Bulls Beat #275 - Annihilation

Bulls Beat #275 - Annihilation

The Bulls were crushed by the Nets in game one and need to find a way to respond.

Bulls Beat #275 - Annihilation


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  • damn thibodeau for fooling us again in the regular season. Luol Deng gets all jittery in the playoffs every year, and since him and thibodeau are joined at the hip, they set the tone for the entire team. Not only do the bulls not have a playoff gear (i mean, that's their year round gear), they actually seem to play worse come playoff time. As for Rose, all your scenarios pretty much suggest he should be traded (maybe except for the mental toughness one, but that one seems most unlikely). Like I've said before, this whole situation is a joke and there has to be something else goin on here, some Vince Carter type crap. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Rose already bailed on these guys and he's got an agreement with management to be sent elsewhere in the summer. The bulls are the most secretive of organizations, they could definitely keep something like that under wraps.

  • Rose decided he was mentally ready to sit on the bench. Whoopee!

  • Until this team can show it has a playoff mode they're going nowhere with or without Rose. And i will continue to say, its not whether the fans should question Rose mental toughness but does Rose really have some skepticism on his organizations commitment to winning.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    If Rose's is bailing because he doesn't like the roster then that puts him squarely in Vince Carter territory, cause he's taking the worst possible approach, passive-aggression. Kobe bitched plenty, and publicly, about his teammates, but he never quit on his team. And these guys on the bulls play their asses of off all year, it's not even close to those shitty kobe teams. Or how about Jordan? He played with pretty shitty rosters for longer than Rose and he never quit on the team.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    Whatever the case may be something big is go on with Rose and this Bulls team. Rose could be on his way to the trading block, who knows.

  • People are taking out their fustration from the Bulls poor play out on Rose which makes no sense.

    The story hasn't changed. We all knew their was a possibility of Rose not playing in the playoffs, but because Deng and co. put out that piss poor effort, Derrick gets the brunt of the criticism unfairly.

    As far Noah, if anything watching Joakim add nothing and only playing limited minutes proved that if you're not ready to play you shouldn't be out there.

  • As one of the people who said Derrick should play the second he reaches 100% in the comments here and got a lot of pushback for it, I do think it's a little unfair to criticize him now for not playing just because the team got destroyed in the first playoff game. If they get swept or if they had done the sweeping, what decision does that change when it comes to Derrick? He's choosing to sit either way. It's a little on the strange side to see all the people saying "let him come back next year 110%" to now be angry at him. Perhaps the difference is I didn't expect anything more than what I got last night out of this Bulls team. I said I'd consider it a success if they, however unlikely, got to 6 games against the Nets, we'll have to see if that's possibly. They certainly shouldn't get blown out by 20 points every game. There's no excuse for that, even if they were playing the Heat.

  • With Noah looking the way he is Rose not coming back really doesn't matter from a practical sense. The Bulls needed both Noah and Rose fit to have even an outside chance at beating the Heat.

    I guess the only question the Bulls have to ask is the one only they're in a position to answer and us fans aren't ... why didn't Rose come back? If it's scenario 1 (he's busted) or 3 (he's pissy with the org) then they have to trade him (and probably at least some of Noah/Deng/Gibson) this off-season and go into tank/rebuild mode. If they just think he's scared then at least he has a whole season to work that out before the playoffs roll around next year.

    I do think he's just scared, and that's a bit of a worry, but it's still the least bad scenario. We probably overrate attitude a bit ... Noah battling to get out there like he has makes fans love him but he's really not helping the team any when he can barely get up and down the court. At the end of the day rebounds pulled down with passion count the same as ones pulled down laconically. Boozer can be the loudest guy on court while playing matador defense after all.

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