Bulls Beat #265 - Overtimes!

Bulls Beat #265 - Overtimes!

The Chicago Bulls play their most exciting week of basketball this season with three overtime games, taking three of four on the week. I discuss the games, the trade deadline, and the benching of Joakim Noah.

Bulls Beat #265 - Overtime!

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  • Doug i will continue to rip the Bulls owner and management until they show a commitment to winning. It sounds like you want to do the same but you have to be somewhat committed to the team for ths teams fans. The true Bulls fans like myself aren't buying the B.S. that the owner is doing to this team. He's clearly being cheap for his personal and professional reasons and he's sacrificing the Bulls short andong term goals tobe a title contender, not to mention he's doing the same with Rose and Thibs career now that they are both signed for some years to come. Abd i do agree with Thibs in sitting Noah even tho hes one of my favorite Bulls players and be could've helped down the stretch of the Memphis game. If Noah isn't going to do what needs to be done then sit his ass. Just like ths Bulls owner, if he's not committed to winning, then sit the best players when they don't perform when the game is winnable. MESSAGE SENT TO THE CHEAP ASS OWNER!!!... Give Thibs a team that can compete for a championship just like the WHITE SOX!!!

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And again for the JACKASS that seem to think I dont like Noah this is for you... he's one of my favorite Bulls players u idiot. And if there is indeed a plan for the 2014-15 season it better include going after the Pacers Paul George cause the kid is playing some damn good ball and i believe he will be a free agent after next year

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Excuse typing errors please.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I've been a huge George fan since I first set eyes on him during his rookie season, calling him a Scottie Pippen clone. His progress to date has mirrored Pippens. Blast from the past, I have to give Mappy credit for indentifying him during the draft. They will eventually trade Granger to feature George. At best George will be a restricted free agent, I am certain that he never hits unrestricted free agency. there is no chance that the Pacers every allow him to leave. OTR, I would trade anyone and everyone on the Bulls to get him.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Yeah the Bulls actually had the chance to draft George a couple years ago but they went with the Euro guy whose being overhyped and probably won't be with the Bulls for another 2 or 3 years. He definitely would be a trade asset imo cause the Bulls need more athletes like George or shall I even say Rudy Gay whose rumored to be on the trade block. But Bulls too cheap to make a deal like that, might dismantle the entire franchise going into the luxury tax...( COMPLETE B.S.)!!!

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And if the Bulls can offer more money to George than the Pacers cause Deng and Boozer will be off the books then I say go after him hard. Pacers will probably be over the tax if they offer him a big contract so the Bulls just may be in the running for George.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I think George becomes a RFA so IND can match Any offer. When George becomes restricted, if he's still balling, I don't see why IND won't give him the max...buts that's like what 8 years from now? Don't even bother with George.

    Like Bigway said, IND will move Granger before George. Also, Mirotic was drafted in 2011...George was drafted in 2010...we didnt have a pick that year because we traded it to move Hinrich (funny how CHI might do the same with Rip).

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Reese 1, you faggot posing as a Joakim Noah fan, you don't fool me or any real Noah fan. YOU'RE NOT"
    Instead of calling me names, be a man and admit that, as I have said all along, Thibs has long been a Noah hater. He proved that last year whenh he tried to destroy his career. The owner of the Chicago Bulls realizes this and that's why Thibs was warned that any more of that shit would do him in. But he's an old whore who's angry because he doesn't have a girlfriend and tries to take it out of the most flamboyant player on the team.

    Why would the coach of a team missing its best player (Derrick Rose) indicate to the media that Joakim Noah, a lion in the absence of Rose, is not the player nearly all followers of the game think he is?
    This is madness!
    Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated has James Harden of the Houston Rockets and Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls as the top two in a cast of 10 leading players that deserve a place on the reserves for the ALL-STARS game.That list of 10 also includes Tyson Chandler of the New York Knicks and Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma City Thunders.

    But the Bulls' career assistant who has benefited from the huge efforts of the man whose career he tried to destroy last season, is trying to do to Noah what he did to him last season when he used Omer Asik as an excuse to bench him repeatedly.
    Reinsdorf has to take charge of this situation, because this fat hog who can' attract a dog, is at it again! When he was asked about the reserves for the A-STAR game, the first thing out of his mouth was Loul Deng. According to the fat over-hyped fool, "Deng certainly. To me he's shown he should almost certainly be a lock, in my eyes, based on the way he's played from the start of the season to the finish."
    Thibs is sending a clear signal that Noah, in his eyes, has been found wanting in those areas. Coaches should be fired for such unnecessarily nasty comments. The implication is clear. What an old pig!
    The old bag knows that Noah is on the verge of making the All -Star team and he's trying his damndest to hurt his chances.
    He was recently swooning over Omer Asik when Houston visited Chicago, although no one begged for the lovefest.
    I hope Noah told him to go find himself a woman, before being benched last night!

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    Lol... I thought I'd bring this chump to light, just couldn't remember who she was. Dude you have some serious he she love for Noah or something, sounds like some serious issue that you have. But like I said before, Noah is one of my favorite players so stop getting me confused with other posters.

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    And to all of the gay bulls fans that just might read this blog, excuse this punk for the f****t name calling, he don't know any better.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Did you spend any time in school? Correction! I think you meant, "he doesn't know any better." Right?

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    This is a blog not grammer school chump... nothin else better to say HUH??? Oh and notice I didn't spell nothing right either...IDIOT!!!...LOL...

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Reese, I don't agree with you most of the time but I gotta love you for this little round. I don't think this SlamDunk guy is for real. Nobody can take this that seriously. And thank you for pointing out the slurr. I'm not gay, but that is totaly out of line.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    I can respect your opinions PaBullfan, thats what this blog is all about, people expressing their views about our favorite team,not trying to trash people such as ths person slamdunk tries to do every time he types on this blog. And good win for the BULLS OVER THE LAKERS.

  • Doug, good analysis on boozer. He is not a go to player on offense, in the post or otherwise, you cannot run an offense through him.

    Most of the uptick in his offensive output seems to have come from a noticeable increase in the number of uncontested layups and other assorted bunnies that the Bulls motion on offense has created for him. Also, most of the uptick has occurred in the first 3 quarters of games, particularly the 1st quarter. When teams get serious, or more serious about playing D, he basically disappears again. In the last three games, all overtime games, he has produced what look like statistically dominant games, 36-12, 19-20, 17-14. Yet in the 4rth quarter and overtimes of those games he has barely totaled 10-10 in what amounts to a full game of playing time. He contributed virtually nothing to winning those games in the 4rth or overtime, and his play against Gasol down the stretch and especially in overtime was the single largest factor in losing last nights.

    He simply never has, and never will compete on the defensive end of the floor, and this makes him an empty stat sheet stuffer that will never lead to winning games. In the playoffs, everybody plays serious almost all the time, and the seriousness increases each quarter of the game and each game of the serious and every round of the playoffs.

    Maybe, like you say, the Bulls can't get better by just dumping him for nothing, but we likely would be a better team by having kept Asik instead of bozo. and eventually, we will be better by replacing him with a player who can play on both ends of the floor. It is too bad that we can't combine the best of bozo with the best of Taj, then we would actually have a second legit allstar.

    As for last nights game, the loss in and of itself doesn't kill me, in fact, it seemed inevitable after the first quarter. The Bulls despite having played what seemed like as good of a 1st quarter as they could have were only up 22-18, so when it turned into a rout in the third it seemed about right. The comeback was a bit of a surprise, the ending not so much.

    It was definitely one of those nights where we missed Asik. It was like one of those games last season where Thibs benched both Noah and Bozo and replaced them with Taj and Asik for the entire fourth quarter. The bulls likely would have won the game if Asik had been available. While Bozo was on the court for the entire comeback, he did almost nothing to contribute to it. In fact from the moment that Gasol reentered the game in the second half of the 4rth he just destroyed the Bozo physically and on the boards, especially in the over time. While he didn't necessarily have that many boards, he pulled a Tyson Chandler and seemingly got his hands on every missed shot resulting in multiple extra shots for the Griz. Bozo just doesn't have the size, physicality or mentality to compete with Gasol. Noah, who should have been on Gasol all night, might have been a better matchup, Asik would have been an ideal matchup.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I've been th biggest Boozer 'basher' over the years (and I have hat in quotes because it was deserved). I was such a badger I wanted to trade him after 1 year.

    But I'm not going to kill him like you. The fact is, for whatever reason (my theory is he just made a New Years resolution and has committed to it...not sure for how long though)...he's been playing with much more energy, effort, and hustle. You can tell this by his increase in offensive rebounding.

    Now I am no way suggested he's a completely new player. Although he's stepped up his defense, he still lacks off here and there, especially in the help-defense part.

    I do agree most of his offense comes through the motion offense where free lanes to the rim are available, but he's made a consistent effort to get the ball in the low post. He'll always struggle against bigger defenders, but I am not blaming Boozer for not being able to stop Gasol last night. I blame Thibs and his need to 'send a message to Noah'.

    Gasol and Zbo scores the the Grizz's final 11 of 13 points in the 4th and OT. Are we suppose to believe they would have done so if Noah was in the game? Thibs does what he always does and tries to blame Noah for the Bulls bad play, andNoah probably busted out an expletive or two so Thibs sent him a message...'we can lose with or WITHOUT you!' Good job Thibs.

    And don't give me that BS dumb fans are trying to give by saying Noah was -19 and deserves it. Weren't the other starters playing with Noah? Would that have meant they weren't that far behind in the +/-? I could understand it if this was one of those afternoon games where Noah is hungover from his seed high, but he was productive...10-5 against arguably the best frontcourt in the league. Maybe Thibs should stop playing Noah 40+min and 15 straight minutes if he wants Noah to. Being the energy every time he's in the floor.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    You have to believe(hope) that Noah and Taj could have prevented some of the 7 offensive rebounds that Gasol and Randolph piled up in the late 4rth and overtime.

    I guess we will find out on Monday against the Lakers if Thibs head games will work out or not.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Boozer getting those layups (and they're not all uncontested - he's getting fouled a lot more too) is a HUGE thing though. That's what had all but disappeared from his game and was killing his efficiency. When Boozer was only scoring from jump shots he was a terrible offensive player as well as being a non-entity on defense. Playing like he currently is he's at least a positive on one side of the floor.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I am not complaining that he is getting more offense from uncontested layups rather than fall away jumpers. I certainly hope that it continues. However, my point is that the layups are a result of some combination of better Bulls offensive motion and bad interior defense by the opposition, not necessarily a new Bozo.

    Neither of those two things are likely to be the case against serious teams playing serious defense in the playoffs. Like I said, the uptick has disappeared in 4rth quarters and overtimes when winning games is on the line. My sense is that it is more of a mirage that simply allows people to overlook the fact that he is still a monumental abomination on the defensive side of the court, you know the side where championships are won.

    His essential character as a player has not and will not ever change. Anyone who thinks that it will, or says that it has is simply a fool. He simply does not have enough pride to care enough to compete on the defensive end of the floor. What does Stacey call it, heart, hustle and muscle, bozo has none of it. He is nothing more than an empty stat sheet stuffer. In that regard he may actually be worse than Ben Gordon was, you could actually argue that Gordon's offense occasionally won a game or two for the Bulls in crunch time.

    He is the MataBozo on defense and Mr Garbage Time on offense.
    He is not a winner, and the sooner that the Bulls move on from "the Bozo era" the sooner that they can return to the pursuit of the Rose championship era. I am still certain that will begin with amnestitization in the summer of 2014. Which makes the remainder of this season and all of next an exercise in self flagellation for the rest of the Bulls players and their fans, or at least the ones that care about competing for championships.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I think the intent is good to see - yes the other players have to make those looks for him but previously he wasn't even making the effort to get into position for those shots. Of course he's clearly on a hot streak and he wont always do as well as he's currently doing: over the last 12 games he's averaging 6.3 FTA/g which is about 50% better than what he averaged in his prime in Utah. But actually seeing some intent to get better looks is great, we haven't seen that since he hurt his foot in his first season with the Bulls.

    I wouldn't describe what he's doing as teams not trying, more that their scouting report on Boozer no doubt says he's just a lazy fall away jump shooter and you can let him clank away all night. The fact he's being a bit aggressive is catching teams off guard right now. If he keeps it up they'll adjust - as you point out they have been during games and he's gotten less effective after some hot starts - but that's still a net positive because at least they'll have to honour the threat (or at least it will be once Rose comes back and the Bulls have more offensive options to hurt teams). You just have to hope Boozer keeps on trying to get those looks even when teams start to try to take them away and doesn't just fall back to plodding around looking for jump shots. I'll certainly be taking a wait and see on that.

    Basically I have Boozer on fool me twice watch. I didn't like the signing, but for his first 25 games or so with the Bulls he played hard and while he was always going to be overpayed at least he brought some positives. Then he decided to just steal money for 2 years before he's recently started trying again. If he keeps it up then I kind of agree with Doug, amnestying him serves no purpose as the Bulls have no way of redeploying that money into other players. If he decides to not give a crap again, then I'd amnesty him for addition by subtraction purposes.

    I'm quite sure Utah fans will say he'll take the not give a crap path, but hey, people can change, maybe Boozer really is realising he's getting on and if he gets amnestied from this Bulls team then his window to play for a contender might be over, so maybe he better get serious. I don't know, I think give him the benefit of the doubt for now but watch him like a hawk.

  • Thibs benched Noah because he wanted to lose and avoid the 1-4 spots so the Bulls wont have home court disadvantage. ;) Seriously though, don't get what Noah could have done that justified making a point in game rather than talking about it afterwards. Especially with Noah who is an emotional kind of guy when fired up for a game, makes a lot more sense to talk about it once he's calmed down.

    Lots of credit to Jimmy Butler for how he's played ... I said he wouldn't replace Brewer but with Brewer being hurt and playing worse this year for the Knicks I think Butler is outplaying him. If he can add the corner three to his game in the off-season then I can certainly see him playing a lot of minutes for this team.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Thibs benched Noah immediately after Noah committed a turnover on a play where he got a bit out of control dribbling up court, got caught off his feet in the lane and threw the ball into the stands attempting to bail himself out.

    I guess for Thibs that was the final straw. Interesting that Thibs didn't appear to notice that the Matabozo committed a team leading 5 turnovers in addition to not being able to find the 7 foot 285 lb Marc Gasol. Like I said earlier, if the Bulls had retained Asik, he would have replaced Bozo for the entire 4rth and the Bulls would likely have won the game in regulation rather than losing in overtime.

    Totally agree on Butler. He could turn out to be a revelation in Deng's absence. He looks like he could turn out to be reliable offensive player if he works on his shooting. He has always looked like he has a good shooting stroke when shooting free throws. With the confidence that comes with playing time that should translate to his floor game as well. At this point I would say that he has easily surpassed what Brewer would have given us this season. Could he actually turn out to be a better version of Taj Gibson, i.e. one with a reliable offensive game. What the heck will that end up costing us. Dare we think that he might be good enough to take over for Deng in 2014. He seems just a bit undersized to be a full time small forward, and not yet a good enough shooter to be a full time shooting guard. He has certainly moved into my top 3-4 favorite Bulls.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Noah had been playing out of control most of the game. I have no problems with Thibs taking him out for an extended period to calm down, but I think it's just suborn not to bring him back once guys are getting tired. Noah isn't a 3 year old, if he's behaving badly you address that with him like an adult, you don't send him to sit in the naughty corner.

    I don't think Butler will be putting up big points totals, which should keep his price down, as wing players primarily get paid for scoring.

    I think he's a SF not a SG though, so if the Bulls intend to keep Deng then they'll have to play together sometimes at the forward positions if Butler is going to play more minutes. Which creates a problem since if you're playing small at the 4 you need a genuine center to anchor it and now Noah is the only one the Bulls have, which really makes it hard to get the rotations you want.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    it's just good to see the development of Butler without getting Asiked two years in a row since he's not a second round pick and that stupid gilbert arenas rule. I'm sure like daryll morey said, his scouts did a wonderful job watching Bulls games and seeing how Asik impacted games with his defense-rebounding prowess....some other team would be using similar lines on Butler. Reinsdorf will always remain penny wise and dollar foolish but until the Bulls get a legit number two option, this team will always be in a holding pattern.

  • Seeing so many idiots on this blog hate Noah and were begging for the Bulls to trade him for that fool Dwight Howard before the Los Angeles Lakers got him, I would ask big Jerry Reinsdorf to trade him to the Lakers in a package to give the psychos in Chicago what they want.
    Also that sick coach, Thibs, will have a center who would punch him in the face whenever he gets out of hand, especially when he can't hit a free throw to save his life.
    Jerry Reinsdorf created Thibs and now he will be forced to get rid of him!

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    Again man you have some issues, try some decaf, take a break from blogging so much, take a long nap and try not to dream about Noah so much...WOW!!!

  • I know we Ll love Butler and his potential, but we all know...

    Once Deng comes back (100% or not), Butler will go back to his less than 20min a game.

    This has been proven over and over and over again, with the latest example being Taj.

    Against the ORL game where Noah was out with the flu, Taj starts for 40+min and puts up a 20-10 game...(if we remember, that game was all offense and no defense without Noah btw)...but in the following game against the heat if I can remember, I think Taj went back to 20min.

  • Isn't it ironic that Phil Jackson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Russell, three of the greatest names to ever be associated with the game of basketball, rave about and love Joakim Noah's game, while this fat clown, Thibodeau who is best remembered as a career assistant, has spent the last two years pestering and pulling him down.
    Big Jerry Rheinsdorf, it's time to end the madness! The kid is a winner, we don't need a crazy guy (Thibs) who's obviously overwhelmed by never-before expected publicity making a fool of himself and setting out to destroy a leader of this team. Rival coaches like Doc Rivers of the Boston Celtics wish he had Noah on his team, while this troubled monster is trying to get his own foolish attention by calling Noah out for trying to get fans a Burger, in a game they had already sealed, by getting his team to the 100-point mark! Isn't this guy (Thibs) insane?

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    I think Thibs is best remembered as coach of the year.

  • Thank you for bringing this to my attention - that Tom is trying to DESTROY young Joakim and, in fact, the entire Bulls organisation. Luckily I was trolling through Internet blogs - while rolling naked in a pile of $100 notes - and I chanced upon your insightful commentary. I am having my personal robot drive me down to the Berto Center right away, where I expect to find The Evil Thibodeau making Noah wear a dress while running drills and perhaps chasing him around the court with a shank that he has crudely fashioned from a clipboard.

  • In reply to Big Jerry:

    This tops it off!!! You created a new name for yourself!! This is just to funny!!! You really need to start your own blog. It can be about how the whole world is secretly trying to stop Noah from dethroning Jordan as the greatest player of all time. And its not just the coach either!! Oboma is behind it to.. He wants to raise taxes on the rich. Rich is code for Hinrich. Hinrich will get mad at this and will not be focused on the game. When he is not focused on the game he will not pass the ball to Noah. If Noah doesn't get the ball, he doesn't score. He doesn't score, no All-Star. No all-star, no greatest player to ever inhabit the planet!!!!!!!!! It's all true!!!! You could break it all out in the open, Slamdunk, I mean Big Jerry. This is your calling..

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