Bulls at Warriors and the latest Derrick Rose return saga

So the Bulls face the Warriors tonight, and Tom Thibodeau noted that Derrick Rose was unlikely to play in the game against the Warriors. Rose officially listed as out, but his "day to day"ness seems more legitimate now than it has been in the past. The daily grind of Rose return news seems to generally have taken a positive spin. Stacey King went on the Carmen and Jurko show and proclaimed from watching Rose practice he looked explosive and thought he'd return in the next week to 10 days.

The Bulls shot under 39% for four consecutive games and can't get much offense going. Chicago's roster continues to be depleted by injuries. Kirk Hinrich may return tonight against the Warriors, but the Bulls will still lack Gibson, Hamilton, and of course Rose. Until the Chicago can get fully healthy, they'll continue to struggle for every win.

Tom Thibodeau noted that Derrick Rose could miss the entire season but still return for the playoffs which should give Bulls fans some additional hope that this year's playoff run may extend a round. It's interesting how the feeling around the Bulls has changed so much over the past month. When Chicago was 11 games over .500 without Derrick it felt like Rose could come back and the Bulls might have a punchers shot at the title.

Now that so many other players are out, the team struggles so much, that even if Rose comes back it's difficult to see them making up much ground. However, it's important to remember that teh Bulls struggles lately have largely been about injuries and not necessarily about team makeup. The Bulls defense has fallen apart when the bench big man went from Taj Gibson to Nazr Mohammed while the PG position has been hurt considerably without Kirk Hinrich.

Things seem bleak because the team is playing without four rotation players right now, but if they can get healthy prior to the playoffs then they'll be an entirely different squad going into it. The biggest question is around Rose, but Gibson/Hinrich need to get back on the court as well.

Against the Warriors, the Bulls will need to find a way to stop Stephen Curry, David Lee, and the Warriors offense. It seems unlikely that Chicago's depleted roster will have much of a chance in keeping up with the Warriors unless they can get back to playing the lock down defense they've shown at times in the past. If Hinrich is able to go, and play at full strength, it could be a huge lift.


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  • This Monday at home vs Denver sounds good to me.

  • March 18th, 2013

  • Hinrich listed as out for tonights game. The Bulls FO should've let the Bucks have this guy since they wanted him this past summer. Hopefully he will retire after this year to give the Bulls a little money this summer to get some players that can stay healthy. It's wishful thinking but this long past ridiculous with all of the injuries over the last few years.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    These games are giving us in real-time, an unbiased evaluation of Bulls last off-season. Someone actually decided the "solution" was:
    - Deng (not trading him when his value had peaked)
    - Hinrich (signing for 2 years well past his prime),
    - letting Asik leave for nothing (just before his prime)
    - attempting to out-work more talented competition
    - rely on Rose returning early to save the season.

    Yes, this was actually a "plan".

  • In reply to Edward:

    Check, worst 2 time fake all star ever
    Check, has helped the team when not injured, but we all knew that wouldn't last for long, if at all.
    and double Check, averaging a double double just as I predicted.

    that along with not amnestitizing the BozoHole, which would have provided the funding to keep Asik and Korver while still remaining under the luxury tax, thus not starting the clock on the repeater tax, which we are now online to pay in 2014-15 when we will have our first opportunity to retool since acquiring the BozoHole.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You know, I often read how we should have amnestied Boozer but I never think it would have made sense -- consider they're the worst scoring team in the NBA -- until now. You're absolutely right, they could have amnestied him and thereby kept Asik and Taj. What I'm confused by is, would they still have had to play the tax, and the repeater tax? I don't see too many teams willing to do that, even the Lakers are trying to avoid it.

    As for Korver, he's an aging player who Thibs never really understood how to use, so I think it's best that the Bulls let him go.

  • Just got done watching the Lakers beat the Pacers without Kobe(only played 12 early minutes). David West, who destroyed Bozo the Bambooozler 31 to 6 lost the battle at power forward tonight to Ron Artest 21 to 8 and Artest isn't really even a power forward, although he did manhandle the BozoHole in the Bulls loss to the Lakers.

    Even when he isn't playing we(anyone with a reasonably astute basketball mind) are constantly reminded of what a total gutless, prideless pussy the BozoHole is.

    The Sacramento game was an example of what happens when the entire team competes at the same level that the PussyHole competes every game.

    No matter what else we do this offseason, we have to get rid of the human piece of feces under any circumstances, at any cost.
    and yes, death is an option.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Dude......get some help.

  • Doug, your continual cheerleading for Hinrich is one of the most disappointing aspects of this seasons commentary. I've enjoyed this blog for several years, but this is nothing short of lazy.

    I probably rewrote this 3 or 4 times to make it more palatable, for I would put my thumbs thru Hinrich's eye sockets if I were ever to met him. Do you ever even consider the effect of this veteran earning 9 million dollars, for 2 years of phoning it in, could have on a young team looking for leadership.

    I told you at the beginning of this season he had one foot out the door and his 'will' would find a way to sit his a** on the bench. Your response was 'huh? He's going to fake an injury?' Grow up buddy.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    It's not Kirks fault and he isn't phoning it in this is just all he is now. He is basically the PG version of Keith Bogans. Paxson's the one that gave his boy all that money can't blame Kirk for taking what he can get. Feel the same about Boozer. The hate should be directed at the reason these guys are over paid and that is John Paxson and his inept ability to judge NBA talent. This is why they overpay and miss so badly. That and their fondness to pickup guys that haven't been good in several years.

    That said I think we all knew Kirks stats would be pitiful and that given the past few seasons he was likely to miss a lot of time. I cringe whenever they say we miss Kirk because he is a good player even though I know they do play a bit better with him out there his stats are just impossible for me to get around given his salary.

    Can't we just call it like it is Paxson has blown his last two big free agent signings. RIP and Klank can be added to the long long long list of Paxson free agent whiffs.

  • In reply to Chad:

    but he has character and charm which garpax adore. The Paxson follies will give us an ok draft position this year, i'm hoping they can get that backup center spot right and hopefully we can get back to contention next year but when you take so many steps backward, its hard to get back to where you were. I would definitely open Deng trade talks again, Barnes doesn't look too bad, i doubt we can get anyone better for him. GS seems to be in love with Deng by the way their announcers were praising him....."oh they can't take deng out of the game" bla bla bla. they can have him and his soon to be 50 million dollar contract demands.

  • In reply to Chad:

    I agree that Paxson is the quintessential mediocre NBA GM. His very first personnel move, if memory serves me correctly, was signing a broken-down Scottie Pippen to a two-year contract. I think he may have played about five games total. To me, this betrayed a backward-looking view of how to build a team. Paxson has had some success, e.g. the buying of a lottery pick from Phoenix which netted Deng, but his personnel failures were greater. Wallace, Tyrus, the list goes on. But for the fortuitous ping-pong ball which netted the Bulls Rose, even the dimmest Bulls fan would understand how Reinsdorf's misplaced loyalty for Pax has hurt this team.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I don't think he's mediocre, if we're going to put GMs into three bands of good, mediocre and bad then Pax is clearly in the good category. You can point to mistakes made by any GM, it really comes down to whether they've done enough good to outweigh the bad.

    Pax took over when they had been the worst team in the NBA the previous 5 years. Since then they've had a 54% win percentage. I'd say doing that when his owner has run the team like it's in a small market shows some ability. Just the fact he's been employed 10 years speaks to it - mediocre GMs don't tend to last long.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    That's my point Shakes. If Reinsdorf wasn't so loyal to Pax, he would have been gone by now in other organizations. Pax is mediocre because of the numerous mistakes. Yes, all GMs make mistakes, but his outweigh the more solid decisions. In my opinion, the continuos failure to land an impact FA after all these years reflects a mediocre performance. Mistakes at the top of the draft with Tyrus and Gordon (yes, he was a mistake) add to his legacy.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    This might be one of the dumbest comments I've ever seen on this blog, and that's saying a lot considering Reese posts on here 3 or 4 times a day.

  • The year that Pax drafted Gordon, Deng, and Duhon, plus picked up Nocioni as a FA, he looked like the GM of the year. Unfortunately, that was his best year, and I understand he only got Deng to trade him. But those guys won a lot of games for the Bulls.

    Big FA signings that later bomb can cripple a franchise for many years. GMs ignore this fact at their peril. But a mass of 2nd tier signings can hurt too -- like Hamilton and Hinrich. It comes down to talent evaluation.

  • Yes, you can't miss repeatedly and not pay the price.
    In this case the price appears to be, no rings for Rose as a Bull.

    If we wanted to we could list all of GarPax's decisions and it would be negative by a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio, imo.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I think your ratio just shows that there are many, many bad choices and only a few good choices as a GM. Really you need to show that Pax is worse than other GMs in this regard.

    Which current GMs couldn't you do that for though? RC Bufford for sure. Pat Riley (illegal collusion helps). Probably Sam Presti now but give him a few more years in the job where he has to make the hard decisions in the push for a championship and it wouldn't surprise me to see him start to pile up the mistakes too. Can't really think of anyone else who is clearly batter better than 1 correct for every 2 or 3 mistakes.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Shakes what are you doing here with that kind of logical thinking? Your perspective beyond Chicago, Miami and LA has no place in these discussions. GarPax is the worst FO in the history of the NBA, get with the program. ;-)

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