Carlos Boozer's sticking around

Carlos Boozer's sticking around

Carlos Boozer has been the biggest scapegoat on the Bulls for the past two seasons. Fans got the treat of seeing Booz immediately injure himself in training camp by "tripping over a bag", beat up almost exclusively on lousy teams, and then completely disappear when we needed him in the playoffs.

I don't know that I led the Boozer boo bird bandwagon, but I've been riding it for quite some time. That said, can Chicago really amnesty Boozer next year? Heck no.

If the Bulls waive Rip Hamilton and amnesty Carlos Boozer, they'll still have 57+ million in guaranteed salary to guys already on the roster. That's enough money that they will only have the MLE to work with. Chicago basically would need to choose between one of these two situations:

Boozer + MMLE + no sign and trade ability + most likely paying luxury tax

MLE + sign and trade ability (likely to go unused) + not paying luxury tax

Look, I'm not the biggest Boozer fan, but so far, he's been better than Taj Gibson this season and by dumping him we only gain the ability to sign a scrub for five million instead of three million and the ability to perform a sign and trade for which there are likely no viable candidates?

The Bulls effectively have a two man front court rotation if they lose Boozer with only Taj + Noah + whomever they can get for the MLE. Tell me which MLE candidate is going to be better than Boozer next season. You'll quickly find that this person doesn't exist.

If the Bulls could amnesty Boozer and then use that 15 million dollars on another player than it would make perfect sense to retool as Boozer's providing no where near 15 million in terms of on court value. However, that's not the situation. The Bulls effectively gain two million in cap room by amnestying Boozer, and say what you will, he's worth radically more than that on the court.

If the Bulls are going to make a free agency play by clearing out money it will be in 2014 when they can get max contract room under the cap and chase Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh all over again while likely ending up re-signing Luol Deng.

For better or worse, we might as well gear up for two more years of "GIMMIE DAT SHIT JO!", head bobs, unnecessary screams, slow reactions on help defense, and confused stares at the refs when whistled for an offensive foul after barreling into players who were set for three seconds before he got there.

We'll also likely get 16 points and 10 boards per 36 minutes, someone who can set a real screen, pass the ball well, and attract defenders as a legitimate offensive threat. Boozer isn't the player we wish he was, but he's vastly better than the player who could replace him after amnesty.


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  • I thought under new cba no.more sign and trades Doug? I still believe we can trade boozer. Some front office will be desperate and under pressure and will make stupid move. Its always one every year. Im just hoping the get creative with a three team trade. Nets wizards and raptors wid be good trade partners. Wishful thinking. Ugh this sucks. Maybe k. Love in couple years.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    There are still sign and trades if you are under the luxury tax threshold (4 million or so over the tax amount). The Bulls would be under if they amnesty Boozer but over otherwise.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    If LAL continues to struggle and gets desperate, maybe they would take Boozer + Belinelli/Rip + Kirk/Nate ...for... Pau+Duhon.

    If not them, maybe BKN is willing to trade Hump+Brooks ...for ... Boozer+Pick. BKN has been struggling of late without Lopez and Hump has been demoted to the bench.

  • Totally agree on the sign-and-trade thing.

    I think in general too much is made out of the benefit of retaining that option, when most, if not all of the players who are worth a damn will likely force their way out via trade PRIOR to becoming free agents, so they can take their bird rights (5 years, 7.5% raises instead of 4 years, 4.5% raises) with them. So I don't know how valuable that option will be besides for adding role players for the most part.

    Or maybe, best case, you get Paul Millsap-type players who slip through the cracks every now and then, but even with them, even if they THEMSELVES are okay with playing out the last season of their contract and risking their bird rights, you still have the added dimension of, does their TEAM decide to move them at some point, so as to not lose them for nothing. And, certainly the team that would be acquiring them wouldn't be doing it with the intention of losing them to free agency, so they'd likely be off the table then anyway (or they could be extended as part of the trade, and never even get to free agency).

    So, overall, the new CBA has likely dealt a significant blow to the strategy of going for big-time upgrades via free agency (be it via sign-and-trade or via cap space). The trade route is likely the best way to go.

  • I misspoke like a buffoon in that last sentence. I'm so used to arguing against the cap space route that I said ''trade route''. I meant to say ''Going forward building your team without worrying about losing the sign-and-trade option or worrying about cap space is likely the best way to go.''

  • Even if we could create 16 million in cap space by letting Boozer walk it is far from a guarantee that Paxson would secure a better player. Given his horrific track record of big ticket free agent signings. Dude is oblivious when it comes to spotting talent and how it fits with the team style at the NBA level.

    I liked Boozer on the Jazz I mean he is what he is but was totally against the massive contract especially the dipshit move of doing a sign and trade to add an extra year on to his deal. That had incompetent written all over it.

  • I just wish the Bulls never signed the guy in the 1st place, he's a joke. So far the Bulls are 0 and 2 when it comes to big name free agent signings, Ben Wallace and Carlos Boozer. In both scenarios both players already were full of red flags before they even got signed. Even Ben Wallace himself was surprised that he got so much money. The guy was 34 years old, already on the decline, and never could score the ball. With Boozer he already had a history of not playing defense, disappearing when the team needs him, and was injured for most of his career, and was undersized for his position which would only make him that much worse with age. So in both cases it made no sense to sign these guys.

    The Bulls are best when it comes to drafting and okay when it comes to free agent signings. But I think they should stop trying to sign big name free agents unless they are going to replace Paxson/ Formen and everyone else under them, and bring in a GM with some common sense. Who's gonna be our next big name free agent signing? A max contract for Elton Brand? See where I'm going with this?

  • In reply to J Man:

    Hi longtime lurker, rare poster. Anyways J Man, I think GarPax knows exactly what big-time, game-changing talent looks like, they're just not capable of getting that talent to the Bulls. They're not good salesmen. Pax gets no love from current players for playing alongside MJ and doesn't make that fact work for him. GarPax hasn't shown the ability to swindle star players from other teams the way the Lakers and Celtics (but no other NBA teams) have been able to.

    The Ben Wallace move was seen as a strong one by most of the league at the time. Pax thought he made a winning move. It just didn't work out.

    The Boozer move was totally different. After missing out on Wade, Lebron and Bosh, do you really think the Bulls should have passed on Boozer and sat on their hands? Can you imagine the public outcry of cheapness had they done so? They HAD to make a move, and getting Boozer was the best available move to make. I wasn't thrilled at the time, I don't think they were all that thrilled either, and it hasn't worked out all that well.

    My main complaint is that they keep developing good-but-not-great players and keep letting those players reach free agency, where the Bulls end up in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation as they did with Deng, Gordon and most recently Asik.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    With Wallace and Boozer the situation was exactly the same. Both were undersized at there position and both were offered max contracts only by the Bulls because there the only ones crazy enough to do that. With Wallace he was the only big name out there, and with Boozer after Lebron, Bosh, and Wade were all out of the question Boozer was the only one left. So there situation was very similar and in both cases the Bulls should have took a pass. So what if the fans think there cheap, they signed those guys and we still think their cheap, only now it's worse because we're stuck paying a max contract to a guy that's a role player at best and limits the flexibility of the team. This is what differentiates the Thunder from the Bulls. The Thunder keeps there young talent and develop them and the Bulls give theirs away to make room under the cap to sign some big name has-been. I would honestly rather still have Asik instead of Boozer.

  • In reply to J Man:

    Neither Boozer or Wallace were offered max contracts and Boozer turned down a larger contract by the Nets to sign with the Bulls.

    The difference between the Thunder and Bulls is that the Thunder had more high draft picks that were hits that they could sign. The Thunder just let James Harden go, can you imagine the uproar if Chicago just let James Harden go?

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Chicago would have just let James Harden go based on recent incompetent history, but the Oklahoma City Thunder got a guy back shooting .460ish from the field and from three at 16ppg. And also an intriguing prospect in Jeremy Lamb.

  • In reply to J Man:

    I will give you the great drafting although how much is the scouting dept I am not sure. They are not okay at free agent signings they are terrible! More money they have the worse they get too. They got they only MLE combo guard bust this year in Kirk. They could have done better by signing virtually any other combo guard up for an MLE contract but no we had to have Paxsons former draftee. They have no vision or any sense of how to build a team they just slap guys they like in. Kirk is a terrible fit for this teams style.

    GarPax are so bad at free agency it's almost hard to fault Jerry for being such a tight wad. Almost... If not dumb and dumber would put a team together that would make Isaiah Thomas proud. Number one in payroll and nowhere near the top.

  • In reply to Chad:

    The reason I say the Bulls are good with FA signings is because I thought they did well with the previous class. Korver, Brewer, and CJ were all good pickups. I even liked when they brought guys like Kurt Thomas and John Salmons in. This time around they were just being plain cheap and it shows.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Free agents are almost always overpaid by definition. Almost every team looks horrible with their FA signings. Look at what Milwaukee has done with John Salmons, Drew Gooden, etc...

    The Bulls have done a pretty good job of signing their low level / mid level guys, but they struggled with the big money guys. They did get Wallace who was the consensus #1 FA even if it didn't turn out well. They pursued Bosh, Wade, LeBron over Boozer, and I think they had little choice but to pursue Boozer after that.

    In their defense as well, people seem to act like this was a complete and total failure, but the team they put together was a top three team in the NBA and won the most games in back to back years.

    It's hard to take a step back, be rational, and then reconcile the fact that the team has won the most games in the league in the past two seasons but say they're terrible decision makers.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Their regular season record the prior two seasons has a lot to do with coaching and maturing superstar talent. A grind it out coach and fourth quarter assassin superstar along with a team of role players who do their job can win you a lot of games in the regular season. But as you know, there are a plethora of reasons why that typically doesn't translate to playoff wins. Every team is living and dying by every possession, teams key in on the one superstar and make other players beat them etc. etc.

    Boozer's awful defense, to me, negates any offense he brings to the table. But people often forget that the fanbase was clamoring for a trade for CBooz two or three years ago. I remember a quote Derrick gave about Boozer saying what a great player he is and how great it would be to have him on the Bulls. He was probably the number four offseason target after Bron, Wade and Bosh, since they didn't feel like Amar'e was a max player. His two playoff performances for the Bulls have been atrocious, so I'd like to deal him or amnesty him.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    The Bulls got lucky with Derrick Rose. That's all. Finally they brought in some sensible talent around him. Big deal. They never would have beaten Dallas or Miami once they got their bearings. The Lakers, Dallas, Boston when they were gunning for championships never would have brought in injury prone has beens like Rip Hamilton. And they all paid the luxury tax. The Bulls are a joke league wide as are most Chicago sports franchises Bears, Cubs.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Yep, they definitely got lucky with Rose then never did anything else to create a good team. It's not like they put together a team that's gone 31-18 without Rose the last two years or anything. Pfft, as if they could do that, they're morons!

  • Or better yet how about a max contract for Jermaine Oneal? He swears he can get back to All star level ( obviously I'm being sarcastic! )

  • The people you could trade Boozer for are pretty limited. The Wiz might send us Okafor for him. The Bobcats may give us Ben Gordon. I think we should just accept that we'll have Boozer for this year and next unless the Bulls make an aggressive move, like sending Deng, Kirk and the Bobcats pick to Utah for Al Jefferson.

  • The Bulls might be able to trade Boozer next summer when he only has 2 years left on contract. A team struggling to make the playoffs like the Toronto Raptors might be interested. The problem is not trading Boozer, its what you get in return...his market just isn't very good and people are offering garbage for him.
    I just get the sense the Bulls will be looking to shed more salary next summer since Taj Gibson 8 million+ extension kicks I don't know if that means they will trade Deng, Hinrich or Boozer but they will get rid of someone. Not having Hamilton and Belinelli return is a given. The Bulls will most likely draft a young center to backup Noah and go the vet min route for the starting shooting guard. Vince Carter anyone? well thats if we get lucky of course. Maybe Vladimir Radmanovic can be our starting shooting guard !!!

  • I've said this for 2 years now. The Bulls will never Amnesty Boozer.

    But like Doug stated, even if Boozer is Amnestied next year, the Bulls have no cap space other than the MLE.

    So the 'plan' is for 2014 when Deng expires and Boozer has 1 year left, making it more palatable for Reinsdorf to Amnesty him...but he won't.

    If the Bulls don't keep Boozer (because they can't find. Trade partner), they will take their 1stRound pick and package it with Boozer just to move his expiring contract.

    But since he won't be moving anytime soon...I saw a UTA-Boozer flashback against LAC, and it all came from the pick-and-roll game with Hinrich and Nate. I've been saying Rose needs to develop his PnR game since we got Boozer and saw he was ineffective, but so far he hasn't. He probably just relied on his athleticism too muh and didn't feel he needed that part of the game, but with the injury, maybe he starts to use it.

  • That's the problem with Rose being the 1 man wonder and not having anyone else you can count on game after game to score. Rose had to use his athletism and the Bulls needed the points from the PG spot which isn't the best spot for most of your points to come from since the PG should be the QB and get his teamates involved and in their groove to spread the wealth and get the points distributed from your teammates so the other team can't just shut down 1 player and win.

    A good point guard like Williams made Boozer look good in Utah, Nash made Stat look good in Phoenix etc etc. Then those players who aren't worthy of a max deal get it from another team and then don't come close to producing those #s on another team.

  • Everything you said makes perfect sense from a common sense standpoint, but being forced to watch that HPOF(human piece of feces) on a nightly basis causes me to lose any sense of rational thought. His screaming hyena/banshee clown act alone is enough to make me want to dive through my TV and strangle him.

    I still think that the most likely outcome of the disaster that is Bozo the spectator will be amnestitized in July of 2014 saving the Bulls his final year @$16.8 million. Maybe a miracle will happen and we will be able to trade him for something of value as an expiring contract, but that is about as likely as was getting Rose, 1.7%.

    The only mistake that you make in your analysis is continuing to place any value on Bozo as a basketball player because of his occasional/sporadic offensive performance. No matter what he does on offense, on any given night, he is personally responsible for at least 50% of the points that the Bulls give up while he is on the floor, never mind the demoralizing effect that he has on the effort of those who have no choice but to play with him.

    As I have pointed out repeatedly, Bozo has zero effect on winning(his "best" games are always losses) and a huge impact on losing. I doubt that anyone can point to one single game that we won because of his play, and if there is one, it likely occurred when he first came back from punching the wall(his ex wife's face) while Noah was out for several weeks.

    Also, you say that amnestitizing Bozo next summer doesn't do much for the Bulls cap wise, since they will be at or around the salary cap, thus only having the MLE to replace him. Well, the other side of that coin is that not amnestitizing him puts the Bulls over the tax line(again) and sets them up for the repeater tax in either of the next 2 seasons, 2014-15, or 2015-16(unless, of course we dump Rip before this years trade deadline and get under this years tax line).

    I agree that this perception along with the $15.3 million owed to him is likely to save him from amnesty next year. However, would you rather have the 2013-14 Bozo @$15.3 million or say someone like O.J. Mayo for 1-2 years @$4 million per.

    Your right, it likely won't happen next summer, but where we disaggree is that in my opinion, he is just such a piece of garbage that it cannot help but be addition by subtraction. Really, assuming that Rose comes back healthy, getting rid of Bozo is the only thing that we have to look forward to over the next year and a half.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    By the way, you did get the perfect picture to capture the absolute essence of Bozo, too bad we can't put words to it, since some people might go crazy with innuendo. However, old copies of National Geographic do come to mind.

  • The most frustrating thing to me about Boozer is he doesn't fight for position on offense, goes up soft and just doesn't play with passion/energy/effort. Just his strength alone can help him generation points in the low block and get him to the line but he rarely uses it. You can't blame Hinrich for Boozer's offensive decline, hinrich wants to pass it to him everytime and so did Rose. He just doesn't try hard enough to get open/isn't aggressive and he sets awful picks so they have to use Noah in the pick and roll game instead. It's Boozer's fault mostly not Hinrich, not Rose, not Thibodeau. He just doesn't play with heart and determination like Noah does.

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    Boozer may piss most of us off but if I recall correctly he had a bigger offer at the time of his free agency. It could of been worse.

  • The internet is ablaze with talk about Thibs abuse of Deng and Noah.

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