Derrick Rose says he's "far away, far away" from return

In a recent USA Today interview, Derrick Rose talks about his timeline to return and much more, saying he won't come back until he's 110% and is maybe in the high 80s now, but is far away from return. This throws some cold water on my thoughts of him coming back immediately following the all-star break.

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"I don't have a set date," Rose told USA TODAY Sports on Monday in his first extensive interview since the 2012-13 NBA season began. "I'm not coming back until I'm 110%. Who knows when that can be? It can be within a couple of weeks. It could be next year. It could be any day. It could be any time. It's just that I'm not coming back until I'm ready."

How close is Rose to 110%?

"Right now, probably in the high 80s," he said. "Far away. Far away."

This shouldn't come as a big surprise. His thoughts echo what management has said for awhile, and it's been quietly leaked to the press that March is more likely than February based on comments by K.C. Johnson. The thought has come up that Rose is unhappy with the roster construction and is taking extra long in recovery to make sure he doesn't take on too much of a burden when he returns.

While I certainly understand why Derrick may not be amped up about the roster moves this summer, the team has performed at a nice clip in his absence and is positioned well for the playoffs. I don't think there's any dire urgency to get him back in order to make a push for anything. The Bulls playoff seed isn't nearly as important as simply getting everyone healthy.

That said, we've seen other PGs return from ACL injuries faster than Rose recently and both had more damage in their knees than Derrick. That raises the question if Rose isn't delaying his return out of unhappiness (and really I don't think he is), is there something wrong with Derrick Rose?

Rose is certainly in the bounds of a normal recovery time for an ACL injury, there's no doubt about that. However, young people, especially elite athletes, tend to recovery at the very earliest end of that marker. The idea that Rose might take 10 months instead of 8 or 9 isn't crazy, but when we start talking about missing the season that points to something unusual.

If that's the case, the Bulls best case scenario might be that Rose has a beef with management, because if his leg legitimately isn't strong enough to return this season than the odds of the Bulls ever seeing the MVP caliber Rose again seem awfully small. The recovery time range for these surgeries is always fairly conservative by doctors in order to cover their ass, and Rose hitting the end of the range implies his body isn't building tissue like a typical person of his age, let alone his elite athleticism.

So while there's nothing to be concerned about just yet, if we don't see Derrick Rose in March, it's time to wonder what's going on. Is it physical [leg not healing properly], mental [Rose simply not trusting the leg], or emotional [Rose pissed at management]. Regardless of the answer, it wouldn't be a good situation. That said, my money is on Rose returning within a month and not having to worry about it.


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  • hope Rose stays out as long as he can, next year would be appropriate imo. He shouldn't put added pressure on his knee trying to Carry this Bulls team, too many fans would be expecting too much of him with a inconsistent roster so I say... take your time D Rose cause you don't owe anyone anything. Your team and FO owe you to improve this roster and their level of play on defense and especially on offense. I mentioned this on yesterdays post, it's good to hear Rose is thinking the same thing basically. Again... he should stay out the entire year. F### this year, he dont owe anyone anything cause this is his career and he deserves better than what he's been given roster wise.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And while the team has performed above expectations as i have stated before, this team is going nowhere this year cause they had a chance to shake the roster up for the better this past summer for the future and surround Rose with young and veteran talent but management took the conservative cheap route. So again i think Rose should stay out til next year cause he has to see what's going on around him deading blogs like this one. It's time for Rose to be selfish and get what he wants for once and get what a former MVP needs to win a championship in this league.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    If this Was actually whats going on, I wouldn't have problem with Rose.

    Even if the Bulls didnt want to keep the bench mob last year at the price, they could have attempted to resign them for the vet-min (the price the ended up with excluding Korver and Asik). The team's chemistry was so amazing I could see Rose getting upset they shipped them all out.

    But since they decided to dump them, they didnt get Anything in return to help them. They could have moved them for assets back, but no...just letting them all walked.

    The Bulls have been trying to dump Rip for nothing the past 2 years to save money. They tried to swap Boozer for Bargnani strictly for the salaries (effectively killing another alternative to getting better with the 2014 plan). And if they're stuck with Boozer, they might trade Deng or Taj to get out of the luxury tax next year.

    It would finally be about damn one for Rose to put some pressure on the Bulls and I'm all down for that.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Absolutely 200% agreed, he needs to put pressure on the Bulls as an organization, maybe he had a chance to talk to Jordan or something. I bet that conversation would be priceless about the Bulls organization.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I don't understand people upset that they didn't bring back the entire bench mob from last year. CJ has been rubbish this year. Brewer has been bad too. Kyle is having a great year, as is Asik. The Bulls were never going to match Asik because they needed a point guard for while Rose was out - they didn't have Asik's Bird Rights. So he was never coming back. When Hinrich needed more than the MMLE, the Bulls were going to be hard capped and could either trade Korver or only sign a minimum PG. The "cheap" Bulls have the 5th highest salaries in the NBA.

  • In reply to nafsllub:

    Fans of most teams in most sports blame everything on cheap ownership. It's much easier than coming up with tangible solutions.

  • In reply to nafsllub:

    The guys we let go only helped us get the best record in the ENTIRE LEAGUE the last 2 years and was arguably the best bench in the league. If they were still on the Bulls, I would not have expected anything difference.

    You just made my point, the Bulls were never going to match Asik, and 'needing a PG' so they signed 3, with one having 2 guaranteed years killing our cap some more next year.

    All Hinrich needed was $3mil (which was what he agreed to initially), but the Bulls offered him an extra million per year. He wasn't choosing MIL over CHI, and if he did WHO CARES, he can barely stay healthy now (as I predicted after we signed him).

    The Bulls weren't going to be hardcapped. No other team has hardcapped themselves except for the Bulls. But the Bulls' are so 'creative' when it comes to saving money, they found a way to hardcap themselves so when fans ask why they weren't making moves to help the team, they could say...'we want to, but we're hardcapped', as Paxson did 2 weeks ago.

    Bulls aren't 5th, but 8th in payroll. They are 8th only because of the extensions taking effect. And for the past 2 years, they have been trying to dump salary (Rip and Boozer) to try to get out but they can't because nobody wants those two.

    And finally, the Bulls are the 3rd biggest market making the MOST PROFITS IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE. They should be spending money to try and win. That's the competitive advantage we have like NY and LA, but the Bulls don't. Stop looking at everything in black and white.

  • In reply to nafsllub:

    I don't know what's hard to understand - most people are upset that they didn't keep Asik and Korver. No one gives much of a shit about the others. And as you said, those two are playing well. Where's the mystery? Maybe there were reasons for losing Asik but not everyone agrees they were "basketball reasons".

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Since you say Rose "deserves better," please help me understand which superstars have better rosters around them than Rose does. Rose has 2 other all-stars and a team that currently has the 4th seed without him. Wade has a better roster around him, but Wade put it together, not the Miami FO. Durant has a better roster around him IMO. After that, maybe the Spurs, who are the best organization in the NBA. I can't really think of any other superstar with a better roster around him so clearly I'm missing something. Please help.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    You need to get over the mental hump as much as the physical, I think waiting a year would hurt Rose a lot more than helping him.

  • Wasn't the initial projection 9-12 months? It's been said a million times, but it is essential to remember that every body is different. Fans tend to repeat that mantra before quickly dismissing it and comparing him to the three most recent high profile examples. Even in doing so, they only focus on the fact that those three players came back, and not how wildly different their results were. Peterson returned immediately at an MVP level, but Shump has clearly lost a step (especially noticeable on defense), and Rubio probably came back too soon.

    Rose taking a full 11-12 months to recover would not be unusual. It wouldn't even necessarily be worse than him only taking 9 months to recover, aside form the fact that you're missing out on an extra 2-3 months of actual playing. There's nothing to suggest that his body just needs more initial recovery time to get back to were it should be.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Crap, screwed up that last line.

    "There's nothing to suggest that his body didn't just need more initial recovery time to get back to were it should be."

    Two more minor points:

    These knee injuries have alway been considered "two year injuries"(at least since they stopped being "career ending injuries"), which is to say that we shouldn't expect Rose(or Shump, for that matter) to get back to his old self until some time near the end of next season.

    Also, it should be noted that there's a distinct possibility that Adrien Peterson was using some Lance Armstrong level PED's to come back the way he did. Don't know how much I'd mind if Rose did as well, but if he's not, I think the odds of him returning in a fashion anywhere close to the way AD did would be awfully small.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Rose's doctor estimated 8-12 months (so it was safe to assume 10 months). When it was considered a 2 year recovery injury, the 1st year was physical rehab and the 2nd year was the mental rehab.

    And with AD, I too have my suspicions about Deer Antler type stuff, but I think the majority of the NFL uses some sort of PEDs.

  • After initially reading the quotes and article, I didn't feel anything other than rose was regurgitating what Thibs and GarPax has been saying all along....'Rose is far far away'.

    But after hearing all the conspiracies and hoopla about how Adidas/Agent/Wassermann group got this interview done, Darren Rovell saying it would be financially smarter for Adidas to keep Rose out, and Bucher basically saying Rose's group is trying to hold Rose out until next year, I have come to the conclusion...Rose will return after the break and be was just repeating what The Bulls have been saying, with a 5% chance Rose and his group are pissed with the Bulls' moves and want to keep him out.

    If the latter were the case, I have no problem with it. It would be about time Rose puts pressure on the Bulls. Every move the Bulls have made the last 2 years since failing to get any difference makers in 2010 and settling with overpaying Boozer and getting the bench mob...has been being 'creative' in saving money. Have they made any trades since then?

    •They couldnt believe any odybwoukd be crazy enough to sign a young 7 foot defensive stud, so they just let Asik walk.

    •They traded Korver for a Trade Exception they cant use because they hard capped themselves.

    •They hard capped themselves for no reason other than to have the excuse 'we WANT to add talent, but we can't because we're hardcapped'...which is exactly what Paxson did 2 weeks ago.

    •They decided not to go after Crawford because he was going to cost too much (ended up signing for $5m).

    •Instead of going after Mayo (signed for $4mil with player option he will opt out of), they gave Hinrich a guaranteed 2 years.

    •They have been trying to dump Rip for 2 years now.

    •They tried to swap Boozer for Bargnani simply for the salaries, and would have thrown in SUPER PRODUCTIVE Nate for JL3. If this were to happen they would have killed any 2014 plan we thought they could have made.

    •Ive predicted they would never amnesty Boozer (Boozer-Bargnani trade rumor confirmed my thinking). Now I'm predicting if they can't move Boozer, JR will dump Deng or Taj for nothing just to get under the tax.

    So if Rose sees all of this, sees the front office in failing to recruit any stars, and seeing them fail to make improvements now, I would have NO PROBLEM with Rose looking out for himself.

    And finally, I'll end my post with this...
    "Louis Amundson has cleared waivers and is drawing interest from several teams.

    The Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers have internally discussed pursuing Amundson, according to a source.

    The Lakers and 76ers already have roster spots available. (Via Ken Berger/CBS Sports)"

    In other words, theyre completely happy With Thibs playing Noah 40min on 1 foot because they failed to get a competent backup big and are doing nothing to fix that problem...but hey Rose should come back because we're title contenders.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    yep. all "basketball"(money) decisions at their best. The replacements for Korver and Brewer have been ok but the glaring hole of not having a backup center and not doing anything to address that is disturbing. How could the Bulls not be involved in trying to get Amundson unless they have a better target in trade?

    It just sucks seeing teams with committed owners and FO like the raptors and nets getting better while we will continue to move to the most profitable position of mediocrity......make the playoffs 6-8 seed and throw out one star player just to get the dummies to come while giving the old tired lines of "we're trying to get that second star but we can't", the superstars don't like the cold or the jordan shadow.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Your analysis of the Bulls flailing for the last two years with a focus on saving money is spot on. I would toss in a side order of general incompetence as well. If I am Rose I would wait for next year to comeback and have his peeps leak it to Bulls management that the reason is because of their inability (or reluctance) to improve the roster.

    Side note: As someone who also blew his ACL playing basketball, my doctor told me I would be able to play on it after 6 months but it wouldn't be 100% for a full year after surgery. Sure enough, I was able to play at what I thought was a pretty good level after 6 months. But once I hit the one year mark I realized that my knee was a lot stronger and I was able to play a lot better. Now I know I am not a NBA player and everyone heals at a different rate, but I have talked to a lot of people on this subject and the consensus is that it takes a full 12 months to heal properly.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    You seem to be ignoring your own post. The Bulls cannot sign Amundson because they are hard capped and they used up all their remaining money when they signed Cook.

    The Bulls cannot add players they can only change players through a trade.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Not true, they can sign a pro-rated minimum salary player with the minimal amount of space they have left

  • In reply to bullsfaninVA:

    Thanks VA, I was about to say the same thing.

    Bulls have just enough to sign someone (presumably a backup Big man) to the prorated Vet-Min the rest of the way.

  • Nothing we've seen or heard about Derrick Rose to this point suggests that he'd hold himself out because he's upset with management. Maybe he's finally frustrated and changing in this way, but it's very inconsistent with everything we know about him. Furthermore, this roster doesn't look all that much worse than last year's. I wish we still had Asik but the otherwise the new guys have filled in capably for the ones who departed. I can't believe Rose is so upset that Asik and Korver aren't on the team anymore. Even the fans here who are frustrated with the team almost never write in specifics, just a general

  • Rick Morrisey wrote an interesting article yesterday saying that he watched DRose practice before games and he could see the frustration building as Rose would miss shots that he normally makes. I think Drose feels inner pressure to come back and perform immediately like his old self or better. He doesn't want to struggle like Rubio or Iman at all. Addidas spent millions promoting the return, that's pressure. When Rose says 110%, he honestly means he wants to be better than any years previous. That's too much pressure.

  • In reply to argie2333:

    1) Rose missing shots in practice that he would normally make is a big concern! That would not seem to be due weakness in the knee, which Rose says is +/- 85%. It suggests the mechanics of his shot are altered, maybe due to some kind of physical overcompensation, and that will need to be corrected for him to return to form.
    2) Rose with his knee at 90% is still an Allstar if the rest of his game holds up.
    3) How long does it take for the knee repair to complete fusing so the connection is full strength? I have read over a year. That would be the main reason to wait longer. I do not know if the docs can even measure that. If it re-tears, he would be out another year and a half. So, even if his muscles are stronger than ever, that does not mean the knee is ready.
    4) You would think that the FO knows more about the knee than we do. Also about how well Rose is shooting. If he will not be coming back this year at 85-90%, then probably the best thing is to dump Rip's salary to avoid the tax. On the other hand, if Rose is expected back strong in March, then it may make sense to get a backup C even if the Bulls stay in the tax.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I mentioned above about my ACL injury. After seeing Shumpert and Rubio and my own experience, I would recommend Derrick wait, go through a regular training camp and begin the next season about as ready and capable as he can. Otherwise we won't be seeing a real Derrick Rose.

  • March 18th. 2013

  • Another possibility is rose is concerned about his image. Imagine if rose came back at 100% healthy, but far from playing condition. We'd all talk about how derrick rose has lost "it". We'd comment on how tragic it would, and we might blame the bulls/rose/thibs.

    Remember several years ago when wade came back from an knee injury? We all thought that wade had lost it. Then the summer Olympics came around, and we all were amazed to see the old wade return. Similarly, look at the discussion around Rubio and Howard, none of it is positive.

    Perhaps, rose is waiting till he's in game condition in order to protect his brand as well as spare the team unnecessary attention regarding his abilities.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    Great point about how much Rubio and Howard have been dissed for playing at less than 100%.

  • The guy is a paid athlete. If he is OK the play he should play. He gets a lot of money which makes him obligated to play. If he chooses to sit out the season despite being healthy, it would be the most diva move in recent professional sports history. I for one would not watch a bulls game again as long as he is on the payroll. In any case, I highly doubt this is a realistic scenario and he will play when he is 100%. The quote seems taken out of context and this is all a tempest in a teacup. For the life of me though, I cannot understand those who have sympathy for that scenario.

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  • I'm surprised by how many people are okay with him taking the year off, even with his knee physically healed. I'm of the mind that it hurts a player's long-term development to miss one and a half regular seasons and two full playoffs. He's got to get back in some games soon(ish).

  • In reply to Hunter:

    What do you think re-injuring his ACL would do to his long term development? He should take as long as it takes.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    If you've done any reading about ACL injuries or have any real knowledge on the subject instead of blowing smoke, you'd know that the risk of injuring something else, rather the ACL you've spent nearly a year strengthening is higher. It's more a matter of confidence. The other players who tore their ACL's around the same time have been back for how many weeks now?

  • In reply to Hunter:

    It's almost like guys like Shumpert have bodies of their own and human bodies heal at different rates or something.

    As far as re-injuring goes, I thought the accepted wisdom was that you were at higher risk of another tear. I can think of several players in another sport that I follow (Australian football) who have have had multiple ACL tears. Sometimes on the same knee, sometimes on the other probably because of overcompensating. Of course these may be related with trying to come back quickly as possible before fully healed ... but isn't that exactly what we're talking about with Rose?

  • In reply to Hunter:

    He would only miss one full regular season, and at this stage in his career missing 2 playoffs would be inconsequential in terms of his long term development.

    I am in full agreement with Bulls management and Rose himself, unless he is 110% don't come back. If there is even a single sliver or iota of doubt don't come back.

    the Bulls have no shot this year, so why take any chances with the future.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Fans were saying 'the Bulls aren't babying him, they're taking every precaution and waiting for him to be completely healthy'.

    Now that he might actually being taking that advice, we're turning around and saying he should go out and play for the overachieving Bulls team?

  • Anyone know where i can listen to the Bulls vs Celtics game online tonight?

  • For the boozer is an asshole hustle play of the day, check the tape of the Bass offensive rebound and putback with 5:15 to go in the first quarter. What a despicable excuse for a human being.

    O.K. the bulls are down 9, time to get the Bogans brothers(Brick & Bozo) out of the game so the rest of the team can kill itself trying to get back in the game.

  • Glad to see Thibs go to teague early and for extended minutes when it was obvious that Nate was struggling with Bradleys man defense. Now he better stop jacking up 3's and long 2's if he wants to stay out there.

  • Glad to see thibs giving Luol Cleng some bench time, only 14 first half minutes. Deng's game looks to be falling apart on a daily basis, his defense is suffering too. People can say that minutes don't matter, but something is going on, he has been awful and getting worse for nearly a month now.

    The Bulls continue to be the anti-AllState team, with the worst hands in the league. Noah looks like he has plantar facietous of the hands not just the feet.

    The half time commentators got it about right, they went to watch the NBA and a big ten game broke out. Hope that we can escape with a win, but it is going to be ugly either way.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Hard to believe Deng once shot nearly 52% in a season, I doubt he could hit 52% with nobody guarding him right now.

    If Rose is really not coming back this season then shut Deng down and make him get the damn surgery.

  • for the boozer is an asshole hustle play of the second half, check the tape at the 9:00 mark of the 3rd quarter on the Garnett putback dunk to tie the game at 39. While Noah got back to help defend on the driver, causing the miss, the slugdog couldn't be bothered to jog back to help the helper, he never even made it to the free throw line.
    What a despicable excuse for a human being.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    He was too busy yelling trying to get an and one for his layup that didn't go in.

  • Awesome neither team breaks the 50 point barrier at the end of three quarters of play. I am actually rooting for both teams to miss every time down the court, this is hilarious ineptitude, enhanced by the clownlike work of tommy heinson as the color man.

  • The suggestion that Derrick Rose would not play basketball because he is pissed at management is utter lunacy. Every single iota of information I've gathered about Rose the past few years goes against such a wild accusation.

  • Also, lets say Rose is upset about the roster changes. If he is, its an emotional reaction, not a logical one. The roster changes were smart and have proved effective. Losing Asik sucked, but not as bad as matching and fulfilling that ridiculous contract. Brewer, Korver, and CJ were fun players to watch and gave us everything they had, but Jimmy Butler is looking well on his way to becoming a faster, younger, better Brewer. Between Butler and Taj the Bulls have done incredibly well with their late draft decisions. But I digress, Rose would NEVER sit out a basketball game for any other reason than his lacking the ability to play at a high level. s

  • In reply to Chicagosportsguru:

    I think the bench may be better overall for regular season play without Derrick Rose. However, in terms of planning for a playoff run with Derrick Rose, it is significantly worse.

    Once Rose returns, you've negated the positive of having a Nate Robinson on the team (where will he get his minutes...not in front of Klank Hinbrick, R.I.P. Hamilton, Rose or Belli). Essentially, you'll have 4 roster spots contributing next to nothing (Nazr, Bad Vlad, Teague and Nate). In years past, the Bulls ran out everyone for contributions save White Mamba.

    The one thing the Bulls had a distinct advantage over other teams with was the depth and quality of the bigs. They could trot out 3 bigs that were all plus-to-superlative defenders Now, they only have 2 legitimate bigs on the roster (Boozer is as legit a big as Melo is...but with less range).

    So, while the Bulls bench looks fairly good thus far, it is because it is performing for what it was designed: weather the storm without Rose. Once he gets back, it becomes deficient; especially in considering the hump (Heat) the Bulls need to get over in order to be true contenders.

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