Bulls Beat #259 - Solid week

Bulls Beat #259 - Solid week

The Bulls won two of three games over the week while plaing OKC tough. I review the roster performances to date and discuss possible Bulls rotations if Hinrich misses time.

Bulls Beat #259 - Solid week

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  • 'Will-to-retire'. It doesn't mean Hinrich fakes an injury Doug, It means that regardless of what he tells himself his 'will' is pointed to the exit. He was done years ago. It's like a three year old kid who tired; he's cranky, his eyes are closing, but he cries to resist his 'Will-to-beddy-time'. I just think it's self-immolation to continue to ride this guy's last gasps. What a waste of cap and roster. Inconceivable!

  • Deng would be the worst two time all star? Really? Worse than guys like Boozer or David West? His defense has to count for something when judging him, even if it doesn't in the actual all-star game.

    Not sure I agree the team this year is as good as it gets. Boozer's amnesty surely has to be in play this off-season, which with the way he's playing would be addition by subtraction. Then they'd have the full MLE to use. Also Deng will be an expiring contract, and although I don't expect they'll use him as such, it does give options.

    I think saying the team will be no better next year is pre-emptive self defense against another disappointing off-season. There are moves available to try to improve the team.

  • Obviously, we all agree with you on the Mayo/Hinrich situation. The only thing that I would point out, is that it is likely that the Bulls didn't know that Mayo was available for "Hinrich money" until well after they had already signed HangDog. Of course not knowing that is in and of itself a fairly large indictment of the competence of the Bulls FO.

    Your comments on Deng are completely accurate, but still reflective of a player who is at the very best the 3rd best player on a championship team. More likely, the 4rth best(I would call Noah the 3rd best player on a championship team ahead of Deng) And therein lies the conundrum that is Luol Deng.

    Just a little baffled by your "sort of" defense of Bozo's defensive inadequacies. You said that he is always guarding an awesome offensive player, or something like that. Give me a break, Thibs does everything to protect/hide him. Noah always takes the better offensive frontcourt player, usually crossmatching on the power forward which further destroys our team defensive concept. Bozo immediately turns the less talented offensive player into an awesome one.

    I am just so tired of Bulls fans pretending that things are going to get better, when they have done nothing but get worse every day that Bozo has been a Bull. It is pretty simple, defense is about heart and pride. Bozo, like Gordon before him has none of one, and a false sense of the other, and is a total cancer to the ultimate success of the any team he is on, never mind one on which he is allowed to be a starter.

    Right now, the Bulls only have 5 watchable players, Noah, Deng, Gibson, Butler and Robinson, and I totally agree with you that things are not getting any better next year with the obvious caveat that Rose will return and we all hope that by next year he will be a full strength.

    I am not optimistic or particularly excited about the next 2 seasons, never mind the up coming road trip. Never-the-less, I guess that I bite the bullet and purchase the league pass before tonight's game against he Celtics.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I think third best is selling Noah short. Noah can be the second best player on a championship team. You just need to have a team that believes he can be that player so he believes he can. Look at the way he steps up when asked.

    As I said, saying things are not going to get better is giving management a pre-emptive free pass to not spend. I refuse to artificially lower my expectations just because JR doesn't want to pay Boozer not to play.

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