Chicago Bulls look to reclaim the Central lead with a win tonight

Chicago Bulls look to reclaim the Central lead with a win tonight

Winning the central this season doesn't look like much of an accomplishment. The Bulls are suddenly quite pedestrian without Derrick Rose while the Pacers look similarly mediocre without Danny Granger. The Bucks presently hold the division lead at 6-5, and the Chicago Bulls can reclaim the top spot with a win tonight.

The Bulls beat the Bucks with their front court. They won largely due to their size advantage, offensive rebounding, points in the paint, and by creating turnovers. They didn't play particularly well on offense. In fact, they played more or less horrifically on offense for most of the night.

However, when they couldn't get a shot to drop, they could get an offensive rebound to follow. Can they repeat the same formula tonight?

I think so.

The Bucks haven't gotten any bigger in the last two days. They're still going to have a huge disadvantage on the glass, and while they might play somewhat better offensively in the rematch, Chicago has plenty of room to shoot the ball better as well.

The match up, which will decide who will hold the top spot in the division, highlights how pathetic the central division is at this very moment and should give plenty of hope to Bulls fans that they can still win this division. If they do, the worst they can finish in the playoff seedings is 5th (technically 4th, but if the 5th seed gets home court over the 4th then aren't you really 5th in actuality?).

The interesting thing about that is the Bulls might be better served finishing second in the division and in the 6th/7th spot overall in order to avoid Miami until the conference finals [assuming Miami finishes #1 which isn't a given].

Back to the Bucks, the keys to the game are simple. We just saw them play out on Saturday.

1: Use your side advantage to dominate the glass.

2: Play solid defense

3: Throw up enough shots that a few have to go in.


When two mediocre teams play each other in back to back games, the odds say that they split them and go 1-1, but I think the Bulls find a way to pull this one out. As long as the Bulls play aggressively and with energy, Milwaukee can't combat their size, and despite playing poorly in many facets the Bulls still won the last one.

Chicago has more headroom to improve their play than Milwaukee does IMO, I give Chicago about a 70% chance of winning this one.


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  • As of right now, it looks like Jennings will ice up his ankle and play to tonight. Either way, Bulls look to have an advantage with Jennings out or playing hurt.

    Regarding the Pacers, it comes to a shock to me that IND has missed Granger so much. Who would have thought he was that important to them?

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I was listening to Bullseye and Fred was making a lot of sense with keeping the bench mob to trade for Pau.

    Right now, Pau is complaining about how d'antoni's system is wrong for him and that he's not a jump shooter but a low post player.

    LAL is trying to move Pau and wants shooters back. A Pau+Blake ...for... Boozer+Korver+Watson would have been good for LAL.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Don't you know the Bulls are a business? You didn't mention salary once in those paragraphs! We can't make basketball decisions, we've got to make money decisions!!!

    I wish Reinsdorf and the rest of them were visited by three basketball spirits. Show them their past glory with the best player ever to grace the planet in Michael Jordan. Then show them the sorry state of the team today with Derrick being injured and very few players of talent and athleticism on the roster. Then show them the future, one in which DRose has had enough of their nickel-and-dime-counting ownership and leaves in free agency.

    It's time to change.

  • Pau Gasol would be nice next to Noah but the Fakers would want Deng or Noah or both. Gasol is starting to show his age, doesn't run the floor like he once did, thats why the Lakers want to trade him. Boozer and Rip for Gasol is a fair deal, Boozer is best friends with D. Howard. We can throw in a 1st but thats it. I think we should focus on getting that elusive shooting guard in his prime next to D. Rose, I really like Kevin Martin or OJ Mayo but the FO will spout the nonsene of Hinrich as the perfect fit next to Rose.....only in their looney toon world.

  • Actually Doug, the Bucks will be bigger than two days ago, as the 6'11" Samuel Dalembert is expected to play tonight. Not sure how well that will work out for them.

  • In reply to Dionysus:

    I guess doug forgot about dalembert not playing saturday. He has been playing well for the bucks.

  • hooray for thibodeau going into playoff rotation mode in November to match up with the bucks.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    oh wait, Thibodeau doesnt even go 8 deep in the playoffs, maybe he's trying to tell GarPax something....

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    No doubt about it. This was clearly Thibs making a statement and sending a message.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Not sure to who though

  • unbelievable meltdown, I don't get him not playing Butler and Gibson in the 3rd when we needed some energy to get us going.

  • If I'm not mistaken the Bulls record with this loss cause I'm not trying to pay too much attention to this current Bulls team is now back under .500 exactly where this team belongs.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Wow!!! I didn't know they were up by 27 points and they still lose??? Yeah, its time for this team to wave the white flag this early in the season. Bulls need some high draft picks and get rid of the trash that's on the team now.

  • tanking time? how about now?

  • Honestly this is a loss which speaks for itself. I can't wait for your write-up tomorrow, Doug.

  • Once Fridell and Johnson started writing about a 2014 plan, the decision had been made.The tanking began in the off season. Thibs sticking with the starters at the end of the 3rd and through out the 4th while Milwaukee scored at will, very very strange.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Friedell and Johnson didn't start the plan, they were just passing on what they got from the Front Office.

  • Thibs is doing the right thing in riding the hell out of the players that do contribute. After all this team is going nowhere with the trash that was given to him this season.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Yeah, that's smart.

    Let's continue to ride out the players for 40+min.

    It's not like they will get injured.

    And then what...

  • Nate must be taken off the rotation. That guy is a poison for this team. He is a ball hogger and a selfish player !
    It's time to put Teague into the rotation.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    What are you talking about?

    Nate's probably our best scorer...

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