Draft profiles: Reggie bullock, 6'7, 205 lbs, SG, North Carolina

Draft profiles: Reggie bullock, 6'7, 205 lbs, SG, North Carolina

Athletically, Bullock is an above average athlete with great size at the shooting guard position.  Bullock glides around the court, possesses average vertical leaping ability, and above average lateral quickness.  His athletic gifts give him high defensive potential at the next level.


At 6’7, 205 lbs, Bullock presents great size at the shooting guard position.  With his size, great defensive positioning and basketball IQ, and bulk, Bullock should fit in well with Tom Thibodeau's defensive scheme as he'll be able to defend both wing positions.

Off-Court Issues

There are no reported issues with Bullock!

Basketball IQ and Will to Want It

Bullock came to North Caroline as the top shooting guard prospect of his class.  While he has never lived up to that big-time hype, Bullock has become a very nice shooter from deep, mid-range, can run the court, and is a very good defender.  To go from all the hype to becoming a hard-nose role player shows that he is willing to be a great team player and the will to play a role in the program rather than be the star.


Bullock possesses two very good skills that translate to the next level.  First, Bullock is a very good shooter from beyond the arc.  Next, Bullock possesses great defensive ability at his size at the shooting guard position.  With good lateral ability and a big build, he can stay in front of his man and fight through screens.  He also averaged an impressive 6.6 rebounds per game out of the SG/SF spot which shows his hustle on the court.

While Bullock possesses many great attributes, he lacks any ability to create off the dribble and isn't going to offer much in the ball handling department.  He can pump fake an outside shot and step into a mid range jumper, and plays within his limits, but isn't an offensive creator.  While you will never get a star in Bullock, you are probably going to get a very solid player in the mold of A Luol Deng/Aaron Afflalo type player at the shooting guard position.


To me, Bullock has a game similar to a Martell Webster.  He is solidly athletic, can shoot, and can play defense at both wing positions.  Bullock is also one of the safest players in this draft and role players are becoming a premium, especially after the lottery.

How does he fit with the Bulls?

While we are in some need of some offensive influx with players that can create off the dribble, Bullock is a tremendous possible asset to our team and the type of player that I feel Coach Thibs will eventually love to play.  I also feel he can play somewhat early and will eventually be a very good role player.  To me, Bullock is one of the safest picks in this draft.

Stating all this, I would only want to draft Bullock if a few other players were already taken on my draft board (Gorgui Dieng, C.J. McCollum, Dennis Schroeder, Sergey Karasev) and while these players are projected to go higher, I feel Bullock will be a better player than a player such as Allen Crabbe, Jamaal Franklin, Ricky Ledo, etc…

The Bulls do need more offensive playmakers, but any team could use a good role player such as Bullock.  It is not the team’s fault that the Front Office does not go after many playmakers or consolidate the roster more freely.  To me adding Bullock would be a pleasant addition and again allow a player such as Deng, Butler to be moved for a piece for our team too.  It is up to the Bulls to make that call.

My impressions

My impressions are that Reggie Bullock will be a great asset at the next level in providing a rare combination of good athletic ability, solid build, and a three point shooter at both wing positions while being a very good defender.  While I would rather take a chance on a couple of other players if available over Bullock, I would not be disappointed to see Bullock be drafted at 20, or the Bulls somehow aligning another pick later in the first round!


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  • Hey Kevin. Thanks for coming back again with your NBA Draft junkie enabling reviews(Ha, ha.) I just hope with their salary being so 'restricted' they will make room for a first rounder or wonder if they maybe trade down for say two second rounders one this year and one 2014?

    Bullock sounds like a second round steal type, but due to not seeing him play much combined with the ever kiss if death comments from different pro scouting sources about "lacks intensity, if he had more competitiveness and toughness etc," I would probably not draft him. Still, you'd have to be intrigued if they did select him because he can shoot and he does have exceptional athleticism(though not speed). "Paging Danny Green" (kidding).

    I read your review of Erick Green. Due to being skinny and undersized to play SG in the NBA you'd think he would be a liability as much as he'd be an asset. That is, "at the SG position." However, with an A/TO ratio of 1.8 and 1.9 the last two seasons at 3 and 4 assists per game, thus PG potential, I think his value may be higher then people think. Again, I didn't see this kid play at all, but, hearing good things about his competitiveness and no underachiever labels I'd be excited from what I have to go on if the Bulls drafted Mr. Green. Also, I don't know about you, but I really like Tim Hardaway(I mean 'like' as a prospect, I mean he is mildly attractive but..) Ha, ha..

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Green is a 2nd Round prospect, might even go Undrafted. A lot of undersized SGs go by the waste every year. This draft, Brandon Paul and Vander Blue might be that of the best knowns.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I doubt Green goes undrafted. The dude scored 25 pts a game in the ACC on 48 % shooting and 39% from three while averaging 4 assists a game and almost 2:1 assist-to-turnover ratio. The guy will climb in workouts - he is a hard worker that is highly skilled.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I have heard that Bullock is a hard player, but really starting playing hard last year (Sophomore Year). Freshman year he came in a little non-chalant.

    Green has multi-versatile skills. He is a scoring point guard in which Rose can play the 2 in spurts. Green is a scorer off the bench that can pass.

    Always love your in-depth analysis. Hardaway is under-rated in my opinion and you will see an article on him in the next two weeks!

  • Reggie Bullock is the prototypical 3 and D guy. 6'7 and 205lbs is a great size for a SG who can switch when needed.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Pretty much!

  • From your description, he sounds and looks an awfully like a more highly rated Jimmy Butler. Care to compare and contrast.

    Sounds like a typical Bulls/Thibs type player.

    Would obviously be a second round steal. Definitely agree on taking Dieng or Karasev before him.

    Not that the Bulls would ever do it, but would he be worth buying a late first round pick to acquire. In this new CBA, I would look to use my #3 million every year to buy an extra pick.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Agreed, buying an extra draft pick would be an intelligent basketball move. And Rein$dorf certainly has the financial resources to do so. But Rein$dorf is all about pocketing the profits, baby.

    So we shouldn't expect any draft pick purchases no matter how intelligent from a basketball perspective. Last season Bulls could have easily bought a 2nd and drafted Will Barton at 36, but the Indiana Pacers, with their tremendous financial coffers due to operating in a huge market, beat the Bulls to buying No. 36 from Sacramento - a franchise in known financial free-fall with known desperate owners. Four 2nd round picks were sold for Cash Only on draft night 2012.

    No, instead will will see more 1-year vet minimum deals. They get paid the about the same as a late draft pick, but without taking $3 million out of Rein$dorf's fat pockets. Buying a draft pick would result in, for example, $37 million in annual profits rather than $40 million - we fans can't ask Rein$dorf to do that. Because the Rein$dorf Ring isn't the NBA Championship Ring, the Rein$dorf Ring is leading the NBA in profits.

    Rein$dorf is simply biding his time for the coming Hard Cap in 2017, and for these next 4 years he will likely lead the NBA in profits and attendance while fielding a Dick Motta type playoff team centered around Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah with Thibs grinding through the regular season.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I guess we will find out!

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Butler came into the league as a hard-nose player from the start from a tough situation growing up. Jimmy was more of a mid-range player with some better handles.

    Bullock is a better 3 point shooter coming in and a solid defender (not as good). Also, he is a hard-worker but not nearly as hardcore. While he should be a good player, not many players have the basketball IQ Jimmy shows!

  • The Bulls desperately need to improve from the 3 pt line, and Bullock is the best shooter in the draft, along with Ben McLemore (who will go in the top 3). I agree that it is a shame they won't pick up another late first rounder from the several teams that will be looking to dump a pick. It would be nice to get Bullock late and still acquire a backup center at #20.

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