Bulls Beat #281 - Finals Talk

Bulls Beat #281 - Finals Talk

I discuss the NBA finals and the likely boring Bulls offseason.

Bulls Beat #281 - Finals talk

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  • It's very depressing being a Bulls fan this time of year, next year won't be any different either with the so called 2014 plan. All I have to say is the Bulls need more offensive players that can score. With Thibs coaching the team I'm sure the defense would be there. Look at Nate and Marco this past season, not known for their defense played good defense the entire year and both should be back with the Bulls next year along with Mother, a backup Center and Hardaway Jr. through the draft. This is what should be done but more than likely won't get done with the Bulls FO.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Excuse typing error, meant to say along with Korver, a backup center and drafting Hardaway Jr.

  • Sounds like another year of Luol Deng, Taj Gibson,and Rip Hamilton's ambulance replacement in Kirk Hinrich. Boy, October can't come soon enough.

    I doubt there's a fan or NBA analyst/paid voice outside of Chicago who thinks the Bulls even with a near or MVP Derrick Rose can beat Miami, whoever comes out of the west or even the Pacers. With Rose the Bulls struggled mightily in the playoffs against Indy and they (the Pacers) are a better team now.

    Even if you're going to argue that the Bulls are possible contenders nonetheless their offense beyond Rose has a declining Deng, Boozer in other words not a hint of an all-star or exciting offensive talent. Unless you take the good nights of Nate Robinson and throw out the bad.

    This mega tax is beyond awful for Bulls fans. Here the Bulls have a stale core with declining players and yet they are for the first time paying the tax for what is an offensively awful log jam.

    Seriously, besides p-whipped die hards "spank me Jerry you know how I like it" who in thee hell wants to see Deng and Boozer back on this team?? Taj is overrated IMO as he has no reliable jump shot and very limited attempts in the post not to mention his injury woes. Then we're going to be stuck with Hinrich the dredged up former Bull who was dumped for cap space and has been injury plagued since then??

    If the Bulls keep this core of Deng, Boozer, Taj, Kirk and all that ball and chain of salary then I predict the nightly harangues of Thibs and win enabling defense will hit a snag at some point. And similar to this year people with lives who while in general root for the Bulls as their team will find better things to do unless Rose goes Top 5 again. And even then his style of play without legit star scoring power beside him to deflect attention will likely lead to more injuries.

    Bulls fans better hop somehow they draft a surprise offensive gem which is extremely doubtful in a non-star draft if ever there was one. Otherwise this team is headed anywhere but contention. Doug himself railed at the cheapness and wasted opportunities of the Bulls last summer and far beyond or before that. They lucked into Rose and have never drafted an offensive stud. The karma of cheapness and overly conservative management is not erased because the tax is now being paid in a socialist NBA f-ed up payroll fiasco.

    All we can do is hope for a miracle and in the mean time wish for some Miami killer like OKC to luck into another offensive stud. Or the Spurs to pull a rabbit out of their as(uh) hat and win this series.

  • It's not looking like a great summer for the Bulls but there's decent players to be had. The houston rockets will not pick up the options on Aaron Brooks, a score first point guard and Carlos Delfino. Also read a rumor that the Bulls have some interest in free agent Al Farouq Aminu from the pelicans who averaged 7 pts and 7 rebounds on 47% shooting......6'9", young and athletic, could be a good Luol Deng replacement on the cheap. 3pt shooters in Anthony Morrow, Dunleavy and some others. One thing we have in our corner is Thibodeau, he does a great job at recruiting players and selling them on playing for the Bulls like he did with Nate Robinson last year.

  • I understand all the bitching and griping about the Bulls FO, but the reality is that the new CBA is doing exactly what the owners wanted it to do, stopping teams that are over the tax threshold from doing anything.

    Other than minimum contracts, the Bulls have $3 million to spend that is it. They cannot do any of the things that everybody is railing about with that little money.

    Unless Bozo is amnestied this summer, or Deng is traded into someone else's cap space for draft picks only the Bulls cannot do anything significant even if they were willing to spend real money and didn't care about the tax implications.

    Reinsdorf finally got he wanted in this last CBA, cover for behaving exactly the way he would even if its onerous provisions were not in place.

    So unless a guy is readily available for a one year contract @ $3 million or less it is a waste of time to keep posting about guys that we should sign or go after. Doing so, just shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the rules of the game under the new CBA, or as I like to call it, ignorant frustration.

    As we get to the end of the summer and training camp approaches, the FA money that is available starts to dry up, there will be a ton of veterans available for minimum contracts, that is how the Bulls will fill out their roster. In the mean time we will have to wait for this years Belli and Nate to materialize.

    It is what it is and there is nothing that we or the Bulls can do about it.

  • It's completely and totally hopeless. There is NO HOPE so forget about it. The Bulls WILL NEVER WIN another championship in our lifetimes. You must be an idiot homer to think otherwise, there's simply no other logical point of view to have.

    If you disagree with even one word of the above, you're a blind homer, Reinsdorf-apologist who loves Deng and Boozer and believes the Bulls will win multiple championships.

    I'm going to ask all the posters at this site to repeat the above each and every day, just to discourage anyone who might think otherwise.

    Oh wait, you already do.

  • "Reinsdorf finally got what he wanted in this last CBA, cover for behaving exactly the way he would even if its onerous provisions were not in place."
    True Statement!

    If fans are willing to "put on their thinking caps" they will realize that Rein$dorf has behaved exactly this way ever since he helped bring the luxury tax into existence with the 1998 NBA Lockout and CBA. In fact, it was this owner-planned Lockout/CBA/Luxury Tax that compelled Rein$dorf to axe Phil Jackson, Jordan, Pippen and Rodman shedding $65 million in annual salary in one decisive and coldly calculated action on Rein$dorf's part.

    Other than the 1.8% stroke of luck that is Derrick Rose, Rein$dorf has accomplished little to compete for an NBA Championship for the 15 years since 1998.

    Prior to 1998 Rein$dorf behaved differently. He worked aggressively create a winner to protect and grow his new investment. In 1985 when Rein$dorf bought the Bulls (with rookie Jordan), they averaged 6000 attendance in the old decrepit Stadium. So yes, during the 1980s and 90s Rein$dorf worked to build a winner, because it was in his best financial interest to do so.

    The sellout crowds of the early Jordan championship years made building the modern United Center financially possible. Now with one of the NBA’s largest arenas, operating in the largest single-team market in the NBA, winning Championships is no longer necessary to financial success.

    Rein$dorf regularly leads the NBA in attendance and profits without a single Finals appearance since 1998. He is living off the Jordan legacy that is the United Center (the house that Michael built) with the Jordan statue outside.

    Meanwhile, Rein$dorf is patiently waiting for the next CBA (2017) which will implement a HardCap. Then a team like Miami will no longer be able to outspend to create a winning franchise.

    "Patiently waiting for the 2017 CBA" equals the NBA's most profitable team:
    - signing 1-year vets at minimum.
    - not amnestying Boozer.
    - not buying extra draft pick(s).
    - letting Omer Asik walk for nothing.
    - not trading Deng in 2012 by refusing to take back a bad contact(s).
    - etc.

    But Rose, Noah, and Thibs (master of the inflated regular season record) are under long-term contracts. Which means Bulls will appear to contend until the playoffs actually begin. This translates to NBA leading attendance and profits due to the UC and the Chicago market.

    And Rein$dorf pockets the profits from the Chicago sports fans (tens of millions annually), while Miami Heat owner Micky Arison publicly declares he's not concerned with making a profit, he's only concerned with bringing a winner to his city.

  • In reply to Edward:

    It's completely and totally hopeless. There is NO HOPE so forget about it. The Bulls WILL NEVER WIN another championship in our lifetimes. You must be an idiot homer to think otherwise, there's simply no other logical point of view to have.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Yes, I know it's difficult for some people (obviously including yourself) to actually think and recall recent history. Sorry to have strained your brain cells. It's far easier for lightweights like yourself to post flippant sarcasm (actually cutting and pasting flippant sarcasm from an earlier post) than to actually think and write a substantive response.

    You can go back to sleep now...

  • In reply to Edward:

    I'd prefer to make up lies about Reinsdorf and post them in bold, day after day, in case people don't read it the first 20 times.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Again with the flippant sarcasm, but now combined with a false allegation. For you have not identified a single thing in my post that you claim is false nor provided what you believe is correct to contradict me.

    Once again, you are showcasing your lack of capacity to think and write a substantive response.

  • Come on, guys, show a little bit of reason here. The Bulls have won more championships in the past 25 years than anyone, have they not? So at least try to be fair.

    Yeah, this is a business. I think JR will spend for a championship team, but not for a team to just lose in the ECF. He needs to see more on the court first. It is a business/pride combo.

    So, let's say the core of the Bulls is Rose, Noah, and Butler. What do they need to take down the Heat, Pacers, Spurs, etc? They need another elite player, another high level starter (like Deng) and a very solid bench of role players.

    Actually, if they happen to draft the elite player this year, and he develops fast, then that player and Deng and Boozer plus the core and Gibson could be enough to win it next spring. But that is a real long shot.

    The Heat are declining. Wade and Bosh are not what they once were. If not for outstanding bench play, the Heat would not have won it last year. Boston took them to 7 games then, and Indy to 7 this year, and the Spurs to 7 this year (at least).

    NY and Brooklyn are both strapped with contracts, as are the Bulls. Indy is the biggest upcoming threat. Two of the Spurs top players are in decline. There will be room for the Bulls next year or in 2014/2015, provided they make wise moves.

    The Bulls need to draft potential elite players, not role players. They want the guys who can turn into All-stars. Generally those will not be backup Cs or PFs -- certainly not in this draft. They will be Gs that can turn into lights-out shooters, like happened with Michael Redd and Gilbert Arenas, both 2nd round picks. That should be the strategy.

    To increase the odds of landing one of those elites, since we can't be sure who they are, I would trade Deng for a couple of picks. They only need one elite and another Butler from the draft. Then with Mirotic and a few more Brewer/Korver/Belli/Nate FAs, they are there.

    OK, now who are the potential future elites available at #20? at #50?

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