Bulls Beat #287 - PEDs, MVPs, and more

Bulls Beat #287 - PEDs, MVPs, and more

I discuss the recent story of PEDs in the NBA, Rose's comments about being the best player in the league, and the hunt for the sixth big man

Bulls Beat #287 - PEDs and more

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  • Years ago a reporter asked a number of Olympic athletes if there was an undetectable drug that would enable them to win Olympic Gold but would kill them within a year, would they take it? Quite a few said they would!

    That is sick, is it not? We are talking about entertainment here, not finding a cure for cancer or bringing world peace! A lot of humans need to reevaluate their priorities.

    These PEDs can kill -- Lyle Alzedo comes to mind. What a waste for a little short-lived glory.

    But in the short term, cheaters often get ahead. How many Tour de Frances did Armstrong win? Getting a medal 10 years late because the officials finally caught a cheater means little.

    If the NBA did have proof that a star, who won the NBA ring, had used illegal PEDs, would it strip the team of the title? Or would it cover up the scandal? You probably can figure that out from how it deals with incompetent refs. Besides, it would destroy the betting on these events.

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