What to make of Derrick Rose's latest comments

After Derrick Rose did the USA Today interview, he opened himself up to the local media as well. It was easy to look at his USA Today comments and figure they were generalizations meant to purposefully be vague and offer no real specific information. Thus dismissing the idea that there's something wrong with Rose wasn't particularly difficult. It's much more difficult to look at his comments to the local beat writers and say the same.

Rose left reporters with a bunch of positive and negative quotes. You could almost write an article either way on his return. He's doing 3-3 and 1-1s now, and he's expected to start 5-5s soon. He's working hard getting better, blah blah blah.

Here are the two most meaningful quotes though:

"My leg still isn't feeling right."

"I can't dunk, man. I know if I can dunk off stride, I know I'll be out there playing, but I can't."

The rest of the stuff is sort of generalities, but these two very specific quotes tell you about where Derrick Rose is. Throw this in there with the idea that Rose says he doesn't mind missing the season, and it doesn't look particularly good for our hero.

Management let people run wild with speculation as minor hints were dropped about Rose's recovery that looked far more promising. Tom Thibodeau responded that he wasn't worried at all about Rose losing athleticism because he sees what he's doing in practice everyday.

If you see what he does in practice everyday and that includes a guy who can't dunk in stride then how do you not worry about him losing athleticism? Jimmy Butler discussed seeing Rose flush the ball a few times and that doesn't contradict what Rose said (dunking in stride vs dunking period) it certainly gave off an impression that Rose was further along than he was.

It was noted on Jan 29th that Rose was going full contact, but now it's noted that he hasn't taken any contact to his leg yet and isn't participating in 5 on 5 scrimmages.

The doctor's gave Rose an 8-12 month timeline for recovery. 12 months is clinically normal, but as I said in my post USA Today article, it's not really normal for an elite athlete. It's probably not even normal for a moderate athlete. When you look around the NBA, you see most guys returning from this type of thing closer to the 8 month mark. Derrick's looks likely to make it to 10 months at the very earliest.

10 months still isn't scary, but as I said, if this reaches a year? You have to seriously question whether Rose will ever be the same. Derrick Rose's talks seriously raise questions about whether we'll see Rose at all this season, and if not, the Bulls will have to seriously wonder if they still have an A-list start to build around starting next year.

Hopefully, Rose is simply dealing with the mental fear of instability in his leg, and he'll recovery quickly as soon as he pushes through that barrier and gets into some games. If not, Chicago could have a much bigger problem on their hands.


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  • Yeah, not good. Personally I'm just hoping it's Rose being hyperbolic, which is something he tends to do. I feel like sometimes he says things without quite realizing how they'll be construed.

    Particularly the bit about his leg not being "right". When he says that, most Bulls fans will automatically think the worst. But the thing is, if his leg truly wasn't right in that sense, would he even be practicing/rehabbing right now? Wouldn't the org have shut him down completely?

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    If the young man is saying his leg isn't feeling the way "HE WANTS IT TO FEEL", then no one should be questioning or rushing him to come back. I know this is a hard pill for some Bulls fans to swallow but those fans just need to take a deep breath and swallow hard on that one cause Rose will come back when he's good and ready and if that happens to be next season which imo would be best then so be it.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    No one is saying he should play when he is not ready, that is a canard. The main point is that he should not choose to not play because 1) there is no chance for a championship this year and 2) it is too late in the season. If he is ready to play he should play, and I presume he will play, as he is getting paid a lot of money to do so.

  • In reply to dreverts:

    If Reinsdorf doesn't like paying him to not play, he should trade him.

    I'm pretty sure a bunch of D-leaguers will be more than willing to 'play for their paycheck'.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I don't know what you are smoking but whatever it is you need to stop. No way will Reinsdorf do that and neither would real Bulls fan accept such a move.
    If he sits out this season ok health first not fan first

  • The cynical side of me is telling me that this is being orchestrated by Addidas as part of another add campaign. We'd have heard more about his limitations by now if they were really a big issue. His teammates would have given hints that he isn't the same. We haven't heard any of that. Is Rose going to be able to jump over Beno Udrih in his first game back? Probably not, but I think he still comes back in the next two weeks to a month.

  • The organization deserves more heat than it's getting for this. They, along with Adidas' preposterous "'The Return' and buy his shoes" promotions are what ramped up the expectations and specifically the expectation that DRose would return around the All-Star break.

    Everyone from Foreman to Thibs has said when asked that Derrick is doing well and right where he should be. I'm sorry, but if he's in danger of missing the season and/or still not close, then this is not right on schedule nor right where he should be. An ACL injury doesn't take a year and a half to recover from. I hope it's just everyone trying to cool the aforementioned raised expectations. If not, there should be some serious questions answered. Somehow I doubt there will be, but there should be.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Why so people keep saying it doesn't take. Year and a half to recover from and ACL?

    Is it possible it could take a in 12 in the initial prognosis of how I could take for Rose to recover from this?

    If that's the case, he's be ready when the playoffs start. Do you really think its in the best interests of every key involve for Rose to make his debut in the playoffs?

    So if you have any common sense you would say no. And if that's the case, we go back to your initial comments of 'it should not take a year and a half'. If he's ready in April is he really waiting a year and a half or is the season practically over and there's no season left to play?

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    If it takes more than a year than the organization has been dishonest that Rose is right on schedule the entire time. That's my point.

    Rubio came back two months ago (injured himself a month earlier than Rose). Shumpert came back just about a month ago (injured himself around the same time as Rose). Rubio also suffered a tear to his lateral collateral ligament and Shumpert to his meniscus, whereas Rose just tore the ACL.

    I realize you don't think the Bulls have enough to win this year. If you've read any of my comments in the past, I don't think so either. But the fact is he earns a salary from the Bulls to play basketball. I want to see him on the court if he reaches 100% before the end of the season, and if he doesn't, the organization owes its fanbase some SERIOUS answers.

  • Doug, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the idea that Rose is being influenced by those around him to be even more conservative than he otherwise would be or maybe should be.

  • In reply to HINrichPolice:

    HinrichPolice - SoleCollector!

    - ElTrilliardo

  • I just know that this whole topic depresses the shit out of me.

    I'm going to go eat more Cheez Its.

  • If Rose needs another month, it is what it is. 30 games left and he probably he will come back for the last 15 in limited minutes. My greater concern is Luol Deng and his soon to be expiring contract and his offensive decline......For a team in "salary cap crisis", I just don't think he's worth it to resign for another 4 years at 50-40 million. I think the Bulls should explore Deng for E. Gordon or other trade scenarios that can upgrade our offense somewhat. I would be in favor of a Deng for Harrison Barnes deal, he's a solid 3pt shooter and the warriors want to make a deep playoff run. We need cap relief and younger talent that can grow with Rose once he comes back healthy next season. I'm starting to warm up to the Bargnani for Boozer deal instead of the rumored celtics-nets deal. The Bulls should shake things up a little bit, especially with Rose out this year, add a little more offensive power which we need.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    You are right, everybody needs to wake up to the reality that this Bulls team is not good enough to win it all, Rose or no Rose. Sometimes, the window is only open for a very short time, if ours was ever open, it likely closed last April 28th.

    While I certainly have my concerns about both Gordon and Bargnani, if both those deals were on the table, I would have a hard time saying no.

    Supposedly, the Bulls are the ones pushing the Bozo/Bargnani deal, while Toronto is holding out hope for a better deal, if they don't get one, they might just pull the trigger at the last minute.

    Gordon makes exactly Deng money this year and next, when healthy, he is clearly a much better pure scorer than Deng ever was. Supposedly that is what everyone thinks that we need. Would you rather have Gordon and his attendant health questions, or Gortat a #1 or Gortat and Dudley.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    We are not getting Gortat, let alone an additional first. Gortat is a very good 2-way Center who plays defense and has some offensive skills. Why do people keep thinking he's so easily attainable?

    The only realistic way I see the Bulls getting him is if we took a couple of the lengthy contracts back (Dudley is a good contract), I'm laming about Beasley and the heart surgery Frye.

    But yes, we should have traded Deng at last years draft when we could have gotten GSW's 7th or TOR's 8th. Now, those teams aren't giving up those guys.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    So your saying that a 2 time all star in his prime is not worth a center who has never and never will sniff an all star game, hmmmm. Then maybe the first guy isn't really an all star, which is what I've been saying from the day that we overpaid him.

    I am not saying that Gortat is easily attainable, personally I don't see why Phoenix would trade the only center on its roster. However, there are reports that Gortat is not happy, and is in the doghouse with the new(interim) head coach.

    I have no idea if Gortat is available, but the Bulls should be smart enough to do there due diligence. I always find it interesting how all the so called "smart people" in Chicago are always telling me how great Deng is, then they always dismiss any trade proposal that I make for him as a non starter because Deng isn't worth it. I mentioned trading him for Paul George in Georges rookie season during the Bulls playoff series against the Pacers. For Kevin Love years ago, when Love wasn't even starting for the Wolves. And yes, I tried to trade him for every lottery pick other than #1 this past offseason. As they say he's just not that into you.

    When you cannot trade a guy for anybody else in the league for his entire contract, that is the definition of massively overpaid.

    If we can't get Gortat, Maybe we could trade him to Houston for Omer Asik.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The Gortat deal is hard to let go, but we ned a true number 2 scorer so I would go after E. Gordon first. I agree that letting Asik was a bad move, like you said, match and worry about year 3 expiring when it came up. The Bulls just aren't very savy and make smart moves like holding on to Deng when his trading value is not going to get any higher but start to plummet rapidly. Rose-Noah is the only future axis of a future championship team, all other pieces should be up for trade.

  • You got it exactly right, those 2 lines were the only ones that mattered and they scared me for the first time since the initial shock of his injury wore off.

    They don't scare me about his ability to return this season, they scare me long term. I don't care if he comes back this season, the bulls are not winning anything whether he does or not. You are all dreaming if you think that we will even make the ECF.

    If his knee still doesn't feel right, when will it, will it ever. Is this starting to affect his mental state. The fact that he can't dunk "off stride" as he says makes me think that he has no shot of making it back this season. Hopefully, he gets that back well before next years training camp. If that never comes back, then he is done as the Derrick Rose that we have known, and we are back to rooting for another 1.7%.

    Instead of pretending that everything will be fine next season, or that there is a 2014 plan, the Bulls need to start acting now on getting ready for the future, with or without Rose back at full strength. The first step in this process is to stop deluding ourselves, and admitting that even with Rose back at full strength we don't have enough to win it all.

    That means that both Deng and boozer have to go. Hopefully, with Deng you can make a deal to make the team better for the longterm.

    Basically, with the Taj Gibson signing, there is no longer a 2014 plan, at least in terms of clearing max salary cap space, unless the cap goes up to over $70 million(the cap not the tax).

    The only thing that we can look forward to or plan for is the signing of Mirotic whenever that might happen. We have no shot at max cap room in 2014. We have $52 million committed to only 5 guys(Rose, Noah, Taj, Butler and Teague) 8 guys at the minimum gets you to no less than $58 million. So even if the cap goes up significantly we might have the cap room to sign Mirotic to more than the MLE, might not, but certainly no max contracts.

    We need to trade Deng and Boozer as soon as possible for the best possible players going forward and not worry about future cap space. We need to start thinking about those moves now, not 2 summers from now.

    Gortat and Dudley or Gortat and a #1(lottery this year) for Deng?
    Who knows what will happen to Dengs value, is it going to be higher this summer, at next years trade deadline, the following summer, is there any guarantee that it hasn't already peaked.

    How many seasons are you willing to let Rose's injury cost us, it has already cost us 2, next year will be 3, do you want to make it 4, 5 or 6 by standing pat forever.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    By the way, with the realization that the 2014 plan is no more, and probably never was, letting Asik walk is looking worse and worse, and in hindsight will likely continue to look worse everyday for the next several years.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    C'mon, anytime you can let one of the top NBA rebounders walk for nothing, you just have to do it:

    (NOTE: that statement is essentially true for Chandler in addition to Asik...PJ Brown, the first proof that trade exceptions/expiring contracts mean little to GarPax as trading tools...ARGH).

  • In reply to Salvamini:

    For the record, I was vehemently against trading Chandler(especially for nothing) and the signing of the Big Bum Ben Wallace. I suppose that had we kept Chandler, we wouldn't have drafted Noah, who really knows.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    That move to trade chandler was a Scott Skiles deal to please the coach the Bulls did that they got that bum Ben Wallace who did nothing for the Bulls but have that immature hair style for a grown man.

  • I'm not understanding this DRose situation. For months Addidas had promoted the "Return" as if it was around the corner and now Derrick may sit for 14 months total. Pictures have been taken of DRose running up United Center stairs and Derrick says his legs don't feel right. He seemed so content with sitting out until next year which I find strange. This is the same guy who was so hard on himself last year for losing a regular season game to the Heat, as if he let the city down. maybe it's a marketing ploy I don't know

  • In reply to argie2333:

    He was so hard on himself last year that when he got injured, he kept fighting and pushing through it to continue playing (no thanks from Thibs), his body finally broke down.

    Maybe Rose is being a little smarter this time, knowing that's how he'll play when he gets back and Thibs will push him just as hard, so it's better to make sure he's 110% before Thibs throws him out there for 40+min.

    And please don't make the insane argument Thibs would never do something crazy Noah 43min on one foot because he has plantar fasciitis?

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Plantar fasciitis is not reconstructive knee surgery. If the organization says to Thibbs 20 minutes no more, Thibbs is not going to simply ignore management. This is not a Thibbs situation, DRose is simply not ready I guess.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Folks seem to forget that Derrick was struggling with a number of injuries prior to his ACL. He was far from healthy prior to the ACL. I'm sure this is a factor affecting his recovery. How about for one, playing a couple years with a toe he was unable to bend?

  • In reply to argie2333:

    That makes it look like his rehab was going fine when the "Return" was made, and he may have suffered a slow-down or set-back since then. I wish the Org could be a little more transparent, but then they wouldn't be the Org we love (to hate)...

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  • You just took a big steaming crap in my breakfast cereal Doug. Yeah it's 7:50 PM, but I've been lying in bed depressed all day thinking about this, trying not to think about this. At this point, I don't care if he comes back this year at all, just please Derrick, come back at some point, like your old self. Please.

  • Well it means this year is effectively over, even if he can come back and play it's not going to be soon enough. He'd need at least 15-20 regular season games to integrate back in for the playoffs and that isn't happening.

    Long term if he doesn't come good then Rose minus athleticism = average role player on a max contract. It's a hell of a gamble the Bulls have on their hands now, but not really sure what they can do about it, it'd take one hell of a gutsy GM to take the trade him while he still has value route.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Lol a gusty GM man please you actually think that GM would even approach Jerry Reinsdorf about such a move? would mr. reunsdorf allow the gm to leave his office with his job? Why would you trade a 24 year old star from the city he plays for a big money maker for the team the best since the master of basketball last played and you want to trade him on speculation that his worth is at his highest, apparently you think all 29 other team won't jump at it. Lol you have a better chance to jump off the top of the Willis tower without a parachute and living for the Bulls to consider or even think about trading Rosé.

  • Rosé will return when he is healthy not before. All this whining about this season please. We are talking about a career not a season Rosé's decision is about him feeling healthy about his knee, why should he play if his confidence in his knee is not there. I am sure when his knee responds to the 5 on 5 and has no setback we will see Rosé at some point this season if not next season we know he will be back

  • In reply to BullySixChicago:

    March 18th 2013

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