Bulls Beat #273 - Down goes Miami

Bulls Beat #273 - Down goes Miami

An entire podcast dedicated to the game Bill Simmons called the greatest regular season game in the history of basketball.

Bulls Beat #273 - Down goes Miami


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  • enough of this, let's talk about the impending Rose trade in the summer.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    We can only hope so ... any player that willingly sits out a year of his short career is a loser who you can't build around.

    I'm being sarcastic ... or not. I don't even know any more.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    i seriously believe this could be the beginning of a melo type situation... you can probably get the best return for him this summer I'm sure... I wonder what that would be.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    Off the top of my head...

    Rose+Boozer ...for... Kemba+Biyombo+Gordon+2013 1st Overall Pick

    CHI gets a young scoring PG to replace Rose, a huge potential big man Thibs can mold, a #1 overall pick, and BG for 1 year. Oh, and CHI dumps Boozer's contract.

    C. Noah (2013 Pick)
    PF. Taj (Biyombo)
    SF. Deng (Butler)
    SG. McLemore (BG)
    PG. Kemba (Hinrich, Teague)

    CHA gets Rose...Nuff said.

    C. Haywood (Mullens)
    PF. Boozer (Tyrus)
    SF. MKG (Adrien)
    SG. Henderson (Taylor)
    PG. Rose (Sessions)

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    no way, they can do much better than that... that's almost a salary dump

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    It IS a salary dump (Boozer), which is why it brings the value down a bit.

    But you're right, the Bulls should be able to fanagle another lottery pick from the Bobcats, but it would probably be a top-5 or 10 protected pick though.

  • A fabulous, amazing game! Accolades to every Bulls player and the coaches. Agree with Doug, maybe the greatest regular season game ever, certainly the greatest for a Bulls fan. Doug, we all understand you being pumped over the victory.

    With everything stacked against the Bulls, including as usual the refs when they play the Heat, the Bulls pull the biggest upset in decades. One announcer said this was the biggest NBA story since MJ returned to the Bulls out of retirement way back in 1995. What a game! You could see the Bulls wanted this one and every player went after it! Congrats to all.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I agree, it's not fair that this game doesn't weigh more. After immediately following this game up with a loss to sub 500 Dallas Mavs, as you must of already been aware of as you wrote your post, the Bulls are 1-1 in their last two games.

    If this were college the Bulls would at least get the higher ranking kudos for beating the number 1 ranked team. Tho I'm not sure if immediately losing to Dallas would cancel this out or not...

  • Ha Ha Ha... Very entertaining podcast and rant Doug. You went street on this podcast when it comes to how passionately you hate the Heat and Lebron and it's totally understandable. I'm also convinced that Lebron would've had some serious issues playing during the 90`s era that Jordan dominated. It was a great game but not trying to take away from that, i think there's still too much satisfaction with regular season victories with Bulls fans. And again it was a great great victory in snapping the Heats 27 game winning streak and watching the Heat and especially Lebron lose their cool and swagger but i think the big picture has to be the first priority. The Bulls as an organization has to find a way to beat this Heat team during the playoffs when everything really counts. Im sure this is the reason why Rose hasn't come back yet, he dispises this Miami team and wants a team around him that he's confident can get thd job done with him when they meet this team come playoff time. And a lot of fans will continue to say he should be back now especially if the doctors have cleared him to play but i completely understand his mindset. He's leaving it to management to give him a team that can beat this Heat team during the playoffs cause the blueprint to beat the Heat as constructed is there with the Bulls as an organization, it just takes the right coach which the Bulls already has and the only thing left is to bring in the right players to add around Rose to have the Bulls beat Miami when it really matters... THE PLAYOFFS!

  • In reply to Reese1:

    that's a bunch of nonsense, winning the title will always come down to effort, strategy and luck for this team. This roster is no worse than last year's, it's basically the same other than Asik. So if everyone can play come playoff time, Rose included, it's a good year as any to win the title/beat the heat/have a good enjoyable run as ever. One of miami's guys could go down with an injury at any moment, or you get on a hot streak and lebron breaks down mentally. Next year you could hit the playoffs with Noah or Deng out of action and have no chance again, who the hell knows? You have a puncher's chance you take it and make the most of it.

    This is why I think there might be somethin else here at play with Rose, and so I say ship him out and get someone else in here fast.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    Yeah and im glad you dont run the Bulls organization too. I agree there's something bigger going on with Rose not playing but trading Rose az you suggest bas to be the most insane thing ive ever heard you say on this blog. The Bulls wouldn't get anything in equal value for him plus this years draft is extremely weak. Rose is a franchise type player so trading him from his hometown team im sure would be a very unpopular decision for the city of Chicago. Now if thus indeed does turn into a Lebron situation but Rose lets the team know he wants to be traded, than that's another situation.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    why can't you get equal value? I'd gladly have james harden right now. I'm not saying trade Rose cause he sucks, I'm saying trade cause what he's doing right now is mindboggling and unprecendented... there has to be something going on, he's been practicing for over a month! If he hates his teammate, who run their ass off every night for Thibodeau, cause they suck (and they quite honestly don't, yeah miami's guys are better, but you could say that about pretty much every team in the league) then he's a total ass.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    All i can say is imo Rose is pissed at management that they decided to break up the team that was intact over the last couple of years. The Bulls FO went into total saving money mode, letting players walk for nothing in return and bringing in a few garbage players from free agency. I'm not mad at Rose sitting out this year, he wants to win and obviously this is his way of letting management know thatthis team as constructed is not the way to a championship and if a.y Bulls fan at all dont or can't understand what Rose is doing just does not get it. To beat the Heat will take a more offensive capable team with a lot of size to offset the Heat big three and right now the Bulls are offensively challenged, that needs to be resolved cause Rose can't be the only offensive threat,especially coming off such a devastating and career threatening knee injury.

  • The Rose thing is baffling but I still feel the Bulls are holding him back while looking like they want him to play(at least i'm hoping this is the reason and not him hating this team). Hopefully this is strategy to get a quality player in the draft. Someone like Gorgui Dieng at 6'11" with a massive 7'6" wingspan can give us some of that quality size we lost with Asik and the blue print for beating the Heat is with size and playing physical. Being the 6th seed with Rose coming at the very end with a better draft pick, I'll take the gamble.......

  • Rose is a great player....maybe a future HOF......but does he want to be a player for this team?

    Right now, Rose has a serious attitude of not wanting to play. At some point, if Rose does wait for next season, the Bulls will want no more excuses from Derrick. Trading Rose could be an option. But the return has to be a great. And I don't want Bosh from Miami.

    The Bulls will cash in with the insurance policy for Rose this season. But 2013-14 will be a new chapter. Right now, Carlos Boozer is more a leader than Rose is now.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Trading Rose will be the dumbest option since deciding to break up the dynasty...because Reinsdorf didn't want to pay them their deserved money.

    If the Bulls want to be what UTA and DEN (to a lesser extent because their GM is a genius) are the past several seasons (think Baby Bulls era), then by all means, trade Rose and be in basketball purgatory for the next 5-6 years.

    And then after all those players get old, we'll rebuild for another 5-8 years waiting for a superstar-talent to come our way. I'm pretty sure Reinsdorf wouldn't mind because he'd be able to keep operating costs low (payroll) and maximize profits making the playoffs every year, possibly making it to the 2nd rounds because Bulls fans are gullible.

    Now if the Bulls want to be title contenders, you keep your HOF level talent, former MVP, and STILL improving 24yr old. I swear I thought Chicago fans were more basketball-intelligent than this.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    trading Rose is a stupid idea. First of all, he loves the Lakers, who are we suppose to get from the fakers? ron thanks. The Bulls ownership and management have to show him they are dead serious about winning this offseason. They need to make some moves and stop with the lazy signings like hinrich, radmanovic and nazr mohamed last year. They need to get a good first round draft pick and try to get great min deal like they did with nate robinson.......maybe ronnie brewer would come back with a min deal. Now lets look at some of our needs 1. scoring 2. size, another tall defensive center that can score some 3. three point shooting. there's alot of needs and hopefully garpax don't get lazy this summer.

  • This might be the most insane discussion ever on this or any other Bulls forum, and given some of the characters that have graced(or lack thereof) this site and some of the lunatics at the NERF boys site that is saying something.

  • Rest in Peace, Tom Boerwinkle

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