Bulls Beat #268

Bulls Beat #268

I break down this week of Bulls basketball, the Noah injury situation, and the latest trade rumors surrounding the Chicago Bulls.

Bulls Beat #268 - Trade winds

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  • Hope you're healing well, Doug! Great podcast as is usually the case. I don't agree with everything you said but your analysis is still much better than most Bulls beat writers who have to shill for management to earn their access.

  • Ok so none of the so called Bulls rumors are making any sense, this has the owners fingerprints all over it because of his unwillingness to put the money thats needed into the team that would help them win now... disgusting and senseless.

  • How could you tell there were lots of Bulls fans in Utah? It was the booing of Boozer that was the give away, right? ;)

    It's Noah's first all-star game so he's going to want to play that, and I don't really blame him. So if you want to rest him then it has to start after the all-star game. You're also going to want to work him back into game shape before the playoffs, so you could maybe squeak 6 weeks rest max. From what I understand it's normally months to completely heal - in that case is it worth resting him? In the end you just have to hope that the doctors giving the rest vs play advice are being listened to.

    Pretty much agree on all the trade talk, Bargnani is awful, Redick would be good if he was under contract, and Rip is so terrible it's almost at the point where you'd pay to make him go away.

    I think Rip does demonstrate one thing: if the Bulls want to not pay the tax, they have to avoid MLE type guys. Guys on the MLE are almost always terrible value for money, far better off rolling the dice with guys around the minimum like Nate who if it works you've got a steal, and if it doesn't it doesn't hurt to just get rid of them. Roster needs to be a core of 3-4 vets on big deals, rookie contracts and (near) minimum guys.

  • Great podcast today, Doug. I generally agree with everything that you talked about, especially with regard to Noah.

    The Bulls are setting themselves up for trouble in the playoffs by letting Noah play now. He should have taken all these games off before the All star break, and not have come back until the PF was gone. I am sure that he wants to play in the all star game and that is a big part of the reason that he is playing in the games right before the break.

    Also, letting Asik walk is looming as bigger and bigger mistake with every passing day, we sure could have used his length the other night against Jefferson. Without Asik backing him up, I am sure that Noah feels a responsibility to his teammates to play because the Bulls have no one to replace him. If Asik was available he probably wouldn't be playing right now.

    Unfortunately, due to the way that the Bulls have decided to handle this situation, Noah is going to come back from the all star break and miss a bunch of games and go into the playoffs hurt, out of shape or both.

    The only area where I might disagree with you is that the Bulls could actually fall out of the playoff picture altogether if Noah doesn't play for a long stretch of time. They are only 4 games in the loss column ahead of the Bucks in the 8th seed, and the Celtics are on a tear in the 7th spot. So if Noah has to miss a month after the break, it could cost us, although hopefully by then Rose will be back.

    As for the trade scenarios, basically, we don't have any assets to trade that anybody wants(Brick and Bozo), and the couple that anyone might want we can't afford to get rid of.

    I just don't see anything making sense between the Bulls and Magic for Reddick, and not sure that the Bulls can afford to sign Reddick going forward. Remember we are already locked into the tax for next year, with over $73 million committed for only 8 guys.

    Never been a huge fan of the smallish Eric Gordon, but he is another class of player from Ben Gordon, at least when healthy. However, as you said, the only trade that might work would have to involve Deng, which would mean the Bulls believe that Butler is starter material at small forward. Are we ready for that. Gordon is a flat out better scorer than Deng, which is something that I still think we need. Deng is now shooting under 35% over his last 12 games, and seems to be aging like a 40 year old Robert Parish.

    I just don't see that Bulls having the balls to blow things up by trading Deng. Brick and Bozo are gone, if they can find anyone dumb enough to take them.

    With Bargnani holding an option on $11.5 million in 2014, I can't really endorse that trade either. If Bargs had a small buyout in 2014, I would do it in heartbeat and take the chance that Thibs and the new environment that is this Bulls team might change the type of player that he is. Of course, if he didn't have that 2014 money, the Lakers would already have traded Gasol for him.

    I still think that the best move that the Bulls could actually make is the Dalembert trade that I have proposed, and secondarily the Bozo for Okafur deal with the Wizards.

    I was more than a little surprised that you might be willing to dump a #1 pick just to get Brick off the roster, I though that was anathema to you, but I guess that you have finally come to realize how truly useless he has become. #1 picks have simply become to valuable salary cap wise in the new CBA to just give them away. As much as it pains me to be stuck watching him, I would not give up a #1 to get him off the roster, I'd rather root for another non lethal injury.

    My gut still says that the Bulls do nothing at the deadline, other than pray for health.

    Again, good talk today.

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