Rip Hamilton's MRI reveals torn plantar fascia

Rip Hamilton's MRI reveals torn plantar fascia

The results from Rip Hamilton's MRI were a torn plantar fascia, and the team's official PR release was one simple statement: "Chicago Bulls guard Richard Hamilton had an MRI today that revealed he has a torn Plantar Fascia in his left foot. He will return to play as his symptoms permit."

K.C. Johnson noted that James Johnson missed one game with a similar injury

When James Johnson suffered a partially torn plantar fascia as a Bull in 2010, he missed one game. Tearing the plantar fascia actually is better than suffering from plantar fasciitis. One treatment option for the painful latter condition actually is tearing the plantar fascia to begin healing.

Either Marco Belinelli or Jimmy Butler will start at shooting guard. Hamilton could be out a week or more.

If you google up torn plantar fascia, the recovery time doesn't look nearly as optimistic as what the Bulls are expecting. However, the one week prognosis (as well as the wording about returning as symptoms permit) both imply a much better case than my google research on the topic.

Let's just hope this doesn't become like the groin pull last year where he's rushed back too soon, reaggravates the injury repeatedly and has trouble staying healthy. Prior to this, the Bulls had been fairly blessed with injuries this season so far which is especially relieving given the injury prone nature of virtually the entire squad as well as the massive amounts of minutes the starters are asked to log.

The interesting question is who starts in place of Rip. It will likely be Jimmy Butler or Marco Belinelli, but it wouldn't be completely insane to start Nate Robinson along side Hinrich and shuffle one to the bench earlier or use Marquis Teague off the bench if they wanted to promote him over Marco while leaving Butler in the same role he normally plays.

Also note, that Jimmy Butler played 48 minutes in a preseason game once this season, so my guess is Thibodeau will have no problem going to Butler as the starter and having him average 40 minutes until Hamilton gets back. The problem, of course, is that eight of those minutes need to be spent spelling starter Luol Deng which still leaves about 16 minutes at SG.

I'd guess Belinelli initially gets the nod to fill those minutes, but if he's unsuccessful then look for a small backcourt with Hinrich/Robinson playing more together.


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  • If belinelli get more consistent minutes it will help get him going. I hoping this is the case with the Hamilton injury. I think we really havent seen what he can do. if this guy starts playing well he could be a enticing trade piece or better the bench once rose returns.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    He won't be enticing to anybody when there are real pure shooters like Dorell Wright and Anthony Morrow available.

    I said from the start Belinelli wouldn't be as effective as Korver here because for the ball handling he brings, Thibs doesn't need him to handle the ball, but be more of a 3 pt specialist off the bench, and he is not as good as Korver in that department.

    BUT with the injury to Rip, Belinelli would be much better starting because he can essentially do what Rip did, shooting, running, some ball handling, etc.

  • Like you say Doug this happens way to frequently thru the years with the Bulls trainer! The Suns are very lucky to have the good trainer they do and it has kept Nash going at 38! He is hurt now being in LA, but with our teams of old guys...sure would be nice to have a trainer that knows how to manage their health!
    I hope Belli and Butler do great with RIP being out for a week or so.
    I know Pau Gasol is a huge contract, so is Boozer's and I would welcome a Boozer and RIP for Gasol trade! Pau is the odd man out on the Lakers who have alot of pressure on them now with their huge salary and egos!

  • In reply to smiley:

    I don't see LAL taking Booz, unless Deng is involved...and honestly, I would make that trade.

    I'm just hoping Boozer and Rip put up enough stats and if LAL gets desperate, they trade for Booz+Rip+Nate ...for... Pau+Duhon

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Please not Duhon again! He has always played like an old Kirk Hinrich except he is younger and has no reason to be so blah.

    Not really sure that Pau puts us much closer to anything especially given his age we would have an extremely narrow window. Only way for the Bulls to really make a game changer is to roll the dice on some younger guys with upside but maybe have some baggage. Although Paxson won't go this route or the route of getting any scorer.

    Just me but I wouldn't be looking at over the hill stars at this point in Rose's career (barring by some miracle one wanted to sign on the cheap). Try to go after young talent and let them grow together like Thunder. I know everyone poo poo'd my JR Smith idea this summer but he is putting up 16+ ppg in under 30 mins and is one of the leaders in 3 pt % and signed for less that Klank and is much younger and is a freak athlete. That is a lot of ands. He would have been a great gamble. This is what we need to look at not the over the hill can't hit a shot to save my life crap John Paxson shovels upon us. To acheive great rewards you must take risks I say its time for new management.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Here is my Christmas wish:

    Emphasis on WISH, since I would put the chances of it happening somewhere between getting hit by a meteor made of cheddar cheese and winning the 2016 presidential election by write-in vote.

  • In reply to Salvamini:

    Also, I realize you'd have to flip Nate into something else (2nd rounder) to make room for the incoming PGs.

  • Last year when Rip kept injured and people were blaming him, I knew better...he's old. I blamed last year on Thibs (and I blame Deng and Rose's injuries on him too).

    With Rip specifically, you can't run him out for 35min, and then after he gets injured and comes back you throw him out for another 35min and expect things to change.

    That's why this year I thought Rip would have a better season because Thibs FINALLY learned his lesson (apparently not with Deng-Noah though, and I fear for Rose when he gets back).

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    1. 2014 Unprotected 1stRounder ...for... Marshon Brooks

    BKN gets an asset for a player who won't be getting real playing time for the next 3 years while Jn is still there.

    2. Two 2ndRounders+Rip ...for... Dalembert

    Larry Sanders has been coming on of late, plus MIL has 2 young bigs in Udoh and Henson they're using over the expiring of Dalembert. And Skiles doesnt trust Lamb, so they get an expiring proven backup SG .
    Bulls get their second shot creator at a cheap price AND that defensive 7 footer who can replicate the defensive front court of past years' Bench Mob.

    C. Noah (Dalembert)
    PF. Boozer (Taj)
    SF. Deng (Butler)
    SG. Brooks (Belinelli)
    PG. Hinrich (Nate)

  • I think its best that Belinelli starts, maybe this can give him some confidence to get rolling and have Butler finishing the games. Jimmer Fredette is available but maybe they should take a look at Marshon Brooks who is stuck on the Nets bench. Maybe the Bulls can find a way to send Hinrich to the Bucks and get one of those guards here since we need some scoring. Pau Gasol just doesn't make sense to me since we have our biggest problems at shooting guard and we need to invest money at that spot since we have Mirotic coming soon. Pau Gasol is still nice but the Lakers are in the Portland Blazers business of ripping people off so I just don't see how the Bulls can get him unless its a three way deal in which Boozer is shipped out.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I'd prefer 6-6 Brooks over 6-2 Fredette. Either way it would cost us a first And I would whip out next years 1st to do so.

    I think MiL is happy they didn't get Hinrich, but even if they did, I fear the Bulls FO are too dumb and will say no

    Hinrich for Lamb would be nice.

    We wouldn't be able to get Pau anyway unless we have up Deng too.

  • I agree LAL would probably send us Gasol for Boozer and Deng.
    It is so hard to trade away Deng who has been amazingly servicable to us, playing the most minutes per game in the NBA!
    ...BUT to Lose Boozer it and get 1 of the best, past, or present players with awesome size and can play PF/C in Gasol and be a leader I would do that trade!

    I would be semi content to get a young player like Brooks who isn't getting playing time on the Nets. We should have went after Nick Young and/or OJ Mayo but of the players out there why not get a young guy with lots of potential?! I would be calling the Kings and seeing what it would take to get Evans?!!!

  • Very interesting:

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