Bulls head home to face Jazz on Mark Cuban's jet

A game against the Jazz? Eh, not so interesting, the Bulls should have a shot at winning, but like all games with half a roster they'll have to play hard, mistake free, and hope for the best. The comedy of the Bulls jet breaking down combined with the minds of realgm? Priceless.

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When that engine blew I bet Thibs was saying, "We still have more than enough to fly with."

LOL He was probably giving the pilots sh*t for turning the plane back too soon. Just gotta find a way to fly. The when one engine breaks down the next engine's gotta step up.

Gar Paxdorf
We can't let the engines distract us from the goal, which is to focus on getting to Indianapolis.

The plane's not coming back until it's 110%.

The good news is that the Bulls hired Fred Tedeschi to repair the plane.

"Pretty cool of Cuban to borrow the Bulls his plane." -- be even cooler if he would let Jerry borrow his desire to win at all co$ts

Fred cleared the plane right before takeoff.

Looks like the Bulls pilot was in favor of tanking.

Reggie Rose is demanding that the rest of the fleet be upgraded. Nick Friedell is reporting that the plane will be dismantled and sold for scrap.

Nick Friedell would be reporting that our plane couldn't beat Miami's

"Engine 3 just has to focus on its rehab. The rest of the engines have to focus on our next destination."

Does anybody know if the plane is amnesty eligible?

Thibs: The plane's repair is right on schedule. It's not ahead of schedule or behind schedule. We're gonna take things step by step.

"They will continue to use the same plane the rest of season" -- Bulls medical staff gave it the clear to go

We NEED a two-plane. The one plane we have can't carry the team on it's back anymore. Get it some help. Why not trade one of our team bus? WE HAVE ASSETS GARPAX!!!

This plane's obviously not a starter. Watch, someone still signs it to a max this offseason. Let him walk, .. err fly, he can be a cancer elsewhere.

Should have traded it before it expires. Morey would have taken it.

"Amnesty the plane?" -- Reinsdorf would never amnesty. It's not even an option.

This plane has lodged too many minutes this season, Thibs is running it into the ground.

Morning comedy aside, the Bulls get this one home game before heading off on a three game west coast trip to take on the Lakers, Kings, and Warriors. Looking at that four game spread, the two games you'd like to think the Bulls would win are this one and the Kings game. The Lakers have been playing much better of late and are no longer an easy out. The Warriors are tough as well.

The Jazz are no pushovers and until the Bulls get Kirk and Gibson back it's a stretch to mark them serious favorites over pretty much any team in the league. I'd say even calling this game a push is probably being generous given the roster hitting the floor. It's frustrating watching the team flail around, but any team missing it's superstar than three more rotation players after that (including two additional starters) is going to struggle badly.

It's amazing how Thibs has generally held the team together as much as he has under the circumstances.

The last time the Bulls played the Jazz Chicago won largely due to winning the hustle board. They didn't shoot quite as well as Utah, but they had a few more offensive boards, a few less turnovers and that was enough to get it done. The Bulls were also missing Hinrich for that game, but Nate Robinson had one of his 'good Nate' days, something we haven't seen in quite some time.

Mandatory Rose update

Does it feel cynical to wonder if the Bulls asked Rose to sit on the bench right before the playoff ticket deadline? Then he disappeared from the bench again the next game. You'd like to think the organization isn't that transparent, but I don't know if I believe that.

No one has mentioned a drop dead date with Derrick Rose coming back, and I'd wonder if one really exists. Rose has been practicing with the team in 5 on 5s for quite some time now, so I'd think even if you wanted to bring him back with 5 games left and for the playoff run that you'd be able to do so. It would be tough to bring a guy back in just for the playoffs without any regular season action, but even that scenario isn't entirely implausible given how long he will have practiced in 5-5s with the team.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall in Bulls practice to see how Rose is performing against his teammates. Is he really going full speed? Is he destroying Nate Robinson? Is he still struggling out there? If he's crushing the guys he's going up against, you'd have to think guys would start to get a bit aggravated that he's not coming back, and if he isn't then you have to be a bit concerned about where he's at. Either way, we've reached the point with Derrick where there's only one story that can play out well for him. The one where he returns to the court for a game.


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  • Aggrey and KC have they believe Rose isn't coming back. I'm starting to be in that camp myself.. The fact that Thibs said there isn't a time limit on when Derrick could return and Derrick telling David Aldridge that he still feels a pinch going right. Idk if the bulls are playing this close to the vest because they really don't have any updates and they're really going day to day or what but honestly its becoming a circus. There has to be a cut off date when they just officially say he's done this year.

  • In reply to StephanH:

    Can u elaborate on what rose said to Aldridge? He feels a pinch when he cuts right? I completely missed that info.

  • In reply to MyersTech:

    No prob. Whenever the bulls last played on TNT (sixers I think) he spoke with Aldridge and told him "I feel a pinch going right and wouldnt be able to effectively guard someone going left" and told Aldridge also how he wouldn't return unless he's 100%. A lot of people missed it. I heard it on the score B&B ans mully and Hanley. Idk if your from Chicago but those are sports talk shoes on 670. And it's on

  • I wouldn't count going up against Nate Robinson/Marquis Teague as full speed for Rose. If he were playing Hinrich in practice, maybe...

  • I wonder about these 'practices' myself, Doug. As we know the media is forbidden from seeing them, so we're just getting some info from the Organization (which lies about injuries all the time).

    We've heard in the past that Thibs doesn't practice the guys too hard in-season, plus there's been a ton of injuries on the roster. Just how intense of a work is Rose actually getting?

  • In reply to bullsblogger:

    Even if all the other guards were healthy, and they played full speed, how much of a workout would Rose be getting?

  • In reply to bullsblogger:

    Regardless of how they normally practice, I'm sure the Bulls could make practices as intense for Rose as they wanted to. For example, they could put a tough defender on Deng like him to make him work for points, or even use multiple defenders on him. But no practice will be as intense as a game.


  • This should start a shit storm of a debate. Over/under 1pm before Espn comment board reaches over 5000?

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    In reply to StephanH:

    And of course, it'll devolve into mindless insults.

  • In reply to Butch Crassidy:

    Yeah I've been scrolling for the past few minutes and you're absolutely right.. "derrick is him, he's a puppet" and so forth. Its sad..

  • In reply to StephanH:

    Well, if you're patient, just give it time. Once LeBron goes to LA or Cleveland, and the Heatles are broken up, the Heat fans trolling now will be whining about how much David Stern's successor hates the Heat.

  • Another tid bit is this. The doctor that cleared rose to play is HIS doctor. Not someone hired by the bulls. This wasn't Fred spewing this out there. I also believe the bulls leaked this info to pressure rose

  • Clearly a slow work day for me. Is it safe to say its all mental now? It was about a month ago Derrick said he was 80%.. He wasn't doing 5-5, nor was he dunking with much confidence. Since then he's been scrimmaging and dunking much better and has been cleared to play. So I'm just going to guess he's about 90-95%.. That would seem like someone who's ready to play. Idk because I'm not in his head and I can't walk on his knee but I can say that he won't ever be ready mentally unless he comes back and plays. Please don't respond to this If all you have to say is "they aren't beating the heat anyway..why should he return he doesn't have any talent..or my favorite, they'll Lose in the first round anyway" if that's the case than don't come back ever. No one is asking Derrick to come back and be MVP Derrick.. If anyone on the bulls staff is thinking that than please fire that gentleman. Bulls need Derrick to return and be serviceable, get his confidence back and put this whole ordeal in the rear view mirror. It's going to take some time but if he's not willing to stop on the floor what's there to do?

  • In reply to StephanH:

    I agree that if Rose feels he is 100% physically, he would be better off coming back this season even if his play will not be 100%, and irregardless of the impact that his return will have on the Bulls playoff results.

    He needs to go into the offseason fully confident in his own mind that he can play again and that he can go full bore in training during the offseason. Kind of like Michael at the end of his second season or when he returned from his first retirement in 1995.

    Personally, from the little bit that we have seen, he does not look like he is ready to play. Whether that is physical, mental, or a combination of both is impossible for anybody but Rose himself to say.

    However, if it is true that his doctors have cleared him to play, then I think that he has no choice but to come back this season and within a week or two of getting that clearance from doctors. He is certainly entitled to get a second opinion or three or four, but once there is a medical consensus then he has to come back.

    Then again, I have always felt that he is a bit of a mama's boy, so who knows what he will do.

    Monday, March 18th at home after this road trip does seem like a good date for the return. However, given all the work that he has been doing, he should be able to return as late as the beginning of April and still be fully ready for the playoffs, that would give him 10-11 games to get in game shape and in sync with his teammates.

  • In reply to StephanH:

    If it weren't for the Thibs factor, I would say this year is actually a good time for him to return in the sense that, for all intents and purposes, the Bulls aren't expected to get past the Heat. Given everything, they could get bounced in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd round with Rose, and have a 'built-in excuse' for not winning it all (validity issues all know the media and most fans would not press the matter). This means he shouldn't feel the need to have to win-at-all-costs.

    Thibs won't let that happen, though (allow a player not named Boozer or on a Vet Min contract to 'coast'). Additionally, unless Rose is going 1-25 and totally sucking @$$ on the defensive side, Thibs is playing him 35+ minutes right out of the gate. So, Rose has to be asking himself constantly whether or not he is ready for that grind right off the bat without looking embarrassing.

    I could see that as a mental hurdle to overcome more so than whether not he can dunk effectively.

  • In reply to Salvamini:

    I agree with you. Although I don't think Thibs would play Derrick 35 a game. He would be fired before the game was over, and I can't see Derrick on march 8th saying he isn't ready and then come playoff time tells Thibs he can go for 35+. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I still believe something isn't being said and I DO believe the bulls leaked this story. Mainly because this was derricks OWN doctor. Not the teams.. This story wouldn't get half the press it's getting now if "team" doctors cleared him. Everyone would say "of course team doctors cleared him" now with it being his doc the bulls floated the story out here so it can be known that if Derrick doesn't play this year than its on him and let him face the scrutiny and answer the questions just like they had to do a few weeks ago when his brother spouted off. Maybe I'm reaching but it just seems odd

  • In reply to StephanH:

    We'll disagree about Thibs. I have to see him limit any players minutes for reasons other than defensive suckage before I buy it.

    That aside, I wholeheartedly agree the organization leaked this to put on some more pressure.

    Payback for Reggie's comments??

  • Let the trashing of Rose begin if he doesn't come back ASAP and lead this Bulls team to a playoff series victory over the Heat cause most Bulls fans feel Derrick is the missing piece to get to the Finals...PLEASE!!!... This is totally about playoff ticket sells now, guess Reggie Rose was right his little brother is being used as a revenue maker. Bulls organization trying to put pressure on Rose to come back for ticket sells...more financial decisions.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Just want to make sure I understand how the devious Bulls ownership works: Are you saying that the Bulls will sell more playoff tickets, or will charge more for them, with Rose than without? Without Rose, they might not sellout their playoff games?

  • In reply to Roman F:

    They want to sell as many playoff tickets as they can trust me on that. Even Doug said him and his group may not attend the playoffs if Rose doesn't play so yeah, they want Rose to play, they wont admit that tho. The young man said he's not ready then we all have to wait til he is. Trashing Rose wont make him come back any quicker.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Ok just wanted to make sure I can safely ignore you from now on. No disrespect, blogs are for all opinions, but if you really think the Bulls would risk their best player's long-term health and career just to make a few extra bucks in the short term, that's too lopsided a view to give any further attention to.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Ok and I will do the same. We are all entitled to our own opinions so I respect you and yours, at least you do show respect unlike others on this blog. That's why I use caps at times cause of certain immature posters on this blog. They're just a little bit too passionate about the Bulls and that's understandable, but some guys get a little bit too carried away and want to name call and that's just childish so I have respond and let it go.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    You're exactly the kind of "fan" I was referring to in my last post. I'm sorry to name call but you're a moron. It's that simple. Who's putting pressure on Derrick reese1? Who are your sources?? If you did a little more research instead of just posting random inanities maybe your point would have some validity, but since your clearly not going to do that please go away. Please. Ticket sales??? Are you kidding me? Maybe 2/10 season ticket holders are re considering but that's a very small amount. A playoff home game in Milwaukee will sell out but you don't think the UC will be packed unless rose plays. Again, please go away. No one (with at least half a brain) is expecting Derrick to return and lead the bulls past the Heat..why are you even saying that? The majority of posters on here either want Derrick to sit until next season or come back gradually. And FYI it was derricks own personal doctor who cleared him to play.. Not the bulls doctors. The only thing that you've ever said that was 100% correct is that I shouldn't even read your post.. You were correct, but stupidity cannot and should not be ignored. You seem like the prefect candidate to post on bleacherreport. Spewing nonsensical inanities hoping to make a valid point when you really just come out looking well...stupid.

  • In reply to StephanH:

    Don't get your pannies wrinkled man Damn..., homer bulls fans are very annoying, and you say go away??? Young buck i have been commenting on here for a few years now and you come from nowhere name calling like a middle school person. All i can say is like i told you before, since my comments about the Bulls make you want to wet yourself simply don't read them. And with that im done responding to kids cause that's exactly how you're acting. And I'd be willing to bet Reggie Rose is pretty much accurate with the comments he made about his little brother and how he feels about this years team

  • In reply to Reese1:

    If he's not mentally ready why should Rose risk his health and career. Some of you guys need to get a clue... Leave the young Bulls franchise player alone!!! He will be back when " HE'S READY "

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And if StephanH has been on here, clearly no one has noticed him til now, I seem to always bring out the idiots that want to hurl insults when its not that serious... IT'S JUST A BLOG...GET A GRIP!!!

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I don't see how someone can POST IN ALL CAPS so often and then says to just ignore him but whatever.

  • March 18th, 2013

  • From Bill Simmons list of worst current NBA contracts

    14. Ben Gordon: two years, $25.6 million
    This section is sponsored by Joe Dumars Cap Space Cologne! That's right, if you want to smell like someone just tipped you over inside a Porta Potty, try Joe Dumars Cap Space Cologne — you only have to spray it once, and then you can't get away from the smell for three to five years!

    Anyway, I wanted to mention a great NBA "What If?" that's definitely getting added to my Book of Basketball if I ever write another edition. Recently, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Detroit nearly acquired Kobe Bryant for Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince and a couple of no. 1 picks in the summer of 2007, before Buss and Kobe vetoed the trade together and gave the Kobe-Lakers relationship one more chance. Dumars kept his Pistons together for one last Eastern Conference finals run, then sent Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess to Denver for Allen Iverson's expiring contract, which ruined their 2009 season but gave them enough cap space to sign … wait for it … Villanueva and Gordon.

    12. The Future Amnesty Guys
    We already covered them in Category 4, but you can't create a "30 Worst Contracts" list without including Miller (three years, $18.6 million), Gooden (three years, $20 million) and Ty Thomas (three years, $26.1 million). At least they can be amnestied without taking a prolonged are-we-sure-we-want-to-do-this gulp, unlike …
    11. Carlos Boozer: three years, $47.1 million
    How many NBA fans have gotten sucked into the "Carlos Boozer gives you 15 points and nine rebounds every night and always plays hard, how bad could his contract be?" vortex before going onto, checking out the numbers and screaming, "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" when they see them? It's personally happened to me five times. And I might be headed for no. 6 in about three weeks. While we're here, kudos to Booze for dropping the spray-paint routine and going back to the pure head shave. We all appreciate it.

    Naturally, Joe Johnson and Amare were #1 an #2. Boozer could easily have been 3 thru 6 as Gerald Wallace was 3rd and Bargnani was 6th.

  • I wish Cuban was our owner!

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