Bulls Beat #274 - Feelin Brooklyn

Bulls Beat #274 - Feelin Brooklyn

I discuss the Bulls playoff seedings, the Miami Heat, and Rose's injury.

Bulls Beat #274 - Feelin Brooklyn

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  • I don't believe the Bulls stand a chance without DRose against any team in the playoffs. We saw it last year. Their style of play (extra effort, rebound, play harder etc.) isn't a formula for success in the playoffs when everyone plays that way. They don't have the offensive firepower. This team is a first round exit without Rose.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Last year the Bulls lost to Philadelphia in game 6 due to one bad decision by C.J. Watson, a bad call by the refs (non flagrant), and a failure of Asik to hit a free throw.

    If they win that game, they're in a game seven in Chicago.

    They were missing Rose AND Noah for the final couple games.

    I think if everyone except Rose is healthy that they have an excellent shot upending Brooklyn who's pretty soft inside.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    The Bulls had a one-game cushion in that Philadelphia series after Rose fell. They only managed one more win after that. The games may be close, but the Bulls don't have scoring and they don't have a closer (over 5'8"). Deron Williams is still a top 5 point guard in the league. He's going to turn it on when it matters. Melo would do the same. Injury-laden teams without stars players on the floor and little offensive talent just don't win in the playoffs.

  • Is there anyway that the Bulls don't lose tonight to the Pistons, kind of the karmic reversal of the streakbusters.

  • Ha, you called it. Strangely, I had a dream that the Bulls would lose to Detroit on Saturday night, then woke up thinking holy crap I care too much about the Bulls that I had a dream about a game against the Pistons.

    Chicago frequently seems to follow up big wins with let down losses, and that was the case last night, though I suppose Luol Deng sitting was also a bit much to overcome.

    Noah/Beli returned, but Beli really isn't helping all that much, and while Noah was good, his 20 minute cap limited how much he could help.

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