Bulls Beat #277 - Victory

Bulls Beat #277 - Victory

The Chicago Bulls defeated the Brooklyn Nets in the first ever road win in a game seven for Chicago.

Bulls Beat #277 - Victory


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    All the players contributed, Thibs use of the bench looked inspired, and the Bulls won short handed, as they did when they broke the win streaks of Miami and NY. I wouldn't be surprised to see them take a couple of games from Miami.

    What can we say? Fans can be very proud of this team. The team deserves a solid acquisition in the draft and a good FA pickup, or a good trade. Then in 2014 one more elite player.

  • I'll always remember this as "teh Joakim Noah game"". This guy has been hurt all series but he said they would win the game and he was the best player on the court. This dude is all heart and fire and he's a great player too.

  • Congrats to Noah and the injury and ill hit bulls. Absolutely heart guts and grind out win. This next series against the Heat...probably a 4 or 5 game series in favor of Miami with all of the Bulls health issues. The Bulls owner management and team should take this series against the Heat as a learning process into what it will ultimately take to beat this team in a playoff series in the future. There's no doubting the Bulls heart and will to compete at the highest level, but when the season comes to an end for the Bulls the recruiting of free agents needs to begin. Every player in the league has seen this Bulls team will to win and what player wouldn't want to be a part of that? The Bulls won't have cap space until 2014 but the wooing of players should still begin this summer. Some players may be willing to sign a 1 year deal and then resign with the Bulls for more money come the 2014 season. The organization shouldn't wait til 2014 to recruit players when other teams like the Lakers will have cap space as well.

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    You really think the Bulls Organization doesn't know this?

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    Evidently they don't cause if they did don't you think Asik and Korver would still be with the Bulls? Stop being such a homer.

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    Ah Reese, such a tremendous grasp of the obvious...

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    Someone need to grasp for the obvious cause the Bulls player relations with big free agents aren't good at all...or am i missing something?...I think and know not.

  • A major factor in Noah's performance is how personally he took his NYC roots. I believe Noah was the only player on either team who is a NYC native, so for him winning against Brooklyn and in Brooklyn was a HUGE DEAL. His family was in the crowd, and after the game he said he would remember this game/series for the rest of his life. Noah played like his life depended on it, and to him it did.

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    Taj grew up in Brooklyn, didn't he?

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    Noah is always an emotion fueled guy, but even guys like him need an extra dose of it every now and then. I think that he has had similar excellent performances in the past when members of his family have been present. It probably wouldn't work if they were present at every game though.

  • Going into the series, I didn't think that I cared that much if we won or not, since this was a "lost season" anyone, but last night I would have felt like I had been kicked in the balls if we had lost in the first round for a second straight season.

    Noah's inspired performance really made it worthwhile. He looked "cured" of his PF. I know that isn't likely how it works, so I hope that he is ready to go full speed against Miami. Even though everyone sites Rose's injury as the reason we lost to Philly in last years first round, I always felt that we wound have found a way to win that series if Noah had not been injured.

    Not that getting to the second round of the playoffs is the goal for this team, but without Rose we can't in reality hope for much more.

    I just hope that we can annoy the shit out of Miami and their fans for as long as possible.

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    Noah is the heart and soul of this team. I was surprised at how well Belinelli has played when he starts, its funny how different his game is when he starts instead of coming off the bench. Taj Gibson has me worried, he hasn't looked that good all year, his offense hasn't gone anywhere and his rebounding this year has been pretty awful(1 rebound last game or whatever). Hopefully its just injuries cuz he's signed to a big 34 million dollar contract over 4 years. Jimmy with the good D and Marquis Teague showing he belongs in this league but he needs alot of work on his outside shot which I think he can develop.

    As long as the refs don't make this a free throw shooting contest between Wade and Lebron and let the physical smash mouth playoff basketball game determine the winner, it should be fun to watch. I'm hoping we get two wins but I have no faith in the refs being legit. Still surprised, didn't expect the Bulls to win in brooklyn in game 7 because of all the injuries. wow, this team never quits.

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