Will the last chance for an easy win equal a loss?

The Chicago Bulls are about to embark on a streak of tough opponents, but they theoretically had two gifts right before starting that stretch. A road game against the Wizards followed by a home game against the Bobcats. So far they're 0-1. The Wizards game doesn't surprise me so much because they're young, athletic, and have John Wall back.

The Wizards are 7-3 in their last 10 despite a horrific overall record, and they're simply a different team with Wall running the point. They have several quality wins over that stretch as well [Thunder, Blazers, Hawks, etc]. The Bobcats? That's a different story. They are legitimately awful, and the Bulls already lost to them once at home.

I'd be considerably more concerned about the potential for a loss had it not been for the loss to the Wizards on Saturday. The Bulls tend to be streaky with their play, but when you consider they don't have a consistent way to generate offense and sometimes the ball doesn't bounce your way even if you hustle, it's not hard to see why they've struggled to close out their fourth win a row yet this season.

The Bulls, thus far, are 0-4 after winning three in a row, however their overall record is also a testament to how well they typically respond to losses. Tom Thibodeau is coaching the heck out of this team. I don't know if he earns coach of the year credit or not for his efforts this season, but if not, he should.

As for the Bobcats, they're young, athletic, and can score from the perimeter. While they lack consistency, they have several players who can penetrate off the dribble, no single focal point of their offense, and present many facets that frequently cause the Bulls to struggle on defense. Chicago's going to need to step up defensively, control the glass, and slow the game down.

Chicago's struggle with pedestrian opponents at home is perhaps the only flaw this season. Every team drops a few games that make you go 'huh?', but Chicago has more than their fair share of games like this and has barely pulled out some others. If the Bulls could take back some of those lack of focus games they'd actually be sitting in the #1 seed in the East right now.

Winning should be fairly simple, they have a huge advantage on the interior, particularly with Byron Mullens out. They should force the action inside the paint and have plenty of opportunity to get high efficiency shots all night long. The inside play will open up the three point shooters, and the Bulls offense should find easy ways to score.

Chicago simply needs to execute it's preferred plan of attack and it should flow right into the weaknesses of this undersized Bobcats team. Let's just hope they don't drop the rope. Coming off a loss, I doubt they do.

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  • Rondo just tore his ACL in the Celtics double ot win over the heat! The Celtics don't scare me that much even with rondo but especially not now. Good chance
    They will trade pierce before 2/15 trade deadline.

    Hope to ser Rose soon!

  • When it comes to the Bulls this year I've found it best to expect the worse and hope for the best. They seem to always lose the games they're guaranteed to win and win the games they're guaranteed to lose. Home court advantage doesn't matter, and it doesn't matter how eak or strong their opponent is. Every game this year feels like a coin toss and this is no different even without Rondo.

  • Well that was a totally craptastic victory, but I guess it is better than breaking the Bobs 18 games losing streak like we did last time.

    Great games by JoNo, Jimmy and Nate. Our starting lineup(except for Jo)were all negative in plus/minus and generally got beat up by the Bobs midget starting lineup, with the 6'5" in real life Jeff Adrien playing like a man against Bimbo the Boozer.

    Anyone else notice that over the last 4 games, as the Matabozo's minutes decline(deservedly so) Noah's statistical production has blown up. So that is what happens when you get the gorilla off your back.

    Not that anyone else(like MJ) would do it, but I would trade bozo for biyombo even though he is probably a less mature(as a basketball player) Taj Gibson. As I have always maintained, bozo benefits from playing with Noah, while Noah gets killed by having to carry the Matabozo.

    We better play better on Wednesday against the Bucks or we will be looking at a 3rd straight loss to them.

  • I just came here to say I was right about Jimmy Butler and while I don't blog anymore because there are just too many douche bags I'd like to note that I am ahead of my time.

    I debated with you Doug about how Butler would be better than Brewer and eventually become the two guard next to Rose. He will be imo. You disagreed.

    Also I said the loss of Korver would hurt but Bellinelli would add a better dimension for the Bulls and he has.

    I once wrote the Bulls bench mob was replaceable and will Asik hasn't really been replaced most of the other parts have been upgraded.

    Just saying I know talent.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    belinelli has not added a better dimension than korver. belinelli brings more ball handling, which he uses to get to the paint and miss more than half his layups (47.6% on the year). korver is better at everything else except this one, ineffectual skill. if the bulls had korver theyd be in second place in the east.

  • In reply to Gavolt:

    If they had Korver they'd be second place in the East? Yet Marco won them two games in the clutch this year. I'm sorry I'd rather have Marco.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    korver is a vastly superior player by any analysis. if they had korver they wouldnt have needed clutch baskets to beat detroit and boston (both mediocre teams) and they would have been in a better position to win some of the close games they have already lost.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    Jimmy is solid but not better than Brewer. Equal to but not better than you are still assuming he is better based on potential. Look at the stats and they mirror Ronnies from the 2010-11 season when he played the same MPG that Jimmy is this season. Ronnie was better in the assist and steals dept but Jimmy is a better FT shooter. I see no stat proving your case that Jimmy is some stud talent whom is superior to a guy who signed for the vet minimum named Ronnie Brewer. He is solid for a bench player but not really the starting SG of the future unless there are major offensive strides taken over the next couple years. 6.7ppg and 3.4rpg in 21 mins doesn't excite me as much as several of you guys.

    Also Belli has been solid but Kyle is a 3 point machine and the Bulls are really hurting in that area. Belli while a nice add is no upgrade on Korver.

    Asik is having a nice season with Houston he is averaging 10pts and 11rpg. Huge dropoff from him to Nazr. They have been really lucky the front court has been healthy this season. Nazr is just terrible, as was expected, but still on a team that has leaned heavy on its backup center the past two playoffs its scary.

  • In reply to Chad:

    You forgot to add that Jimmy Butler has better handles and is better in transition compared to blown layup prone Ronnie Brewer. The one flaw is his jumper, especially 3pt shot which he can get down, he has decent shooting form which gets him 85% ft and that usually translates to jumpshooting. Maybe a young Ronnie Brewer is better than Jimmy Butler but he has lost alot of athleticism due to his injuries. Ronnie Brewer has longer arms, gets steals and is a better passer and better 3pt shooter but right now Jimmy Butler is the better athlete and the Bulls lack athleticism......especially with Taj Gibson zombie walking through this season.

    I felt the Bulls did get a little bit more athletic on the bench with Butler and Nate so there was some upgrades in some areas, no one denies we lost interior defense and 3pt shooting which hurts but its a nice change to actually see WINGS that can DRIBBLE, just watching Bogans, korver and brewer dribble was painful.

  • forget about belinelli or korver, i'd like to see Nate Robinson as our midget ben gordon coming off the bench with kirk hinrich for the second unit. He's a fearless scorer/sixth man punch we've been missing the last few years and he deserves minutes once derrick comes back. Jimmy Butler would be a nice role playing shooting guard if he can only translate his good shooting in practice to decent 33% shooting from 3 on the court. I think he can do it with alot of work this offseason. A defensive lineup of Butler and Deng on the wings?.....that is just too damn good to pass up (6'7" and 6'9" pitbulls). The Bulls would be foolish not to try and get Nate Robinson back next year, most of the Bulls problems come from scoring and he helps address that deficiency a little bit.

  • I would love to see butler as our starting SG that would b a good lineup with Rose coming back. Belli and nate off the bench. Don't see that happening until next year with rip still here and not willing to come off the bench.

  • In reply to smiley:

    That would mean even less floor spacing than when Bogans wore a Bulls jersey. Butler makes almost all of his points now off of hustle plays and disrespectful defense. The best thing to do would be to start Beli next to DRose. He hasn't played the same since being benched again and the Bulls could really use his ability to occasionally break down the D and make an athletic play at the rim plus you have to cover him at the three-point line.

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