Derrick Rose can do everything on the court

Derrick Rose said he doesn't know if he'll play again this season. He's waiting until he feels normal. He says he can do everything on the court, and it's just about feeling normal. He has no cut off date on after which it wouldn't be worth returning to the court.

It's good to see Derrick talking to the local media again. I think his story is spread much more clearly through the local reporters than it has been through the back channels and national media. Besides the top quotes listed above in Rose gave the most accurate description of his status, perhaps the most telling part of the interview was when K.C. Johnson asked him about a possible rift between Derrick and the organization.

Derrick laughed it off in a way that felt totally genuine. No offense to Rose, but he's not always the best actor in front of the camera, so to see his reaction seem so relaxed and self assured lent plenty of believability to the comments. He also noted that he would always have his brother's back, but Reggie was just giving his opinion, an opinion he doesn't share.

While I think there's still a little more fire to the story than Derrick would say (his tweets about his family having his back right before the Bulls leaked a report about his medical clearance), he definitely didn't come of as a player that has an axe to grind with the organization. As I noted in my last article, I think at this point everyone is probably starting to get anxious for Derrick to be back.

It seems clear from Rose's comments, and the organizations as well, that one of the reasons Rose hasn't returned yet is that everyone is waiting for him to be 100% Derrick Rose before hitting the court. Management recently noted that they weren't going to put a minute limit on Derrick when he returns because he won't need one when he's ready.

Derrick noted in this interview that he's not going to come back until he can do everything normal and play like he always has played.

Iman Shumpert and Ricky Rubio returned in less time, but both returned to struggle significantly at the start of the season. Rose looks like he wants to go from zero to 100 without going through the process of struggling. Whether that's the right path or not is certainly up for debate. We'll just have to hope Derrick gets his full confidence soon.


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  • Doug rose said himself that its more mental than physical. he know he will be ready once he is not thinking but reacting. Only way to do that is to actually play in games.I hope he gets confidence to play before the season ends. Instead of having to wonder how he is until next season. Even saying I wouldn't fault him if he doesn't play if he is scared. He would more likely injure himself again.

  • Hopefully this interview will calm everyone's nerves. A lot of Bulls fans say he needs to man up and be a man or that he's scared, well imo he is being a man by not trying to be a follower in being like everyone else and trying to come back too soon. He's watched Rubio and Schumpert and their comeback attempts and obviously he doesn't want to struggle on the court like those guys. Rose knows the entire franchise is on him and he doesn't want to jepordize anything as far as his health is concerned. Seems to me Bulls fans should be grateful that Rose does care this much about the organization but I guess a lot of Bulls fans are just shamefully selfish.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    F.Y.I. Rubio had 21, 13 & 12 last night, his biggest night since his return. His play has really been trending up for the past few weeks.

    So maybe you just need to play to get your confidence back in order to get your body back.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    He isn't Rubio or Shumpert. He's Derrick Rose and should be held (and should hold himself) to a higher standard. MJ would have been back long ago. Rose should be, too.

  • In reply to ogyu:

    Well one thing is definitely for sure, Rose is NOT Jordan and he's never claimed to be as great as Jordan. I guess that's why he's not back yet huh? It's his career and his health and if fans can't understand what he's going through then sorry for you.

  • I don't want to sound too far fetch but if you watch the interview closely Derrick talks about not knowing when he may return, it may be a couple a days while he has this big grin on his face. Like Doug said DRose is not a good actor, maybe it will be in Golden State on Friday.

  • I think his return is really close. Will definately be interesting to watch and see how he looks as he has stated he will be 100% when he returns.

    To the Reggie question a leader can't say management hasn't done their job without insulting all his teamates. He can't say anything but he thinks the FO has done a great job.

    Hoping its soon and he is back and better than ever!

  • March 18th, 2013

  • Purely as a Derrick Rose fan, at this point I want to see him come back and play. It will be good for him. He has already taken his time.

  • This has quickly become an old story to me. I love Rose, love watching him play and hope he comes back tonight; but enough already. I'm tired of hearing the same questions everyday. He will be back when he's ready. How much more do you need to now? He hasn't really changed his story for weeks now. Maybe if he is asked another ten thousand times he will give a date. Now we are all looking at body language to try and determine a time line. Really, it's come to that?! I don't really buy into the team pushing him very hard. They could, they are paying him a lot of money and at the end of the day they are still running a business. But their story hasn't changed since day one either. They all have said it will take time for Rose and have pushed for him not to come back. As far as the leaked info about him being cleared to play, don't they do that with all injuries? If the Bulls say nothing about his injuries, then it will be said that they are being secretive. Since they talked, they are trying to push Rose back. I don't remember anyone saying anything bad when the team announced that Rose was starting to practice or when they gave other updates regarding his health. If the media is so concerned about the team using them as a tool to push and pressure Rose, then stop asking the questions. I dare the media to go one day without asking a question about Rose. One day! He will be back when he's back.

  • I'm starting to hate Thibodeau, I think he killed these guys for good.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    Hard to argue with.

  • Although he can only play the players he has. He stayed with Rad Naz ans Cook for a long time while Sac got confidence and pulled ahead in the 2nd Q.
    Still feel that JVG tirade was Thibs POV.
    This franchise is in crisis. As a season ticket holder I can't express how angry I am that they raised ticket prices prior to this of all seasons.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Your Season Ticket holder comment drove me to respond...
    I was for over 10 years... dating back to the Tim Floyd era (ugh). Myself and my kids are huge fans and love going to the games, but I hit the last straw this summer.

    After dismantling the bench like they did, and knowing Rose wouldn't play for most of the season, they had the nerve to raise ticket prices by 20%?!

    Still love the games, but the whole family watches them on TV now....

  • In reply to Swish14U:

    I've been to 6 games (comps one and all), and I have to say that I've been surprised at the lack of attendance at a lot of the games.

    Hopefully, the management takes that as a clear signal that they are headed in the wrong direction.

    Also, given the Bears recent signings, and what Emery pulled off last year, is it fair to ask whether or not the Bulls have the worst front office of the major teams in town?

    Could be a topic for another blog post.

  • In reply to Salvamini:

    Quick answer is yes. Bears,cubs, sox have clearly laid out their plans for their fans and haven't been vague at all. Emery said yesterday "were open for business" bulls totally killed the one advantage they had over other teams.. Size and depth. Those were their second and third stars. That shellacking they suffered last night was a key indicator that the bulls are not a good team. Front office has to answer for that.. Of course they can't lace em up and play. But they have control over the product they put on the floor. Even when the bulls were down 14 I knew it was a loss for the simple fact that they don't have instant offense.. They can't score. Period. Every bucket takes just the right cut or just the right put back. It's sad.

  • In reply to Salvamini:

    The answer to that question is no, not even bottom 2. It is fun to see Bears GM Phil Emery the last 2 years making bold signings, retaining the team's best players, and showing a little creativity by packaging a trade for disgruntled problem child Brandon Marshall. He took a calculated risk and so far, it has added a superstar-level player to the Bears and I hope for the best with the new guys. That stated, the Bears missed the playoffs last year, replaced their head coach, and are paying big money to a small group of veteran guys. This is a new FO and there is no telling that all this is going to work.

    Meanwhile, the Bulls put together 1 of the top 4 teams in their sport last year, and I absolutely think top-4 is an accomplishment in any sport. So right now I'd say their FO is ahead of the new Bears regime, as well as those of the Cubs and Sox. Blackhawks are just a few years removed from a championship and look like a top-4 team this year, so I'll give them the title of Chicago's best FO right now. Cubs say they have a plan but that doesn't mean they're going to be a top-4 MLB team. I'm a Sox fan, and I think they're kind of a middling .500 team under a new GM, there's nothing to make me think they'll be playing in the ALCS any time soon.

    Even if you're focused on this past year alone, I didn't see the Cubs, Sox or Blackhawks FO's do anything special. The new Bears regime feels a lot like the one that recently took over the Blackhawks, and I'm hopeful they'll be 1 of the top-2 FO's.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Since 2003 (when GarPax has taken over), here are the post-season breakdown for each team in Chicago:

    Cubs: 1 final 4 finish, a few playoff appearances
    White Sox: 1 Championship, 1 final 4 appearance, a couple playoff appearances
    Bears: 1 Finals Appearance, 2 final 4 appearances, a few playoff appearances
    Blackhawks: 1 Championship, 2 final 4 appearances, 4 playoff appearances
    Bulls: 1 final 4 appearance, 7 overall playoff appearances

    In terms of overall playoff appearances, the Bulls take the cake. However, in terms of coming closest to winning it all, the Bulls are right there with the Cubs.

    When it comes to dealing with a hard cap, the closest comparison is the Blackhawks. I could be alone in the opinion and wrong, but I would suggest that the Blackhawks have a much better talent blend (established players + young skilled players) than do the Bulls heading into the near future.

    I really do want someone like STATS Inc to come out with a PER-like grading for front offices that normalizes revenue, market share and other 'soft factors' weighed against team success. Is making the playoffs more often more important than coming closer to a title (or winning)?? That is subjective, granted. It would be interesting to see some objectivity wrapped around these discussions.

  • In reply to Salvamini:

    Bulls are number one in attendance. Who the hell knows why.

  • In reply to Chad:

    In addition to being a sports crazy town, Chicago is the biggest market with a single NBA franchise and the United Center has one of the largest seating capacities in the NBA. Chicago is also one of the most dynamic business centers and economies. Add to that the legacy of Michael Jordan...

  • In reply to Chad:

    I never said the place was empty, but there was a very noticeable lack of people in the 300 levels at all 6 games I've attended. Three of those games were dog food games (e.g. Cavs), however, I was also there for a Knicks, Heat and Celtics game, and those all had quite a number of empty seats in the upper bowl.

    Last year, I went to a good dozen games, and it was practically standing room only each time, even for the dog food games.

    Is it just the lack of Rose?? I don't know.

  • Not to hijack the thread but did anyone hear about Nikola Mirotic's incredible game last night. 31 points, 11 rebounds, 2 blocks, 2 steals in a thrilling Real Madrid win over Zagiris. 18 for 18 from free throw line. See highlights on Sheridan hoops.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Will that type of European play translate over to the NBA type of game tho??? Thats the question. Im not knocking the guys talent but he will definitely have to prove himself at the highest level...American pro basketball, the NBA.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And at this point, the Bulls need all of the help that they can get especially on offense cause the talent just isn't there even with Rose.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    While I'm not holding my breath on this guy, a true competitor is going to want to go up against the best eventually. Enough Euro guys have become impact NBA players that he's going to want to take his shot. He may take his time about it, but he's going to play in the NBA at some point.

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