Bulls Beat #284 - Free Agency

Bulls Beat #284 - Free Agency

I review the major signings in free agency as well as the Bulls pick up of Mike Dunleavy Jr

Bulls Beat #284 - Free agency

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  • Maybe it's just me but tthe Bulls situation isn't any encouraging with the one lone signing of Dunleavy and the 2 new rookies that probably wont get much time this year. The FO is dysfunctional with now Foreman using what he learned from Paxson going after coaches and firing them and the offense will have to get a hell of a lot better for the Bulls for them to be able to matchup with Miami come playoff time. Lebron would just guard Rose and then where will the offense come from. Butler might be able to score and Deng would be wore out from guarding Lebron and his always 30 plus points against the Bulls. And there will be no little Nate to save the team this year. So again...where's the offense going to come from??? Bulls don't matchup well against the Heat like the Spurs and Pacers do. Both teams have scoring on the perimeter which is what took the Heat to 2 game 7s.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Rose coming back and Jimmyemergence are our big FA signings according to the Bulls.

  • That deal for Josh Smith was terrible but like you said Doug it's hard to blame them. You look at a team like the Pistons that actually have a memorable history in the NBA going back to the Isaih Thomas, Joe Dumars, and Dennis Rodman days and it's sad to see that nobody wants to play for them. At this point the franchise is desperate and the only way they can improve is either through the draft, or overpaying for free agents.

    Which is what pisses me off the most about the Bulls. You would think we're a small market team when you look back at the decision making over the years. The same way Detroit overpaid for Smith is the exact same thing we did with Wallace and Boozer. I can understand sometimes the big name guys just don't want to join your team, but that doesn't mean you go and sign a horrible deal that cripples the flexibility of your franchise. Ask any Bulls fan who they'd rather have on their team Asik or Boozer and hands down the majority would have chosen Asik. By signing Boozer to such a large contract we was forced to make a choice between Asik and Taj, when we would have been much better as a team and financially if we could have just kept them both. i understand that Lebron, Wade, and bosh played us but that didn't mean it was time for desperation. That was the time for Gar/Pax to show their GM skills and make executive decisions and they dropped the ball big time. As a result the Bulls are still suffering the consequences to this very day because now we're on this supposed tight budget and the best players we can sign is guys for the vet min and it seems like it takes an act of congress just to use the MLE.

    I still think we have a great team but I'm very disappointed with the decision making of management and feel chicago can do much better. Paxson should have been replaced a long time ago but it seems like there's a lot of favortism and ass kissing going on in the front office which is why I'm glad we got Tom Thibs because he don't play that BS.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    While I have no doubt that virtually all Bulls fans would prefer to have Asik over Bozo today, I am not so sure that was the case before we let Asik go. As generally unpopular as Bozo is, most people on this site did not think that Asik was a legitimate starting center.

    Trading Bozo for Asik and Lin is a deal that works financially, the question is would either team make that move. Power forward is Houston's weakest position, and Houston would save about $8 million dollars in that deal. It would however, completely wipe out our 2014 cap space, for 2 backups. I suppose that Lin could be moved afterwards.

  • Like the Dunleavy signing, great value when you compare it to what other 40%+ 3pt shooters got like Korver. He should be able to give Deng more rest and should fit in nicely with the offense Thibodeau likes to run. We'll see how the Butler-Deng wing combination works with Rose. i guess the biggest concern is not having the second creator/ball handler when teams will double team Rose so we'll see if Butler can be that second creator and of course Noah can provide some handling as well. The Bulls have to be careful not to piss of Thibodeau, work with him and give him the talent because like Nazr Mohamad said in an interview, "coach thibs will win a championship". For a veteran player to say that shows the kind of respect players have for him. You can bet the Lakers are salivating and waiting to scoop up Thibodeau if those two clowns that like to pick fights with coaches fire him. I'm hoping they can work out their differences and that Thibodeau learns his lesson from overworking players in the regular season and goes back to a 10 player rotation he did his first two years. With Dunleavy and Hinrich on board, makes no sense to play Deng and Butler over 40 minutes in a game. This applies to Noah the most so we have to see if they can get a good backup center because last year Gibson didn't look too good in that role, he doesn't have the strength but we'll wait and see, so far so good with the offseason signings.

  • Well, I for one support Gar Forman and John Paxson because "they're smart enough, their good enough, and gosh darn it, people like them."

    Seriously, Pax while I don't think should be in the position he's in, I don't think he's a bad guy. He's done a lot for previous generations of Bulls fans(as a player and drafting at least some guys that cared about winning, some of the time, in B.G. and Deng).

    Gar Forman on the other hand, reminds me of a high priest of the inquisition with his "hear no evil, speak no evil" secretive ways and high handed dealings with other counter-authorities as in other NBA franchises and the media. I don't like Forman, but he's the one largely running the show with Pax's advice and some mild directives of course from the clandestine overlord of the dark side Sox lover sans traitor Darth Reinsdorf.(Yeaah, due to a botched overreactionary CBA, he's been corralled into the Tax, congrats.)

    People who fixate too much on the Bulls, well, as I've said, sticking with the Bulls is like the boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse who enabelingly stick with the loser or semi-abusive "partner." They bitch and complain to ad nauseum, but in the end they welcome them back with open arms. But for the luck of Derrick Rose, where would we be?

    The fact is that while I ditched the Bulls for much of last year, I in the end come crawling back myself as a Chicago Bulls die hard. I won't bother to list all the Bulls jerseys, memorabilia etc. I own.

    Bottom line: people who think about championships or highly entertaining two star or more offenses, think again. I just don't see Gar Forman moving pieces of major value such as Joakim for the second scorer actually in their prime that is, that we actually must have to win.

    The fact remains that winners of the last eight NBA Champions, either had an alpha scorer(above 6'5) of 27ppg or higher in the Finals, or two stud scorers and HOF's at 20ppg or higher each. And the point guard tandem still needed a big(Duncan) to win. A dynamic must watch every night offense won't be coming to Chicago any more then that shiny trophy with the ball and net. Not when people cling to a big who shot 41 and 43% in two of the last three playoffs and was injured in every one of them.

    Aldridge actually is a decent guy. A rarity in today's big name(only) Free Agents. For the LOVE OF GOD, he wants to come to the Bulls! Alas, keep a scrawny non-prolific scorer in Mirotic and a lotto pick with poor odds of being a prolific scorer and a good guy like Aldridge. Game over clingy homer over valuers. Game over.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Paxson like all former Bulls GM's (Steve Kerr, MJ) is terribly over rated. While not as completely inept as the other two his lone savior has been his college scouting. If not for his ineptitude of failing to make moves when his teams peaked we wouldn't have dumb lucked our way into Rose and would still have the exact same style teams of the early Paxson years. Regular season win grinders leading to first round outs. His style never evolves dispite the consitantly obvious flaws getting exposed. Main one being at some point you need to score and your entire team can't consist of defensive grinders with little offensive abilities.

    Paxson is every bit the egomaniac that Gar has turned out to be. Don't question him or you will suffer his wrath. Remember the terrible season before Rose? How that was his last season as GM and he couldn't take the heat from the fans? That is why he made Gar the figure head because his dainty ego can't handle the truth and he needs to hide behind Gar like a little girl.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    You think that B.G. actually cared about winning, enough said.

    The only thing that guy cared about was B.G.'s shots and B.G's money.

    Aldridge may be a good guy, but it is fairly obvious that he does not possess that "it"
    factor which is the one thing that every championship team has.

    and by the way, I am not 100% sure that Rose has "it" either. Maybe this injury has developed it in him.

  • I don't know.

    There are at least 25 teams looking up at Chicago. The Bulls had the best record in the NBA in 2 of the 3 past seasons and Rose was out the third.

    To make it sound like management has been a horrible failure while those things are true is kind of silly. If you objectively compare them to anyone else except Miami, they've done a pretty good job.

    Drafting Rose absolutely saved them, but they built a 2nd round playoff team without having an all-star caliber player on the squad which isn't easy. The Bulls have actually generally lacked luck relative to the times they've had high picks.

    They've had great picks in all the wrong drafts, but have always parlayed them into good players. They've generally done a nice job on grabbing a little advantage in every trade, drafting well, and filling out role players. They haven't effectively made "the big move" but then over the past decade maybe three or four franchises have ever effectively done that, so to hold that against them is not setting the bar in a reasonable state.

    More or less, complaining about the Bulls management is like complaining that your kid scored in the 90th percentile on his SATs instead of the 99th.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    90th and 99th percentile is the difference between attending University of Illinois or Harvard. It's a very significant difference.

  • In reply to Edward:

    So basically you're saying that Bulls fans are "tiger moms"? ;)

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Just because you're a very good team, doesn't mean you should stop trying to be even better (yes that means spending more money).

    I think that's where all is fans are at with this franchise. We're a big market, with big money, it's okay to spend some more to try and win. You'll still probably be the 5th most profitable instead of the 2nd.

  • fb_avatar

    This should be called Bulls Bitch Beat # 750 Why we hate Gar/Pax !!!! Really? By the sound of it , you would think they don't do anything right? This really comes down to a Reinsdoufus!!! He will never and I mean never ever go over the salary cap.

  • In reply to Sportsgod:

    Your right, its all on Reiny, he hires yes men who can stand to do what he says and be stifiled by him.

  • I have an important question regarding Asik's contract.
    For Bulls matching would have meant payments of $5 - $5 - $15 million for both salary payment and for purposes of salary cap and luxury tax calculations. I believe we know this is correct.

    For Houston, we know Asik's contract meant $8.3 - $8.3 - $8.3 for salary cap and luxury tax calculations. But what is the actual salary payment Houston makes to Asik? Is it 5/5/15 or 8.3/8.3/8.3? I believe Houston actually pays Asik 5/5/15.

    Now lets assume a trade of Asik occurs in 2013 - from either Houston or Bulls (had Bulls matched).

    Could it be that a new team trading for Asik would be obligated to pay Asik two years at $5 and $15 million from either Bulls or Houston, BUT have a salary cap and luxury tax treatment of 8.3/8.3 if traded from Houston - and 5/15 if traded from Bulls?

    If so, I'm thinking this would negatively affect Asik's value as a tradeable asset had Bulls matched because the new team would potentially face a significant luxury tax penalty in the 3rd year if traded from Bulls, but not if traded from Houston.

    Does anyone know these answers for sure? Don't want to speculate. Maybe we should email Larry Coon?

  • In reply to Edward:

    Responding here too - the situation would have been 5/5/15 for both salary and cap hit if the Bulls matched, but it's 5/5/15 salary and 8/8/8 cap hit since they didn't. footnote 4:

    If a player signed pursuant to the Gilbert Arenas provision is later traded, his trade value is equivalent to his cap amount, and new team inherets the same cap hit as the team that traded him. In other words, if the player goes to the team submitting the offer sheet and that team later trades him, the average salary of the contract is charged to his new team's cap. If instead the player's original team matches the offer sheet, keeps the player, and subsequently trades him, the player's actual salary is charged to his new team's cap.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Then Bulls were screwed no matter what they did with Asik - whether they matched or not. If they matched Asik they would have had trouble using him as a trade asset as few teams (maybe no one) would want to absorb the $15 million salary + luxury tax penalty that would likely come with it in the 3rd year.

    Only possible thing Bulls could have done was match and keep Asik, and then trade Noah. And they did not want to trade Noah.

    Bulls were screwed twice by the new CBA, this Asik offer sheet and the Derrick Rose rule.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Yes, but keeping Asik gave you the option of trading Noah before Asik's third year kicked in without losing much if anything defensively.

    and then surprise, surprise Aldridge becomes available.

    If we had Asik, I would have to think long and hard for a Noah for Aldridge straight up. It would kill me to see Noah go, but I could justify it basketball wise. Of course, if Portland goes all RoadWarrior on us and asks for every other asset that we have, I'd tell them to take a hike.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I Agree.
    As I said if Bulls matched Asik with his 3rd year $15 million balloon that would transfer to a new team via trade, Bulls would have to assume Asik would be nearly untradeable. That makes the decision to match Asik much more difficult. Basically, Bulls would have had to decided at that time to use Noah as a trade asset.

    Two starting quality centers is a strong position to trade from, but Bulls would have to assume only Noah could be traded.

    Of course, now with the Aldridge talk, I agree I'd trade Noah for Aldridge if Asik was under contract. But the conservative Bulls FO wouldn't take a chance like that not knowing that Aldridge (or another star) was available.

    Also, if they matched Asik, do they resign Gibson to that big contract or shop him? I cannot see Bulls within the 3-day matching period, deciding to trade/shop both Noah and Gibson.

    Then their is perhaps the bigger question of what to do with Boozer's contract? Rose, Boozer, Asik, Noah/Aldridge, a resigned Deng, all massive 8-figure contracts in 2014.

    But like you always said, match now and figure it out later.....
    Bulls FO figured in advance and decided no. They are not risk takers.

  • It is clear that after this years finals the cost/price of 3 point shooting has skyrocketed. So, you are right about Dunleavey. I was shocked by the immediacy of the signing, but I always thought that Dunleavey was a quality vet, starting quality for most teams, but a key contributor on a championship team.

    A little surprised by your love for Kevin Martin. I got the impression that OKC didn't love him this past season, and that his contract will look pretty bad in the 3rd and 4rth seasons.

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