Derrick Rose did "what everyone else did'' including 5-5 scrimmages

Just a few days after Derrick Rose threw cold water over Bulls nation on the speed of his recovery, he went through a full practice with the team. According to Tom Thibodeau Rose did "what everyone else did" which is good news for Bulls fans.

K.C. Johnson has some more quotes on the story.

Of course this is a good sign, but no one came out and said Rose looked great in practice, but it's likely that everyone will say much less after the recent Rose interviews.

The Bulls should get a lift from the return of Kirk Hinrich. Nate Robinson might be one of my favorite Bulls this year, but we've seen enough of Nate to know that he's best in small doses. As a 15-20 mpg guard off the bench where he can fire away and give the Bulls some energy, he's been amazing.

Once he has to start playing 40 minutes a night his weaknesses are exposed. Still, Nate's been perhaps the best signing this summer. Guys who don't even get a guaranteed contract aren't meant to be 40 minute per night starters. They're typically not even meant to play. They're typically doing what Radmanovic and Nazr are doing.

Robinson's given the Bulls a great lift, so though Chicago probably can't win with him as the man, it'd be ridiculous to expect that. Watching the Bulls with Kirk Hinrich playing instead of Robinson is a study in why stats like PER don't really capture how effective a player is. While Hinrich's fairly lousy statistically, he appears to truly impact winning for Chicago.

I typically don't bother to watch the all-star game, because, well, it's a waste of time. However, I did want to tune in to see Joakim Noah play. Watching Noah in the ASG was somewhat comical because no one gave him the memo not to try hard. Noah and Deng are both the anti-thesis of "all star game" players.

Not that they aren't worthy of being all-stars, but their games are based so much on defense and effort that throwing them into a game where there's an unwritten rule that the only defense allowed is one on one defense with no help/team defense, that rebounds should never be contested, and elbows shouldn't be thrown to Chris Paul's face, well, it just doesn't fit what they do so well.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Noah out there, I think it's a tribute to him that he still played like he always played and highlights why the all-star game sucks so bad because no one else really does.

The other comical thing about the all-star game was how hilariously bad LeBron looked. He kept trying to take over only to have Kobe stuff the hell out of him repeatedly. Humiliation might be a tad strong given the game is relatively meaningless, but the game was a reminder that despite being an amazing player, LeBron also relies on an amazing team to help him.

Speaking of LeBron, I have to give him some serious credit on finally rehabilitating his image. All he had to do was step out of his own way, and let the marketers do their job. The NBA, ESPN, and TNT all need LBJ to be loved to promote the game and as such there will always be a huge national media campaign to positively promote his image.

The Bulls kick off the second half of the season with a road game against the Hornets. After dropping four of five heading into the break, Chicago desperately needs to get on track if they want to maintain an upper half bracket seed in the East. The second half of the Bulls season is no picnic with three games left against Miami and plenty of other tough games on the schedule.

Chicago's a game and a half out of 3rd place right now, but they'll likely lose the tiebreaker to the Pacers. If the Bulls want a shot at avoiding Miami until the ECF they'll need to climb to third or drop to sixth. However, in the end, it's largely irrelevant because unless the Heat lose one of the big three to injury, there's no one in the East that has a snowball's chance in hell of beating them and the west will really only present some snowballs.

Whether the Bulls are in the top half or lower half of the bracket really only determines how far they have the potential to go before getting crushed by the Heat. However, there's no guarantees in any series right now, as the Bulls could just as easily make it to the ECF as they could lose in the first round. Without Derrick Rose, I'd put the Bulls as at least mild underdogs against the other teams fighting for the two through five spots.

Hopefully Chicago can get on track tonight and hopefully Derrick Rose is ready to return sometime in the near future. While the delay is certainly disappointing and somewhat worrisome, the good news is that it looks like no one is rushing him and that's the best thing for him and the Bulls going forward.


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  • "While Hinrich's fairly lousy statistically, he appears to truly impact winning for Chicago."

    I would just go with his stats are terrible. He is scoring 7 points on 38% shooting while shooting only 69% on free throws and bringing only 5 assists and 2.6 rebounds to the table in a 28+ minute role. Those are not worthy of his contract especially when there were better options out there. Fact is he is getting badly out produced by a guy with a non guaruanteed contract playing on a minimum deal and playing fewer minutes. Why is that happening because Nate's strengths fit the Bulls offense. Kirk's don't he is a good player but he is the square peg trying to be jammed into the round hole.

    I still say it was a terrible signing when you could have had a guy like Mayo. I have zero desire to see Kirk as our starting SG next year. Not to mention blowing roster spots on over the hill players like Nazr and Vlad. At least get a young guys that can bring some energy and hussle on D. I don't blame Rose for being upset about the offseason I think the Front Office was terrible and they are getting bailed out by a masterful job by Thibs and a lucky streak of health in the front court.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Not disagreeing with your POV on Kirk, but I'm shocked how often Bulls fans bring up Mayo. What is he doing to make anyone think he's the guy we need? He's like Deng offensively, but not in any other phase of the game.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    What has he done?

    17.9pts, 3.8rbs, 4.3asts, .463 fg%, .413 3pt%

    I guess that IS like Deng...except he's 5 inches shorter as the SG and can create his own shot.

    But hey, Mayo isn't anything special, lets trade Teague, our CHA Pick, and our own first for Redick.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Yeah he has been killing it and for about the same price as we get 7 ppg on 38% shooting. Not to mention he is a young athletic SG that we could have paired with Rose. That would be why he keeps popping up.

    Being athletic and having the ability to create his own shot I don't see any comparison to Loul's game.

  • In reply to Chad:

    You can't pair Mayo with Rose because he was only ever going to sign for one year then go looking for a new contract.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    The problem is that Mayo didn't address our problem this past offseason, a replacement point guard for Rose who could become part of the 3 guard rotation going forward.

    We were already stuck with Brick Hamilton for this season, and no one expected Mayo to sign for less than the full MLE, many if not most expected him to go for more. Sometimes timing is everything, if Mayo had been available the year before, we likely sign him instead of Brick.

    I was among the many who lamented not signing Mayo instead of Hangdog for essentially the same money, after the fact. but since he is certain to opt out and look for big money this offseason, it likely would have been a one year rental.

    Finally, my guy feeling about Mayo has always been that we would like him far less when we had to watch him everyday, except of course Ben Gordon/Bozo the Boozer fans who only watch the box score.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Mayo DID address an off-season problem when seeing that the Bulls ended up signing/drafting two other point guards in Nate and Teague on top of the Hinrich signing. Now you may say "well the Bulls didn't plan on 'the best talent available' approach yielding a point guard in the draft", but if the Bull's brass was really preparing for the future does it not make more sense to go ahead and sign a real shooting guard during the off-season and still draft a rookie point guard to backup and learn behind Rose for a couple of years on a rookie salary?

    I would much rather have a one-year rental of a young, athletic shooting guard in Mayo than two years of Captain Klank at the same price. Mayo very well may be just a Ben Gordon 2.0 if he came to the Bulls, but he would provide what we desperately need: a guard that can spot up or create for himself.

    Sorry if my thoughts are jumbled, commenting on a blog while working on College Calculus isn't the best of ideas :-)

  • Some folks are crying that the Bulls didn't go for it this year but by not doing so, they've taken all the pressure off Rose. They're making the right long-term play here. I don't care to see them trying to save money at the same time but I can't say I blame them. Going for a championship this year could have been bad for Derrick and was a long shot anyways.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Or going for a championship this year (by procuring the right talent and spending money) would have shown Rose the Bulls indeed will spend and get the right players for him to win, and then maybe all this talk from Rose's camp about sitting the entire season doesn't even happen.

    And I sure hope as hell you weren't one of he fans who starting proclaiming the Bulls could compete for a title this 'after Rose comes back', 2 months into the season.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Never. But I equally hope you're not suggesting that the Bulls would win a title had they signed OJ Mayo, or that Derrick Rose's timetable is dependent on the Bulls' championship chances.

  • Doug, I think it's really interesting to see how Kirk's absence affects our team. As you mentioned, his stats suck, but he helps us win. Is it as simple as the elusive effects of his ability to manage the offense and play solid D? What do the advanced stats (namely, stats that take into account defense... would that be adjusted plus minus? WinShares?) say about Kirk?

  • if deng and others can get back to respectability on offense......avoid those 3/12 shooting nites and play solid defense again, they could go 20-10 the last 30 but if they struggle with the offense and play loose d, they will be lucky to break 500 at 15-15. The rebounding has been very good the last several games but without scoring support or tighter d, it means nothing like we saw against the spurs and celtics.

  • As every day goes by it seems more and more obvious that Rose will not have a miraculous recovery and the he will probably miss the rest of the season. The Bulls should go into full salary dump mode before Thursday's trade deadline and focus on the future.

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    Kinda hard to do when nobody wants to take Boozer.

    Even if we 'dumped' Deng and Taj, we'd be right at the salary cap of $58mil so we wouldn't be FA players.

    Don't waste your time talking about Amnestying.

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  • 'Speaking of LeBron, I have to give him some serious credit on finally rehabilitating his image. All he had to do was step out of his own way, and let the marketers do their job.'

    It all starts with winning the title. If he doesn't win the title, none of the marketing matters.

    'The NBA, ESPN, and TNT all need LBJ to be loved to promote the game and as such there will always be a huge national media campaign to positively promote his image.'

    I don't know, the last two years were pretty successful. A lot of people tuned in to see/root for Lebron to fail. And if Lebron didn't win last year, we'd have another year of drama, which brings more people in.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    If they didn't win the title there was talk they would likely trade one of the big three. Winning cures everything even pulling a nationally televised hour long Douche Fest apparently.

  • Meh, the Bulls lies about injuries, not going to buy anything they say about Rose.

    As for Kirk, I don't think there's any hidden gem of his play that isn't captured in the box score. His main skills are he's taller than the average guy on the street, and he keeps the abysmally bad Teague off the court.

    It probably shouldn't be surprising that LeBron's image is OK these days, after all Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist who bit a man's ear off and he's been rewarded with a movie career for it. I think high profile athletes can get away with anything short of murder and still have a career (sorry OJ).

  • For the Boozer is an (raging)asshole play of the half(among many) take a look at the uncontested(or should I say escorted) layup by Vasquez at witht the 2:20 left in the first half.

    If I was the coach the guy would never play another minute in any game where he pulls that bullshit, contest the shot, commit the foul or go home.

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