Chicago Bulls freefall should end shortly

The Bulls were trounced by the Blazers in a game that was no where near as close as the final 10 point score differential. As I anticipated, the Bulls had no answer for Lillard or Aldridge, and their shooters weren't able to shoot well for two games in a row. The result was a slaughter that looked only slightly more palpable because the Bulls dominated the Blazers scrubs to close out the game.

Like the realgm post game thread says, "At least Nate dunked". Really, that was about all you could say about this game. Nate Robinson split two defenders with a between the legs dribble than threw down a monster tomahawk jam. If you remember the play he went up for the monster dunk on Ibaka but then was fouled [and looked like he'd be about two feet short if he wasn't] this was the same play except he wasn't short, wasn't fouled, and threw it down.

Ironically, when he went up, I thought he was going to end up well short, but apparently he had an extra flight gear I wasn't aware of. I only talk about it so long because the rest of the game made me want to stab my eye out with a spoon.

Better days are coming

The Bulls next three games are against the Pacers, Timberwolves, and Heat. You hope Chicago can simply win the Wolves game and not get too embarrassed by Indiana or Miami. However, after that, the Bulls enter a home stretch built for building confidence. After that stretch they play only three more games against teams with winning records (Miami, New York, and the Nets). They also play a Mavericks team that might not have completely given up yet.

However outside of those games, they play the Pistons, Raptors, and Magic twice each as well as the Wizards once. Chicago has dropped six of their last eight games, but even if Rose doesn't come back this season the improved health of the roster and a turn of the schedule should allow the Bulls a quality finish to the season.

The Bulls are sliding right now, and they don't want to fall to the seventh seed, but as soon as the schedule eases up on them, we should see them climb back up the ranks. If Rose comes back than a 6th seed would be just fine with me. I think Chicago can win on the road against the 3rd seed, and I'd rather play Indy in the second round than Miami.

I'm so tired of this Derrick Rose stuff

But what the hell... Rose said yesterday that only God knows when he'll come back. It could be tomorrow it could be next year, yada, yada, yada. He did admit he's still feeling some physical discomfort, so it's clearly not all mental which doesn't surprise me. All we can do is wait and hope for the best on that one.


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  • It's all mental. Every doctor whose been asked about the rehab process has stated that he'd feel some discomfort which is normal as he goes harder and his knee gets used to the pounding. And this was before he even mentioned this yesterday.. I don't want to hear anything else from Derrick or about Derrick. So that means I've got to hide under a rock somewhere and hope my phone gets zero reception. Seriously I'm teetering on becoming a meatball with this whole situation, I've felt all along that Derrick should do whatever he felt was necessary to return to MVP status.. If that meant sitting a season than do that, if I meant returning this season than do that. I was prepared for either scenario, but now that he's been practicing and "dominating" and looks to be ready to go I can't help but wonder why he isn't playing. He can't return to 100% unless he plays in NBA games.. It's that simple

  • I'm sick of this bullshit too. Maybe Rose is only at 90-95%, but my guess is that deng and noah are at about 70% and no other rotation player is is near 90.

  • Maybe Rose is waiting until the soft part of the schedule too, to build confidence then.

  • As the 'freefall" continues remember that while depleting their roster the Bulls increased ticket prices 20%. Why this year? Shame.

  • Drose is not coming back this yr wish he would just man up and stop all the drama and say it. At least we could all respect that.

  • I don't have a problem with Rose not coming back now or this season at all. He's the franchise and to build around the franchise he has to be healthy. I know the Bulls are paying him to play and his teammates are waiting needing him to play but it is what it is. The Bulls are not pressuring him to return this season so all of the whinners and critics should just let it go. Rose has 10 or more years left to try to get this city another championship and im sure over half of the guys on the team now wont be around to experience winning with Rose 10 years from now. All of this complaining about Rose not coming back for a throw away season is nothing more than sour grapes... People please chill...

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And as far as the Bulls sliding down the playoff ranks, that's fine as long as they can secure the 6th seed and maybe the whinners will get a chance to see Rose play then.

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  • In reply to Neal Kaufman:

    Sorry but Thibs is the right coach for this team. This Bulls team need the right players around Rose and having Boozer on your list of players to keep for the Bulls is a gargantuan mistake. Boozer would be the first left off with his no defenseive minded ads and Deng wouldn't be too far behind him. But again Thibs is not the main problem, you should start with the FO cause that's the only problem with the Bulls. A team has to have players that can score in order to compete

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Apparently, LaMarcus Aldridge hasn't forgotten the Bulls FO. After dropping 28 points on the Bulls last night, Aldridge said:

    ''This is one of my top three cities to play in, all the tradition. They traded me on draft night, so this is always fun.''

    Maybe Doug should write a blog listing analyzing the FO trades (and missed trades!) in the Paxson era. Would help put Bulls current situation in perspective.

    Then again, we'll always have Viktor Khryapa to remember...

  • In reply to Edward:

    Yeah i wish the Bulls could put together some kind of trade package for Lamarcus, but i know that's wishful thinking with the Bulls non creative FO.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Not that we are ever getting either one of them, but, I always go back and forth as to who would be the ideal power forward for the Bulls between Aldrich and Al Horford. Aldrich has the more potent offensive game, but Horford is the more physical player and seems to fit the Bulls mindset under Thibs. By the way did anyone else notice that Aldrich appears to be noticeably taller than Noah.

  • Thibs has to stay sorry reese1 is dead on with that comment

  • Look at Derrick's comment yesterday:
    ''But knowing that my health is the biggest key, where I'm only 24 years old, I got the whole future in front of me I'm just trying to take my time.''
    Lost in all the criticism of Rose's decision to delay his return are the multiple horribly botched decisions from last season which returned Rose to play too soon. The turf toe, lower back, groin tear, were all injuries which Rose had not yet recovered from when he was carrying the Bulls team in the playoffs on April 28, 2012.

    Yet someone "medically cleared" Rose to play after all these injuries even though it was OBVIOUS to even casual fans that Rose was not recovered. And remember the game Rose began his 2012 playoff preparation by returning from his groin tear injury against the Knicks in MSG on national TV on April 8, 2012? Thibs played Rose 40 minutes his first game back and Rose had to sit the next game.

    The Rose Camp has learned from these mistakes and is taking a more conservative approach with this much more serious (career threatening/altering) ACL injury which was likely caused by Rose playing injured.

    The best time for Rose to return from his ACL rehab is preseason games, then early season games, rounding into All-Star/MVP form by the all star break 2014. These early games are without much pressure and Rose can take his time and play himself into shape.

    If he returned now, Thibs would surely grind Rose and expect Rose to carry the entire team through the playoffs on his surgically repaired ACL. You don't think the Rose Camp knows this? That is NOT the intelligent way to return from an ACL injury.

    Bulls have no chance to beat the Heat with this roster. The concern should be with protecting Rose, ensuring he's healthy for the next 5+ seasons, and assembling a competitive roster to support Rose for the future.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Agreed, which is why he's doing the right thing by taking his time. These other so called Bulls fans want him to come back for their selfish reasons and because they think Rose owes them because they buy tickets. Sorry to say that Rose is not a circus attraction and injuries do happen in playing basketball in which he had a very serious career threatening injury. So sorry to all of the vultures but Rose may not play this year, at least during the regular season.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And on a personal note, im loving how teams are coming to the UC and kicking the FO cheap version of the Bulls ass. I new there would be more than one reason not to attend Bulls games at the UC this year. Take your time Rose cause you're not missing anything this year.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Why do you keep saying "these so called bulls fans" what makes you more of a fan than Anyone else that visits this site? Your posts are always so insanely idiotic that I can't help but read them. It annoys me that you make it seem like everyone else's opinion on Derrick is wrong. It's funny how you're singing a different tune these past few weeks/month. When the bulls were 11 games over you were one of the main people on here pining for a drose return and hoping they could make some noise come playoff time.. As soon as they start struggling its "this FO is shit.. Derrick please take your time, I was on board with him sitting the whole season from the beginning" seems to me you're the "so called bulls fan" I enjoy this blog because Doug provides great insight and alot of the comments are dead on and the fans seem knowledgable... Except you. Every post from you is negative meatball bullshit. Seriously man there are real ass bulls fans on this site and I wouldn't count you as one

  • In reply to StephanH:

    Im sorry did but i couldn't understand this person from all of the whinning, the pacifier need to go back in his mouth. I keep telling this guy to stop reading my comments but just like a infant this person just doesn't understand sometimes.

  • In reply to Reese1:


  • In reply to Reese1:

    While I agree with you that Rose should do what is best for his future, you are essentially wrong about him not being a circus attraction.

    What else are all athletes, entertainers, and celebrities, if not circus attractions. If any of them were just normal people they wouldn't be rich and famous, and a good many of them would be flipping burgers or drug addicted & homeless.

    Our modern culture of celebrity worship is nothing more than the Roman Colosseum, the ultimate circus act.

  • I notice that things have gotten so bad that nobody is even bothering to comment on the players that are actually still on the floor.

    Could Luol Deng look any more pathetic than he did last night(5 & 2, are you kidding me), and generally has since the start of the new year.

    I guess becoming a 2 time fake all star because your primary talent is leading the league in minutes does take a toll on how you play as the season wears on.

    Right now, I doubt that you could get first round pick in the 20's for Deng. Especially painfull when watching Lillard last night, and even Meyers Leonard, who looks about 12 years old (facially) right now, but given a few years to grow into his man body will likely be a very nice center. Could have been a long term replacement for Asik.

    Can't we just trade the BozoHole for Meyers Leonard, and send Luol Deng to a glue farm.

    I have never believed his stated age, and his spastic pansy act is starting to look like the beginning stages of some kind of old age disease.

    With the never ending declining play of the BozoHole and Deng we have no chance to get better next season unless we get lucky and make a "bad" trade for either one of them.

    My top 2 choices Bozo, Rip and a minimum salary(Vladrad) for Okafor and Ariza. Deng for Gortat and Dudley, although at this point we would likely have to give up our #1 pick to get Phoenix to even think about it.

    The playoffs aren't even worth looking forward to unless Rose comes back, and we are probably about 10 days from the drop dead date on that happening.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    GarPaxDorf seem to always take the conservative approach and "hold" rather than trade. So they lose their chances to get some value back for their assets. This has happened so often it should be difficult for even the FO apologists to ignore.

    Last year after 1 all-star appearance was the PERFECT time to trade Deng. GarPaxDorf "held" and will likely either overpay Deng or lose him for nothing. Could have had a high 2012 1st and yes a bad contract so it would not have been an immediate money saver/salary dump, but a process/plan of developing younger talent while avoiding another extension negotiation with Deng which begins this fall. And this development would have happened in a down year when GarPaxDorf should have known Rose would likely miss the season.

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