Joakim, Taj, and three point shooting key to beating the Heat

Look, the Heat probably win this game going away, because the Bulls don't seem to have nearly enough offense to hang with Miami. That said, if they rally and win the game it likely comes down to the defense and rebounding of Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson combined with some hot shooting from the perimeter.

The Heat will almost certainly shoot a higher percentage than the Bulls. Like Chicago, they have athletic defenders they can put on the floor to clamp down on defense, however, they have far better offensive players to overcome the opposing defense played on them. Nothing new there, this is fairly straight forward.

However, while Miami will almost certain shoot a higher percentage than Chicago, what Chicago can do is outrebound the hell out of them. If Chicago can have one of its elite rebounding nights where they are able to throw up 10-12 more shots (adjusting for free throws) then they no longer need score as efficiently as Miami. They can make up for a lack of efficiency by volume of attempts.

The other easy way to make up for a lack of efficiency is to get hot from beyond the arc. The Bulls aren't loaded with great shooters, but if they're able to get offensive boards then frequently that results in a defensive breakdown immediately following the rebound. This allows for put backs, or when the put back is well defended the kick out to an open shooter as the opposing defense scrambles.

This was actually Kyle Korver's most effective way of getting three point shots off for Chicago when he was here, and the Bulls need Belinelli, Robinson, and Deng to look for that open three when Taj or Noah corral an offensive board. The Bulls aren't going to miraculously start knocking down heavily contested threes off the dribble (well maybe Nate on a good day) but they can hit a high percentage if they're able to generate quality looks.

The key to defending the Heat is a quality offense. Miami brings one of the most dangerous transition games in the history of the NBA to the table. LeBron James can't be stopped, slowed, or bothered in the open court. It takes a full five guys clogging up the court to have a hope of him not dunking on you. When Miami generates turnovers or transition looks off of long rebounds, their offense becomes very difficult to defend.

When Miami is forced into the half court, they certainly don't become stagnant or mediocre, but they do go from unstoppable to very good, and the Bulls defense, at its peak, can slow down "very good".

Will Chicago put together the perfect game to dethrone Miami? I'm not holding my breath, but Chicago's effectively beaten the Heat three times without Rose already, so it can be done.

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  • Saw the video of rose practicing yesterday. He needs to be out there.. Period point blank. He looked like he wasn't even thinking about his knee. He was shown crossing over and going up for jump shots and rebounding. He needs to play..

  • In reply to StephanH:

    Not that I take much from a video, but total scrubs were able to stay in front of Rose in that video.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    You mean getting stripped left and right from the likes of Teague, Cook, VladRad, and Thomas doesn't constitute as 'dominating'?

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    That isn't the point. My point was that he looked ready to play.. Returning to the court after a year absence will mean shaking off some rust. I guarantee you can't do that in practice alone. The only point I'm making is that he didn't look concerned about the knee while he was playing. He was jumping and from what I saw wasn't coming down gingerly.. If that's the case than he should be playing. I hate when athletes use the "only god knows" narrative. Seriously drose should be playing and know. It's ironic that Joakim and Loul are actually injured and are playing and Derrick is the healthy one and he's sitting..

  • At first, I read your headline as:

    Joakim, Taj's Three point shooting key to Beating Heat.

    I thought you were making a joke that the bulls had basically zero chance of winning tonight.

  • In reply to Hoover:

    That would have been epically subtle.

  • I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but I wonder if that video was meant to deflect criticism from Rose. After all the talk of dunking, dominating, etc., "see, he can't even beat Vlad of the dribble, no way he's ready for Lebron!"

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Starting to feel like a PR disinformation campaign.

  • This no doubt a throw away season. The Bulls organization want to keep the fans interested. Read between the lines Bulls fans, the playoffs are coming and the organization want to keep the fans guessing and taking a chance on Rose playing and purchase playoff tickets. I really do dispise the Bulls as an organization when it comes to their keep everything a secret wayz.

  • Excellent analysis on ESPN about how guys return from ACL injuries. The basic gist is, guys under 25 return less diminished than guys over 25. However, it seems to take about 8 weeks from the return date to work the rust off and get back to normal or expected performance, even if that is a diminished normal performance when compared to peak pre injury performamce.

    Bottom line, unless Rose's strategy of not coming back until he is 110% overcomes the 8 week rust off period it already appears to be to late for Rose to impact this season possitively. Which is also an argument for him not returning at all.

  • Oh my God, Senile Sam Smith, in the ultimate act of desperation, suggests that the way for the Bulls to beat the Heat is to put Nate Robinson on Lebron to mess up their offensive flow.

    While I agree with his contention that Robinson is our most physical player, and I love the edge with which he competes putting a 5'8" guy and a 6'8" guy who happens to be the best player in the league seems insane, like Don Nelson level insane.

    Although he doesn't specifically say it, he also has the BozoHole out of the lineup altogether, or at least as a bench player. This seems odd, since Smith is the biggest Bozo butt kisser in Chicago.

  • It appears to be speculate on the Bulls day on ESPN, but in case you haven't figured it out yet, here is the 2014 plan.

    The problem with this plan, as I've recently pointed out, is that it is likely to require one additional significant salary dump(beyond Bozo, Deng and Hinrich) in order for the Bulls to get anywhere near max salary cap room.

    As the article states, asumming the Bulls let Deng(and Hinrich) walk and amnestitize the BozoHole the Bulls will have a little over $46 million committed to 7 players(Rose, Noah, Taj, Butler, Teague and the next 2 years # 1 picks). Adding 6 minimum cap holds brings the total to $51 million. So unless the salary cap goes up by $10-15 million the Bulls will be no where near max cap room. In fact Lebron will be eligible for a starting salary of over $20 million per, and even a young veteran star will be starting at $16 million per.

    Somehow trading Deng for Kevin Love still seems like the best that the Bulls can hope for. With the way that Williams has played in Loves absence, maybe we have a shot this offseason, although it certainly would cost us a #1 pick or 2.

    On top of that the Bulls might have to find the money to bring over Mirotic that season. Maybe they can use the full MLE after they sign a free agent that maxes out their cap. But I think that there is some kind of apron rule about that also, at least in that first year, so they might not be able to bring Mirotic over until the following year.

    All of this makes the 2014 plan highly suspect, and one more reason why not matching Asik was a moronic move.

  • Does OKC take westbrook for Rose? maybe give them a draft pick

  • Wont bother watching this game, Noah and Marco out for tonite. Miami win streak...28 straight wins.

  • No Noah, No shot, Not worth watching, unless the Heat go 0'fer the 3 point line and even then we won't be able to stop Miami in crunch time.

  • that ladies and gentleman is reason #101 why Boozer is an absolute asshole. Missed free throw by James, easy rebound to the BozoHole, except he takes his eye of the ball to scream like a chimpanzee/baboon/hyena/banshee and the ball goes out of bounds to Miami which inbounds for a Lebron 3. Pure asshole allday everyday.

  • Deng and Butler better get ready to play 48. Glad to see Battier on Deng as Deng plays afraid on offense when guarded by Lebron, nevermind the defensive end.

  • Wade just pulled a Bozo the boozer, after he commits a turnover on the offensive end he stands, watches and pouts instead of sprinting back on D and Nate nails a 3. Nice to see someone else do that besides the BozoHole.

  • Well the Bulls just played the best offensive half that we could have hoped for and I'm afraid a 9 point lead just isn't going to be enough. Both teams shot 54% but as Doug suggested would be necessary the Bulls got up 13 more shots, can they keep up that pace in the second half. You can just feel the Heat turning up the screws defensively, an avalanche of turnovers and a massive scoring drought to follow.

    Here's hoping not to puke in the second half.

  • Its quite funny how the announcers were trying to say that foul on Lebron was NOT a flagrant. Clearly lowers his shoulder and makes contact while not even looking at the ball. And then they go on to say Boozer hardly moving from the contact is even more reason not to call a flagrant. I'm sorry Boozer doesn't flop like James at every hint of contact. /rant over/

    Still think the Bulls are going to have to hold off one last run to win this game. Nice to see a big game from Deng, Boozer, and Butler!

  • and the BozoHole continues to be a total absolute moronhole.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    and even I will admit that offensive putback makes us for the previous moronhole play.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    9 point lead, 30 seconds, still sweating bullets, ridiculous.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    that offensive put back in crunch time from bozo must have hurt your feelings lol.


  • Excellent Win!!!!!!.........Heat went off the court as sore losers........ESPN tv announcers were stunned.......did not give the Bulls any credit at all.....LBJ is pissed!

    That was better than a Championship.

    let no one say that this Heat team is better than any of our Bulls Championship teams.....or that LBJ is better than MJ.

    MJ would have won games like this....LBJ cannot.

  • Can I go and delete my posting from a couple of weeks ago of saying the Bulls have no chance of upsetting the Heat?

    Can't use the excuse that Miami don't care about the regular season for this one ... the Bulls seem to match up well with the Heat no matter who they throw out there. Rose has to try to come back, the Bulls may not be the second best team in the league but I think they have the best chance of anyone of beating the Heat.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Why would you want to go back and delete that posting? So you can be wrong twice? LOL.

    Bulls own the Heat in the regular season the past 2 seasons (and this season lead the series, 2-1). Getting up for individual regular season games is not the same as a 7-game playoff series.

  • 32 points in the first and fourth quarters, that is almost a bigger miracle than the victory. That might not ever happen against the Heat as long as Lebron is in town.

    Of course, given another 30 seconds we would have choked it away.

    Well, at least I can sleep tonight without massive doses of drugs.

  • fb_avatar

    Great win for the ExpenDaBulls!!! I am just damn proud of everybody...

  • The Bulls won, but the end doesn't justify the means. They won by mugging James every chance they got. And the sheriffs (the refs) looked the other way.

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