Bulls Beat #263 - Through the Tough Ten

Bulls Beat #263 - Through the Tough Ten

The Chciago Bulls survived the tough ten with a 5-4 and to be played later record. I discuss my thoughts on the team after seeing them against real competition.

Bulls Beat #263 - Through the Tough Ten

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  • Sorry Doug, not buying your excuses for the Bulls owner or whoever runs the Bulls as an organization. Certain moves could've been made but weren't because of the cheap history of the Bulls owner not wanting to pay the luxury tax. I know its your job to try and keep the fans interest in this team, but when something is as clear as to whats going on with the owners lack of desire to keep this team a contender to win and win big, its time to pull away from the Bulls until someone shows that they're serious about winning again. There are other entertaining teams in the league that are worth watching and aren't operating as a small market team like the Chicago Bulls.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Listening to your podcast Doug, i see that you understand why Bulls fans are frustrated with the organization. I posted my last comment before i listened, that's just how pissed i am when it comes to the bulls cheap ass owner. He let assets walk for nothing in return and there is no plan for the foreseeable future in my opinion. This will be a waste of Rose prime and a waste of a good coach career. Oh and RIPwill be traded for nothing just to avoid the tax. This team needs new ownership in the worst way.

  • we can all complain about the Bulls not spending like other major markets, some of the bad free agent signings and or getting players that don't fit with what the team needs. My greatest concern comes from management being indecisive. Do they have a plan? What are they going to do with Luol Deng, he's going to cost a pretty penny....he could command 12 million per year on the open market. Is he worth it for a declining player with limited offensive abilities? You could clearly see the Bulls were caught with their pants down with the Omer Asik situation and looked like deer in headlights when they kept saying "we will match any offer". I just want to see the Bulls being more sharp when it comes to free agency and trading their players before they get nothing. Another thing that is annoying is not saving the 13th spot for another rookie/development player. Wouldn't it have been awesome if the Bulls bought a second round pick and got Deron Lamb instead of Radmanovic? It's embarassing when Vinny Del Negro....who Paxson punched and slapped? because he was a "bad coach" has led the Clippers to 16 straight wins.......you can't win without talent. They will have to understand that Rose is not Carmelo Anthony, He's at his best with 22 pts 8-9 assts per game. He's a POINT GUARD and needs scoring support, he's not allen iverson and shouldn't expect to play as such. The management has to stop with the lazy signings and get players that fit with what Rose needs around him.

  • First thing I want to say is the Bulls are already extrodinarily lucky to have Derrick Rose in the 1st place. It aint too often you get the overall pick in the draft when your chances are 9th at best and that player turns out to be an MVP.

    Second the Bulls have had opportunities to get star players but always botch it up for example, in 2006 they had the second pick in the draft. It was a weak draft that year with Lamarcus Aldridge and Rudy Gay as the two players with the most promise. Being that we needed help in the front court desperately the Bulls do the right thing and choose Aldridge only to turn around and trade down for Tyrus Thomas and Viktor Khryapa. Thomas had a lot of potential but was very raw and may or may not have panned out and nobody even heard of Khryapa. While Aldridge was already putting up impressive numbers in college. In the end Aldridge turned out to be a star and all we have to show for that trade is a Bobcats pick that we may never see. These are the type of stupid moves that have cost us big time. Just imagine the possibilities if our front court was Noah and Aldridge? That's just one example but there have been others. We've had opportunities but the management always blow it.

    As for Deng if the Bulls know they aren't going to pay top dollar to bring him back then they need to be looking to trade him this off season which in my opinion is what they should do. However knowing the way the Bulls management handles things they will swear up and down to match any offer an either let him go for nothing to save money, or over pay to keep him. Not trying to sound negative but that has been the pattern of there decision making for the last decade.

  • Like you said last nights game isn't barely worth commenting on, except if the Bulls had lost. However, one thing that is very disconcerting is that we got beat on the boards again, the one thing that Thibs focused on after the game. Okafor looked like Dennis Rodman getting 18 total, 12 defensive and 6 offensive, anyone want to guess who he was matched up against.

    This has become the norm lately, and the Bulls now rank 14th in the league in rebounding. I have always contended that rebounding is a team effort, based on individual effort. Clearly, a big part of our decline is the loss of Asik. In addition to losing the rebounds that he would have collected, Taj does not appear to be rebounding nearly as well as he did when he played with Asik.

    The next biggest factor is Mr. worthless double double, the phantom rebounder himself, Bozo the Spectator. Half if not more than half of rebounding is boxing out, something that Bozo never does, something he never even bothers to try to do. He rebounds exactly like Ben Gordon did, the instant that a shot goes up, he turns around, feet firmly implanted in the court and stares at the basket, hoping that the ball will fall into his hands, which since he is always basket hanging instead of playing D, happens on average 10 or so times a night.

    The third factor, seems to be a subtle decline in Noah's game. While he has always been a guy who tipped the ball a lot, his tips seem to be more marginal than effective, and he is tipping more and grabbing even less than in the past. I wonder if this is the first sign that he is already losing a step of the athletic advantage that he had over most 5's. I fear that Noah will have a very short peak, and not likely be able to extend his career much past he age of 30. One of the big reasons that I argued for matching on Asik, with the idea that you might trade Noah for a wing scorer going into the third year($15 million) of Asik's contract, with Asik taking over as the starter.

    As a fan, one of the things that I enjoyed or took the most pride in was our ability to pound teams on the boards, that seems to be a thing of the past. Like I said ever since the possibility of trading/losing Asik first came up, without him we become a small, if not midget team, with all of our front court players being somewhat undersized for their respective positions.

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