Bulls Beat #280 - Deng and Mirotic

Bulls Beat #280 - Deng and Mirotic

I discuss Luol Deng's decision to avoid wrist surgery, the impact of bringing over Nikola Mirotic in 2014 and Nate Robinson's pending departure.

Bulls Beat #280 - Deng and Mirotic

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  • It is absolute stupidity, basketball stupidity to keep a player that is injury prone over a player that has the will and ability to carry a team thru a injury plagued season and thru a first round victory during the playoffs. And what's even more stupid is that some of these so called bulls fans seem to not have a problem with the FO letting Nate walk and not retaining him. Financial decisions and not basketball decisions won't get this team anywhere but to a good " REGULAR" season and a early exit come playoff time. Common sense and wanting to stay competitve should tell people that Nate Rob should be back with the Bulls next year but its too many homer media and bulls fans with their lips pressed firmly on the Bulls FO ass. If they don't want to pay Nate they better bring in a player or players that can spell Nate cause the Heat or Pacers aren't going anywhere. Every bulls fan wants to dismiss the Pacers when it come to challenging the Bulls next year, I wouldn't cause the experience they're going through against the Heat will have a positive effect on this Pacer team for the future. I mean unlike the Bulls, and I know the Bulls were injured this year, the Pacers have been able to push the Heat in the playoffs to 6and now 7 games. Bulls have a lot of work to do roster wise and waiting on Mirotic and the 2014 free agency won't get the job done.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Reggie Rose gave his opinion about the Bulls brass, the media and fans killed him.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    It is time to speak the truth and not pander to the media sycophants. Much like the owner-planned NBA lockout of 1998 which brought the Luxury Tax to the NBA, Jerry Rein$dorf's current game plan (along with new NBA Commisioner David Silver) is to implement the HardCap in the 2017 CBA.

  • It was nice to have seen the Bulls take a chance on Nate but they probably did this because of Thibodeau's experience with him. Usually the Bulls with their no creativity-no risk mentality would of signed Jannero Pargo instead. Nate was great for us and I wish him the best, he deserves his next contract. As for us in free agency....lets hope they go decent on us. bring back belinelli or maybe mike dunleavy jr who shoots 40% from 3. Size bothers the Heat and we need to get some of that back when we let Asik walk. We need better shotblocking compliment to Noah and Gibson.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    They will only offer Korver the $3mil MMLE, and when he declines for a better deal (rightfully so), the Bulls PR machine will spit out 'see, we wanted to spend the MMLE'.

  • The Nate Robinson thing sucks. I loved watching him play and I think the Bulls loved having him on the team, but I think that he will get a bigger offer than what the Bulls can give him. I think a team like Orlando may be willing to offer big money to guys like Robinson or Mario Chalmers to be their starting guard. As for trading Hinrich, I don't see it happening at all. I'm not saying it would be a bad move (as much as I like Hinrich, I can see Doug's idea working), but I think the Bulls WANT Hinrich on the team. The fact is, whether you want to say it is for other reasons or not, the Bulls won games when Hinrich played. I think he lead the offense and put players in position to score. I think he can still do that as the backup to Rose. I don't see him playing next to Rose all that much with the way Butler came on this year. Robinson's scoring punch will be missed, but I think the Bullls will try to fill that with a draft pick or FA. I'm very interested to see if they try to resign Belinelli. He seemed to prove that he only produces as a starter. Do they think he can produce playing behind Butler, or do they think that they can play Butler off the bench? I want to see how that all plays out.
    As for how worried to be about Indiana? I'm not overly worried. I think the Bulls match up well with them and if they meet in the playoffs, it will be like the old days when MJ faced off against Miller, a long and exciting battle that I believe the Bulls would overcome.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    If Marco cant be decently productive off of the bench then he needs to be a starter probably for another team. Nate on the other hand was productive when he started and coming off of the bench. Yeah he had 1 bad game during the playoffs going 0-12 on fg. but hell... he had been carrying the entire team through the first round and 1 win in the second round against the Heat while battling the flu. Again...not bringing Nate back would just show how incompetent, not competitve, and too loyal to some of their players the Bulls front office is when it comes to retaining or trying to retain their own free agents and free agents period.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And i agree with another poster that the Bulls should be targeting the Pacers Paul George next year. With the Pacerz trying to resign David West this summer and Hibbert already having a big contract extention lazt summer, the Pacers may not be able to keep George who is well on his way to being a superstar in the NBA. He will be a restricted free agent so next summer the Bulls need to offer him the max if they can. Pacers might not be able to match without going into the luxury tax.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I was going to go with 'crazy', but that's just stupid. The Pacers aren't going to let George go because they paid West and Hibbert.

    If this were the case, every other team would have been trying to target Derrick Rose when he was going to be a RFA because the Bulls weren't going to match with Noah, Deng, and Boozer all on big deals.

  • LeBron on Hibbert? That would be brutal. It would be like Derrick Rose guarding LeBron. Yes, Rose is incredibly strong and athletic for his position. He can guard shooting guards with some success if that's what you want him to do, like LeBron with power forwards. But small forwards? Too much height, too much strength, too much body. I think Hibbert is distinguishing himself as a force at the center position. I'd be worried about him in a series against the Bulls. The Pacers just seem better built to beat the Heat than the Bulls. If only the Pacers had perimeter scoring beyond Paul George they might win this series. And they still might. They should be going after Korver or Morrow or Beli really hard in the offseason.

    Please no one talk about Boozer and his scoring or his rebounding. Shane Battier--yes, Shane Battier! made him a non-factor in the second round. Battier can't even sniff the court in this series because he can't guard David West. West does what a power forward is supposed to do when he's got a small forward trying to guard him in the post. Boozer takes a 15 million dollar nap.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    The Pacers entire starting lineup can get their own shot. Hill, Stephenson, George, West, and Hibbert.

    That's the difference between them and us.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Thank you for pointing out the what should be obvious to everyone, the difference between a man's man(West) and a phony useless pussy, the BozoHole.

  • Trade Deng for a draft pick, keep Nate and Belli, if you can do so on one year contracts, get Mirotic over ASAP, and draft his countryman Dario Saric this year to replace Deng.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    From a Yahoo Sports article discussing the coming off-season for the Golden State Warriors.

    "Harrison Barnes SF (under contract through 2015-16): Barnes has so much potential, it's scary. He made good on that promise in the playoffs as a rookie, and should be considered virtually untouchable."

    So much for trading Deng for a draft pick, GarPaxDorf squandered that opportunity last off-season.

  • In reply to Edward:

    You are preaching to the choir on this one, I've been trying to trade Deng for years, and was all over every trade rumor involving trading him for a lottery pick last year.

    I'd say at least half if not the majority of Bulls fans were on board with that move, but all the experts, Sam Smith, KC Johnson, Aggrey Sam, et al thought that we were nuts.

    My gut feeling is that nobody was actually willing to give up a lottery pick for him, even last season.

    Who knows what we can get for him this season, even if we bother to try to move him.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The barrier to last off-season's trade of Deng was GarPaxDorf wanted to dump Deng's salary in addition to acquiring a top draft pick. That was impossible. Both Sacramento and Golden State were only interested in trading their draft pick if they could dump bad salary on Bulls in addition to getting Deng. In other words, Sac/GS wanted to win the trade on financial terms - and GarPaxDorf should have let them.

    Trading Deng would not have been a money saver! And when factoring in the rookie scale for Barnes (about $3 million) to the bad contracts Sacramento and Golden State wanted to dump on Bulls the trade would have been a small salary INCREASE for Bulls - that is why GarPaxDorf didn't trade Deng last off-season.


    Because the basketball reason to trade Deng was about adding assets and talent, not saving money. However, this is BASKETBALL THINKING which is what we fans do, not bottom line PROFIT THINKING which is the only way Rein$dorf has operated since he:
    1) Built the United Center (house that Jordan built)
    2) Co-Planned the introduction of the Luxury Tax via the owner's 1998 NBA Lockout.
    3) Planned the dismantling of the 1998 Championship Team to coincide with the Luxury Tax and NBA Lockout. Rein$dorf cut $65 million annual salary by axing Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Jackson.

    Bulls haven't sniffed a Championship since, and won't ever again until perhaps after the HardCap is implemented in the 2017 CBA.

    But Rein$dorf has led the NBA in profits and attendance for years, and there is that statue of Jordan at the UC and highlights of Jordan during pregame. It's all smoke and mirrors as long as other teams can spend for more talent. Team spending will be completely controlled in the next CBA (2017), a big step toward that goal was gained by the owners in the 2011 CBA with greatly increased Luxury Tax penalties.

    Since 1998, the Rein$dorf Bulls are primarily about pocketing profits, not winning championships. We fans are schmucks (shmok - Yiddish) to think otherwise.

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