Bulls Beat #260 - Hanging on

Bulls Beat #260 - Hanging on

The Chicago Bulls have fallen to .500 as their lack of offensive options has been exposed.

Bulls Beat #260 - Hanging on

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  • you think the spurs culture was ruined when they tanked in 97?

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    I'm split on that, because like Doug I don't know if the Bulls have the infrastructure (or lack thereof) in place to tank effectively. The organization would have had to have taken steps before the season began. And I'm sure it would have had to have come up in Thibs' extension discussions since the last thing Thibs seems to want to do is lose games.

    The road forward isn't clear-cut. No one should forget how the Bulls just let Korver/Brewer/Watson go without extending them instead of making a trade for talent/picks which would have brought on more salary but made the team BETTER.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    now this is the root of the problem. the bulls took no steps to win yet they didnt take the steps to totally suck (which everyone knows is the only way to be really good again) so they leave fans stuck with this broken middle of the road team that wins just enough to keep people watching on tv and showing up to the arena. Financially for reinsdorf it is wonderful.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    Any steps they'd take to totally suck would likely yield them with a worse team after they brought in the draft pick.

    That's the problem.

    The Bulls aren't a middle of the road team when Derrick Rose is healthy. They wont he most games in the NBA for two straight years. That's not middle of the road.

    They're middle of the road right now without Rose.

    If they moved enough players to "tank" then they would not get enough back after tanking. The one draft pick they earned, even if they were the worst team in the league, likely wouldn't make them better than losing all the pieces they'd need to lose in order to get it.

    And yes, I think it would be awfully hard to tell D-Rose he couldn't play all of this year, and impossible to tank if he did play.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I never said the bulls needed to ship players out to suck. You tell me that if that the bulls tell deng to get his surgery and Noah gets "hurt" they dont become a bottom 5 team? they would be trotting out kirk, hamilton (who'll get hurt eventually anyway), butler, taj and boozer plus the worst bench in the nba. THose guys couldnt crack 70ppg for the rest of the year. Of course this is all hypothetical and Noah will play his ass off until he actually dos get hurt, which is likely if he is carrying fat bozo's ass all year.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    I'm telling you that neither Luol Deng nor Joakim Noah would go along with this plan.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    now that i can agree with. doesnt mean its not a good plan though.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    The Spurs didn't tank in 1997.

    DRob was the MVP in 1995, and he was 1st-Team All-NBA and 1st-Team All-Defense in 1996.

    Sean Elliot was an All-Star in 1996.

    DRob averaged 25 a game in 1996, Elliot 20 a game. DRob only played 6 games in 1997, and Elliot only played 37.

    Chuck Person was their 5th leading scorer in 1996, and was 6th in the NBA in eFG% and 3pt shots made. He missed the entire 1997 season.

    They didn't tank, they just sucked because of injuries to far and away their two best players. And Person.

    They were left with Vinny and Avery. They didn't have to tank, they did it the old fashioned way, they actually sucked.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I've heard many people say they did tank and held several players out longer than they needed. I remember watching that team and they had no one on the floor other than a 40 year old dominique wilkins carrying the team so I guess this is all up for debate. Popovich is no idiot.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    The Spurs landed perhaps a top 10 all time player in the draft. So yeah, if the Bulls could tank and do that then let's go for it.

    However, that doesn't seem like a likely scenario. If you look at all the times teams have tried this, the times it has worked are extraordinarily few.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I know that guy is not available, but how about a top 30 (james harden type) right now talent, especially an offensive guy? Might do wonders. We know the bulls aint getting anyone through trades or free agency.

  • You also say another good player doesnt get you over MIami. It might not get you over a 100% Miami, but it might get you over a 90% Miami (banged up wade and allen for example, very likely scenario). A 100% bulls team will now only get you over a 75% Miami (missing one of their top three, maybe not even then.)

  • If the Bulls wanted to take, they should have done so at the last draft, and I had a great plan that would have yielded us 3 lottery picks in the process.

    A 2013-13 lineup could have been something like this...

    C. Asik (Drummond)
    PF. Scola (TJones)
    SF. Barnes (Butler)
    SG. Shabazz/McAdoo (<-2013 pick from tanking)
    PG. Rose (Teague)

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    But since the Bulls failed to have any plan (improve for title or tank for pick) and just followed the money plan, the Bulls are stuck where they are now...there's really no point in discussing the past since we can't change it.

    So how do we improve for the future? Well, if we're looking at the salaries, next year will be another wash. Even if they Amnesty Boozer, Bulls are still over the cap and can only offer the $5mil MLE.

    That means the plan is for 2014. If Deng expires and Reinsdorf Amnesties Boozer the , Bulls would have about $16mil in cap space.

    But since the 2014 FA SF class is Lebron, Melo, Gay, Granger, and Deng, the Bulls probably end up resigning Deng at (let's be nice to the fans) a discounted $10mil. Then Bulls would need to bring in Mirotic at (again let's be nice to the fans) a discounted $3mil.

    So Bulls have $3mil in cap space now. Who the hell are they going to get to put us over the top into title contendership?

    My point is, their plan for the immediate future is crap, because our front office has now ingenuity to think beyond 2 steps...that's also why we're never in on 3-4 team trades.

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