Bulls Beat #266 - Readying for Rose

Bulls Beat #266 - Readying for Rose

I discuss the Bulls recent week, Derrick Rose's pending return to the court, and what the Bulls can get done in the playoffs this year.

Bulls Beat #266 - Readying for Rose

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  • Have to disagree with you Doug about the Bulls not keeping Asik. Asik would give the Heat big problems in a playoff series had the Bulls kept him and given him a much bigger role if the two teams did meet. And if the Bulls do try and play small ball with the Heat in a series, look for a sweep, advantage Miami. When the Heat play teams that have bigs, that's when they have their problems. I hope the Bulls don't ever try to play small ball with the Heat with the 3 point snipers that they have, it won't be a good outcome for the Bulls...count on it.

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  • Now that the smoke has cleared some the only decisions that I didn't like that management made was not bringing Korver back. He's a guy that would have been a big help this year and his outside shooting is the most missed aspect of any of last years bench mob. That's why fans was so happy to see belineli shooting well when Hamilton was out. He was filling that outside shooting void. It would have been nice to have Beli and Korver as outside threats and feel that would have made the team better as a result.

    As for Asik while he is missed, his contract is just too much too much for a guy off the bench. If we didn't resign Taj then of course but to be paying over 50 million for two guys on the bench that's not even a 6th man is too much. They basically had to choose between the two and while Taj has struggled this year I think they made the right choice.

  • I'm trying to tell you, the target date is March 18th 2013 for the return

  • In reply to azjeffv:

    I didn't listen to the podcast yet so I'll just respond to your comment.

    Obviously we don't know where he's at, but personally, I feel they're babying him. AD, Rubio, and Shump have come back after 8 months, and the Bulls are going to wait until 10 months?

    If they're not babying him, then Rose is a slow healer...there's no other options. There is absolutely no reason why Rose, the freakish athlete he is (similar to AD) would need 2 additional months to 'be ready'.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    it's probably an artificial return date set by the big man himself JR. We all know how he feels about money, so he views it as protecting his 100 million dollar investment in D. Rose. He'll take some losses now and bring his star player back slowly. Nothing too wrong with that but i'm not sure if playing keep away with D Rose is going to keep him from getting injured again. I always felt Rose needed to sharpen his midrange jumper and floaters to avoid some of the interior wear and tear from attacking the rim constantly. His inbetween game needs work but if he could also get his 3pt shooting to 35%, that would also help create space for him and his teammates.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Derrick had quite a few nagging injuries before his ACL. Some say those injuries like the turf toe may have let his other injuries. I read somewhere that he had been unable to bend his toe for a year or two before his ACL. I wonder how his turf toe is doing, maybe all this time off has helped.

  • Can't believe that Rondo is down with an ACL too ... seems like if you're a PG in the NBA you're going to have a bad time.

    Like ajay said I think the Wizards game showed where they miss Korver. Trying to make a run to come back it was pretty evident that there's just nobody who can hit a couple of tough threes and spark something.

    Hopefully Rose takes Nate's minutes. 20 MPG seems good to start with. That's what Shump has been playing for the Knicks.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Don't forget Lou Williams, he went out with an ACL last week.

    I read Shump was cleared for up to 30min the other day, but not sure if they're sticking to that yet. These are his minutes logged: 15, 20, 27, 18, 19.

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    it's probably an artificial return date set by the big man himself JR. We all know how he feels about money, so he views it as protecting his 100 million dollar investment in D. Rose.

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  • If Rose is really looking good in practice, especially hitting the mid-range jumper, then it might make sense to try to grab Paul Pierce or someone like O J Mayo for a playoff run.

    I know, Pax just said no dice to any trades. Still, with Booz, Noah and Deng all having above average seasons, a good pickup could bring a ring.

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