Looks like a quiet trade deadline for Chicago and that's okay

There's not much smoke around the Chicago Bulls this deadline, reporters may try to create some because the large Bulls fan base will draw page views, but expect the day to pass without much happening. Chicago would love to find a way underneath the luxury tax, especially to avoid the repeater penalty down the road. They'd love to dump Hamilton or Boozer, but neither seems like a likely proposition.

The most likely scenario to go down, in my opinion, is a Hamilton + pick for nothing trade. If only because if the Bulls didn't have a deal like that on the table, the Daequan Cook signing makes little sense. They didn't need to fill the roster spot, nor did they really need a player at Cook's position, nor have they played him any considerable amount of time since the signing.

However, in a scenario where Hamilton were to be moved for nothing, the signing of Cook makes perfect sense. Maybe they signed Cook just on the thought that such a trade might be on the table later and figured he was too good to pass on just in case. Either way, there's no smoke over such a trade right now, so it's one that just makes sense for the Bulls on paper.

It may simply be that no one is buying draft picks this deadline. The thoughts of a Boozer for Bargnani swap seem silly for both sides. The Raptors don't want the salary, the Bulls don't need an even worse player whom they can't amnesty. It's just a mess for both teams. Redick might be available but giving up a first rounder makes little sense if the Bulls don't plan to extend him and that likely doesn't fit into their salary structure for next season.

In the end, there's not likely a trade out there that really improves the team, so passing on the trade deadline most likely means the Bulls are passing on making a very poor deal just in order to get out of the luxury tax. That's a win for Bulls fans.

Hyped for Bulls/Heat?

The Bulls won the first meeting which I suppose proves anything is possible. Carlos Boozer had one of his top three performances of the season to carry the Bulls offense through most of the game, so I doubt Bulls fans are counting on that again. It's still hard to feel good about this team after their pre-all star break performance, but we have to remember they're much healthier now.

Miami's coming off a win in Atlanta last night, so I suppose the case could be made they'll have tired legs, but after the all-star break they're probably rested enough that it doesn't really matter. The Heat, of course, have shown lapses of concentration frequently in the regular season, and the Bulls typically put forth their best effort against the elite teams.

While Miami should crush the Bulls on paper, I think Chicago will simply want the win 10x as much as Miami which will keep the game reasonably close. I think the Heat will still pull out the victory, and I think they have the talent to crush the Bulls. However, given how the Bulls have played Miami close and effectively won three times without Rose, I doubt I can ever predict a Heat blowout against Chicago.

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  • (I will go on my rant about the Daequan Cook signing at a different date. In honor of the Trade Deadline, I will keep my comments on topic.)

    There are some Reports that are saying SAS, PHO, and HOU are interested in Rip, and by 'interested in Rip', I think we all know they mean there interested in the 1st pick that comes with Rip. A separate report had Bukls offering Rip and only a 2ndRounder but PHO wanted a 1st, and well...they got the Morris twins.

    Now, here's my trade idea for the Bulls. I think it makes sense for both teams. I may or may not have asked a couple CHA fans about this trade and they said yes. It might sound like a lot, but it's not...

    Gordon+Biyombo+Taylor ($15mil)
    Boozer+Rip+Teague+CHI 2013 1st+CHA 1st ($20mil)


    1) It saves us $5mil right off the bat, getting us under the luxury tax.

    2) Next year, the payroll will be roughly $72.8mil with 9 players under contract. Maybe that eases JR’s mind if we get under the tax this year.

    3) In 2014, Gordon+Deng both expire (JR doesn’t have to spend money Amnestying), and we’ll have approximately $13mil in cap space.

    4) We get a raw prospect in Biyombo, who Thibs can mold into his own defensive monster.

    5) If Rose comes back, we'd still be able to compete this year:

    C. Noah (Biyombo)
    PF. Taj (Deng)
    SF. Deng (Butler)
    SG. Belinelli (BG)
    PG. Rose (Hinrich, Nate)

    6) CHA would do this because they get a cheap backup for Kemba next year; their lottery pick back, and an additional 1st this year to keep on rebuilding.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I certainly hope we would turn the CHA #1 pick into more than that trade would bring. Also, leaves PF extremely thin. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't like this at all. If this was Eric Gordon instead of little BG then maybe, but BG would fit worse than Boozer.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    It is absolutely ridiculous to give up 3 #1's for that pupu platter of Garbage. Doubt that it is worth even 2 #'1's never mind giving Charlotte back its own pick.

    Maybe give them back theirs but keep all of ours, even though your giving that pick up for a salary dump of Bozo's last year of his contract. Really just better off amnestitizing Bozo the Bamboozler.

    Biyombo is probably a servicable back up power forward, assuming that Taj is a servicable starter.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You seem to think Boozer is an attractive contract....

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    You must be knucking futs, and you must not ever read my posts. There is no one who despises Bozo more than I do, but you don't give up 3 # 1 picks for a salary dump, especially when you are also taking back a bad contract(Gordon).

    However, Charlotte is the type of team that might be able to tolerate Bozo's contract. They suck and have no hope of being much better over the next 2 years. Bozo would eat up starters minutes at the 4 spot and put up decent(but phony) stats. In other words, just like Ben Gordon a garbage time player for a Garbage time team.

    IN the new CBA #1 picks are more valuable than they have ever been. Besides a true superstar, rookie contracts are likely to be the only guys who aren't over paid.

    Finally, to even consider this deal the Bulls would have to get Byron Mullens in the deal instead of either Taylor or Biyombo. Of course, I highly doubt that Charlotte would include their starting center in this deal. If we could get Mullens, I might go for 2 of our # 1's, but I am still not giving up the Charlotte pick. My guess is the only way that Charlotte would consider the deal is if we gave them back their pick.

    Unfortunately, it is now too late. Maybe we can revisit in June.

  • Amnesty = Luxury Tax
    Many comments have been made about amnestying Boozer and the Bulls reluctance to amnesty. It occurs to me that amnestying a player is effectively another version of the luxury tax, perhaps it could be referred to as the "amnesty tax."

    A team who amnesties a player will pay-out more than the salary on their roster. Isn't that what the luxury tax is? Including the amnestied player's salary (Boozer), the Bulls would likely pay salary expenses that exceed the luxury tax threshold. So amnesty is simply a different version of the luxury tax. Since Rein$dorf avoids luxury tax at all costs, why would he ever impose the amnesty tax upon himself? Instead, Rein$dorf imposed a hard-cap upon himself.

    To put this into historical perspective...
    With Jordan's 50th birthday came comments he wanted to continue playing in Chicago past the 1998 championship. Remember the lockout and new CBA of 1998-99? This is when the luxury tax was born - though its implementation came a couple years later within that 1998-99 CBA. Rein$dorf knew the owners would demand the luxury tax in the 1998-99 CBA negotiations so he preemptively axed Phil Jackson, Jordan, Pippen and Rodman cutting $65 million in annual expense and ushering in the Tim Floyd era. ALL TO AVOID THE LUXURY TAX which Rein$dorf knew was coming with the new 1998-99 CBA.

    As Bulls fans we like to think of Chicago as a team with a rich championship history. But if there had been a luxury tax in the Michael Jordan era would the Rein$dorf Bulls have won 6 championships?

    IMO, Rein$dorf (and his son) are biding their time for the draconian luxury tax penalties to limit the spending of the competition, perhaps even waiting for a true hard-cap in a future CBA.

  • In reply to Edward:

    The difference is that the luxury tax has some sort of compound or multiplier effect year over year and amnestying doesn't. It's just a one-time fee. Maybe I'm naive but I think Reinsdorf would do it but if and only if it was what needed to be done to make a serious championship run. Reinsdorf will spend money to win a championship but he won't spend money to spend money -- that's why you see what's happening this year.

    Let's not revise history on the old Bulls. Krause and Jackson couldn't co-exist anymore and Reinsdorf made the wrong choice in picking Krause. Suggesting he knew what future a negotiation would bring is flimsy at best.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    " Maybe I'm naive but I think Reinsdorf would do it but if and only if it was what needed to be done to make a serious championship run"

    One of the clear advantages the Bulls had over the Heat was size. When his contract was up, Asik was allowed to walk due to $$$; greatly mitigating that advantage.

    So, in the one opportunity thus far that I could see as being important to a potential push for a title, the Bulls came up on the cheap side.

    (NOTE: You can say the other moves this past offseason were mostly on the cheap, too; Hinrich the exception. However, I am not sure any of that was as impactful to the team as letting Asik walk)

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I do agree you're being naive, but disagree with everything else in your reply.

    While the amnesty provision doesn't have a multiplier, it is not a one-time-fee as you misstate. Bulls would have to pay Boozer every year for 3 more years - and team expenses would thereby exceed the tax threshold for 3 consecutive years! One-time fee?!? Hardly...

    It's comical that you parrot the Rein$dorf misinformation that he would pay the luxury tax if it meant a championship. There is no truth to that statement and history tells us so.
    My point of reviewing (not revising) the history of the luxury tax in its entirety (along with Rein$dorf's behavior) is to show his TOTAL COMMITMENT to avoid the luxury tax at all costs. Including breaking up one of the greatest teams in NBA history - the 72 win Bulls - at the exact moment a new CBA introduced the luxury tax. That's not a revision - that is a FACT.

    If you don't think Rein$dorf knew well in advance the owner's game plan for the 1998-99 CBA negotiations, that takes naivety to a whole new level. Rein$dorf is one of the more influential owners and developing a negotiation strategy doesn't happen in a vacuum. All of the owner's are aware of or involved in planning the strategy for the CBA negotiations. And you do know the owner's have to sign on to each new CBA just like the players, right?

    For the 15 years of the luxury tax era, Rein$dorf's actions have spoken louder than words. Maximizing profits by avoiding the luxury tax is more important than trying to win championships. Rein$dorf has never won anything in the NBA's luxury tax era - which began the moment Jordan drained that championship-winning shot over Bryon Russell.

    IMO, I doubt the Bulls fortune's change until there is salary parity league-wide, i.e. a hard-cap. Rein$dorf is biding his time until that salary parity becomes a reality.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Edward, you've lost hope. I feel sorry for you. I strongly suggest you root for another team if you think the owner deliberately sabotaged his team to save money.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Well, they failed to sabotage their own team when nobody would take Boozer or Rip off their hands.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Edward, I am sorry but you are missing the whole point of amnesty, the money while paid to the player does not count toward the salary cap or tax calculations.

    Bozo will cost the Bulls in the neighborhood of $50 million in 2014-15($16.8 plus graduated taxes starting at 1.5 times the first $5 million, 2.25 times the next $5 million and 3 times the next $5 million, plus whatever the multiplier on the final $1.6 million would be. The total tax will be more than double his actual salary, so the Bulls are saving nearly $35 million by using amnesty on him.

    If they amnesty him, they pay him $5.6 million a year for 3 years and get out from the tax in all three years baring other moves to put them over.

    The numbers are so overwhelming that even Reiny will be forced to bite the amnesty bullet.

  • I wonder what the Bulls would look like today if the signing of Reddick ahd gone through. I mean aprat from the fact they would not have Hamilton on the team.

  • In reply to takdan:

    I lament the fact that Redick isn't on the team.

    Imagine he, Boozer and Deng all diving for a loose ball: you could have Stacey Kings' first use of the phrase 'Pile of Dukey'.

  • It must be nice to be a Rockets fan, they gave up very little to get the No. 5 pick in last years draft Thomas Robinson, a potentially future all star imo for virtually a few journeymen role players. Tbe Rockets are going to be a very good team with Harden, Asik, and now Robinson and their otber good role players that they have. This is what most of us Bulls fans wanted the Bulls FO to do. They could've traded Deng plus another asset or two for a high lottery pick and other players to build towards thefuture for Rose career but the owner doesn't want good OFFENSIVE capable players cause he knows he will have to pay in the long run. And before anyone says Deng is a capable offensive player because he's a two time all star, i beg to differ. Deng is not your usual all star player. He's more of a all star role player at best that happens to have being the No. 1 option for the Bulls forced on him bscause of Rose injury. Bottom line tho, the Rockets trade that they made with the Kings is a move the Bulls should of made last summer. The GM for tge Rockets is obviously a owner that really cares about winning with the moves he's made over the past year. And on that note...RIP Jerry Buss, another owner that owned more than 1 professional sports team and was very passionate about winning instead of cutting costs.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    yep, slick wheel a deal morey is at it again, landing another young stud while we are stuck hearing about how the bulls don't want to use a 1st round pick in order to salary dump or no one wants the precious boozer contract......their number one priority(money concerns) instead of making the team better and looking for talent upgrades. I guess us Bulls fans should be thankful that the Bulls aren't giving away draft picks but that would be complete stupidity in the 3rd largest market team with NO COMPETITION unlike NY or LA. I guess we should all get used to being treated like some small market team in central iowa. Rose is a championship level leader if he has the right cast for him and the ownership and management has an obligration to get it done and Rose has to start complaining instead of being scared about losing the lucrative chicago market money. He needs to speak up and demand better talent around him..

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Agree Completely, Reese1.
    Bulls should have gone into rebuild mode the moment Derrick tore his ACL. Because it is documented that while a player can return from an ACL in 8-10 months - he won't be the same player until about 18 months.

    I was all-in on trading Deng for a top pick last off-season. I like Deng but he is at best a 3rd option on a championship team, therefore his salary is too high, and Deng will demand the same salary in his next contract.

    So Bulls need to get value in return for Deng, instead of letting him walk like Ben Gordon and Asik - or overpaying Deng again.

    Is it too late this off-season for a Deng trade?

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The only problem is that Sacto would not have made that trade before last years draft. Teams always over value draft picks before they are used. Now they think that Robinson is a bust. I was definitely on board with trading Deng last summer for a top 10 pick, but that doesn't seem to have been the Bulls thinking, and I am not sure that anyone wanted to give us a top 10 pick for Deng, the 2 time fake all star.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I lament the Bulls FO doesn't seem capable of making slick trades like this one. I blame the Bulls' inadequacies on FO incompetence instead of the owner's cheapness. The idea that the owner wants defense because it's cheaper than offense is nonsense. The FO truly believes defense wins championships, it's their organizational philosophy, not driven by the owner.

    Jerry Buss is not "another owner" he is one of greatest in the history of the game. Very few owners will pay any price for a chance to win, him and Cuban are the only ones that come to mind.

  • I've always thought it strange that we assume Boozer will be amnestied at some point. Given most of us on this board see JR as cheap, a huge contract like that makes little sense to amnesty, even if its only one year. I've always imagined, if the clause were to be used at all by the Bulls, it would be used on a lesser player to get below the luxury tax, not to sign a player. Hamilton would have been the perfect candidate for such a move, so perhaps I'm mistaken about the Bulls intentions. Howver, there is a fine line PR-wise for the Bulls. Had the Bulls amnestied Hamilton coming into the season (getting them below the luxury tax) it would have indicated the team was in tank mode, which would hurt ticket sales, which could offset the money saved beyond luxury. My guess is we'll see the amnesty clause used on a bad signing, to get below the luxury tax in the future so save the Bulls from the dreaded repeater tax.

  • In reply to Hoover:

    Not sure that Brick is eligible for amnesty, Bozo, Deng and Noah are probably the Bulls only candidates.

    I still think that Bozo will be amenstitized in July of 2014, the Bulls wiil then amortize his final $16.8 million over 3 years at $5.6 million per, which makes it slightly more palatable for Reiny.

  • What's the deal with that trade exception the Bulls received this summer? Doesn't that disappear after today?

  • In reply to Flashsonic:

    Definition of Trade Exception:

    Most NBA teams look to benefit from these, EXCEPT the Bulls.

  • In reply to Flashsonic:

    One year from date of trade, so the bulls will have a small window next July(7 days) to use it when they will be released from the Apron cap that they are under right now.

  • You can only amnesty players whose contracts fell under the old CBA. Rip was signed 12/14/11, after the lockout and thus was not an amnesty candidate. I believe that currently the only players on the Bulls that can be amnestied are: Boozer, Noah, Deng and depending on when he signed his deal, Jimmy Butler.

  • "While Chicago's trying hard to move Rip Hamilton to lower payroll, Bulls aren't inclined to include draft pick to sweeten deal, sources say." - From Adrian Wojnarowski's twitter.

  • fb_avatar

    If we can move Rip, I'm all for it. He is certainly expendable with the other players we have on the roster, especially with Rose coming back eventually. However, Boozer won't go anywhere unless/until he is traded to someone as an expiring in the last year of his contract. And that's okay. He's easy to hate on, but, like Hinrich, he's more important to what the Bulls do than folks are willing to give him credit for. He's flawed. So are many, many other "desirable" players often mentioned here. We just overlook those flaws because Boozer's defense/effort deficiency is anathema to what we've been taught to value as fans.

  • In reply to Octoballs:

    You're dead on sir!! Everyone rags on Boozer without realizing that's he prob the best option we had to go with that offseason. Yeah he's overpaid, but he got what he was worth that offseason. Of the the 3 big name guys who were signed that offseason (Amare, Bosh & Boozer), I would rather have Booz.

    I think the bigger question we need to ask is why is Boozer having such a better season with Kirk at PG instead of Rose. I think Rose needs to learn to make his teamates better in the way a true PG/star player does. Don't get me wrong I think Rose is great, but he can grow much more as a player which may give the team what it needs to get over the hump.

  • In reply to muckfiami:

    Bozo is not having a better season, or even a good one, never mind a $15 million one. His averages are marginally better, but he is shooting a career worst 47% a full six percentage points less than his career percentage as well as what he shot last season 53%.

    and as always, he is the worst defense bigman in the league, if not the history of the entire world.

  • fb_avatar

    glad dwight howard and lakers are doing bad. that's what he gets for being such a diva.

  • Oh yeah, forgot Rip was signed after CBA...

  • So now Reggie rose wants to complain about the bulls not players around d rose and because of it that will factor into rose coming back this year!! Are you kidding me?!!! Now as far as trades goes yes I think the bulls are scared to take chances but come on. How about you tell d rose to recruit in 2010 maybe we would have had one of the big 3. Its not all bulls fault. Wow I jus took up for FO eh

  • So now Reggie rose wants to complain about the bulls not players around d rose and because of it that will factor into rose coming back this year!! Are you kidding me?!!! Now as far as trades goes yes I think the bulls are scared to take chances but come on. How about you tell d rose to recruit in 2010 maybe we would have had one of the big 3. Its not all bulls fault. Wow I jus took up for FO eh

  • Reggie rose saying d rose may not come back because bulls have not put enough good players around him. That may factor in his comeback. Come on maybe if he tell rose to recruit!! we could have had lebron or wade. Rose said he didn't like recruiting and he could carry bulls by himself!!! Don't blame FO. Yes bulls are scared to take changes when it comes to trades!!!! Jeez. Shut up!!! if anything both bulls and rose share responsibility

  • reggie rose is RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT. Derrick needs another 20 point scorer to carry the scoring load and shot creation duties in the backcourt. Having Kirk Hinrich as the starting shooting guard next year, are you kidding me??? Either the Bulls get a more dynamic small forward and they passed on rudy gay or they need to get a young scoring shooting guard. We've seen that the Bulls do not want to contend by letting Asik walk for free and like many said, he was one of our few advantages over the Heat. A Deng for E. Gordan trade would of been something Rose probably would of liked.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Derri#*#... I mean Reggie Rose has every right to complain about the conservative Bulls FO not making any moves. This team is going nowhere this year or next year...so why not complain??? Rose is paying close attention to what's going on with the Bulls organization and anyone that even thinks for one moment that this is coming from Reggie Rose better wake up. This is step one for D Rose in putting ppressure on the Bulls owner to either put up and make this team a legitimate contender, or it could be time to trade D rose to a team that actually wants to win. Time for Bulls fans to stop making excuses for the FO cause moves could've been made this past summer but wasn't. Its not even about some of the all star players in the league now, its about bringing in the type of players that can be built around Rose, young players from the draft or good young players already in the league. So some of you homer Bulls fans and the Chicago media need to stop kissing the Bulls FO ass cause Rose and his camp is absolutely correct to start complaining. The Bulls are not the Cubs in the old saying wait til next year and I for one hope D Rose keep on complaining cause the city of Chicago and Rose deserves better.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I think DRose's entire camp (brother, agent, himself, etc) has wised up.

    We don't know for sure who made the awful decisions last season to play Rose before he recovered from 3 different but related injuries (turf toe, back, groin), which led to a torn ACL. Was it Rose himself or the the front office or Thibs? But we do know these were the WRONG decisions to try to come back too quickly from injury.

    Rose is being much more cautious this time. Seems he's learned from last year's mistakes. Why should he come back at less than 100% when you know Thibs will play him 40 min and look for Rose to carry the team through the "physical playoffs" as Reggie Rose said.

    The Rose Camp is saying: No Thanks. We're not going to jepordize Derrick again like last year. When Derrick is 100% and the team assembles more talent in the off-season, then we'll put forth the effort together. Derrick can't get the Bulls past Miami by himself.

    Sometimes the truth hurts. I'm glad someone had the guts to send this message to Bulls management. But I think this is the entire Rose Camp talking, not Derrick himself.

    Bullsfan makes a valid point about Derrick needing to recruit if another star is going to come to Chicago. However, I doubt that would have swayed LeBron or Bosh, they'd made their decision while playing together on the Olympic team. They had the same agent and timed their contracts to expire in the same year - not a coincidence. Factor in Pat Riley vs. GarPax and Bulls never had a chance.

  • Reggie Rose's comments. Wow. Just wow. There's about ten articles worth of material there.

    In other news, Skip Bayless said on his show today that he thinks Tony Parker should win MVP over LeBron at this point in the ason. Same Skip who disagreed with Derrick winning the MVP over LeBron when LeBron was having a weaker season. He said Parker should win because they have the best record in the league despite injuries to key guys... hmm sounds familiar. The numbers?

    Tony Parker (21 points, .9 steals, .1 blocks, 7.7 assists, 3.1 rebounds on 53.5% shooting)

    Derrick Rose MVP season (25 points, 1 steal, .6 blocks, 7.7 assists, 4.1 rebounds on 44.5% shooting)

    So Parker deserves this year when LeBron is having an even better year, but Rose, statistically better everywhere but shooting percentage, didn't deserve it in Bayless' eyes. Yes, he's still crazy.

  • Well we didn't pay anything to get rid of Rip, so I guess that's a win for common sense over the luxury tax. Us Bulls fans are feasting on scraps for positivity here I guess.

    I don't give a crap about the Reggie Rose thing. Why do journos print this rubbish? Reggie Rose is nobody, it's just muck raking for a story. If Derrick Rose has a problem with the Bulls then unless Derrick Rose has the guts to let the words come from his own mouth then screw what he thinks. If he doesn't have a problem then who gives a crap what his brother thinks? Either way, there's no reason that story should even be printed.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    At least we know from here on out to the end of history, the Bulls can say...

    'We're not cheap...We DID pay the luxury tax'.

    I personally wanted them to get under the tax so they can't use this excuse in the future.

  • FWIW...

    Kobe went on his radio tour blasting MGMT and his own teammates.

    He got killed for it by everyone.

    LAL traded Kwame for Pau.

    They win two titles, nobody gives a shit about Kobe’s radio tour…and actually praises him for doing so.

    But then again, GarPax isn't Kupchak.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    More to the point, Reinsdorf isn't Buss.

  • What a pansy ass first quarter by Deng, is he afraid that Lebron will hurt him, has there ever been a worse player on the fast break, especially for a 2 time all star. Too bad Deng can't/doesn't play with the raging aggressive physicality that Robinson does.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    and by the way I don't care if the team has a foul to give at the end of a quarter, Deng should not be wasting his fouls by taking an intentional foul, nor should any starter, at least in the first 3 quarters.

  • I guess that qualifies for the boozer is an asshole play of the game for the first half. Go back and check the tape at the 6:00 minute mark of the second quarter. When in doubt just run pick and roll at Bozo the Bamboozler. What a human piece of feces.

  • Nice backside defense by the HPOF on the final play of the half resulting in a dunk by Wade, completely braindead and clueless as always.

    Can we get a special dispensation from the Pope to extend the trade deadline and send him to Toronto for Bargnani, or Charlotte for Gordon, I capitulate, I''ll throw in the Charlotte pick to make it happen tonight during halftime.

    I can't fucking believe that we have another year and half of this shit minimum. Somebody give me their sniper rifle.

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