Rebounding dooms Bulls in game five

The focus will likely be on Kirk Hinrich missing the game, but Nate Robinson played a pretty good floor game and Deron Williams scores less on him than he did on Hinrich last game. The Bulls may have missed Kirk, but they lost because they couldn't control the glass.

The final score was a 19 point blowout, but that wasn't reflective of how close the game was. The Bulls were right there with Brooklyn for the majority of the game, but their inability to secure the defensive rebound combined with a lackluster defensive effort overall doomed Chicago to a loss.

If a team is going to shoot 50% against you then you'd better not allow 17 offensive rebounds as well. Brooklyn effectively ran 12 more plays than Chicago, and the Bulls can't win when that happens. Chicago's typically the team with extra possessions against their opponents, but not tonight.

It was too much to handle. The only team in the NBA to not have a four game streak (in either direction) all season wasn't prepared to start in the playoffs.

Flagrant foul?

It's a minor point that had nothing to do with the outcome [nor do I think the game overall was officiated poorly] but when Marco Belinelli got whistled for a flagrant by slapping Andray Blatche across the upper arm [the one with the ball in it no less] and didn't even use enough force to take him to the ground, I had to laugh.

Brad Miller and Omer Asik are now demanding video review of a couple o key playoff fouls they took that weren't deemed flagrant even after league review. Where's Bill Walton to tell you that's a playoff foul when you need him?

How seriously do you take the loss?

Well it's not time to panic, but you'd better not feel like the Bulls have the series in the bag either. Chicago has allowed some epic come from behind wins in games, and is one of only five teams [off the top of my head anyway] to lose in the playoffs as the one seed as well as one of the few to lose after taking a 2-0 lead in a series.

In short, would it really shock you if they became one of the few to drop a series after leading 3-1? I can't say it would. Especially if they continue to be this beat up.

The next game isn't "must win" in the sense that there's still a game seven, and the Bulls are a strong road team, however, if the Bulls can't close at home Thursday then you certainly won't feel warm and comfy about a game seven in Brooklyn.

On the plus side, Gerald Wallace had a nice night which means he's due for a clunker next game, and Brook Lopez had 10 rebounds which isn't likely to happen again. Chicago's still in a good spot to win the series. They just can't take anything lightly, but with Tom Thibodeau roaming the sidelines there's no chance of that anyway.



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  • Well who didn't see that loss coming. With kirk out as difficult as it is for me to say, the Bulls were destined to lose game game 5. The Bulls were in the game til the last 4 or 5 minutes and the Nets pulled away. This series need to end in game 6 so the Bulls need to take care of business cause going back to Brooklyn could be a history making game for the Nets if they come back to win the series.

  • It is must win. Nets take series if bulls dont win Thursday.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Yeah I get that feeling too. Momentum and home court advantage both would be in their favor if they beat the Bulls Thursday. Hopefully they can close them out at home!

    Score did look bad at the end but they were in it up until 2 minutes. I expect the Bulls to bring the defense this game just hope it is enough.

  • Deron scored more on a per minute basis, and on many fewer shots. I also think that at least some of the defensive issues with the bigs related to the absence of Kirk - same as he doesn't look as good on D when the bigs rotation is screwed up. I don't think there is any question they did miss Kirk - and that's not a shot at Nate at all, because he did play very well.

    But yes, the volume of second chance points they got was the most direct problem - we shot about the same, but they got up 9 additional shot attempts.

  • In reply to clancy:

    Yeah I totally agree, a lot of the 2nd chance opportunities/offensive rebounds were the result of people having to help Nate more thus losing position on their man, whereas they wouldn't have had to leave their man as much to help Kirk. Nate did play well though, it's just that he's not big enough to guard Deron for a whole game.

  • Yeah, we might win a series against Brooklyn! If not though, it's OK as Miami can dispose of us possibly fairly easily. Derrick, you're right take the playoffs off and say adios to your teammates until next year.

    Wait, what?!

    Rather then winning a series nobody will remember in a couple of years, the matter of Derrick Rose sitting healthy and idly by while his team goes down in the playoffs after fighting tooth and nail is what is lasting. Derrick get your f-ing ass off the pine(and your J.C. Penny ass looking suits) and get in the f-ing game!. Yes, you f-ed up and now you'll be too rusty and out of game condition to be of much use most likely towards winning.

    But for the Bulls future with you as the leader of the franchise and your teammates you need to get on the court because it's the right thing to do. Make no mistake, letting your teammates fall at the hands of a middling Nets team when you could battle on against Miami and a blind puncher's chance at battling Miami essentially for the title, you can't leave that on the table without serious repercussions. It's time to man up Derrick.

    And it's pathetic that seemingly nobody on this site has the balls or mental capacity to state the obvious. I guess will just keep tuning out, and let the Reinsdorf apologists who have to tend to every negative comment like his matron because they have no lives.

    Get this: Reinsdorf cheap ass f-ck! Derrick Rose misguided balless moment of your life if you don't get out there now and help all your hard working teammates from falling after pouring their guts out on the floor, through painful injuries, game after game.

    "Paging Derrick Rose, please report to baggage claim your nads are waiting to be retrieved and a courtesy taxi with your uniform is waiting to drive your passive, stagnant ass to the United Center for Game 6. Wake up or suffer the karma that will bite your ass for the rest of your career.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I agree with this, and in the end, life is dominated by the big boys. If Rose never asked anyone for anything, then life should not ask in return, but if he has eaten from tree, then his aloof bs is an insult to anyone not hiding behind a skirt. This holds true for every profession.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Failure is not an excuse.

  • I agree even Rose with a crutch or cane in the game is better now than him just sitting around with those ugly suits! Heck Reiny just paid him $16M so can we at least get 1 game from DRose to finish off the Nets in Chicago and get out of the 1st round?!!

  • In reply to smiley:

    If this talk about insurance on Rose is correct and the Bulls are off the hook for his salary this season if he doesn't play. I could see from a business point of view why they might not want to pay Derrick $16 million to play in potentially one or two games. This decision likely comes from the top.

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    Don't you know its all Boozer's fault (proceed to cherry-pick two bad Boozer plays)???

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