Derrick Rose in The Memo III by NewToneProducer (Aka HinrichPolice)

My boy NewToneProducer who happened to write the intro music for my podcast came up with another Memo video.

I'd turn down your volume for the first 40 second or so because there's a loud flatline beep which can be hard to listen to immediately, however outside of that, another amazing Rose video focused on his return.

If you didn't ever catch the Memo or the Memo II, take a look now:


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  • A million thanks for the love, Doug! Hopefully it helps Bulls fans get a little more excited. We need some positivity in Bulls nation.

  • I guess the lack of chatter says it all, Adidas has done this to death and the finale has been quite a disappointment.

    Memo IV: Throw some ****ing dirt on it and get back out there.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    I get it. The extra caution and amount of time is frustrating you (and most other Bulls fans).

    Personally, I choose to believe that Derrick has his heart in the right place, even if he's being coached/influenced to do things that can be considered "outside of the box" or the "exception to the rule" when it comes to being extra cautious with his recovery. Until he's back on the court, Derrick has earned the benefit of the doubt until proven, not just speculated, otherwise.

  • This is why Rose is taking his time coming back. Undeniably talented point guard that needs a better supporting cast, the guy wants to win badly and I can just imagine Rose watching the Heat beat down every team in the league right now has a burning desire to beat that team but its a tall task with what has been put on the floor by the FO.

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