Bulls Beat #279 - Doldrums already?

Bulls Beat #279 - Doldrums already?

The Bulls enter week two of potentially the most boring off season in recent memory.

Bulls Beat #279 - Doldrums already?

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  • First things first, the pacers heat series is over imo. Pacers had their chance again just like last year in beating the Heat but lost the series again while at home in losing the home court advantage. They can't lose homecourt that quickly after almost winning both games in Miami. Now on to the Bulls. I agree that the Bulls clock is ticking to improve this team and make a legitimate run at a championship cause rose has 3 more years on his contract before he can decide he wants toleave the Bulls because the team doesn't spend the money in order to win titles. And the way he's been treated by the fans and other critics this past year who can blame him if he does decide to leave the Bulls. If the Bulls don't decide to bring back both Nate and Marco, which would be absolutely stupid, the FO need to bring in players that can score off the bench. There will be other teams in the league with cap space as well in 2014 that are free agent friendly so i think the Bulls should comd up with another strategy to get players to sign with the Bulls since no one in the FO knows how to lure the big name free agent. Yep it's going to be a long off season for Bulls fans with nothing being done.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The 2014 plan is destined to fail because...the Miami Heat have their own 2014 plan where they can all opt out, all take another discount, and all get a reloaded surrounding cast.

    If the Bulls want to win a title in the foreseeable future, 2013 will be their best chance and the closest they will come to it.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    you named it, with the excuse of the grand 2014 plan, the Bulls will only take on 1 year salaries probably near the vet min. So I see the Bulls letting both Nate and Beli go and plugging in someone like Mike Dunleavy Jr for the "shooter" they've been talking about. I would be surprised if they don't draft a center and instead go for a shooting guard. I would like them to bring in two rookies but they'll probably use that second round pick for a euro draft and stash. I would also like if they could call up the Warriors who could use some veteran leadership and reopen the Deng for Harrison Barnes swap. We need more athleticism and durable players.

  • Kevin, if you see Doug's post today, a request please include Steven Adams in your Draft Profiles.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Also, if you see this post coul:d you do some profiles on these specific prospects:

    "Shams Charania ‏@ShamsCharania 16 May
    Bulls will work out 12 prospects Monday: Rice, Crane, Carmichael, Hill, Smell, Hardaway, Howell, Mitchell, Green, Leslie, Ledo, Jerrett."

    This tweet was last week at the draft combine.

  • Okay, I really enjoyed all the things in the podcast. I think the draft is going to be the key issue. And you analyzed all the possible trades and retention of current Bulls, but what about the Boozer amnesty? Most sites are talking about it for 2014. Wouldn't it be better to do it now and go all in for 2013? When I see David West dominating as a low post scorer and making defensive deflections of Lebron's passes for key steals in game 2 of the Indiana series, I wonder why Boozer gets paid so much. And West will be a free agent.

    Now if we look at the starting five for next year and the key signed members of the roster and assuming all are healthy, we have Rose at point, Jimmy at the 2, Deng at the 3, Boozer at the 4 and Noah at Center. Taj at the the backup 4 and occasional 5. Hinrich at the backup point and occasional 2 position. Teague at the backup point position. With Rose, Teague, and Hinrich signed, I doubt the Bulls will sign Nate Robinson, even though I loved what he did for us this year.

    Based upon these assumptions, the most vulnerable position is a solid backup center who could step in and step up as both Taj and Noah have some ongoing plantar fascitis issues. Also, the Bulls will need someone to fill the position that Jimmy or Marco or both played this year by being able to back up Deng or the 2 starter and add some hustle on defense and some shooting with occasional ball handling if pressed.

    So whoever they get in the draft is crucial. If the Bulls could get a backup center like Luol Dieng who would fit nicely in Thib's system as a backup to Noah and he has the length and foot speed to guard the pick and roll and recover, and he has untapped offensive skillls, that would be a great pickup. Then the Bulls need a wing player who can backup Jimmy and Luol occasionally but would add offense and shooting off the bench and so I would resign Bellinelli and if we can get him without using the MLE, that would be great. I think Doug mentioned a free agent signing with the MLE exception of someone like Mike Dunleavy, Jr., but that does not excite me. Maybe Matt Barnes, Corey Brewer, Earl Clark, or an old friend, Ronnie Brewer, if not Bellinelli. Other backup centers in the draft could be folks like Jeff WIthey who is decent but not as athletic as Dieng.

    If the Bulls end up going for a wing with some athleticism/shooting options in the draft this might include Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Jamal Franklin, Tim Hardaway, Jr., Allen Crabbe, Tony Snell, Glenn Rice Jr. If they go this route, then they won't need to sign Bellinelli or folks like Barnes, Dunleavy, Brewers, etc. and need to focus on midlevel exception for a backup center for someone like Andray Blatch, Andris Biendrins, Chris Kaman, Chris birdman Anderson.. Maybe, they could resign Nazr Mohammed and save the money.

    Last point, while Doug has focused on Miami, I think we also need to be focused on who is up and comng in our conference. Cleveland could be the Golden State of next year. We could consider a trade of Deng to them like we did last year with Golden State for Barnes and Mike Smith may be excited about getting Deng as a small forward starter to help Kyrie and their #1 overall draft pick as a defense first guy in exchange for someone like Anderson Varejao and a future 1st round pick if we toss in Teague and they throw in either CJ Miles (preferred) or Alonzo Gee. Varejao and Deng will be free agents in 2014 but Deng will surely want a lot more money than Varejao. Also, we should be focusing on what Indiana is doing as well. They don't even have Granger and may likely trade him for assets like we are talking about for Deng. And Paul George is young and looks like the kind of budding superstar that we will need to deal with for many, many years.

  • Sorry I meant Louisville's NCAA champion center Gorgiu Dieng as a possible draft option for the Bulls in the 2013 draft but I said Luol Dieng. It could get confusing if both Gorgiu Dieng and Luol Deng are both on the same team.

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