Bulls Beat 283 - Draft recap

Bulls Beat 283 - Draft recap

I discuss the newest Bulls as well as why Luol Deng will be here for another season.

Bulls Beat - Draft recap

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  • To me, the concern over Snell's rebounding isn't as big if he plays SG. If he is to play SF, then it becomes more of a concern because he would have to get into the paint more on D.
    As for Deng, I love him on this team. But if they felt like they wanted to trade him, how about this move: trade Deng and Taj to the Lakers, Lakers send Gasol to Portland, Portland sends Aldridge to Chicago. It probably needs more fine tuning, like Portland maybe getting a younger piece added in, but I think that would work great for all involved. Then the Bulls amnesty Boozer, he and Aldridge could not be on the same team, and use the money to fill in a backup PF, C, and maybe pay Belinelli.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Snell is kind of like Rip Hamilton, he doesn't rebound or get steals but he loves hitting the open man/good with screens and can handle the ball. As a SG, he would be a good fit. I think fans for whatever reason are projecting him as Deng's replacement and he's not that......Jimmy Butler is Deng's replacement at the 3 and Snell is Rips and Belinelli's replacement. I think he will be solid for us since he's team orientated and unselfish, things the Bulls value. I'm also intrigued by Erik Murphy, he does have a muscular build and seems to have good strength so he can bang a little bit. I think he could be one of the sleepers of the second round if Thibs can mold him defensively. It wasn't a bad draft and the way Thibs can get the best out of players........watch out the rest of the league. We don't have the second dynamic scorer everyone wants but should be a 55 win team next year.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I think Snell will strictly be a SG. He measured in at 6'7 198 lbs. Even if he adds 10-15lbs, 213 lbs. Butler and Leonard measured in at the combine at 227-228lbs.

    Guys like Danny Green (6'6 208 lbs) and Thabo Sefolosha (6'7, 205 lbs) are primarily SGs. Sure they switch onto SFs at times, but they also get killed by those SFs.

    Regarding Murphy, it's odd they label him a stretch 4 when he's built like a low-post PF at 240 lbs. Either way, I'm not sure if he even makes the roster with Boozer, Taj, and possibly Malcolm Thomas being brought back.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I think both rookies will make the team. Bulls are looking for cheap-cheap rookie or 1-year vet contracts to fill out the roster. And a 2nd round contract(Murphy) is probably lower priced than a vet minimum contract. Malcolm Thomas is non-guaranteed.

    The Irony!
    So after stealing Asik with a poison 3rd year balloon deal, Houston is now looking to dump Asik because they think they will land Dwight Howard. I wish the 29 other teams let Houston choke on that $15 million third year.

  • In reply to Edward:

    It was about $8.3 million per year for Houston. For the Bulls, for some insane NBA reason, it would have been $5, $5, and $15 million! Stern is retiring about 10 years too late for me.

    Well, if this contract becomes a problem for Houston, good! What they did was allowed, but it certainly was not fair. Besides, I think Asik's stats will drop on another team.

  • Doug,
    Miami has not lost any players! Where did you get that info?

    2 days ago, Ray Allen opted in with Miami for 2013-14 for $3.2 million.
    3 days ago, Heat exercised their 2013-14 option on Mario Chalmers for $4 million.
    Shane Battier, Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem, Norris Cole are still under contract for 2013-14.
    Bird Anderson wants to return to Miami.
    Greg Oden wants to sign with Miami.
    And the Big 3 will return as well.

    Pat Riley is WAY BETTER a GM than you are giving credit for.

  • In reply to Edward:

    That's why i have always said that the Bulls FO is a complete joke and the owner is cheap when it comes to signing star URFA's. And why in the hell are the Bulls rumored to be interested in Monta Ellis and O.J. Mayo when both opted out of contracts with teams that would've payed them more money? The Bulls aren't trying to offer URFA veteran players big money so why put flat out lies out there? The hatred for the Bulls FO is getting worst and worst.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Oh, and Miami losing players is nothing but homer Bulls fans wishful thinking cause they're in denile about this Bulls FO and the Bulls roster. But that's ok cause Rose has 3 more years on his contract and he can leave thecheap incompetent Bulls.

  • In reply to Edward:

    The only real maybe at this point in Mike Miller.

    Riley has said he wants to keep Mike Miller but ultimately the decision to amnesty him is up to the owner and how much tax they're willing to pay. But Mike Miller is a 15 MPG player last year and probably figures to have an even smaller role going forward so wouldn't be a huge loss even if they do decide to cut him.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I think Pat Riley is one of the best GMs ever, where did you ever get the idea I wasn't giving him credit.

    As for the Miami stuff a series of embarrassing mistakes, misread reports, and misremembered timings. However, I thought my general point was that they might lose someone, but even if not age would deteriorate them.

    If you ignore my completely inane ramblings about losing someone and just focus on the second half, then it's still true. I think the Heat still come back as the favorite for sure, but they don't come back as strong as last season.

  • Embarrassing mistakes on Miami's situation. This is why you should never just wake up in the morning and record a podcast without verifying anything first ;)

    That said, my opinion in the cast still more or less stands where I said even if they bring back everyone which I thought was possible, that many of the players are deteriorating due to age.

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