it colors the way people look at Derrick.

    I will never understand why athletes feel like they have to give everyone in their families jobs.

  • In reply to Julie DiCaro:

    If you're worth 200 million dollars then I'm sure it's easier to trust the people who were with you before the ride began than the people who are hanging on afterwards, but it's a tough thing, because the guys who were there before hand aren't necessarily equipped to be the best people to help now.

  • Correct me if Im wrong but is there any other NBA player who has a family member serving as his spokesperson (even LeBron's mom's interview era was short). Time for Rose to become a man and speak for himself.

    I like David Lee alot and thought he was who the Bulls should have targeted back when they were courting Boozer, Bosh, James, et al. I think I remember though that Lee was coming off and injury-riddled year so maybe that is why they passed.

  • Hodges and Nate, brothers from another mother!! haha!

    Doug, agree with pretty much everything you said on this one. We don't know what happened with Rose last year and never really will. I'm ready to forget about it and cheer him on as before next season. Still, to hear people defend his alleged decision to sit out last year due to managements ineptness shows the sad state of athletes today. The fact that sitting-out can be acceptable is an entirely 21st century idea. It's the same with people who completely agree with the Melos, CP3s, Dwights, Lebron's, etc. that say "i'm leaving because management didn't give ME enough to win." WTF!!?? Shut up and play ball. You're not a GM and you never should be (Jordan/Bobcats) so just do YOUR job!

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