Bulls Beat #271 - Return of Rose?

Bulls Beat #271 - Return of Rose?

I discuss the odds of Derrick Rose returning to the court and how the Bulls can try to topple the Miami Heat.

Bulls Beat #271 - Return of Rose?

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  • As much as I always say anything can happen in a 7 game series and you can get lucky, I don't think even with Rose at 100% this Bulls roster is close enough to the Heat to have a realistic chance to beat them. Heck the Heat are rolling so well right now even with the old bench mob I'm not sure they could do it.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I never understood (other than optimistic biased homerism that is) how fans could claim we were 'better' after we dumped the bench mob for this new batch. We arguably had the best bench the last 2 years, and fans made the claim our bench got better.

    We all heard the comparisons:
    Belinelli > Korver
    Butler > Brewer
    Hinrich > Watson
    Nate > JL3
    VladRad > White Mamba (okay, just messing around)
    But after Nazr 'lit it up' in the preseason, fans had the balls to say Nazr > Asik.

    Deng+Boozer+Noah+Taj are basically what they are, and only Rose has the real ceiling to take another step. And even if he did, it wouldn't have been enough. Take a look at OKC. Durant+RW+Ibaka have all improved, but does anybody really believe they can beat MIA if they make it to the Finals? Because I don't. I don't even have them making the Finals if Tony Parker is healthy for SAS.

    Barring injury to one of their big-3, I just can't see us beating MIA as long as we keep our 'core' and recycle the bench.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I agree because I think Miami has one of the all-time great collections of top-end talent. They wanted to cut out competition and make it easy on themselves, and they've succeeded in doing so. There are other great, talented teams out there like OKC but even they can't topple this giant.

    Yet everyone here says the Bulls' inability to beat the Heat is a reflection of having the worst FO and owner in the NBA -- AND THAT WAS BEFORE THIS YEAR.


  • You talk about how many years other guys have left, I'll throw this out there: Rose might only have 3 years left where he's able to play at a star level. Look at other slashing/scoring point guards of recent times: Marbury, Francis, Hardaway. Not comparing them in ability - Rose is better than they are - but they all were in heavy decline by 28. The elephant in the room is that even without the knee injury we may already have seen Rose's peak.

    If the "plan" to beat the Heat was to make it a defensive game, you keep Asik and amnesty Boozer if you need to do it. The "plan" was to make as much profit as possible.

    If LeBron is the road block the best thing the Bulls can do is take a punt on whatever tiny chance there is that LeBron signs with them in 2014. JJ Redick or OJ Mayo aren't going to make a lick of difference.

    Also OJ Mayo wouldn't be worth the contract you suggest even if the Bulls gave up nothing to get him. Mayo had an unsustainably hot start from 3, that's basically the only difference between this year and his career. You don't pay 10 million for a guy who is going to regress to the mean.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I agree Mayo isn't 'the answer', especially not at $8+mil (what he will be looking for).

    I wanted Mayo for THIS year at $4mil, where he could have made a difference...if we kept our bench mob.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I agree that Mayo is not the answer on a long term deal at Taj Gibson money. I wonder what that makes Gibson himself.

    I have to reluctantly admit that other than health issues, the Hinrich signing looks to have been the right move for this season, I will have to withhold judgement on next season until at least until after Rose returns. Unfortunately, if he can't stay healthy then it doesn't really matter if it was the right move from a pure basketball standpoint. and at this point in his career, Hinrich just seems like a frail bodied freak injury waiting to happen.

  • The only teams realistically that does have a chance to beat the Heat in the future, and these teams have to get better overall in adding more talent or a certain coach and those teams are the Lakers if they can bring back Phil to go along with a few more talented players, the Spurs because they have a excellent coaching staff and they really know how to judge talent in the draft and overseas players, and the Bulls because of the coaching from Thibs, the defensive system that Thibs teach. All the Bulls need is a second scorer that can take some of the pressure off of Rose. I agree that the Bulls should try to keep the front court together but if they can get rid of Boozer by all means get it done. Overall the Bulls need that second scorer and they my be able to put some pressure on the Heat in a series. But management has to be committed to winning.

  • And yeah I agree that teams now will have to build towards the Heats weaknesses if they want to even have a chance at winning a title cause at this point every team in the league is irrelevant with the way the Heat are playing now.

  • Are lebron, wade and bosh all free agents in 2014? If so i don't believe the heat will keep all three.

    -lebron may go back to Cleveland
    -wade might retire(or join his hometown team to finish his career?)
    -who knows were bosh will go?

    Anyway the point is the other teams in the league won't have to worry about beating the heat, they will beat themselves in 2014. obviously the heat will do everything possible to keep Lebron but i don't see them keeping all three.

  • In reply to rob32:

    LeBron, Wade, Bosh are not automatically free agents in 2014. They have an option to opt-out of their contracts. Why is everyone assuming they will opt-out? If the Heat win another ring, why would they opt out? These big 3 may stay together through the 2015-16 season on their current contracts.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Maybe one day you'll post something other than "It's totally and completely hopeless" but I won't hold my breath.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Please do hold your breath. You'll be doing us all a favor.

  • In reply to Edward:

    The reason that they might all likely opt out is that they would all be in a better position to get one more max 5 year contract in 2014 than they would be in 2016.

    Although Wade will be too old(32) to get a 5 year deal, something about not being able to sign a contract that goes past the age of 35, he should still be able to get at least one more year of guaranteed money.

    Bosh will be 30 but might not opt out because he likely won't be able to get a new deal at the same money per year $20+ million, and maybe he doesn't get a 5 year deal either.

    Lebron is most likely to opt out, even if he resigns with Miami, because he will be 29 going on 30 in 2014 and thus eligible for a full 5 year deal, vs 31 going on 32 in 2016 and not eligible for a full 5 year deal.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    My point is, I don't see them leaving Miami. Why is everyone assuming they will bolt in 2014? That would not make any sense, and imo, I see them staying.

    Their owner doesn't want to make a profit, says owning an NBA team is a hobby of passion and he's committed to winning. They have the best weather and lifestyle in NBA. Supporting cast members flock to play with them in Miami for low pay. They have a great GM in Pat Riley. They play in the weaker conference and have been to the NBA Finals every year. They are in the middle of what might become the longest winning streak in NBA history.

    And people are assuming they will look to join another team. Foolishness...

  • I think its more a coincidence that the Bulls strengths are/were similar to the Heat's weaknesses. If they were playing the out big the Heat game then they wouldn't have let Asik walk. Now they have no seven footer. Taj isn't a rebounding machine. He and Noah are the only rim protectors though.

    I just get the feeling that the front office is rudderless especially after this offseason. Otherwise they would have leaked their Heat exploitation plan some how. As they love to look good in the media. Nobody knows the Bulls plans because there is none. The one thing every Bulls fan can agree on is that they should have a plan to get to the top even if we don't agree with it. But just being good and making money is an insult to the fan base.

  • It's the Heat's time. They were going to win this year no matter what the Bulls did. Wade is ageing rapidly and their contracts are coming up, and then it will be time for other teams to compete for the title. At that point, Rose should be in his prime and the Bulls need to claim that time for themselves. I'm hoping GarPax and Thibs will have learned from their mistakes by then because once Miami is out of the picture, this team is very close.

  • I have to agree with the sentiment that the Bulls would/should have kept Asik if they were going with the beat the Heat with size and rebounding. Since they didn't can't really say that they are pursuing that strategy. Look at what that Vucevic guy in Orlando has done against Miami this year, I think that he is averaging over 20 rebounds a game.

    Doug, you pointed out that in the summer of 2014 both Deng and Noah will be past their peaks, both going on 30. I have pointed that out before as a reason to have kept Asik, as I believe that neither Deng or Noah should get a second big contract from the Bulls. Meaning Deng walks in 2014 and you look at trading Noah for a wing scorer if you still have Asik to elevate as a starter. and by the way Taj is the same age as Noah and Deng.

    As for Miami running the table on the season, there are only 3 game left on the schedule that they could lose. Tonight @ Boston without Garnett(maybe), @ the Bulls by which time we might be at full health, and 2 games later @ San Antonio with question about Tony Parkers return.

    I can't say this very often, but I am totally rooting for the Celtics tonight even though we are in a battle with them for playoff seeding. Hopefullly, Avery Bradley whom Doc Rivers compared to Scottie Pippen(defensively) and might have made the difference in last seasons playoffs can be the difference tonight, although no Garnett no chance.

    Hopefully, the Bulls can stay on the court with the Nugs tonight, maybe the lack of elevation can make up about 30 points.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    It will always be a big "what if" had the Bulls chosen to trade Noah and keep Asik. Hard to say what Noah would have netted but safe to say it would have been some fairly significant assets. Would have been seen as a huge risk at hte time, but the way things are shaping up and the way Asik has played as a starter, I'll always have to wonder "what if," not that such thinking leads to anything useful.

  • The most positive news so far, right from the horses mouth, so to speak.

    "OAKLAND, Calif. – Derrick Rose's Chicago Bulls T-shirt was drenched in sweat after a 70-plus minute pregame workout at Oracle Arena last Friday night. He looked physically strong during the exercises.
    "I'm feeling healthy, man," Rose told Yahoo! Sports afterward. "That's the only thing that matters."
    But what matters now is Rose's mental confidence in his surgically repaired left knee, which is critical for Rose before he pushes for clearance to make his season debut.
    When will that be? There isn't a target date, but Rose is "at the end of the tunnel" of his rehab, according to a source."

  • Here we go again, the PussyHole's inability to guard anyone other than a big white Eurostiff has Noah guarding small forwards and on the bench with early foul trouble. But hey, at least the pussyhole has been able to baskethang and grab 5-6 early rebounds to pad his stats. Senile Sam Smith is drooling over "his" double double already.

    Oh look at that he can't guard Javale McGee either, but with Noah on the bench who else on the Bulls can.

  • with taj and hinrich out so long and rose being kept back. I get the feeling the Bulls FO wants to lose some games and this is probably because they want a better draft slot. They probably have someone they really like in the mid first round because why else would they hold taj, hinrich and rose back for so long. I've been thinking a backup center but they might have a tall wing player in mind.

  • Bullshit call or not on the Noah tip(I call bullshit) that play illustrates why we need an immediate retroactive rule change that I have always thought should be intuitively obvious to the casual observer, i.e. there should be no offensive goaltending, only defensive. The offensive players should be able to do whatever they need to do, what is the difference how the ball goes thru the basket. I would even be in favor of the international rules, make it a free for all once the ball goes up.

    It will be interesting to see if the league admits to a mistake on this play or not, I say not but we shall see.

    Bulls got killed on the boards again, couldn't come up with lose balls when it mattered. Noah sure could use a helpmate out there, where are Taj Gibson and Asik when you need them. Another game that we win if we had either or both of them instead of the PussyHole.

    Speaking of the big pussy on campus, he delivered in prime time as usual. 4 rebounds after garbage time(the first 5 minutes of the game). Deng chipped in with 2 and lackadasical defense on everybody all night. More than dissappointing since Deng will usually sticks his nose in there on nights when we need him to.

    Deng has to be the worst looking athlete ever to be named a 2 time fake all star. His "style" would best be described as a spastic pansy. I have always contended that he is somewhat to massively overrated as a defender. This has been especially true since the turn of this new year. You could say that his defense lost the game tonight. In over time, he twice turned his back on defense stood flat footed staring at the rim and refused to block out his man or anybody else's allowing Chandler and Koufos to waltz in for uncontested put backs, Ballgame.

    If anybody needs another reason that Bozo is an asshole, how about the difference in the speed with which he transitions from defense to offense vs the lack of speed with which he transitions from offense to defense.

    One of the reasons that the Bulls don't come up with a lot of lose balls on their end is that the BozoHole is abandoning the fray before the rebound is secured to sprint away from the action. Power forwards don't lead the fast break. If he has the mental where-with-all to switch ends that fast going from D to O, he could do the same going the other way, he just doesn't bother to try, just one more reason why Bozo is an asshole.

    What a brutal night, Miami wins on a missed 3 pt attempt by Pierce as Boston playing without Garnett blows a big lead, then the Bulls lose that game that way. Nate was Nate the great, but boy we sure needed that second free throw.

    If anyone had told you that Jeff Green and Nate Robinson would combine to score 77 points you have to believe that both the Bulls and the Celtics win, right. Just not meant to be our night.

    Oh well, Rose will be back by the Miami game, so it will be up to us to stop the Heat streak at 27, if not the only thing between them and a new record at 39 are the Spurs(with or without Tony Parker) @ game #30.

  • It will be interesting to see what the Bulls do in the offseason. They don't have much room to sign guys and I don't believe they will make a big trade or anything. That leaves the draft. Do they draft for now or for the future? If Deng and Noah are going to be gone in a year or two then the future might be the answer, if they want to fill a need then draft for now. There are two players that I have never seen, but am very interested in what i've heard. Mike Muscala is a Center from Bucknell. The other guy is Giannis Adetokunbo. No idea how to say his name but to me he looks like Durrant without the shooting ability. If the Bulls want to draft someone to mold, he could be the guy. He has true superstar potential. Look him up on draftexpress.
    I am really interested to see how Belinelli plays with Rose. He hits enough threes that I think he can spread the floor, he can handle the ball, and he can sort of create his own shot. He isn't the best SG, but I think he is better than most realistic options that the team has.
    As for the Heat, if Rose and Gibson are healthy, I think the Bulls have a slim chance to beat them. The way I would play them is you let Labron do his thing and try to contain everyone else. The Bulls have the defenders to contain Wade and Allan, and if Gibson can contain Bosh it gives them a chance. Bulls would have to score points and Labron is still enough for the Heat to win, but I think that is how you have to play them.
    And don't let Labron dunk the ball. I would give up an open layup to anyone else on the team instead of giving Labron a lob dunk.

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