Rose status is now "day to day"?

Tom Thibodeau noted in his update on Rose that Derrick is "day to day" which certainly doesn't seem like a guy who's sitting out the rest of the season. I'm not sure if the Bulls and Rose have a point of no return set on Rose, but I'd hazard a guess that he likely has to play regular season ball before playoff basketball.

That said, Rose still has another five weeks to do so and given that he's running through five on five drills every practice and doing what everyone else is doing, it seems likely that's plenty of time for him to make his return. It truly may not be much longer now even if it's already been longer than I expected.

Carlos Boozer didn't travel with the team to San Antonio but will join them tonight after staying behind a day to deal with a personal matter. Hinrich, Hamilton, and Gibson are all doubtful or out for the game, so the Bulls will go at it again with a limited roster, but at least they'll have a couple of days of rest.

Marco Belinelli is getting reps at PG to initiate the offense which shows you how much confidence Tom Thibodeau has in Marquis Teague. Quite frankly, I can't blame Thibodeau much there. Teague's a bundle of potential that needs a whole bunch of refinement. My hope for him is a very strong off-season work ethic, because he's awfully far away right now. He also has terrible mechanics on his jumper which doesn't bode well for him ever having much of an outside shot.

A look ahead

The next 10 games will be tough for Chicago with Sacramento being the only real cellar team in that group. If they can't get healthy soon, it won't make things any easier either. After that, they finish up the season with a fairly soft schedule. I'd guess the Bulls probably finish out the year with around 46-47 playing more or less .500 ball the rest of the way.

That seems like a record that will land them in 6th with a matchup against the Pacers or Knicks in round one. If Derrick is back, I like the Bulls odds of pulling an "upset", if not it's going to be a short playoff run.


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  • Doug, what did you decide re Playoff tix?

  • In reply to Waldock:

    The group wanted to do it, so we bought them. I'm probably going to pick games that are unlikely to be played in the draft so that I don't get stuck paying for them.

  • March 18th. 2013

  • Even though it is where Chicago wants to be, it's way too early to project them into the 6th seed. 4th or 5th is equally realistic.

  • Never thought Rose would miss the season, but Nick Friedell has been saying he thinks odds are greater than 50% he does miss all year. And this morning KC Johnson said on Mulley/Hanley that his best guess is Rose sits the year. Hope they're wrong, but who knows at this point.

  • In reply to stakfry526:

    I don't know what they know, but from all the progress Rose has made, why would their conclusion be he sit the rest of the season? It just doesn't make any sense.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Reports say Derrick told David Aldridge from last Thursday that he feels a "pinch" when trying to go right and "wouldn't be able to guard someone going left" he also said "I'm not afraid to fail, but i just want to be 100% before I return" so that's why everyone is saying he might miss the whole year. IMO I think he's ready physically but mentally he still has some hurdles. I mean you look at Westbrook getting better and better and exploding to the rim, drose is probably looking at that and scared out of his mind that maybe he won't return to that point. Personally I think Derrick (had he not been injured) would be shredding the league right now. It's "out of sight out of mind" basically, because people (not accusing anyone on here) forget how explosive Derrick was and how great of a finisher he was around the rim, and how hard he pushed(es) himself to get better. We all see the progression of Durant and Westbrook and Derrick would be right there tearing up the league. You mean to tell me those guys work harder than Derrick?? I don't think so. I believe Derrick would be in MVP talks and leading this bulls team to another great season. It seems like every PG in the game is better than drose is you listen to the talking heads at the score (B&B..who I love). I just dont think it's fair to judge Derrick and say he's soft and won't return to peak performance, and I think the worst part of all this is the fact that it will go into next season too. It's going to take some time for him to get that confidence back and that swagger that made him a top 5 talent in the league. Hopefully he regains it or sadly we may have seen the best of drose.

  • Rose is coming back. All of that was staged for the sake of drama and marketing hype.

  • This must be killing Thibs.

    First, he doesn't seem overly fond of the media to begin with, so to constantly field questions is probably grating, to say the least.

    Next, he's probably watching Derrick just absolutely light up the guards in practice, and wondering why the hell he isn't playing yet. Derrick at 75% is about 50% better than any other guard they have on the roster.

    Finally, Marquis Teague strikes me as Tyrus Thomas minus some inches (NOTE: I mean that in terms of potential vs. performance...Ty seemed like a sulker, and it is hard to judge Teague at this point in that regard). I can't imagine Thibs had much say in the draft war room on that pick (Teague's assist to TO ration on a stacked college team was pedestrian, at best)

    I was worrying that Thibs was losing the team, but their effort the last few games has alleviated that concern. They probably just collectively hit the wall. Hopefully, they can grind out some wins.

    P.S. In practice, does Derrick guard Deng (he can't guard going right, Deng can't do anything going left)???

  • It seems like Derrick will return this year. The daily updates are becoming so mundane.. They're are 22 games left and I feel like for Derrick to come back and have any kind of rhythm and continuity with the team he needs to come back with 20-17 games left. 15 at the least, if he can't do that than he should sit for the season.

  • Bulls tags mean little. He could actually be day to day or he could still be out indefinitely...

    I would be worried if he misses the entire season. I get waiting till you are fully healthy but who knows how long if ever before he gets to 100%. If you can scrimage 5 on 5 and are safe then why not play?

  • In reply to Chad:

    Day to day = please pony up for playoff tix!

  • hey its only money

  • More reason to temper our expectations that Rose will return and about what he will be when/if he does this season.

    Not everyone can come back the way Vikings running back Adrian Peterson did last year. Actually, no one else has. It's a long, difficult road that Shumpert is regretfully learning firsthand. He admittedly isn't the player he was last season when he ranked seventh in the NBA in steals, made the All-Rookie first team and was the only first-year player to receive Defensive Player of the Year votes. The explosiveness isn't there. The lateral quickness isn't the same. Things the athletic Shumpert would do easily, like finishing at the rim, aren't happening nearly as much. "It [ticks] me off," he said. Newsday
    Shumpert is proud and confident, driven and determined, but also stubborn and he can be defiant. He says his lateral movement "is fine" and has no doubt he'll eventually be better than before the injury. He's slowly showing signs of becoming a pest defensively again. Shumpert contends his struggles have less to do with his knee and more with being inactive for so long. "I don't feel I'm the player from last year," he said. "I just came off an ACL. I went four months with no basketball. I couldn't do anything with a basketball except really just stand-in-place stuff. So when you're trying to come back, your rhythm is all messed. Sometimes you dribble the ball. The ball doesn't come back up or it's high. There's a lot that goes into it." Newsday

    Rubio, who was injured a few months earlier is just barely starting to play better recently, so to expect Rose to be Rose this season, even in the playoffs is simply not realistic.

    In reality, I only want him to come back this season if it enhances his overall recovery, I don't care about the short term ramifications for this Bulls season.

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