Bulls miss Hinrich in loss to Bucks

Nate Robinson had a nice stat line. 19 points, six assists, five steals, and only two turnovers in his 42 minutes. However, the Bulls missed the fundamental defensive effort and offensive ball movement that Hinrich brings to the table in the loss to the Bucks.

Nate did almost all of his damage in a monster first quarter for Chicago or on fast break attempts generated by the Bulls defense and struggled to get the Bulls offense flowing for much of the night. On the defensive side of the ball his quick hands forced several turnovers, but he lost Jennings repeatedly on screens and Milwaukee took advantage of his size.

Kirk Hinrich likely would have scored 7 points on three of eight shooting or something similar, but his consistent defensive presence and ability to get the ball into the right people would have likely helped the Bulls pull off the win. Especially since Marquis Teague struggled in his brief stint replacing Robinson and those minutes would have been soaked up by a much better player.

If you haven't seen horrid in awhile, try and watch the Teague/Mohammed two man game.

Ultimately the Bulls lost this game with their failure to defend the three point line where Milwaukee went 10-22 largely on wide open attempts. Chicago had recently done an excellent job of running players off the three point line but wasn't up to the challenge against the Bucks and paid the price in the loss column.

The Bulls started off with a strong first quarter, but the offense mostly limped through the rest of the game struggling to score when they didn't get easy opportunities. The Bulls tried to take the ball inside repeatedly but were frequently blocked or stripped on their forays to the hoop.

Carlos Boozer had his fourth big game in a row scoring 22 to go along with 11 boards for the Bulls. Chicago was mainly hurt by lack of production from the SG position where Hamiltion (2/11) and Belinelli (4/14) both failed to throw the ball in the ocean. The most depressing such moment was when Beli missed a wide open corner three with the Bulls down four with around a minute left. A make turns it into a game, but the miss ended the Bulls best chance to attempt a comeback.

Chicago has a day off before facing the Knicks on Friday where Chicago almost caught a break since Carmelo Anthony was suspended for one game for his attempted stalking of Kevin Garnett outside the Celtics locker room during the Boston/New York matchup. He'll serve that suspension against the Pacers tonight though and will be available for the Bulls/Knicks game on Friday.

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  • why are the bulls suckin so bad at home?

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    Not to make excuses, but I've been to a few games this year, and the place has been half empty every time, and the crowd has been less than energetic.

    That is to say, without the crowd involved, there isn't much of a home court advantage to be had.

  • I agree having Hini in the game we would have probably won. He doesn't put up many pts or assists, but his defense and ball movement on the offensive side is what we needed bad against the Bucks! I would have liked to see more of Teague who matches up well with Jennings in size and speed. However on the Bulls it is either sink or swim with no ease in period for the rookies!

  • The Teague/Mohammed two man game is not exactly Stockton/Malone.

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    Like Stockton and Malone they too terrorize Bulls fans.

  • This story line should have read 'Bulls miss and miss in loss to bucks'. Hiny deserves no credit. Hurt again?!...He is a fraud and not the story.
    Locking down everyone else and allowing Jennings to get his would have been a fine strategy. But 6-25 from the two guard, with repeated missed lay ups allowing for easy fast-breaks on the other side, that's the story. Teague/Mohammed are absolutely terrible. Rip or beli could bring the ball up better than Teague, who looks like he's learning that high unconfident dribble that Hiny has perfected. How does a rookie play with no hunger at home?

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Teague should be in the D-League which is hopefully where he will end up when Rose is back.

  • Bellinelli and Rip were bad because Robinson doesn't know how to run an offense and get guys the ball in rhythm. Robinson is great if you need somebody to come in and provide some energy, but he is a terrible point guard. And his defense at the end of the game was the worst I've seen in a long time. King did a telestrator where Robinson stood in place turned around almost three full times after losing his man.

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