Bulls Beat #282 - Draft Talk

Bulls Beat #282 - Draft Talk

Kevin States joins the Bulls Beat to discuss the 2013 NBA Draft.

Bulls Beat #282 - Draft talk


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  • Well, with the various draft picks being close in talent, at least according to many analysts, later picks this year might have a better chance of hitting compared to higher picks in normal years. So it is a better year to trade down.

    Or, if trading Deng for 1st and 2nd round picks, those picks might be worth more than in other years. So, of all the prospects, who has the best potential, who is flying under the radar? Who has the best low risk/high reward ratio? Hope the scouts for the Bulls are doing their jobs well! One impact player, plus the FOs usual finding of decent players in the draft and FA, could have the Bulls in the finals in 2015.


    Ok, so it's not my trade idea but this deal has deng for okafor and the #3 pick. I would imagine we would have to send the 20th pick back or else this is highway robbery.

  • In reply to nolebron:

    I pray this is true, for GarPaxDorf really need to aggressively pursue more talent for the roster.

    Additionally, after the last contract negotiation with Deng, I can't imagine GarPaxDorf would allow Deng to "hold Bulls hostage" through another negotiation. Without trading Deng, its either overpay him once again or lose a No.7 pick for nothing. Hopefully, GarPaxDorf learned after losing Asik for nothing

    TRADE DENG!!!! I would have done it last season in a stronger draft, but I'm happy if it happens now.

    Also, note that this trade requires taking back equal salary. It is impossible to dump Deng's $14.3 million salary on another team as Bulls learned last off-season.

  • In reply to nolebron:

    Dont care about the 20th Pick, the Bulls need to do this trade if it comes to reality. Send the wizards the 20th pick along with Deng. Olidepo or Mclemore would be perfect for the Bulls if those two players don't go 1 and 2 to start the draft. PLEASE BULLS DO THIS TRADE!...if it's true. Bulls need consistent scoring from the back court, not just from Rose and consistent perimeter scoring overall. The time is now to move on from Deng. Marco, Nate, and a high draft choice can be added to this team, maybe Korver can return as well with a trade of Deng contract.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    AGree, though I can't imagine the Wizards actually do this trade.

  • Thanks Doug and Kevin for once again providing a Bulls forum for the draft with Kevin's informative and numerous reviews. Translation:draft junkie enabling, mission accomplished!

    I had a little trouble hearing some of Doug and Kevin's exchange, but I did hear the trade down option mentioned by Doug. While we all know the Bulls usually stay fairly close to or at their pick it's always interesting(if not pointless) to explore such creative options.

    I agree with Kevin, if I heard him correctly, that there is some talent available late in the first and early second round. Mario Chalmers, Danny Green. It can be debated their value, but they both contributed to championship(or near so) efforts. It's rare to find talent beyond the first round, but some drafts do find two, three, or more valuable guys there.

    As Doug mentioned both OKC and Cleveland have picks clustered in that area. I agree Cleveland would probably be too steep of a drop, but with OKC's picks you could scoop up perhaps two NBA ready contributors at rock bottom Reinsdorf friendly prices. Which of course gives you much needed flexibility in a Mega Tax age.

    While many feel Derrick Rose will spend most of his time exclusively at PG, there have been some advocating his avoidance of traps and extended double teams by roaming freely at the SG slot. Namely, myself(ha, ha). Also, this frees him up from the defensive beating of always fighting through pick and roll screens guarding opposing PG's.

    Bottom line: when the Deng trade to Sacramento was debated and refuted by some, many thought of Harrison Barnes. The Damian Lillard option really wasn't an option for many. If the majority or preponderance of fans aren't willing to go the Monta Ellis SG option I get it.

    My point is getting offense however we can get it. Let's face it - Derrick needs help. And at PG he was largely ineffective as in inefficient in his last playoff run with big expectations. I would be willing to take a chance with Derrick taking the SG or sometimes weaker of an opposing team's guard tandem on a nightly basis.

    If we would explore Derrick playing at least some significant minutes at the two, then this year some IMO quality options are available. Of course picks are always a risk no matter where you draft. If anyone finds an interest in this option then you have some in NBA circles/interviews some very solid prospects.

    The two players I would target in a scoring upgrade trade down would be Isaiah Canaan and Erick Green. Both of these guys are high character competitors, shoot high volume threes with accuracy, and have validated this with high free throw percentages. I think this would be the perfect NBA ready scoring infusion, provided we are going to dump the salaries as in players Marco Belinelli and Nate Robinson(which I'm not advocating).

    Otherwise you stay put at 20 or(Ha, ha!) trade a core piece in Deng etc. to move up. If so my top players of interest into the early or mid teens would be Shane Larkin and Kelly Olynyk. Sorry for the long post. If we do stay at 20 my top picks are Dieng and Hardaway. I really wish the Bulls would shake up an always playoff injured core who have had their run. Likely though, they will stand pat. This is the Bulls after all.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I like your picks. My top three guys are Dieng, Hardaway, and Green. I still have a hard time believing that Dieng will still be there at 20, but it seems he is sliding down some mocks. I wouldn't be surprised if they draft and stash the kid from Greece, either.
    Does anyone have any thoughts on Khalif Wyatt (I probably got his name wrong) from Temple? I thought he dominated in the Tournament but I have only seen one mock that even has him listed.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Some good analysis, RoadWarrior. Also, remember the Redd and Arenas were 2nd rounders, so talent can be had there.

    If Deng is traded for picks in a salary dump (Cleveland could go for this), then I hope the Bulls get another 1st rounder plus at least one 2nd round pick. Then they can go for Hardaway, Green, and Ledo at SG, plus a big.

    BTW, Green can also play point. He averaged 6 assists per game, which was good considering no one else on the team could shoot! Plus he scored 25 per game himself. He is a bit light, about 185 lbs, but imagine if he develops, he runs the point and Derrick the SG spot. That could be 50 pts per night just from the starting Gs! That is the reason you take a chance on a guy like that.

    Hardaway also has potential. I know, this is overloading at G, but that is where the potential is. Keeping Belli and Nate when Rose, Teague and Hinrich are all at G is also overloading, but the difference is, Green and Hardaway could bring a championship! Or Ledo. And there are some other good options at G in this draft.

    Trade Deng and get a couple of these guys.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    It is completely impossible to dump Deng's salary in a trade!

    You will note this Wizards trade rumor requires Bulls to take back Okafor's $14 million salary. Bulls tried to dump Deng's salary last off-season, but were unable to and Bulls refused to take back salary killing any Deng trade. Now, hopefully, GarPaxDorf have learned from last off-season including what happens without action - like losing Asik for nothing.

    I pray Deng is traded and Oladipo or McLemore becomes Bulls' SG.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Pretty much agree with most of it man. Everyone if we could get a player such as McLemore/Oladipo/Len, man it is on! I doubt it will happen though. Love Canaan/Green later in first!

  • according to "chicago bulls rumors" on twitter, the Bulls have been bringing in alot of second round types. I know it could just be a smokescreen but I'm starting to think the Bulls might actually draft a eurostash with the first pick and pick up a wing/guard with a second round pick. I just don't see the Bulls bringing in two rookies and everything they do seems to be around financial decisions........I hope they don't screw it up, this draft has some solid backup centers in their range. I still think the Bulls go for a big in the draft and go free agency route for the shooter/backup guard/wing but now I'm thinking they might go for a eurostash because of the financial/cap situation. Regardless of who they draft, I still would like to seem them take a chance on young players who could shine under thibodeau like Al Farouq Aminu or Xavier Henry instead of an aged veteran in free agency.

  • Thanks. I don't know if the Bulls would draft projects like Ledo as in highly touted high school talents without development or much of a track record. It's always a draft junkie(myself included) and escapist fan fantasy to draft multiple "impact" players. I've been wrong before with flawed guys like Darius Johnson-Odom etc.

    The thing is Canaan and Green are both regarded as exceptional shooters(validated somewhat by the ever elusive high free throw percentage) and ball handlers. Plus prolific scoring and high character/competitor guys. You don't find that combination very often let alone at the end of the first or top of the second round. Still, it's highly doubtful the Bulls would do this. Or trade up with a franchise altering move like a Deng trade. "Gar/Pax, you're conservatism is for me too PoooP On!!!!"

    Side note: Gar Forman "astounded" Taj was available at No.26(and rightfully so) yet he was the highest fouls per game player in the Pac-10 and this foul prone(somewhat unfair rep) has limited his court time and effectiveness in the NBA on many occasions. And now in the Gar/Pax overvaluing tradition many would argue he's an overpay. He and Asik you wonder if they had been traded in for young scoring prospects??

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I said a while ago that the Bulls might use the 20th pick on a euro trash, i mean stash which would be stupid on their part, but hey...its the Bulls FO were talking about.

  • Sorry for all the posts, but if the Bulls do another "Euro stash" it would just be too famed. Though with taxes ahoy it would serve a purpose dealing with their botched overpay conundrum. Of course you can always point to Toni Kukoc and Omer for that matter. And at some point in our lifetimes the next Dirk in Mirotic. Ha!

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