Rumor time: Did Derrick Rose "stretch" his ACL graft?

How much reliability do you put into a "friend of a friend" source? A high salt diet is recommended for the following, but the chain of a "friend of a friend said" game ends with someone in Dr. Cole's office saying Rose stretched his ACL graft during recovery which is why he didn't come back this season.

According to the rumor, Rose needs to rebuild the scar tissue around his ACL graft in order to fully recover, but it shouldn't impact his long term prognosis. Presumably, no one within the organization wants a panic over Rose nor does Dr. Cole's office want to take the reputation hit if the news leaked that his star athlete had a setback.

There are certainly plenty of reasons to disbelieve the rumor, first and foremost that no one else is saying it, and I'm not sure I buy into either. I'm also not sure [not being a doctor and all] if this would contradict what we know of Rose's practice/warm up routines. It seems like he'd have had to shut it down in practice if that were true rather than doing all the 5 on 5 stuff he's been doing.

On the other hand, it explains the behavior we've seen from Rose in a way that doesn't end with "Rose is a pussy", "Rose is a malcontent", or some other explanation which doesn't really jive with what we've known of Derrick in the past as well as how protective Joakim Noah was over Rose when discussing the injury [if he had some inside info being good friends with Derrick].

I wasn't told when the stretching occurred, but it might explain why Rose knew there was a good chance he was going to shut down the season in February.

Really, the most believable thing about the rumor is that it reconciles what we've always thought about Rose with the way his injury has played out. The previous circumstances have been frustrating largely because it was hard to understand how Rose could be kept off the court. He always seemed like a guy who would do anything to play.

There's been a lot of animosity built up over Rose not playing, but the franchise still hinges on whether Derrick can make a full recovery. I expect Bulls fans to come out fully supportive at the start of next season when Rose is back on the court winning games for Chicago.


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  • Doug you have been very critical of Rose not coming back. So do you believe any of this or does it change your opinion?

    Also what's your take on the Stephen a smith remarks that Reggie rose planned rose not coming back and stated so to him publicly and at games and about him hating the roster even when they had the leagues best record.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    I haven't viewed myself as very critical of Rose for not coming back. My thought has generally been one of a few things is going on:

    1: He's not physically ready
    2: He's not mentally ready
    3: He's pissed at the team.

    Any one of the three is a fairly significant problem, but a different problem depending which it is.

  • Doug, if you're going to pass this along, at least say/link where you got it from.

  • In reply to bullsblogger:

    I did say, I got it from a friend, who got it from a friend from Dr. Cole's office.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    This rumor completely violates HIPAA, so I doubt that rumor is true

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    sorry, I didn't realize it was YOUR friend, I assumed you just read it somewhere and were calling it just a general 'friend of a friend' source.

    At least say source with knowledge of the situation! ha

  • Interesting. This fits with Bill Simmons' mention of an undisclosed set-back he was told of by "people in the know."

    Regardless, I'm not comfortable with your characterization of someone who has failed to come back from a traumatizing incident in a timely fashion as a "pussy." Chill out, bro.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    The "he's a pussy" comment was more or less my reaction to what others have said about Rose more so than my own thoughts on the topic.

  • If true, this is terrible news.

    ACL graft stretching can occur, although it is more common in allografts than autografts (which I believe Rose had). It could be due to inaccurate graft placement or improper rehab. If the stretching is significant it can require surgical revision. Let's just hope that the rumor is false.

  • If he had a setback like this sitting out so long would make a lot more sense. That has been my opinion either the surgery didn't go quite right or he had a big setback in rehab. It is a little confusing though with the prolonged practicing.

    I know a lot of people say he should take the time he needs and anyone questioning it is an idiot but it is really abnormal for a high level athlete in any sport to sit for a full year with ACL tear. It just isn't a normal time frame for a super athlete anymore. Something probably went wrong for it to take him so long to recover.

    The Bulls throwing him under the Bus by anouncing he was medically cleared to play months ago is odd too. Did they do it because their medical staff is incompetent? Quite possible given their recent history. Or were they doing it as some kinda competitive advantage. Like you better prepare to face Rose cause he could be back any game now or something. However any minimal benefit doesn't seem like it would be worth the months of media scrutiny asking the team when Rose will be back...

    The whole thing is wierd and hard to make sense out of. Bottom line just hope he is 100% next year.

  • In reply to Chad:

    I agree, the whole thing is weird no matter what, because he sat out longer than is normal, and there's no satisfactory reason given to us as to why that is.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    This is the very reason why everyone should just let it go, leave this Rose rumor alone and hope thats all it is...a rumor. No one knows what's going on with Rose knee but him. But to the fans he's soft, not mentally strong and every other name in the book cause he didn't play this season.

  • I think it's BS.. if it happened, I suspect they would've come out and said it as opposed to saving the rep of some doctor. I mean he copped more criticism by not coming back if anything....

  • If the graft is made of a ligament tissue - and I do not know whether it is - it cannot stretch but only (partially) tear. Technically, only muscle can "stretch"

  • This actually makes more sense than any other explanation. Derrick Rose has always had a reputation for being "a gamer." I have no doubt he'll be back next year at 100%

  • How long would something like this need to heal. Also if there was a stretch wouldn't he have to shut it down immediately and not even do pre game workouts like he did before every game.

  • If he knew he couldn't come back, he would have legitimately shut down the chances and said he wasn't playing. Instead, every game, every playoff series, the rumors have been everywhere. Aggrey Sam even said he seriously considered playing in the Heat series. I don't believe this rumor for one second.

  • I don't believe this for a second. If it is true, than that means that "Derrick is a liar". Also if it were true, the organization would NOT have been pushing Derrick to play like they were. Even to the extent that they made it public that the Doctors had cleared Rose to play, and that their professional recommendation was that Rose should play games as the next step in his treatment. If he has an injury that wouldn't be the case.

    What is more likely, this far fetched scenario, or the facts...

    Derrick got injured, then came back and got injured right away again. This has affected Derrick mentally into thinking that he came back before he was ready physically. He also feels like if he came back and reinjured himself right away that it could be the ruin of his career, a "what if" player, as in, What if he had never suffered that string of injuries...aka tracy mcgrady, grant hill, etc.

    I think it's also very likely that Derrick's brother is a very bad influence on him. A ghetto mentality that i making derrick think of "me first". Reggie keeps telling him that this team is no good, and that the Bulls should be doing more to bring in "stars" to surround their "franchise player", Derrick Rose. It's complete BS, but that's what Reggie has been saying to whoever will listen.

  • Doug there are reports the mavericks are looking to trade the #13 pick so they can go after Dwight Howard. It would be great if bulls can acquire that pick from the mavs!!! Do you think the bulls will be try to acquire pick? Have you heard anything on if bulls would be interested? What would it take to get that pick?

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    I would like to see the Bulls trade next year's 1st rounder for the Mavs #13 this year. I doubt the Mavs would do that, however, because it would look wasteful to their fans -- and actually it would be wasteful, unless they landed 2 big FAs. Still, a #20 next year might be better than a #13 this year if the draft is deep next year.

    The Bulls might (might) trade Gibson for the pick if there was a player they liked at the spot, but the Mavs would not want the salary. Maybe for next year's 1st and 2nd rounders from the Bulls?

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