Draft profiles: Erick Green, 6'4, 180 lbs, PG, Virginia Tech

Draft profiles: Erick Green, 6'4, 180 lbs, PG, Virginia Tech

Athletically, Green won't knock your socks-off at the point-guard position, but he is not some stiff.  Green has great front-line speed, but lacks elite lateral quickness and vertical.  However, Green has a nice wing-span at 6’7, and can glide over the court. 


While possessing nice height for a point guard, Green is rail-thin and will likely initially be abused by physical point guards.  Due to his limited base and average athletic ability, Green sometimes struggles with finishing in the paint or fighting through screens.  Green needs to learn to fight through physical play which is a concern going forward.  If his floater isn't working, Green can struggle finishing in traffic due to his limited strength.

Off-Court Issues

There are no reported off-the-court issues with Mr. Green.

Basketball IQ and Will to Want It

You don’t average 25 points a game on high efficiency in one of the top basketball conferences without a high basketball IQ.  Overall, Green is just a basketball player that understands angles, ball-speeds, and screens while possessing an excellent shooting touch. 

Green is also a blur once he gets full-steam in the open court.  Green understands the game very well in terms of getting shots off and also shows a very good understanding of passing the ball to teammates in the right position.  The issue is that no other teammate could regularly score.  The next highest scorer on the team average 12.3 points a game on 40% shooting at the forward position.

Green possesses great basketball IQ and shows excellent work ethic.  While not a defensive stalwart, he puts in the effort.  He'll need to prove he can handle the pressure of big games since he comes from a team lacking talent that didn't play in many big games.


In this draft, there may not be a more skilled offensive player that Erick Green.  Green can shoot from deep, using many speeds off the pick-and-roll, shoots the mid-range jumper, pass the ball on a dime, great handles, and can push the ball.  He really did not have much help at Virginia Tech or he would have had many more assists.

Based on his pick-and-roll ability alone, Green should find success at the next level.  Green is one of the top players in the draft at making pull-up jumpers off the pick.  With his under-rated passing to go along with his tremendous shooting, Green would be an asset to many teams that have a great big man to feed off the pick-and-rolls. 

If a defender slides under the pick, Green has the ability to shoot from deep.  If the defender over-plays the pick, Green can shoot from mid-range, pass it to an open player, or shoot one of his patented floaters.

Stating all his positives offensively, Green is not creative/athletic enough to consistently go one-on-one offensively and will need to find other ways to score against teams that can shut down the pick and roll.  Will he have enough strength to get shots at the next level?


Overall, Green is a very talented scoring point guard at the next level that can shoot from three, off the pick-and-roll to the mid-range, or can pass out to the open shooter.  While Green may struggle defensively due to his lateral quickness and lack of strength, he should not be an overwhelming liability due to his length and effort.  I think Green is going to be a very good scoring point guard either as a starter or 6th man type and will play in the league for a long time.

How does he fit with the Bulls?

While the Bulls best player is Rose at the point guard position, we also need more offense.  In today’s game, shooting guards don’t post up as much and I feel at times, we could pair Green and Rose today and have a very talented offensive lineup.  The problem with Green is can he play defense at all?  At Virginia Tech, he orchestrated the offense as the main and sometimes only scoring option while also being the main distributor for the team.  Therefore, it is hard to say if he could even have the energy to put in defensive effort.

Stating this, Green averaged 25 pts a game in the ACC at 48% shooting overall.  That is unheard of and shows elite skill.  The Bulls need offense and Green is not just some chucker.  Green is a very skilled player that can pass, create, and shoot at high efficiency.  Green shot 39% from 3 and was the main game plan for any team playing him.  Shooting nearly 48% at the point guard position and to average 25 points a game is just crazy to me.

The Bulls need offense and while we have Marquis Teague, I am just not that high on him.  Green to me, allows us to have someone that backs up Rose for 15 minutes a game, and can even be paired with him for about 10 minutes a game.  Green also could possibly allow Rose to slowly ease back into the situation.  I feel Green is one of the best players we could draft at pick 20 and is severely underrated in this draft. If Green did pan out and is on the Bulls, can you imagine Rose getting a break and then Green can come in and put up great shooting to go along with his other offensive skills?  Teams would never get a break.  Then in stretches Rose/Green would be relentless offensive duo.

I don’t think Green would be my first choice if someone such as Gorgui Dieng is available, but he is one of my top 3-4 players possibly at our pick.  Even then, right now he is projected as late first-early second.  If he slides this far, I would try and find ways to buy a pick or even use Teague as trade-bait for this player.

My impressions

Overall, I think it will take a little time for Green to adjust to the physicality of the NBA.  Obviously our best player is Derrick Rose, but Green could be paired at times with Rose, but also be the back-up point.  However, players with his shooting, good speed, and passing ability don’t grow on trees late in the first round.  I think he will be a solid player at the next level and could provide scoring off the bench.  Green is a pure basketball plain and simple!


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    Thanks for writing all these profiles, its a great help for those bull fans that don't avidly follow college hoops. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  • In reply to Ripper:

    Really appreciate it!

  • You certainly make this guy sound like a really good pick at 20. I would also prefer Dieng if he lasts to 20, I say not even close. But I just don't see the Bulls drafting a another point guard after taking Teague last season. If there isn't a no brainer big available, I would prefer a legitimate wing scorer like Saric or the Russian guy Sergei Ksomething.

  • Good analysis Kevin! If they stay at 20 he would be a nice choice. I view him as a SG and one of the benefits of having a PG with size you can pair him with a smaller backcourt mate. He is 6'4" and has good length so its not like he is a midget.

    I do think they go for a backup Center but they need a playmaker so desperately I think it would be smarter take someone like Erick Green or if they trade up maybe CJ McCollum who can provide shooting and playmaking abilities. I think that would have a much bigger impact than some backup center who at best plays 15 mins a game.

  • I was surprised to see a PG mentioned here too, but it sounds like he might work as a SG. But he seems a bit short...maybe a new Ben Gordon?

    Honestly, I think I see the Bulls drafting any position BUT PG. Rose and Kirk will handle it for now, and you've got Teague to develop there, too. A backup big man would be more useful--a center would be best, but a good PF would at least help. A wing player would make sense too--a SF or SG to play alongside Jimmy if you let Deng go when his contract is up. PG only makes sense to me if you're willing to give up on Teague after one season, and I just don't see that. Even drafting Teague didn't make much sense at the time. Spending another pick on a 3rd-string PG makes even less sense.

    That's assuming that Green is a PG. If he's a SG, then it makes a lot more sense.

    The other thing is...most people seem to have him out of the first round right now. The only two places I saw that had him in the first were sbnation (to the Knicks at 24) and nbadraft.net (to the Nuggets at 27). Now, maybe the consensus is wrong, but if he's really viewed as a second-round kind of guy, wouldn't it be better to try and buy a second round pick and get him that way?

    Anyway, I still enjoyed the post. I know I've been critical in my reply. But I wrote all of this, and I spent time looking up Green on the other sites, because I found the notion intriguing. So, good post! Keep it up!

  • In reply to Duke:

    Appreciate the feedback and I'm great with your reply!

  • To me Green is a combo guard that handles the ball well! I am not saying he is my first pick, but he is someone I think will be a good offensive guard off the bench. I know people say you can't draft another pg. For me it is taking BPA. Rose is not always healthy, Robinson probably won't be resigned, neither will Hinrich. Rose also needs more ball-handlers in crunch time that can score. Green does all this. You can play Green as a back-up for 15 mpg and then 10 with either Hinrich or Rose as Rose can guard the 2 guard in some situations in today's NBA. How many shooting guards that post-up anymore? Also, I don't have the faith in Teague like others do.

    Skilled player - if he was a Stephen Curry lite, would you take him?

  • Ah, it's draft talk season again, so welcome back kevin. You're a couple weeks early but I'll deal.

    Lot's of articles and videos trying to be very even-handed in evaluating the prospects. So, it's hard to make heads or tails from it sometimes since it seems like sometimes they have to invent flaws or rehash a lot of the same points player after player.

    Guess what I'm saying is, don't be afraid to go completely ga-ga or medieval on a guy. More fun for everyone that way!

    Question: How does Green fit the bill for people who say the Bulls should go after Eric Gordon? For a guy his size, it's nice to get that skill set from the PG position. Better matchups.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    Laughing your funny man. Green's not Eric Gordon as he is really skinny. To me Green is like a Stephen Curry-type player (not nearly as good and not nearly as good of a 3 point shooter), but in the mindset that he is very skilled, crafty in getting shots off, a very good shooter that can shoot from mid-range, and will pop floaters all over in the lane. The one thing Green does well is he can really push the ball in the open court (great burst once gets steam going). I hope that helps, but he is a very good shooting and scoring point guard that is an under-rated passer.

    He will struggle with getting shots easily in the paint and at times on defense since he is weak!

  • Green measured in at only 6' 1 1/2" and 178 pounds at the combine. I think it is likely he slides to the second round.

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