Pacers vs Heat game seven could change everything but likely changes nothing

The Indiana Pacers will battle the Heat tonight in a game seven. Anyone remember the Bulls playing the Pacers in a game seven? Were you worried at all that Chicago might lose that game? I expect Heat fans will (rightly) feel similarly tonight.

Indiana's exposed Miami's lack of inside presence far more so than Chicago has ever been able to do in route to getting to a game seven though a game six came with the Heat missing Chris Anderson and a whistle heavily favoring the Pacers. Anderson will be back, and while I don't necessarily believe in make up whistles and certainly don't believe in a fix, my guess is that Miami gets the lion's share of the calls in game seven.

However, the Pacers clearly have a shot to pull this off. One hot shooting game by their guys, one off game by the Heat, and well, LeBron, he's had a history of choking when the pressure is really on, and while I think he's past it, there's nothing I'd love to see more than LeBron fall back into old habits.

So all qualifiers about how unlikely I think it is aside, what if Indiana wins this thing?

If you're Chicago do you change anything about the way you're doing? Are you worried about getting past Indiana rather than Miami? Do you look at how Indiana beat Miami and try to acquire players to mimic that approach?

The Bulls are counting on Nikola Mirotic to come in here in a couple years and take over as the starting PF, but Mirotic is the type of PF that Miami would love to face. A guy who's going to shoot jumpers on the perimeter and not be a huge lane protector.

Of course, we have to ask ourselves, is Miami even going to be together in the summer of 2014? So much hinges on what the Heat are able to do over the next two years. If Miami somehow loses either of the next two titles what are they going to do in the off-season of 2014 when all three guys opt out?

Seems like it could be quite possible that it's an all or nothing with resigning them, and if I'm Miami LeBron's the only one of the three I'd really want to pay the 20 million a year they'll all ask.

The Miami Heat came together with a celebration, talk of unending titles, and all of a sudden have a very real chance of winning just one in three years in what should have been their best three years together.

I'd still place money on the Heat winning the title this year, but I thought they had an 80% chance before the playoffs started, right now, after watching them play it's no where near that high. They're struggling in a game seven against the Pacers, struggled at times against a Chicago team that was missing Hinrich, Deng, and Rose, and if they win, will have to fight through a far better team than either in the Spurs.

The best news for Chicago is that going into next season and the one after, the Bulls are a healthy Derrick Rose and one move away from winning this thing. It might be hard to make that move this off-season given their limited resources, but they're right there. We don't yet know if Rose will return like Rose, but if he does, Chicago's still got a nice window in front of it, and the best team in their path suddenly looks a lot more beatable and less sustainable than before.


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  • If Miami lose tonight I think 2014 is end of big three era. Well if they dont win championship still chance they lose to spurs. The thing is bulls need to take some chances. At least pay to bring Nate, belineli and or korver back and get someone solid to back up Noah. Teams are getting better and we must do the same. Bulls must think beyond getting pass miami

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Totally agree 100%. The Bulls need scorers and if they could manage to bring Belineli, Nate, along with Korver back to the roster next year would be a huge step in the right direction in improving the Bulls offense.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I really wish bulls can get another power forward. Boozer seem to disappear win he is needed most. That's what I meant by being creative. Rid his contract and get replacement. Still wondering who is the shooting power forward Ric Bucher says want to play with Rose. He claims its not gasol or love. Would even trade boozer for bargani now. Wonder how Al Jefferson would do with bulls?!! Tired off bulls coming up short and not healthy!

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    don't know who that shooting 4 is but Ryan Anderson is a poor man's Kevin Love and would thrive with derrick in the pick and pop game and he's also a good rebounder. I guess the Bulls will wait for Mirotic for the cheaper option for the same pick-n-pop stretch 4. My greatest fear is having Kirk Hinrich the backup shooting guard to Jimmy Butler when we need a scoring punch off the bench. Brings back memories of Keith Bogans all over again.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    I think the PF you're talking about is in Portland. Aldridge has always admired the Bulls and has always had big games playing against the Bulls since the Bulls didn't draft him. I'm sure he doesn't want to get any drama started in Portland in letting then know he wishes he could move on to another team namely the Bulls.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Aldridge on the Bulls. Could he be a nice compliment to Noah and a target for 2014?

    According to CSN Northwest:

    “I love playing here,” he said. “This is one of my top three cities to play in. All the tradition and they traded me on draft night, so this is always fun. I’m going to be 12 years in coming back here saying, ‘this is fun because they traded me on draft night.’”

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    LMA's contract expires in 2015.

  • I very much was sweating that Bulls/Pacers series.

  • In reply to Hoover:

    Me too. We're talking '98, right? That wa one if only two times I was actually scared during the 6 championships. The other was the Knicks series that ended with like 5 consecutive blocks under the rim.

  • If the Heat somehow lose tonight (and I think it has to be a Pacers-blow-the-doors-off-of-Miami sort of scenario...take refs out of equation), I look for them to trade Bosh and bring in a PF that is willing to bang a little more. He's never been a great interior presence, but there was a time where he'd at least attempt some rebounds and put backs. Now, he avoids the paint like he is afraid to contract MERS-CoV by paying the rim a visit.

    How many people would get p'oed if the Heat were able to snag Love from the Wolves instead of the Bulls doing so (raises hand)?

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    All very interesting but who's sitting at home watching the playoffs?

  • Win or lose, this series has shown the Heat aren't exactly 'unbeatable'. If the Bulls want to win a title in the foreseeable future, they should be looking to re-sign Nate and/or Marco and going for it next year.

    Heat are stuck with their cap situation too and Wade continues to decline. If next year isn't the time, waiting for 2014 when Lebron, Bosh, and Wade can opt-out and re-up at a lesser price, allowing Riley to add more talent as well.

  • You all have to keep in mind that the Bulls have only $3 million to spend this offseason, and even then they aren't signing anyone to more than a one year deal to protect cap space for 2014.

    That plan probably won't work, but we would all be pissed if 2014 comes and we can't sign Lebron or another top notch free agent because we gave Belli or Nate a second or third year.

    We just have to live with the reality that we are getting nothing more than one year vets for this up coming season. Which also means that we won't trade Deng prior to the season to fool everyone into thinking that we have a chance with Rose, Butler, Deng, BozoHOle and Noah.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Man if you think LeBron or any other big name free agents are coming to the Bulls in 2014 you're fooling yourself. The Bulls have to or try to strike up deals and signings unexpectedly, don't wait on 2014 when other teams that know how to woo free agents get the heads up, its called being creative. A team with Deng...a mediocre all-star and Boozer won't get to the finals in my opinion. Again, fan are fooling themselves if they think other wise. Bulls need a real PF that will bang down low and not fade under pressure and a athletic SF that can create and get to the basket....BOTTOM LINE!

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