Bulls at Pistons, that's worth staying in on a Friday night for right?

Yeah, this is a tape delay game for me too, and if you don't bother to put that tape in later I won't blame you. That said, this might be your last chance to see a Bulls win for awhile, so you might want to relish it. I say might because the Bulls could lose, not because they're likely to win soon after the game is over. The schedule gets brutal for a couple weeks after this one.

Detroit's playing better than its 6-14 record

After starting off 0-8, the Pistons have played 6-6 since then and hold a 5-4 record at home. Effectively, they're playing very similar caliber basketball to the Bulls and have some quality wins (76ers, Celtics, Trailblazers). If the Bulls walk into this one and think they're taking on a bunch of marshmallows then they're going to be in trouble.

The Pistons aren't great, but they're good enough to beat Chicago if the Bulls don't muster their best effort, and they've proven it by beating some better teams than Chicago who took them too lightly.

Battler of the interior terrors

The Pistons biggest strength might be with their two big men Greg Monroe and rookie center Andre Drummond. Both have legit size with huge bodies and can score in the post. Joakim Noah's going to have a sore back after this game is over from holding the pair off. The Bulls may also look to use Nazr Mohammed more in this game for his size than they typically do.

The Bulls will need a find a way to slow down the interior offense of the Pistons and keep them off the glass. Despite having a ton of size on the roster, the Pistons have struggled to rebound at times, but they have the type of players who can occasionally give the Bulls fits on the interior as Chicago tends to struggle with size more than athleticism.

An aggressive defense will pay off

It's always good to play fundamentally strong on defense, but the Pistons can be quite turnover prone and don't have a precision passing attack. They're a good team to amp up the aggressive level of defense on and force turnovers. Greg Monroe shows a nice ability to pass out of the post, but Andre Drummond can be an immediate double team as he's no ability to get the ball out of his hands yet.

Stuckey and Knight are both shoot first type of guards, and both shoot a poor percentage. The Bulls want the pair focus on making the guards take the shots while keeping the ball out of the hands of the perimeter players so they should play more aggressively when the ball moves into the post.

Belinelli could be key

The Pistons don't have a natural shooting guard and will be either well undersized or well under speed at the position. Rip Hamilton could have easily exploited the size matchup, and we'll have to see if Marco Belinelli can do the same.

When the Pistons go big, they'll need Marco to drive the lane and create off the dribble to punish the Pistons for putting slower players in the lineup. The Pistons have been starting Kyle Singler and Tayshaun Prince. The Bulls should attack whomever Singler is defending as he should have little hope to defend either Beli or Deng.

Stay disciplined and patient on offense

The Pistons have a ton of young players and a below average defense. The Bulls aren't offensive dynamos but a patient, consistent approach to offense with plenty of ball movement should yield quality shot opportunities.

The Bulls should look to make sure this game comes down to execution as while both teams have pedestrian offenses, the Bulls have proven they can execute defensively. If they do that, they should win.

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  • I wonder which team will show up tonight for the Bulls. Oh well... they've already lost most Bulls fans this year so it really shouldn't matter which team shows up. Very entertaining game last night watching the Knicks beat the Heat in Miami. Too bad Chicago can't enjoy games like that one this year, but the White Sox are making trade rumors which they'll probably go through with to improve the owners sacred baseball team. I see he's standing by his comment about basketball being just a sport and baseball is religion. Basketball to him may as well be SH*T on the bottom of his shoe cause that's how he's treating his Bulls organization. As I said in my last post... I hope Rose has been taking notice to what's going on around him and that his team is no longer on the door step to being an elite team and won't stand for it coming off such a devastating knee injury.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Bulls = White Sox Revenue System

  • If I were in Auburn Hills, it would be worth staying in, if only to avoid the bricks falling from the sky!

    I hate to say a game in early December is must win, especially when the team was designed to top off at the 2nd round this year; but if the Bulls don't grab this one, the season that has been shaky could go off the rails.

  • In reply to Salvamini:

    Bulls have a big stretch of games against good teams coming up

  • After watching NYK blow out MIA again, and LAL struggling, I feel this season is up for grabs...and I'm more pissed than ever.

    If Rose gets back after the All-Star break (around feb-27), he would have 2+ months to get back into 'game shape'. And if that were to happen , Rose will now have an inferior team around him to win that title.

    Korver is hitting game winners in ATL, Brewer is starting for the best East team (and let's not pretend Brewer has no effect...Melo scores/Brewer defends), Watson is having the same season he had for us, Asik is having an All/Star caliber season...and if we had the bench mob, Taj wouldn't be looking lost out there.

    But hey, why try to win when you could pocket millions now, and pretend you will spend it in the future.

    I'm sorry, but this roster needs a shakeup. I was about 75-25 in favor of a Boozer+Deng+Nate ...for... Pau+Metta+Duhon deal, but now I'm 100% in favor of it.

    And if its not for Pau, I'm ready to package Deng to get rid of Boozer, for solid pieces back.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Exactly what I have been saying about this bulls team this year, 1 or 2 of the Bulls starters along with another asset will have to be traded in order for this team to have a new look and start to actually build towards the future. This team is a Hot Mess and changes need to be made. After watching the Knicks beat down the Heat for a second time this season only reassures me that the Bulls roster needs a serious shake up ASAP.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The funny things about the Knicks are
    1) After the trade with Denver and getting Melo and Amare, they weren't supposed to be able to pick up a good enough supporting cast to move up to be an elite team;
    2) Melo and Amare didn't play last night!
    3) They have spent a ton of money, but they must have some great talent evaluators -- or they are very lucky.
    4) Their coach is doing a fabulous job! Likely to get COY.

    The Bulls need much better judges of talent. A lack in that area led to the exorbitant Boozer contract, and overpaying for Deng and Noah -- even tho all 3 have games here and there where they look like solid Allstars. And failing to get Mayo and some decent 2nd round players in the last draft. How much better would the Bulls be just with Mayo over Hinrich?

    A second need is the ability to develop potential. How can Asik leave Chicago and become overnight an Allstar? He should have been developed! Butler and Teague should get the playing time they need to progress. And the coaching.

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