Derrick Rose is medically cleared, now he owes it to us to play

According to long time Bulls writer Melissa Isaacson, Derrick Rose has been cleared to play medically by his own Doctor, but he's holding out on getting in the game.

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Derrick Rose's doctor has cleared the Chicago Bulls' star to play, a team source said, but his long-awaited return to the lineup won't occur until he can confidently dunk off his left foot, Rose has told the team.

Rose, who had surgery to repair a tear to the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee on May 12, has been videotaped dunking off each foot, but more casually than he would during a game. A source said that although he has been practicing and scrimmaging hard, he told the Bulls that until he feels "in his mind" he can confidently dunk off his left foot in a game situation, he is not 100 percent mentally ready to return to competition.

The team is not pressuring Rose, the source said, but the Bulls are confident he will return this season and are still hoping for a mid-March return, which would mark 10 months after his surgery. The Bulls play at Golden State on March 15.

The source said the team has been assured by Rose's doctor that there is no more chance of the former MVP getting injured upon his return than anyone else and that the doctor told the Bulls that physically "he can play now." Rose is now dealing with the psychological side of trusting his body.

A few interesting things:

1: The Bulls clearly are pressuring Rose to play. If they weren't, they wouldn't have leaked the information that his own doctor cleared him to play.

2: If Derrick Rose has been medically cleared to play and is no longer at further risk to injure himself (per his own doctor, not the Bulls doctor) then he should play at some point this season.

I'm all for Derrick sitting out while he has an increased medical risk. I'm also fine with him taking his time to get mentally fit. However, at some point, and some point this year, it's on Derrick to come back.

Derrick deserves to get his head right. He deserves to feel confident. However, the Bulls deserve for him to play. He's paid to play basketball. He's capable of play basketball. There's no longer a risk associated with his injury. You add that up, and he should be on the court shortly.

Rose obviously deserves some leeway, and by all accounts, he's gotten it. I get that he wants to come back at 110% and drop 30/12 on his first night back. However, despite the fact that it's less sexy for Adidas to have Rose look more human in his return, the Bulls can use him now. With his medical risk deemed over by his doctors his loyalty should be to the team that needs him and the fans that want him rather than the media who may paint his return as less successful if he struggles some.

It's not a big deal if Derrick delays another week, another two weeks, but if he sits out the rest of this season while being medically cleared for over two months then I'll be very disappointed in him. Derrick owes us more than that. He owes the Bulls more than that. Fortunately, I'm very confident he'll give more than that too.


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  • I expect him to play by the march 18th home game(after the road trip). If he ain't playing by then, i will have to question his heart and passion for the game and his team.

  • Perhaps he doesn't trust the bulls medical staff.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    It's his doctor who cleared him this case, not the Bulls dragon.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I think Pink is saying Rose wont trust the Bulls' trainers/doctors after he starts playing and if he gets banged up or some injury.

    You know, since the Bulls' players always seem to get cleared to come back prematurely, only to result in more injuries.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    I get paid over $87 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I'd be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I've been doing,

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    In reply to pinkizdead:

    Could be but the Bulls medial Staff is guaranteed and sponsored and picked by the NBA so im pretty sure they are strict about it...

  • I agree with Doug. If you stay home sick from work for 2 days, but on the 3rd day you're healthy, you should go back to work. You should go back to work even if you hate your job or think your coworkers are lazy. If you don't want to go back to work then find a new job but you owe it to your employer to work if you're healthy.

    I get that Rose isn't fully confident yet but he's not going to get there until he plays in some real games. If he's healthy enough to play, he should play. Forman should dictate a strict minutes limit to Thibs.

    I think it's rotten that the Bulls leaked this story, though. All of this should be between Rose and the Bulls, as impossible as it may be in the information age. They can pressure him in other ways than using the media, e.g. have teammates talk to him.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Since Rose isn't returning, maybe the Bulls should start calling around the league to see what they can get for him.

    I heard Knicks fans wouldn't mind giving us Melo for the locker room cancer/malcontent Rose.

  • One big problem with Mr Thonus' story:

    "The Bulls clearly are pressuring Rose to play. If they weren't, they wouldn't have leaked the information that his own doctor cleared him to play"

    Uhhhh, NO. They can't "leak" info that Derrick's doctor cleared him to play, there's this law called HIPPA. A doctor cannot publicly (or privately, for that matter) release information about a patient without the PATIENT'S consent.

    Outside of that, I fully understand the "let's bash the Bulls' front office and/or their best player, that's what sells (draws hits)" business plan.

    It's just sad when you watch a national show and they talk about how knowledgable Celtics or Lakers fans are... you'll never hear them say that about Bulls fans.

    Of course when you have a bunch of people crying about the loss of Kyle Korver and Omer Asik, what do you expect?

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Derrick gave consent to the Bulls to know his medical status, that doesn't mean he gave the Bulls consent to tell the media or wanted them to do it.

    I've never heard people say that Lakers fans were knowledgeable. Boston and New York fans maybe. Though I've heard the same of Chicago fans too.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I hear ya pal. What kind of idiot thinks we'd miss the best three point shooter and second best rebounder in the NBA?

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Obviously the niggardly geniuses that run the Bulls and the snarky, condescending and always moronic genius known as the Paducah Putz who has apparently been recently released from Mappy's basement.

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    In reply to Tyler Soze:

    You are an not bash the bulls F.O..Why the hell would the bulls pay 30 million for a backup center? THAT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. Korver was not the best in the league btw at threes, and Belllenelli is defiently and upgrade to Kyle Korver. Marco can do everything drive to the hoop and make mid range shots something korver could not do. SO stop making us look bad and think a little bit.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    If it was legit to leak the information then it wouldn't have been leaked. Instead, Gar would have called a press conference, declared his intention to be a total dick and subsequently released confidential medical information. I have no idea whether they are deliberately pressuring Rose but I would certainly hope not. He tore his ACL not his personality - I think most of us would agree that Rose has got great character and unlikely to be holding out any longer than he needs. Plus no doctor can accurately quantitate what pain he is experiencing and how it feels when stressed. I think we should trust his judgement about his own body.

  • Its Derricks call, he will play when he feels comfortable even tho his crappy employer is trying to put pressure on him by leaking his personal doctors report. Whatever happened to patient doctor confidentiality? So much for that, got to earn that contact huh?

  • In reply to Reese1:

    A joke of a FO along with 90% of the Chicago media whose a bunch of ass kissers

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Reese1- so you are among the 99% who believe that the Bulls' front office has no problem violating federal law by leaking Rose's personal medical information?

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    All i can say is someone made sure Rose personal doctors report got leaked to put pressure on him to return. Whomever did this is low.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    It was reported yesterday that Rose tweeted he was having a bad day but as long az his family has his back, that was all that mattered. And now with the news of his medical clearance getting leaked, don't know if the two have anything to do with one another.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I'm not sure what the standard player contract is, but I'd bet there is a clause in it exempting standard doctor/patient confidentiality law in terms of whether they can play basketball.

    Beyond the fact that Rose obviously cleared the Bulls to have this information or else he couldn't be practicing, the teams are obligated by the league to provide injury updates on players. Thus, it seems fairly obvious that this particular case of doctor patient confidentiality isn't really relevant in this case.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I'm sure that the Paducah Putz never heard of the collective bargaining process and how rights, protections and even laws can be modified/abrogated in this process.

    But he is the only "intelligent" Bulls fan so why argue, especially since he is pure of heart and mind and has no agenda.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Derrick Rose obviously released the information to the team. On top of that, Derrick's medical status in terms of playing basketball is likely exempt from typical doctor patient laws and that's likely inside the player/team standard contract.

  • As far as the team putting pressure on Rose by leaking this info, I don't really think much of it. It seems that every player that has been injured for a while has a report come out about when he has been cleared to play. I don't know if Rose was shocked by it. It's not like he asked every day if he's going to play or not. He probably gets asked about 10 times an hour by every reporter before every game.
    Wether Rose owes it to the team to play seems harsh, but I don't know if I disagree. He should be able to come back on his own terms, but at the same time the team needs to see what he can do. As much as fans don't want to say it, there is still a chance that he's not going to be the same player. I don't want to think about it (I don't expect it either), but he may not be a franchise player anymore. The Bulls need to find that out as soon as possible.

  • March 18th, 2013

  • I'm pretty confident Rose will be back soon. I think too much has been taking out of context with Rose's return date due to the Bulls struggles since the All star break, peoples expectations of when he should return, and his brothers recent comments on his feelings of the Bulls organization. The fact that he's medically cleared is great news for Chicago. Admittedly I havn't watched the Bulls much as of late because they're lack of consistency on offense make them difficult to watch. But when Rose returns this is one Bulls fan that will come back.

  • From the small glimpses that we have seen, Rose does not appear physically ready to return.

    While I generally agree that he is entitled to make the call as to when he returns as only he knows what his body is telling him, if he has indeed been medically cleared to play then he certainly has to return at some point this season, NLT April 1rst.

    He is certainly entitled to a second opinion or 2 or 3, but if a medical consensus is reached he owes it to all concerned(especially himself) to give it a shot this season

    Despite the fact that I have always maintained that he is a bit of a mama's boy, I believe that if medically cleared he will return this season. March 18th, could well be the day.

  • Rose is a pussy, and a coward. Look at NY's Shumpert that was injured on the same day, and has been playing for more than a month now or maybe 2 mths. To wait till 110% to come back is just a lame excuse, because he was never that good anyway.

    If you have a regular job, would u wait until u think u are 110% before u come back to work, u may be fired long before u become 110%.

    If he wants to win, he needs to come back like yesterday, ask for a salary cut so the Bulls can get some better player, and he needs to get with the program and starts to socialize with other superstars in the league, and recruit them and stop being a jerk that thinks he is all that and not talk to others. If he continues to think this is his team , and he is the MAN, and can't tolerate other superstars, like Wade yielding the team to LJ, the Bulls will never have a chance of beating the Heat, and will never get a chance to play in the Finals.

  • In reply to liztan:

    If only Rose was an internet tough guy like you.

  • In reply to liztan:

    1. Shump has his SURGERY what, 2 weeks before Rose? Rose had to wait those couple weeks before surgery to get the swelling down. Rose himself has said he never worked on his body and basically relied on his athleticism to carry him his entire life. Maybe that's why it's taking him longer than 'the usual'.

    2. And the 'usual' of 8-9 months (like Rubio and Shump) has equaled to what...garbage play and a liability on the court for 20min per? Rubio has finally turned it around last month...11 months after his surgery. Shump is still playing like hot garbage.

    3. Whenever I hear people say anything within the vicinity of...'if you have a regular job' or 'if I were in his shoes', that just tells me they're probably on some drugs deluding their minds of reality. That or they're just ignorant.

    Professional athletes (NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, Golf), TV/Movie Stars, Musicians, and any other form of ENTERTAINMENT generating millions upon billions...isn't a 'regular job'.

    4. Why should Rose take a paycut? Rose is worth every penny he's earned. Hell, he's actually UNDERPAID. Why shouldn't the owner spend more of his BILLIONS in profits?

    5. All I ask is to get your facts straight and your research in order before you start spewing at the mouth. It doesn't make you look good. Do I want Rose back? Of course. But I'm not the professional athlete who had a major injury and surgery.

    If he has the sniffles and he doesn't want to come back and play until he's 110% fine, kill him all you want. When it's a torn ACL, I'm going to give him some leeway. It's not like Rose hasn't proven to us he's willing to come back and play injured (see last year for reference).

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    The first point is the crucial point IMO, he never worked on his body, b/c he didn't need to, now that he has a feel for his body for the first time in his life, he needs time to get comfortable with what happens to his body. And the FO needs to give him the time. If he doesn't come back this season, I will be sad, but who cares.
    Derrick should be aware of the fact that it takes a few games to be back 100%, and that's where they differ IMO. Derrick should be eased back and not expecting a triple double comeback, that's just not realistic. If Derrick expects that, it's gonna be a big disappointment for him.

  • Rose's attitude toward recruiting other superstars, his overpaid salary, and overrated skills are the obstacles that prevents the Bulls to ever become a contender or even a pretender.

    He should never become the MVP in the 1st place, because the team's success is not really due to him. Just look at the stats of Bulls with him vs w/o him, no difference at all. He became the MVP only because people think that the Bulls are a bad team w/o him.

  • In reply to liztan:


  • so sick of stories of his return already, if he is scared of coming back, that's his true color. His return is not going to help the Bulls anyway. he needs to be traded to the bigger fools when he was the MVP by mistake.

  • In reply to liztan:

    Nobody forced you to click on those articles or read them.

  • BTW, why is other teams able to sign any players they want when the Bulls gets all the garbage players?

    Like the Heat can sign anyone they want, like Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Birdman, they are better than any "dream team" that has ever been assembled.

    Why didn't the Bulls sign K. Martin when the NY sign him to a 10 days contract? Why is Kurt Thomas playing for the Knicks, and not the Bulls? The Bulls FO is useless, stupid jerks.

    Ths Bulls are hopeless, and needs to be boycotted until the ownership changes and Rose gets traded,period.

  • In reply to liztan:

    It only took you 4 dumb comments before you realized what the problem is.

  • In reply to liztan:

    Anyone watching the Bulls-Lakers on ABC?
    During 3rd quarter in an extended discussion, announcer and former NBA Head Coach Jeff Van Gundy just reamed a new asshole on Bulls management for losing Asik for nothing.

    "It's Rein$dorf's money, not mine, so I can't say Rein$dorf should have spent the money on Asik. But you can't have it both ways, either you're trying to compete for a championship or you're trying to save money."

    "Bulls main strengths were their frontline and Derrick Rose, now the frontline is no longer a strength."

    "I think refusing to match on Asik is part of the reason we heard comments from Reggie Rose questioning Bulls management's commitment to winning."

    "You cannot let good young bigs walk for nothing. You just can't." Bulls will regret that decision for years."

  • In reply to Edward:

    Not a fan of JVG but he is dead on with his comments about the Bulls FO. Every other person outside of Chicago Knows how this Bulls FO operates and then the Homer Bulls fans and media act as if they are totally hypnotized. Its just sickening and something needs to be said and done about it. So THANKS REGGIE ROSE AND JVG!!! At least they have the stones to say it.

  • not that they can resign him but I was curious how the Rose-Belli backcourt would function. he'll be back by mid march, just one more week to go. The offseason should be fascinating as well with the deng and boozer situations hovering over the bulls, what they didn't finish at the trade deadline, i expect them to make similar moves in the offseason.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I want to see Marco with Rose too. Not because Marco is some great franchise SG we've been searching for, but because he at least has the skillset we've been wanting...a SG who can create his own shot (even if it's at a .430% clip).

  • Anybody who still doesn't understand why/how Bozo the Bamboozler is the biggest piece of shit in the history of the universe, just go back and watch the 3rd quarter of the Laker game.

    He killed us in every way possible, offense, defense, and rebounding or lack thereof in every case. the guy is the ultimate pussy, when it is time to compete he disappears like the shrinking violet pussy that he is.

    He is more interested in keeping up his commentary for the ABC mic's than he is in trying to play basketball, what an absolute piece of garbage.

    If it wasn't for effort, Deng wouldn't be much better.

    Memo to the Paducah Putz, apparently JVG is among the "idiots" who think that we should have kept Asik as well as Korver. I know you are a more intelligent basketball mind than Jeff Van Gundy is.

  • Anybody watch the Bulls-Lakers on ABC?
    During 3rd quarter in an extended discussion, announcer and former NBA Head Coach Jeff Van Gundy reamed a new asshole on Bulls management for losing Omer Asik for nothing.

    "You cannot let good young bigs walk for nothing. You just can't." Bulls will regret that decision for years."

    "It's Reinsdorf's money, not mine, so I can't say Reinsdorf should have spent the money on Asik. But you can't have it both ways, either you're trying to compete for a championship or you're trying to save money."

    "Bulls said they were making basketball decisions and not financial decisions, give me a break! Bulls main strengths were their frontline and Derrick Rose, now the frontline is no longer a strength."

    "I think refusing to match on Asik is part of the reason we heard comments from Reggie Rose questioning Bulls management's commitment to winning."

  • In reply to Edward:

    Not a fan of JVG but he is dead on with his comments about the Bulls FO. Every other person outside of Chicago Knows how this Bulls FO operates and then the Homer Bulls fans and media act as if they are totally hypnotized. Its just sickening and something needs to be said and done about it. So THANKS REGGIE ROSE AND JVG!!! At least they have the stones to say it.

  • In reply to Edward:

    C'mon, who you going to believe, JVG, or the Paducah Putz, the rest of us are just "unintelligent idiots".

    He also said exactly what I said(contrary to most opinions here) when Asik received his offer sheet, that you match and you worry about what to do with that third year when the time comes, but in the mean time you keep your assets, and have something to work with in the future.

  • Thank you Lakers, Kobe Bryant and JVG for making obvious what I have been saying for years, any offensive team that has half a brain, when in doubt run pick and roll at Bozo the human piece of feces each and every time down the court until Thibs is forced to remove him from the game.

    But the Bozo appologists can say that he makes up for his defensive "issues" with his offense, like tonight when he shot 4-16 and got abused by Ron Artest and a team with no power forwards. But at least Senile Sam Smith can go to sleep tonight knowing that Bozo was able to acheive his double double before being benched. and I am sure that butt kissing Aggrey Sam will lead with that as his headline tomorrow.

    Deng and Belli must have gotten shooting lessons from Bozo as they almost matched him shot for shot at 5-16 and 5-15 respectively.

    Any of you clowns still want to argue that we should have had 2 all star forwards? It is bad enough that we a have a 2 time fake one.

    Good thing that the Paducah Putz confirmed that he was with management in dumping Asik or Korver(for nothing) because we certainly didn't need 2 guys like that in a game like this


  • Boozer is crap, deng is crap. Hopefully a boozer and deng for pau gasol trade can be made after the season

  • Why is there so much hate for the bulls and Derrick rose. There's blame to go around for sure..FO has made some poor decisions and needs to be proactive and more creative that much is obvious but jeez it just seems they are being ripped everyday and by national media..Are they really that terrible?? I'll gladly take your season tickets off your hands and enjoy the hell out of the games. There is so much hate and blame and it's all being laid at the bulls feet. Theres plenty of Blame to go around and that brings me to Derrick who has handled this situation as poor as you probably could. Here's my first issue with all this bulls FO hate. The bulls made sure (along with his camp I'm sure) didn't allow Derrick to speak to the media for the longest time and was protecting him and only providing us with an update every so often. Then Derrick and Adidas decided "hey here's a bright idea, let's grant your first interview in months to a National paper"...that's poor management and Derrick has enough decision making power that he should have vetoed this's just not a good look. You "rep" Chicago with all your tattoos and this "I love Chicago" rhetoric but yet you grant an interview to a national paper and shun the reporters who have been covering you and will cover you for another 4 years or so. That's not okay. Second issue I have with rose is when his brother and manager comes out and says what he did it looks bad and makes people think those are Derricks thoughts.. Then when pressed on it he says "no comment" the bulls then put a press release out to save his ass again so he wouldn't look bad. He (derrick) should have some balls and put a statement out on his own.. Is he so dense that he can't put together rational thoughts and answer questions without being tripped up and saying something wrong? He's that much of a mental midget? Dude man the fuck up and say something.. Stop the cloak and dagger act man. Thirdly, with the release of the latest he's been cleared story and his tweets it just makes me realize he's not the person I thought he was. He seems like hes not capable of being a man and handling his own business and speaking his mind. The bulls took two shots on the chin early this season so I have no issue with them releasing this info.. I'm just tired of this whole drama and circus that rose has created. Him and his camp have started all this bull(s)hit by being so vague about everything and firing subtle shots back at the org. He tells Doris Burke his "hamstrings are on fire" clearly a shot back at the org for the story the other day. He needs to be out in front with this thing and tell his fans and organization what's going on. I expect something this week

  • In reply to StephanH:

    StephanH, I have the same questions as you do. I think a lot of people are just jealous of athletes so they hate them every opportunity they get. Rose hasn't handled this well from a PR perspective so he's opened himself up to criticism from those types.

    As for hate for the FO and owner -- Inept FO and cheap ownership are the rallying cries of every single frustrated fan in every single sport. I get a laugh out of people saying it's a Chicago thing -- it's every-freakin-where. Sports owners are rich guys who don't act like fans and that makes them easy targets.

    If you put any FO under the microscope, they all make mistakes and the Bulls FO is better than most, it really is. But you have people convinced they're terrible and then it becomes what we call confirmation bias -- you only look for evidence that confirms your belief. Though I read plenty of (non-Chicago media) articles at the time saying the Asik signing was bad for Houston, that they were paying an unproven guy way too much, it turned out to be a bad move for the Bulls and now it's "SEE!!! ANOTHER bad move! This FO can't do anything right!!! Reinsdorf is cheap!!!" It's a simple answer that's much easier on the brain than accepting Doug's stance that it's extremely difficult to make the move from near-top team to top team.

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    I have been a Chicago Bulls fan for 25 years, I strongly believe that Derrick Rose is terrified to step back on the court when it matters. He has been medically cleared to play, yet he claims he is not mentally ready?? Come on, give me a break. So you may not be the same player as before, but grow a pair and help your team.

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