Derrick Rose says he's 100% will play in first game

Cue eye rolling. We're all glad you could make it back for the first game just 18 months after an injury with an eight to 12 month recovery period.

Hoopshype pulled the quotes down off the video:

"I should be able to play in the first game," Rose said. "I know I'm anxious right now to play. My health is everything right now, it's 100 percent. But right now, the first game... I definitely will be playing it."

"We will play in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil [October 12], the first NBA game ever in Rio, so that's going to be a big game not only for the Bulls but for the NBA. Just some minutes out there, see how it feels just to be back on the court and enjoy the experience."

My initial reaction to the question of a tinge of disgust sort of summarizes how opinions of Rose have changed for many fans. There's really no better way he could answer the question of when he'll play which people will still obviously ask, but it just brings up the memories that he didn't play at the end of last season.

He called it a decision where he had to be selfish, and well it sort of feels that way. Now all Bulls fans can do is hope that Rose was right as well as selfish. That his time off allows him to come back at 100%.

So what are he expectations for Rose next season?

Typically when a guy returns from an ACL you expect a slow ramp up of his ability. It takes awhile to get the athleticism to fully return, to get the timing, feel for the game, and everything else back to speed. It takes awhile to fully trust the leg and take the same risks you would earlier.

Two to three months is about how long I'd expect that to take.

In Rose's case? I expect a much shorter time cycle. His leg will have had more time to heal. He refused to come back because he still felt hesitation and lack of his full explosion. By Derrick's own words his decision was made at least in part as to not go through that cycle of being less than 100%.

I'm sure it will take him some time to work through the timing and intensity of a real NBA game, but Rose should be near 100% of whatever we see Rose at within a month or so. If not, then his sitting out was really not useful at all.


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  • Rose critics and a lot of Bulls fans thoughts of him are a lot like the Bulls FO...NON CREATIVE AND CHEAP! Rose did what was best for his career bottom line. If Bulls fans and media alike don't want to hear that he's back to 100% then just don't cheer the guy when he's back on the court proving everyone wrong about his decision to sit out the entire season.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And I will agree with everyone else, Goudelock with his scoring and exceptional play thus far in summer league play is playing his way right off of the Bulls roster...HOW STUPID IS THAT???... but that's the Bulls way of being cheap. Good players like Nate or Goudelock that would be able to help the Bulls from being last in the league in scoring aren't able to make the team because they're too good and would cost the Bulls too much in the luxury tax maybe 6 mil. for a team that is the third most profitable team in the league. So again I say...JUST HOW STUPID IS THAT???

  • So tired of Derrick getting criticism for how long it's taking him to come back from a devastating injury. I didn't see the point of him coming back last season, just wished he would've been more honest n the reality of his situation (which no one knows except for him and his "camp"). Which he was when he even said he was "selfish", about the decision. He was saying, "Oh, the fans and front office didn't step in when I was getting run into the ground and putting my health at risk. So I'm going to put my health first and not the rabid fans, media and greedy ("selfish", cheap) organization." In subtext: "I'm going to be selfish about my decision."

    Let's be clear on one thing.....when he returns......we will forget about every day he was out.

  • In reply to Curtis Shaw Flagg:

    Agreed. He should have just declared himself out for the year and I don't think much of anyone would have had a problem with it. Instead, he kept making videos with Adidas and dangling the possibility of his return, which was frustrating and opened him up to tough questions -- but fair questions considering what he was saying and doing and what we heard about him in practice. Some want to foolishly blame the Bulls FO for Derrick's PR hit but Derrick brought it on himself.

    As far as I'm concerned, he can fail at PR so long as he succeeds as basketball.

  • Doug, maybe you should change the intro to your podcasts, "Why can't I be the MVP of the league? Why can't I be the best, why? best, why?"

    Because you didn't play.

  • For those who got off, the DRose bandwagon has some seats available.

    GET OVER IT....

  • Rose will be alright and it will be a case when he plays people will once again respect him. What won't be alright is the Bulls FO screwing up the Goudelock situation and letting this talented guard slip away because they won't give him a guaranteed minimum contract. They were quick to give radmanovic who totally sucks butt a guaranteed gig but will stonewall Goudelock? A combo scoring guard that can play with Rose, its like a present falling from the basketball gods and I hope the Bulls FO doesn't let this opportunity slip. Dude will be balling his ass off because he wants to be in the league instead of some bum radmanovic type just collecting a pay check. and for those saying he's just a summerleague wonder, he scored 20 points in a playoff game against the Spurs, one of the best teams in the NBA. He belongs in the NBA and the Bulls need his talents.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I love Goudelock, but, as Doug pointed out, the better he plays, the less of a chance that he lands on the Bulls roster. He can go to camp with anyone and he probably wants to go where he'll play the most AND make the most money. 1) Bulls can't offer much more than min. 2) Bulls have a crowd at guard if you count Butler and Dunleavy, who can also back up Deng at 3.

    Like you , I LOVE this kid, and I think they should give him a 2 year guaranteed deal at min, or just above min if there is nothing else better. Hinrich will need to be replaced next year. He can be the John Lucas/Nate Robinson of the last couple years moving forward.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Is the kid better than Nate? If so, then definitely give him a 2-yr deal at a cheap (relatively) rate. If he develops, he may become a great piece for the future. The Bulls can eventually drop salary if they need to -- at the trade deadline, for example.

    A few kids like this, provided he is what some think, could get the Bulls deeper in the playoffs this year! It's not only about the future. The problem is, the G spot is crowded right now.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I don't think he is better than Nate. Mostly cause if Nate was 6'3" he would be a star SG IMO. Goudelock seems like he is probably more of a poor mans marcus thornton. Bulls need that microwave role filled still incase anything happens to Rose so maybe he has earned a spot. JL3 and Nate both did great just need someone like that again this season IMO. Goudelock is deffinately not afraid to iso and jack shots which is something bulls don't have much of.

  • Criticism never stop's in life, it's part of it. It's what 'gleams the cube'. You guy's think D'Rose is so fragile he can't go thru a little public evaluation, it's what he chose.

    If you think life is rainbows and unicorns, you need to get over it.

  • fb_avatar

    I really wished Derrick would have come back, but then we wouldn't have had the magical memories of Little Nate. It pained me at the time, but now I'm over it. I can't wait for next year. It will be my most anticipated sporting season ever.

    BTW, I haven't heard anyone comment this way, but I think the Bulls and D Rose did Season Ticket Holders a favor by not pronouncing him out. At least some of the tickets could still be sold and fans still had a reason to come out. Could you imagine how mortified and morose the games would be if they said there was no chance of him coming back? I think it was smart to keep the option open.

  • I can see how fans were upset at the time when he kept stringing us all along... but I think he made the best decision for himself and the Bulls over the long-term. As Doug said, Rose should come back and be about where he was pre-injury after nearly 6 months off and a full training camp with exhibition games. Maybe not in November or December, but by 2014 for sure.

    I am expecting big things from Derrick:
    1) Guys who come back from ACL injuring come back better shooters. Shooting is one thing that can be worked on, particularly for players such as Derrick who have elite athletic ability and have been able to get to the rim at will for their entire career. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect Rose to shoot at least 36% from 3. Maybe 37 or 38%. He's made progress with his shooting in each season and that progress should continue.
    2) I look for him to be more of a play-maker post-injury. Utilize Boozer like Hinrich has been able to do. Derrick does not have to score 25 ppg during the regular season. In fact, I like the team best with him around 20 ppg with more ball movement.
    3) Cut down on the drives to the hoop. Perhaps shoot more 3's and mid-range. Dish and get others involved. Reduce the times where he attacks the rim and takes hits when he's up in the air and lands awkwardly.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Your right about the shooting. ESPN insider did a full statistical analysis of guys shooting percentages coming back from ACL's. Basically everybody came back a better shooter, and the younger you were the more that you improved. The guys under 25 did the best, so this should be the case with Rose.

    I certainly hope so, because the most disappointing thing about his game the first few years was that his shooting percentage was going down at a time when many players are acheiving career highs in shooting percentage.

  • He should be full go from game one. I expect no slow ramp up in his minutes as that is usually for guys that come back in the normal time frame of 5-8 months. 18 months is beyond fully healed and if not then it will never be.

  • Quick points: Sorry for yesterday's rant about the C.B.A. Recently two issues that really bother me those being Forman's handling of Rose and Thibs and the new Mega Tax CBA happened to come up. I promise I will take a long break as in not "go off" again with a long War and Peace epic of disgruntled craptitude. Apologies again to Doug.

    OK, while I agree with the usually correct notion that summer league basketball is meaningless and devoid of entertainment, this year Olynyk, McCollum, Solomon Hill, Jeremy Lamb, and now Goudelock, have been fun to watch. Also Orlando summer league particularly with the new tournament format actually the passing, plays that were run and team concepts made for at times a much more familiar and entertaining brand of basketball instead of iso, show off brickfest on a Saturday afternoon at the Y.

    Also, regarding the draft, while I feel I was right about Olynyk, we probably wouldn't have been able to trade up for him(?), I just as easily could be wrong about Dieng. We'll see.

    Finally on Andrew Goudelock, his college stats and scouting support a guy worth taking a chance on with a very affordable slot. However, rather then singing him pronto as Houston did with B.J. Young who I also liked a lot, the Bulls likely will not want to take a chance on an unproven player especially when their will be guys like Kirk etc. needing minutes who are rated higher then this kid as proven vets. Too bad. I think he possibly could make a nice sparklug with legit shooting range for some team and his defensive viability with good quickness assures somebody will likely(?) snatch him up with the way he's gone off and that Mega Tax friendly salary.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Sorry points were off topic I forgot to mention Rose first as in only time will tell in regards to his shooting returning and his elite driving ability remains intact..?

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Everybody seems to be forgetting, summer league play has a near zero predictive ability when it comes to becoming a quality NBA player. Goudelouck is this years guy for Bulls fans, non of the past years guys have ever amounted to a hill of beans. The buy basically couldn't get off the Lakers bench last season on a team riddled with injuries. I'll admit that he does look pretty good at times, but I doubt that he is anywhere near being a Nate replacement, more likely he would struggle to be JL3.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    He was MVP of the D League which is a tough league. Not NBA tough but stiffer than NCAA. I wouldn't just write him off. He did make a little noise with the Lakers after Kobe went down and he was brought in. He seems more efficient than JL3 in regards to FG%. Not saying he will be a star or anything but his scoring and shooting ability would be a nice add to our bench.

    Also hard to get playing time with the Lakers when he didn't make the team and wasn't brought in till after Kobe went down. Summer League shows you some of the individual ability of players it is not meaningless... Last year you could see what areas Jimmy Butler had improved on and it translated to the NBA. This year you can see the noticeable improvements Teague has made over last year.

  • In reply to Chad:

    He could turn into a Jeremy Lin -- it would be great to find one of those! With everyone else healthy for the playoffs, that could be enough for a title.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I don't like your post because it's kind of sensible, I prefer the hilarious angry posts about the Bulls not signing this guy due to cheapness... as if a D-League champ is what the Bulls need to get past the Heat.

  • When Rose tore his ACL, both Schumpert and Rubio also had knee injuries, so there were a number of articles circulating at that time about knee injuries and ACLs. The articles said athletes can return from an ACL injury in approximately 9 months, but don't regain their athleticism until 18 months. Reading that, I knew immediately Rose would miss the entire 2012-13 season, and I never wanted him to return earlier as we would have seen a sub-standard Rose if he had returned - and what would be the point of that?

    My problem is with management who wasted the opportunity presented by Rose's absence to use the 2012-13 season to improve the roster and develop some young talent to help going forward. Instead they signed multiple veterans to 1-year minimum contracts with no intention of bringing them back after the 1-year. Bulls FO wasted a season that should have been devoted to development and preparing for Rose's return in 2013-14.

  • Once again I agree with Granby. Derrick felt as if he had to do too much on his own (a la LBJ in Cleveland), but he has to learn in order to win big you have to rely on your teammates. I believe this is the real reason Hinrich was brought in and will make a vast improvement to the team when Rose learns to have more of a fascilitator's mindset. We don't have an abundance of ball handlers but we have excellent finishers (Jimmy, Noah, Deng), and some pretty decent shooters (Deng, Dunleavy, Boozer). If we can stay healthy and Dunleavy or Hinrich can prove to handle D Wade somewhat on D then I like our chances vs the Heat. I actually like Butler better on Bron than Deng, but it's good that we have two very good defenders we can throw at him.

  • The case for anmestitizing the BozoHole from Grantland, the highlight of which is that the Bulls were better on offense last season with bozo on the bench and a severely underperforming Taj Gibson on the floor. and they were no better with bozo on the floor during his first 2 seasons. and we don't even have to discuss what happened on the other side of the floor.

    Chicago Bulls: Carlos Boozer

    This might be the trickiest case of all. The most likely scenario has long been that the Bulls wait until next summer to finally amnesty Boozer, since doing so now would not open up any salary cap space. The Bulls also consider themselves a title contender if whole, and the lag time between the start of free agency and the league’s amnesty window means that Chicago would have no ready means to replace Boozer’s production on offense.

    It’s easy to overlook what Boozer brings on that end. He’s a minus defender, and Tom Thibodeau has often left him on the bench in favor of Taj Gibson during fourth quarters of close games. He’s slow, flat-footed, and he yells a lot. And for all his alleged offensive skills — some of which are clearly in decline — the Bulls scored more efficiently with Boozer on the bench last season, and at nearly identical rates in 2011-12 regardless of whether Boozer was on the floor, per The Bulls blew the league away on both ends with the Taj Gibson–Joakim Noah pairing in 2011-12, and in many more minutes last season Chicago scored above its overall rate with those two on the floor, per — even without Derrick Rose, and with Jimmy Butler only just discovering what he can do on offense. Could the Bulls be ready to move on from Boozer?

    Maybe. But there is risk in this defense-first team surrendering a well-rounded offensive big man, especially with Rose recovering from knee surgery. The Bulls struggle for spacing, and they’ve made up for that by building many of their pet sets around the ability of both Noah and Boozer to do lots of things from the high post area. Boozer can shoot from there, providing some valuable air space, and he’s one of the best passing big men in the league. His post-up and off-the-bounce game are falling off with age, but Boozer is smart and keeps the ball moving in a way that works for Chicago.

    Even if the Bulls want more of the Gibson-Noah duo, they can still use Boozer to prop up reserve-heavy units. And they’d feel the trickle-down effect without Boozer. Dumping him would leave Chicago with only three rotation big men, meaning they’d rely upon Nazr Mohammed or some bottom-of-the-barrel free agent for important minutes — even if they extend last year’s use of small-ball lineups, partly an emergency response to injuries, into next season.

    Luol Deng’s contract is expiring, and with Butler rising into something like a proto-Deng, the easiest way to cap flexibility next summer is to let Deng walk and save the Boozer amnesty bullet for that time.

    But the cost of this team, as things stand now, is going to be enormous as the league’s new tax rates kick in. The Bulls payroll is going to move at least into the $81-$82 million range as they fill the roster, meaning Chicago will come in about $10 million over the new tax threshold. Factor in the harsh new penalties, and the Bulls are set to pay something like $96 million to field this roster. Keep in mind: Jerry Reinsdorf, the Bulls’ owner, has paid the luxury tax exactly once in 10 years — last season, when the Bulls plopped a $3.9 million tax bill atop their $74.3 million payroll, for a total payout of about $78.2 million.

    Is Chicago really ready to pay $18 million more than that this season, when slicing away Boozer could save them something like $12 million, factoring in replacement costs?

    Chicago could find other ways of saving some scratch — salary-dumping Kirk Hinrich during the season, or even dealing Deng’s expiring contract if they feel comfortable doing so. Huge salary dumps might be a little harder during the season than they used to be, since teams are rushing to reach the league’s new (and higher) salary floor now instead of hoarding space into January and February. But there are always other avenues for savings.

    The most likely scenario remains for the Bulls to keep Boozer one more year. But the cost, plus the potential for Rose to carry more Gibson-Butler minutes, makes an accelerated Boozer-ectomy at least worth considering.

  • So Nikola Mirotic looks pretty good. Like Goudelock too. Looking forward to the season

  • If Teague is significantly improved, and the Bulls sign a decent big man, keeping Goudelock could conceivably give the Bulls enough to challenge in the ECF.

    Everyone would need to stay fairly healthy in the playoffs, but the rookies look like they can shoot, and Goudelock can create his own shot, so a decent big plus Butler continuing to improve gives the Bulls a shot provided they stay healthy.

    That should give Thibs incentive to play the starters reduced minutes and give the rookies room to grow faster (if they can).

  • i put up with a torn ACL and just got the surgery in May. the fear of it giving out is huge and you end up compensating and moving weird just because you're worried even when its perfectly fine. it's all about confidence and rose would not have had it at the end of the season

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