Bulls just trying and failing to hang on

The Chicago Bulls can't get much done without Kirk Hinrich. The offense has fallen apart and games against the Heat and Thunder recently have shown just how far away they are from competing without a viable PG in the lineup. The question becomes how much difference would a healthy Kirk and Derrick make?

For about five minutes, the Bulls hung with the Thunder, but you knew it would end. They forced OKC into numerous turnovers and Kevin Durant couldn't hit the broad side of the barn, but through that the Bulls were just holding even. You knew OKC would find its offense, and you knew Chicago wouldn't.

It didn't take long for OKC to put the game out of reach after that, and the Bulls ended up getting annihilated in OKC. The result likely didn't surprise anyone, the Bulls simply can't compete without Derrick and Kirk in there.

Thinking about it more, Reggie's comments are even worse than I thought

So initially, I thought Reggie Rose was a dumbass, but that was simply weighing his comments on the surface. With a little deeper thought, his comments are even worse. They asked in the broadcast if Reggie's comments put more pressure on Rose, and while I hadn't initially thought about it, they absolutely do.

If Rose doesn't come back now, he'll be answering questions all off-season long about whether he's taking a stance against management. He'll obviously say he's not, but it's like accusing someone of being an alcoholic then saying they're in denial if they respond that they're not. There's no answer he can give that will prove he's not sporting a petulant loser attitude.

Make no mistake, if Rose actually is sitting out to spite management, that he's a class A, Vince Carter-light, big time loser. While we can all sympathize with the frustration he may feel that response is the least acceptable thing in sports. He's getting paid 20 million a year of his contract to play the sport of basketball not to sit out and bitch about his team not being good enough.

What does that say about Rose to his teammates? What does it say to Deng who's playing through a torn ligament in his wrist for a year and a half, to Noah who's playing through plantar fasciitis? It says that Derrick Rose is the ultimate mentally weak, selfish, pussy.

So congratulations Reggie. If your brother sits out, that is the image you placed upon him.

Granted, I don't think Derrick would really sit out to spite management, but I'm sure as heck not sure about it. If his closest confident in the world is saying he might then obviously there's plenty of smoke there. I tend to think Reggie is venting his own frustrations and putting his own advice to Derrick out there, but it's a scary thought, but Reggie seeded an idea in my head that I would have never even considered otherwise.

To top it off, he didn't even achieve anything.

The Bulls couldn't do anything at the deadline, so he didn't add any pressure. It's too simple to say "look, no one significant changed teams, and we were capped out, what do you expect?". Make the same comment immediately after Asik left or after free agency this summer if nothing happens and the impact is huge.

Now Reggie just looks like a rabblerouser, and if he says anything else again, it's easy to dismiss him. So the net results of his comments is to weaken his own voice and put a crapload of extra pressure on his brother. Good job guy.

These losses could be worse

The Bulls now sit in sixth in the East, but the interesting thing about that is sixth is more appealing than fourth or fifth. While I could never root for a Bulls loss I'll take New York in the first and Indiana in the second over Brooklyn in the first and Miami in the second.

While the Bulls could easily get bounced by the Knicks, Nets, or Pacers, they have a shot to beat all three teams as well. They have no shot at beating Miami. A sixth seed leaves them for a better shot at real advancement in the playoffs than a fourth or fifth one does and also nets them a couple better slots in the draft.

I'm not suggesting the Bulls tank and lose games, I'm hoping they can win as many as possible because entering the playoffs in sixth also suggests they don't have the chemistry/quality of play to win. However, it's not the worst thing in the world if they lose a bunch of games due to injury, get healthy a few weeks before the playoffs and land in the sixth spot.


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  • Although I was rambling and very upset the other day, my comments mirrored Doug's so I won't even revisit them. I feel the bulls are starting to drown. They crushed NOLA the other day but have really struggled for the past month.. They basically have zero offense without Kirk. Even though Kirk has struggled offensively when he plays, he can run the offense pretty damn well. I feel like even though the bulls are 8 above .500 they have hit their ceiling.. There are alot of games left but I believe a 5th or 6th seed is what we can expect. Indiana just got fat by playing sub .500 teams and a 1/1 with Detroit but hey they took care of business.

  • In reply to StephanH:

    Yeah, it kinda sucks when your team's starting PG is Nate Robinson.

    But then you realize Nate Robinson is only starting because Kirk Hinrich can never stay healthy...shocker.

    All i know is, I just can't wait until he is our starting SG next year.

  • In reply to StephanH:

    They can probably finish around 47 wins without getting Rose back but getting Kirk back. If Rose comes back then who knows, but it will depend how he plays of course.

  • Well said.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Ehhh... I would have to disagree.

    Doug was rambling a bit on the Reggie Rose part, and crept on borderline whining.

    Doug lumped Hinrich with Rose and asked if they would have made a difference when we all know Hinrich wouldn't have, but Rose would.

    And then Doug says he wouldn't mind losing a few games due to injury to avoid MIA, but fails to realize we're only 5 games back of 8th seed MIL while they just improved with Redick.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Eh, I don't care about Reggie Rose, I'm just suggesting that he completely screwed up.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Everybody has massively over reacted to RR, I couldn't care less what he has to say, that is between him and his brother.

    However, what does worry me, is the clip that I saw yesterday, of Rose Dunking "off stride" before the game yesterday on an empty court. He looked tentative, timid, basically awful, nowhere near ready to play in an NBA game, never mind a playoff game.

    Did anyone else see that clip?

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The torn ACL was on his left knee. He jumped off his right, and landed on his right, so definitely tentative.

  • Hinrich is not a bad player but itsbad when a team has to rely on him that much to get their offense going. Since that's the case that some of you Bulls fans are suggesting what does that really say about this Bulls team. They suck and they don't have the quality or talent to compete orshall I say win a series in this year's playoffs. And imo there's no pressure on Rose, he had a potentially career ending or altering injury and he's trying to decide when he's comfortable enough to come back. Even if he does come back this yr he would have pressure on him then to carry this sorry ass Bulls team tothe playoffs. So to me the comments that were made were very accurate by D Rose or Reggie, he had a 8 to 12 month recovery time period to come back, and he has to do what's best for his career. If the Bulls and fans want to help him, stop pressureing him to come back too soon and the Bulls FO need to get creative this summer, find a way to trade Deng or Boozer cause if Joe Johnson can get traded with his bad contract that is worst than Boozers, the Bulls FO can find a way to trade Carlos. So until some if that happens again... Rose has no need to rush back especially if he says he's not mentally ready to trust the knee.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Lets see , Rose has a 8 to 12 month recovery period after the surgery and he's going into the 9th month so he's basically right on track, no need to rush... Sorry folks.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Yup. People keep bringing trying to quote Rose's doctor (i think that's what it was, but could have just been some random doctor who's performed the surgery before) saying playing games is the final part of the rehab...the mental part.

    But then they fail to bring up this exact quote saying Rose would be back 8-12 months...so if April 29th is the end date, Rose would be on schedule. I personally think he'll be back much sooner than that, but if not doesnt matter one bit.

    Oh, and then there's also the quotes from Reinsdorf himself when he appeared on Baseball Tonight (another topic for another day) saying he made a mistake letting MJ come back early (although it didnt comeback to its him) and that he won't let Rose come back until he's CONPLETELY healthy and the doctors have put him through mutile tests to make sure he has none or slim chance of injury again.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Not just Joe Johnson, Gilbert Arenas and Rashard Lewis before them. Whats that old saying, where there is a will, there is a way.

    Unfortunately, the Bulls are simply too in love with their fake 2 time all star to even consider trading him. Doug was probably right in his recent podcast, Deng may be the worst 2 time all star in the history of the league.

    I am fully behind Derrick waiting until he is 110% ready, why bother killing yourself for this bunch

  • I don't know if I can go with your theory Doug. For whatever reason, you have a bug up your pants about Reggie stating the truth (same thing you, me, and the rest of the fans have been screaming for for 2 years now) and you seem to let that affect your mindset.

    If Rose sat out the entire season, I think the majority would take it as, he wasn't fully healthy (something Rose, Thibs, GarPax, and Reinsdorf himself have stated all along) and he didnt want to rush back for the last 10 or so games.

    There would be no 'image' of him sitting out of spite, although if he did, i sure as hell could understand it. And if the Bulls or the fans felt that way, they could always push to trade him...something I absolutely know the They wouldn't do.

    And i love how Fans always bring up the salary and how athletes are 'paid to play a game', yet nobody ever calls out ownership who are paid to WATCH them 'play a game'. Owners make tens of millions (if not hundreds and in JR's case billions) more than than players, but it's completely on the players to play and try to win, and not the owners who should do their job and spend to try and win? That's a joke, and if anybody tries to make the argument owners view it as a business, so why can't players see themselves as a business? Probably because that would be A contradiction and you wouldn't be able to make your point.

    And finally, you and others keep bringing up What was the point of speaking out... That we were hardcapped, we had no assets, we couldn't do anything. Well that's EXACTLY why he spoke out. You seem to think Reggie was only upset about the trade deadline when his words were clearly about the last 2 years.

    Basically, Reggie has been seeing what we all have been watching and saying, and with the expectation of Rose returning to 'save the day', the Bulls do absolutely nothing to help him (and tried to make them worse by swapping Boozer for Bargnani btw), Reggie just had enough and it boiled over to the statements he made.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Reggie's comments about Rose not playing because of the team's moves is what sucks. The moves or lack there of are what they are, but the idea that Rose is going to refuse to play based on them puts in him Vince Carter territory of ultimate losers if true.

    I agree that I don't think Derrick is doing that, but Reggie Rose is basically saying that Derrick would do that. He's making his brother look like an ultimate loser if you believe his statements, so let's hope he's not merely telling the truth.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    So since you're saying that D Rose brother is saying that Derrick might do that, sit out because the team sucks and that would make D Rose a loser, whatdoes that make the Bulls organization and owner look like Doug letting guys walk from last yrs. team and getting nothing in return???

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I agree with Reggie, I mean if the Bulls can't make the moves to beat one of the greatest collections of talent in the history of the NBA -- the Miami Heat who no one will beat -- then Rose shouldn't even bother working hard to get back to the team. Even if they wait until 2014, by then Rose will be 26 and over-the-hill, it will be too late.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Not necessarily a huge fan of owners, but they are not "paid" to watch a game. In fact they are not paid at all, they are business owners, entreprenuers, risk takers who make money only if they create a product that people want to pay more for than the costs that are associated with creating that product.

    NBA players on the other hand are at zero risk once they have signed a contract, because they have guaranteed contracts.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You can't be serious. You're breaking down the technicality of being 'paid'? Yes, they don't get a direct deposit or paycheck made out to them, you're absolutely right.

    Now to the actual point...Are you suggesting fans dont care about if the team wins or not? So you're admitting owners don't need to put a winning product out on the floor, but just one entertaining enough to get fans to pay.

    Thank you for just describing this ownership group. And apparently us fans don't care if we win or not, all of us on these blogs, message boards, and websites are just discussing how entertained we were.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    That's how ALL sports work dude, not just "this ownership group". It's entertainment. Owners don't owe you a winner. I'm sorry you don't like it.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    the counter would be players don't owe you a winner either. They should only worry about themselves too.

    Sound logic.

  • "The Bulls couldn't do anything at the deadline, so he didn't add any pressure. "

    That's like saying, I couldn't go to work, because I was arrested. YOU GOT ARRESTED! It's not simply a matter of chance. The bulls handcuffed themselves by signing kirk. Also, The way Omer is playing, he's an asset under his contract. If the bulls kept him, he'd have trade value. The bulls put themselves in a shitty position, they can't use the excuse that we couldn't make any moves. Consequently, I'd argue Reggie's comments are justified. With that said, yeah it sucks that this puts pressure on Rose to return.

    However, the pressure is easily alleviated by the Bulls front office. The front office can easily say look,"Derrick really isn't 100% yet, WE WANT HIM TO SIT OUT. He wants to come back. " Also, It's not like Management is innocent either. They kept dropping hints that Rose is 100%, that he's super athletic, that he's weeks away, THEN IT TURNS OUT THAT HE"S NOT DUNKING IN STRIDE.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    Don't forget they bumped up their initial agreed upon offer to Kirk of $3mil per, to $4mil per. Apparently they were really scared of the potential dynasty in MIL with Kirk, or Rose really kirk so they were willing to go all out, even if the price was $10mil per.

    But fine, they overpaid for Kirk, it's not like they then hardcapped themselves using the Bi-annual exception on Belinelli. Oh right they did...but but but, we couldn't have signed Belineli any other way. Oh what? We had a $5mil trade exception. Oh damn...we hardcapped ourselves, we can't even use that trade exception.

  • I think its alrite to complain to let the FO know that they need to get another scorer that can help Rose out. There's some opportunities this summer, Eric Gordon will go on the trade block again and Monta Ellis, OJ MAYO will be availabe. They should forget about the Kirk Hinrich at shooting guard idea and trade him during the draft. As long as D. Rose is committed to playing for the Bulls and justs wants another scorer next to him, I'm fine with that but if he's trying to weasel his way out of Chicago to join the LA Lakers, then we can all be pissed off but I don' think thats his intent. I think he truly wants to compete and bring a championship to Chicago. Lebron is awesome but he isn't god, if they assemble some shooters , another defensive big and another 20 pt scorer. They have a shot again.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Our defense the last 2 years was title worthy, we needed to add offensive playmakers. We passed on Crawford for Rip, and then passed on Mayo for Hinrich.

    I'm fully expecting the bulls to NOT spend anymore money than they have to and just come back with the same roster with an entirely new vet-min bench, again.

  • So d rose is dunking. No what?

  • I'm not really understanding all the frustration with the bulls FO. There's a lot of disagreeing on here(it's a blog so Duh) but can we agree that the main goal of the bulls is to win a championship..yes? Ok great. That said, if Derrick comes back and can regain his old form (hopefully gets better as he's only 24) than we are basically on track. The bulls have made their 2014 plans as transparent as possible. They may strike out again but they are making an effort.. I dont want guys like OJ mayo or Eric Gordon. The potential is there but these guys have been underperforming for quite sometime. You want to take a flyer on a guy like that or get Someone who is a legit star. That's what they're shooting for and I'm on board. I was in 2010 and I will be next summer

  • In reply to StephanH:

    "but can we agree that the main goal of the bulls is to win a championship"

    I think that is the first disconnect. If you are okay with the 2014 plan, you pretty much are saying no to that (only trophy you can bring home is the one awarded this June). You're already blowing off the next two playoff runs.

    The second disconnect is that I don't think there is much transparency to the 2014 plan (NOTE: I wouldn't expect there to be much at this point...and I would dislike the FO even more for showing their hand too far in advance than I would for secrecy). Will the Bulls amnesty Boozer? I would guess most people would say no. Reinsdorf is known to loathe paying for people he isn't utilizing. Is Mirotic going to come over? Again, all readily available signs point to no.

    So, what then, becomes the 2014 plan? Resigning Deng for $8-10 million per year?

    Finally, in terms of striking out, but at least showing effort, this isn't T-Ball. Fans are expected to fork over copious sums of money in support of the team. There should be some expectation of a return on that support by way of a serious title chase. I would say the past two seasons qualify, but looking over the years, the Bulls fail miserably in this regard overall:

    Post Jordan Rebuild Plan: nab Duncan and McGrady. Bulls come away with Mercer and Robinson.

    Over time, they start to build a respectable core (I really would have liked to see what became of an Artest, Brand & Miller front line), and then they go all -in on the Twin Toddler lineup of Eddy Curry and Tyson Chandler.

    Deng and Gordon turn down very respectable extension offers. Deng spits the bit the following season, and is rewarded with an even bigger contract than the one previously offered (step 1 to current cap inflexibility, btw). WHO DOES THAT?? The owner, by all accounts. Gordon is left to walk (rightfully so, I'd say).

    2010 plan: I'd grade it as a C.

    "We will make a basketball decision with Asik"...PUHLEEZE.

    So now, we should wait another 2 years?????

    Some may say that a lot of what has transpired over the years happened prior to the GarPax watch; but it did all happen under Reinsdorf. Krause didn't get the ax until there were more empty seats at the United Center than filled ones.

    With Rose under contract, I think GarPax is working with little-to-no-stress (UC will always be near capacity with Rose on the team); which I think had something to do with the comments Reggie made.

  • In reply to StephanH:

    I'm with you Stephan. The people who are frustrated never seem look outside of Chicago, Miami or LA and probably aren't old enough to remember that it took Michael Jordan, the GOAT, 6 years to win his first championship. Early on, Jordan ran into the prime of the Bad Boys Pistons. It was their time, and they won 2 titles. When Jordan reached his prime, so did his team and the rest is history. Right now, it's Lebron's time, as he is the best player in the NBA and has the best team around him. That doesn't make the Bulls FO bad at their jobs because they can't be Lebron and the Heat.

    Don't mistake me in saying they're a great FO: They have something to prove. They have a legit superstar and they have to prove they can build a championship team around him. For now, they haven't. Part of it is that they can't beat a great Heat team but I don't think they would have beat the Thunder last year either.

    There is skepticism about whether or not there really is a 2014 plan and deservedly so. This group doesn't take risks, doesn't bring superstars to the team and falls in love with try-hard guys like Hinrich and Deng instead of more talented guys with higher upsides. You'd never see them make a Rasheed Wallace-to-the-Pistons type of move that puts them over the top.

    But any idea that they owe us something, or Rose should punish them is utterly ridiculous. It's WAY too soon for that. Rose is only 24 and guess what? He's not even one of the top-5 players in the game -- at the very least, there are 5 less guard-able guys than Rose.

    If nothing happens by 2014 then I say the heat is on the FO. Until then, I just can't accept that this FO is so terrible as everyone here makes them out to be. Yeah, they've made some sub-optimal moves but if you put each FO's under the same microscope, the Bulls FO actually grades out really well.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I absolutely agree they don't take risks. No buts at all, although I will counter with this. The bulls were willing and from all accounts "close" ( take it for what it's worth) to acquiring Melo when that whole trade went down. Also their name constantly came up in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes.. Believe me if we're hearing those rumors with them being "involved" in talks, you can bet that if the bulls had a chance to land a star and decided to not take the "risk" we would've heard about it. Someone above questioned how have the bulls been "transparent".. I'll answer it here. First Dengs contract is up so that's off the books. And supposedly boozed will be amnestied. Next season expect minimum salary contracts and maybe even moving Dengs contract as it expires. I mean they have options..

  • In reply to StephanH:

    Anybody can make 'exploratory calls' or have 'interest'..but if they continue to fail, is it all okay because they tried? You don't think the Bobcats have any interest in Dwight? That they aren't making phonecalls?

    I can't believe you guys are still falling for this so-called '2014 plan'. There is no 2014 plan. They were caught red-handed and exposed by Marc Stein and KC Johnson trying to trade Boozer+Nate for Bargnani+JL3. What that should tell you guys is they have no intention of amnestying Boozer in that final 3rd year, that they would rather pay a bum like Bargnani $12mil than Boozer $16mil to walk away.

    And immediately after being exposed, what did the Bulls do...leak they were going after Redick. And of course, everybody throws the Boozer-Bargnani salary dump away and focus on Redick, who they would never have gotten because ORL has no use for Rip.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    So when they "try" to trade Boozer for Bargnani, it counts, but when they "try" to get Howard or 'Melo, it doesn't. Got it.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Apparently you don get it.

    One is to get better, the other is to dump salary and get worse.

  • Apparently most people have forgotten last season's horrendous decisions with Derrick's health. Through the turf toe, lower back, groin tear, Derrick never took off enough time to heal and properly rehab from any of those 3 injuries.

    Though CLEARLY NOT 100%, Derrick returned for the playoffs to attempt to carry the Bulls on his back, and what was the result? A career threatening/altering injury.

    It's well-known that while an athlete can play 8-10 months after ACL surgery he won't be back to 100% until 18 months - and sometimes an elite athlete never regains his complete pre-ACL abilities.

    So now the Rose Camp is supposed to subject Derrick to a repeat of last season's horrendous decisions on Derrick's health? And allow the weight of the entire organization to be placed squarely on his surgically repaired and not yet 100% ACL to lead this not-ready-for-prime-time-cast into the playoffs against Miami?

    The Rose Camp has wised up.
    They are not going once again put Derrick into harm's way and jeopardize Derrick's entire career. And make no mistake, that is exactly what occurred last year. In pursuit of the best record in the regular-season, Derrick's career was jeopardized and Derrick is the one who paid the price!

    Through Reggie, the Rose Camp sent an ironic message to the Bulls, "organizations win championships." Derrick can't lead this current Bulls team to a championship. Not on a gimpy knee, not on a 100% knee. So get to work, GarPaxDorf, if you're truly committed to winning a championship with Derrick.

    Reggie's message was not solely about the trade deadline. It was about the long-term prospects of the Bulls organization in fulfilling Derrick's goal of winning a championship in Chicago.

    IMO, I agree with Reggie. Bulls need to be proactive. Bulls must ask themselves, who on our roster can start on a championship playoff team? IMO, its a short list - Derrick and Noah. Deng only if a complete stud was at SG, so the answer is no for Deng. Boozer, never. Yet Bulls allowed Asik to walk for nothing, without doing anything proactive with Deng or Boozer. Bulls allowed the team to regress through inaction, and don't appear to have any clear plan or direction for improvement.

    The Rose Camp made their position known:
    1) After last season's debacle, the Rose Camp is responsible for Derrick's health.
    2) The team/roster is Bulls responsibility.
    3) We're not happy with the Bulls lack of progress in assembling a championship team around Derrick.

  • In reply to Edward:

    No, but Thibs has changed. He's not stubborn, he's learned to adjust, he balances his roster and is appropriates the minutes accordingly to save his players.

    Oh wait, he doesn't. Apparently Deng and Noah can't ever rest.

    If it's a blowout, Deng+Noah need to be on the floor to keep the lead. If we're being blown out, Deng+Noah need to be on the floor to battle back. If the game is close? Don't even bother asking.

  • fb_avatar

    D-Rose has been dunking off his right leg for some time. You can go back and read Jimmy Butler talking about it in the fall. What he's not doing is being able to Dunk off his left leg or both legs in competitive, full-contact play. That's what he's wanting to accomplish before coming back. When I look at Chris Paul's recovery, I wonder if that is setting the bar too high, but you just know Derrick is looking at the hell Howard is taking from the public playing banged up, as well as Rubio and Shump's inconsistency, and thinking he doesn't want to hear that same noise.

  • Boycott the hopeless Bulls:

    Rose needs to go, he is the problem, not the solution, because he is so overpaid, and over rated, and not putting the team's interest before his self ego or self interest. He may be the main reason LJ is not coming to Chicago, and for that matter, all other superstar players too. People thinks he is humble because he is quiet, but he is just anti-social (just look at him being silly when LJ and Wade is having fun when introduced in last yr's All Star game) and always talk about the Bulls being his team.

  • In reply to liztan:

    I agree. Let's trade Rose for Kemba Walker and Ramon Sessions.

    We would win out on that trade because we're getting 2 players for 1. And most importantly, Reinsdorf gets more millions in his pocket. Everybody wins.

  • The Bulls are hopeless, and the only way to bring about changes we Bulls fans want to see is to bring pressure to ownership. We should boycott the Bulls until something is done that shows ownership does care about the fans, and is serious about going for a championship.

    I say we all boycott all Bulls home games, boycott all Bulls games on TV, boycott all Bulls merchandise, and cut off all it's revenue as much as we can until we are satisfied the Bulls are back on the right track. Watching Bulls play is like watching the ugliest grandma dance, unbearable. I have decided to cancel my cable TV after the game against the Heat. Enough of the torture already.

    BTW,Rose is way overrated, and even more overpaid. Maybe his palm is too small compare to Rondo or LJ, because he is so awkward driving to the basket the way his hand bend inwards to try to hold on and protect the ball. He is one of the worst finisher around the rim,period.

    Deng is also way overrated, and should be traded while he still has some value. He was even overplayed by Korver. Every time he touches the ball, something bad happens for the Bulls. He can't handle the ball, and very poor offense, and so so defense.

    Rip is useless, look at how many times he throws the ball away on a fast break.

    Overall, the Bulls is the worst fast break team in the whole NBA and CBA.

    To be continued ...

  • In reply to liztan:

    There's a doctor that I can recommend for you. Let me know.

  • Interesting that no one even bothered to comment on the game last night. The Bulls laid down like dogs, played scared from the get go(even worse than the Miami game), led by our 2 time fake all star Luol Deng, and of course Carlos "the pussyhole" Boozer who scored 2 more points than any of us did, on a robust 1-5 from the field.

    The only guy that competed fearlessly was the smallest guy on the court, Nate Robinson. Maybe we need more guys who suffer from what Bill Simmons calls irrational confidence, as evidenced by that crazy dunk attempt from the free throw line over Ibaka.

    By the way are there any of you morons(Sam Smith, Aggrey Sam) out there who still want to argue that the pussyhole(Boozer) should have been an allstar.

    The guy hasn't played a decent game in over a month, averaging 12.6ppg and 7.8 rpg in February on 43.6% shooting. The morons are all so typical of today's celebrity obsessed society, prisoners of the moment(latest headline, boxscore, etc.)

    The guy has been a prideless piece of shit since we got him, and has gotten worse every year, yet after nearly 3 years people(morons) still want to try to defend him. It has gotten so bad that his shitiness is not even relative to his salary anymore, he is simply an absolute slugdog millionaire regardless of salary.

    But at least Sam Smith continues to keep track of his double doubles.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You say "pussyhole" like its a bad thing. I happen to like "pussyholes"

  • In reply to BigWay:

    IMO, Deng and Boozer will never start on any NBA championship team. Deng and Boozer get paid $28.3 and $29.5 million this season and next. If the Bulls organization is truly committed to winning a championship with Rose, these two overpaid underachievers must be removed from the roster.

    At last year's draft Bulls apparently had the chance to trade Deng for a top pick and some bad salary. Will Bulls have another chance this draft to trade Deng or did Bulls miss their chance? I ask because Deng will be an expiring contract next year. Will a team give up a high first when Deng has just one season left on his contract before unrestricted free agency? Last year the answer was Yes, this year perhaps No.

    Orlando couldn't get a draft pick for J.J. Redick, and Atlanta couldn't get value for Josh Smith. Both will be UFA this summer so this is why I ask the question. Did Bulls miss their chance to get value for Deng?


    Has the new CBA and its luxury tax penalties now changed the league so much?

  • In reply to Edward:

    The new CBA is a bitch and teams just aren't willing to give up a lot to take on a big contract like Josh Smith's or Deng's.

    I'm hopeful, but scared we missed our window.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I would say Deng is an overacheiver who maxes out his athletic ability. He is a below average athlete so that caps his ceiling. But agree the two dukies are overpaid not that I can blame them. I blame GarPax.

  • Are we really pining for Kirk Hinrich to come back? The difference now, to me, is that the Bulls are playing tougher opponents. Is Hinrich going to put them over the top against teams like the Heat and OKC? Rarely.

    Also I have to disagree a little with the premise Doug has used a couple times that the Bulls are a top-5 supporting cast. The thing that matters is postseason. They win in the regular season by being prepared and playing harder. That doesn't work in the playoffs where everyone is doing it. I think there are close to 10 teams with better supporting casts (and that's excluding Memphis after the Gay deal). I think close to ten teams would be more dangerous in the playoffs without their best player. The Bulls don't have the offense. Hinrich helps a little, but even then, I'd still take CJ over Hinrich.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Excellent Point! Thibs approach is a regular season approach that DOES NOT translate to the playoffs. A team can rely on Effort in the regular season, but in the playoffs Talent is required!

  • Don't be surprise if Rose will demand a trade from the Bulls ....maybe after the 2014/15 season......I believe what Reggie Rose said, has put a real negative effect on this whole team.........Bulls mgmt. knows what is happening behind the scene......Reggie is Derricks manager, and he speaks for Derrick........Charles Barkley said the honest God's truth when he said that all these family members needs to shut up.......we never heard any other Bulls player family member complained about the Bulls not making a trade.......Reggie needs to sit his ass down and eat his popcorn and watch the game.......if Derrick is not man enough to speak for himself, then he is the biggest Pussy we have on this team......Championships are not won by Pussies.....they are won by professional players like MJ, and Pippen and others who can show Derrick their NBA Championship rings........Go Bulls.

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