Boozer leads the Bulls back over Jazz; time to shut Noah down

The Bulls started off with an explosive first half, but fell apart in the third period and early fourth to let the Jazz take the lead. However, in crunch time, Carlos Boozer delivered for Chicago while Al Jefferson, who'd dominated all game, was held scoreless for the final nine minutes.

It wasn't a dominant 11 points, Boozer hit a couple of layups based on bad rotations and just crashed into the paint like a bulldozer to draw a bunch of fouls. Still, Boozer delivered, scoring 11 straight points for the Bulls taking them from a deficit to a lead down the stretch. Joakim Noah and Luol Deng knocked down five of six free throws to ice the game (Noah knocking down the most important two and Deng missing one which was more or less meaningless).

The Jazz kept trying to go into Jefferson in the paint where he dominated almost all game long, however, the Bulls switched to a hard double team on Jefferson when he received the ball down low and forced him to give up the ball or take terrible shots. No one else on the Jazz could make anything happen, and the Bulls defense delivered down the stretch. Nice adjustments and nice play by the Bulls to close out the game.

Chicago finished off its six game road trip at three and three which isn't a bad haul for a team playing without three starters (not counting Rose) at times and playing with Boozer/Noah obviously still hurt at other times. We've complained about the Bulls depth for much of the season, but this team has pulled through some games while missing four guys who will be heavy in the rotation come playoff time.

The biggest problem facing Chicago right now is the status of Joakim Noah whom admitted after the game that the plantar fasciitis in his foot isn't any better after resting a week. The Bulls should do the smart thing here and shut him down. Vinnie Del Negro was effectively choked out for not shutting Noah down in a similar situation a few years back, so it's mind boggling that the front office isn't stepping in at this point.

I get that Noah wants to be out there. I get that Thibs will play anyone an unlimited amount of minutes that says he's good to go. So far, the Bulls have been incredibly lucky to not have worse injury problems than they've had given how much Thibodeau is willing to overwork players coming back from injury. Again, the Bulls management literally choked their head coach for doing this kind of thing once.

Thibodeau has some serious teflon going on if this isn't an issue with management. At some point, you have to look at the upside of Noah playing through this vs sitting out. If Noah were to rest now, he'd miss only three games in the next 12 days (assuming he is willing to sit out of the all star game which maybe isn't a safe assumption, but even if he plays it will be minimal minutes).

Chicago may lose one additional game if they rest Noah over that stretch, but if they're thinking about championships instead of seeding then they have to realize that they're not going anywhere deep in the playoffs with a hobbled Joakim Noah. There's no better time to rest him than right now with the all-star break giving him some extra time off.


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  • I wouldn't hold my breath on Thibs cutting back on Noah, or Noah sitting himself.

  • The time management of players will always be an issue with Thibs. It is the way he is.

    Any news on the possible Mozgov trade?

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Hoopsworld now saying he most likely won't be traded.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Did I miss something...I thought their perimeter players at PG (Lawson, Miller), SG (Iggy, Chandler), and SF (Gallo, Brewer)...were sufficient for DEN.

    I don't know why they would want Rip.

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  • Maybe we should also shut down Hamilton...he's been terrible and he's taking precious minutes from Jimmy.

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  • Noah admited to friedel that his foot is still bothering him so why should he even be playing? maybe i was wrong to say the bulls fo has too much pride to admit a mistake but they will do nothing to address the poor frontcourt depth. Lou Amundson just got released, if this was the Rockets they would cut nazr or vlad(still have to PAY THEM) and use the extra roster spot to fill in the better player. Does everything this bulls team has to do revolve around money/profits margins. What a crummy ownership and not picking up Amundson proves it. He plays Defense, he can move and jump unlike the end of bench players the Bulls have now. The point being he's better then what the Bulls have now but they won't make a movie based on money.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    He shouldn't have been playing at all, but he wants to participate in the All-Star weekend.

    Have been saying the same thing...Lou Amundson IS the big man we need to go after. Energy, hustle, athletic, tries on defense, and is cheap.

    But if the Bulls are trying to dump Boozer to save money, I don't see them adding anymore money.

  • Thibs is no Vinny if Paxson attacks him he would get his ass beat down. But yeah with AS break coming up they should sit Noah. Thibs is old school though if you suit up you play that is why we have a Front Office though they are suppose to be the big picture guys... Coaches and players are the win every game we can types and the FO is suppose to keep an eye on the long term goals. I thought after last years embarrassing disaster in the first round maybe they would learn to manage injuries different. I think their team medical staff must just be a bunch of yes men as I never hear of Bulls players given minutes caps anymore and its clearly not because they are held out till 100%!

  • Is it possible to trade Rip to dump his salary, possibly throwing in a #2 pick, and then get Amundson, yet still avoid the tax? If so, that might be smart.

    One more big could be big! Especially in the playoffs. Bulls will be OK at G when Rose and Kirk get back healthy, if that happens. The Bulls seem to have quite a few guys this season who take turns being heros. Another decent big and a healthy Rose -- they might just challenge Miami if the rest of the team can keep up their level of play.

    My question above, to repeat -- Can the FO pull this off and avoid the tax? Because the owners are concerned about the escalation of the tax if it repeats. They may want to avoid it now to keep the flexibility to pay it in 2014 if it looks llike it will set up a dynasty.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Amundson has been waived. I believe if he clears waivers, we can sign him in March to the prorated Vet-Min deal for the rest of the season.

  • Bulls and pacers trying to acquire jj redick. according to hoopsworld.

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  • what business do the Bulls have going after jj redick who wants to get paid more than the 7 million a year he's making now. It's comical when I read the Bulls are after soon to be free agent players who want to get paid. The Bulls want to dump salary and hope to catch kurt thomas magic in getting vets that will play for free/vet min. KC johnson said it last summer, Kirk Hinrich is their starting two guard for next year, thats already been decided.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    If they make a trade for Redick (who ORL wants draft picks for), they are stupid.

    We had Korver, and we let him walk for nothing.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Bulls got 5mil trade exception for korver..but they are hard cap soo not sure if the can even use it.

    Meanwhile crazy magic fans want butler or Gibson for jj. Lol oh and the charlotte pick!! Wow.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Basically the Bulls are putting out B.S. rumors once again. All this talk about not wanting to go over the tax and now there's talk of them wanting Redick, see this is what I mean about the Bulls FO...FULL OF B.S. feeding the fans a bunch of hot garbage.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Great effin call..I didn't even catch this.

  • All FOs send up smoke screens so the opposition, namely all the other FOs, can't be sure what they are really up to! You guys know this, right?

    No matter what the FO does, some fans will not like it. Unless it brings the NBA title, of course! Hopefully, whatever move they make will not handicap future flexiibility.

  • We could really use Lou A. He is a tweener but has a unbelievable motor like Jo. I would cut rad who does nothing for us. Nazr was somewhat promising in preseason but nothing now. Sure miss Kurt Thomas that guy is the oldest nba guy but has a high iq and hits his shots and knows when to foul and wrap the guy up. Lou A is the work horse hard hat lunch pail guy like Taj and Jo that could put us over the top against the heat once rose is back and with jimmys lock down defense.

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