Bulls Beat #261 - We're streaking!

Bulls Beat #261 - We're streaking!

The Bulls have won three in a row and five of their last six. They now embark on a tough stretch of tough games.

Bulls Beat #261 - We're streaking!

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  • Surprise win by the Bulls, but more than likely the Knicks were not enthused or up for this game knowing the Bulls situation. All that matters to me is that there is a team in the league... the knicks, that has beat down the Heat twice this season and should give them a tough series come playoff time barring any collapse or injury. Sounds to me that youre settling Doug when it comes to this Bulls roster. Everyone hanging there hopes on Rose eventual return to save this team. He's still going to need help on the offensive side of the ball cause there's still too much pressure being put on him and he hasn't even come back from his injury. I didn't watch the game and still dong plan on watching many this season cause this team has no plan or direction for the foreseeable future and i for one will not settle for the garbage and injury proned roster the the Bulls F O has put on the floor this year. I have watch other entertaining games around the league this season and i know without a doubt that the Bulls management could've done better but decided to spit in the fans face with ths team that's playing this year. So i will continue to feel insulted until Bulls F O show that they are trying to win and build towards a championship contending team.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    You should be arrested for your ignorance. It's astounding!

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    Lol... this is the only time I get insulted by a complete idiot homer Bulls fan, when I speak the truth about their team. The truth hurts sometime sir so I do feel sorry for you that you can't shake your denile about this Bulls team.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    eh "settling" is an interesting term.

    I'm hoping for the best with low expectations. Those expectations are low because, as you note, the Bulls don't have the pieces to raise them. They don't have the pieces to trade for someone to raise them, and they are hard capped so can't even take on salary on the million to one long shot ownership decided to spend big (haha).

    So really, this is what you're going to get. I want more, I wish we had more, but objectively I'm fairly certain that considerable improvement is not coming. Not this year. Not next year. Maybe the year after that, but probably not.

    The Bulls (with a healthy Rose) are a very good team. Maybe even a great team, but they aren't the best team or a championship team and don't have any obvious way to get there without a huge amount of luck..

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I don't think it takes a huge amount of luck for the Bulls to be right in the mix ... Miami was one more missed Chris Bosh game away from being dumped out of the playoffs last year. I think you underestimate just how tenuous a grip title favourites have on the title ... that's what's so remarkable about the Bulls winning 6, they could easily have lost some of those if Jordan had been just a little sicker with the flu, or Pippen's back just a little worse, or Charles Smith gets a foul call for example. There's some alternative universe out there where the coin flips went against Jordan rather than for him and he's considered a loser rather than a great winner.

    Just by hanging on to the bench mob the Bulls would have had a realistic shot at the title this year if Rose comes back firing. Not the favourite but who cares ... Dallas were nowhere near the favourite, they eventually got their title by just being very good at the right time. Doesn't always pay off sure, but it's more likely than a "Miami are too good so why try" attitude.

    The don't have the ability to trade this year but I still think they have the assets to make a move if they're willing to pay for it for next year. They have Mirotic's rights, the Bobcats pick, some expiring contracts in Hinrich and Hamilton. They have the option of the MLE if they amnesty Boozer. Now you're probably right in that realistically the Bulls wont make the moves ... but for once I agree with Reese1 in being content with that is "settling". You can be a realist and say the Bulls wont make moves while at the same time being pissed as hell at it!

    I think I agree with you in that if only a title will make you happy then watching sport is going to be pretty miserable more often than not. I don't need to actually win the title to be happy with the team ... but I do need them to have a plan how they're going to win the title and be giving it a red hot go or I just can't stomach it. The last two years were good like that. Heck, even before that when they were running the 2010 plan was fine by me, even while the on court results were mediocre. Now, not so much.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I really don't think luck has anything to do with the Bulls owner wanting to win Doug. Its about him wanting to spend and making the necessary trades for the Bulls like he's doing with his precious baseball team. As I said earlier... the Bulls F O know they could've done better but decided not to.

  • before the start of the season, I was most excited about watching Marco Belinelli and Jimmy Butler and how they would fit in the Bulls rotation. I guess Marco just needed to start and he needs minutes for him to get going and I still feel he is the better scorer compared to Korver. Maybe the Bulls should seriously think about having Rip as the sixth man scorer instead. Jimmy Butler is giving great energy, I still feel he can do more offensively but is holding back.

    The biggest concern is the heavy minutes for Noah and Deng which in my opinion is not necessary. The Bulls should of done better with the backup center spot instead of trying to catch the Kurt Thomas magic part II. Of course part of this disappointment has been the play of Taj Gibson, who was suppose to be the leader of the bench mob II with his hustle, defense and scoring. He's looked clumsly out there, fumbling the ball, getting stripped and picking up stupid fouls. I think eventually he will get it together, remember Noah struggled at the beginning of last year before he got himself in game shape. Still was hoping for Gibson to have the 30 minutes and give us 10 pts 7rbs per game with a less workload on Joakim. Boozer is what he is, the Bulls just have to hope to get production out of him when they can and sit him down during crunchtime when the game really matters. The biggest overall concern has to be too many turnovers with guys like Boozer and Gibson fumbling or getting stripped. They need to take care of the ball because that is one of the only ways the Bulls can keep the games close...defense,rebounding and low turnovers. The only part of the equation missing is getting those turnovers under 13 and I think they can steal some games during this tough stretch.

  • MIL wants a backup Vet SG. They don't play Dalembert anymore.
    Rip+Nazr..for... Dalembert

    BKN doesn't play Marshon. They could use a future asset like a draft pick.
    Vlad+1stRounder ...for... Marshon

    C. Noah (Dalembert)
    PF. Boozer (Taj)
    SF. Deng (Butler)
    SG. Belinelli (Brooks)
    PG. Hinrich (Nate)

    That's the most realistic possibility to replicate the bench mob right now. Taj will return to his self with a 7 foot defensive shot blocker next to him.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I'd be happy trading them rip for doron lamb----the guy we should of drafted, a true scoring combo guard, he has good handles and can play the point just fine.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Exactly, I mean why did the Bulls draft Teague anyway when their were better guards on the board? Because they knew they would not have to play the kid much...CHEAP!!!

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